Space Quest 2Space Quest 2

Vohaul's Revenge

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1987

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/2/2001

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge is the second official game in a long-running series of comedy sci-fi adventures by Sierra On-Line. This continues from the previous game, Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter. The series stars Roger Wilco, space janitor and reluctant/accidental hero. In this game, Roger is captured by Sludge Vohaul, but the ship on which he is being transported crashes on the planet Labion. Roger must survive the harsh planet and thwart Vohaul's evil plans. There has been an unofficial re-release of this game, Space Quest 2 Redux: Vohaul's Revenge. The series continues with Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon.

Orbital Station

When your watch beeps, look at it and press the C button. Now walk up and in through the hatch. Once inside, get changed into your suit. Open the locker and get the supporter and cubix rube. Walk left and you boss will give you some orders. Go up in the lift and through the door into a transport shuttle. Enter the ship and you will be beaten up and sent to a new location.


After the crash, search the guard and get the keycard you find. Push the button in the ship to turn off the homing beacon. If you hear a hovercraft approaching, hide behind something until it passes. Head up then imemdiately right. Free the creature, then go left twice. Take a spore from the ground (be careful not to step on one). Go up and walk through the roots so you can get some berries, before returning the way you came.

Head back down to the spore screen, then go right. At the top of this screen, head left. Put your order form in the mailbox and you can take the whistle that appears. Walk right twice to reach a swamp. Rub the berries on your body, then walk through the swamp to the right - you will be protected by the berries. After you are attacked by the monster, head to the top right of the swamp to find a deep area. Hold your breath, then dive down into the cave. Get the gem, then hold your breath and swim back to the surface. Continue to the right.

Climb the tree and it will break, forming a bridge for you to cross. Continue right again and you will be caught and put in a cage. Talk to the hunter twice, then when he approaches, throw the spore at him. Quickly search his body and take the key. Unlock and open the cage, then grab the rope before heading up. Head left straight away, then continue left and climb back on the log. Tie the rope to the log and climb down.

Subterranean Labion

Climb down near the end of the rope, then start swinging. Let go of the rope after the creature starts trying to grab you, and when you are at the far left of the swing. Enter the cave and use your gem to get some light. Walk down the passage and you will fall down a tunnel. Pick up your gem, then follow the little guys down. After the chief talks to you, say "the word". Climb down the ladder.

Put the gem in your mouth so you can see again. Now head down to the base of the ladder. Go right until you reach another ladder, then climb down and take the first passage right. Go down, then right, then down to the base of another ladder. Head left and take the 3rd ladder down, then go right when you can. Follow this passage to an underground lake. Walk into the water and on to the next screen, taking the right branch to find a whirlpool and the exit from the cavern.

Escape from Labion

Go right to exit the water and find a stone wall. Blow the whistle to summon the Labion terror beast. When he starts spinning toward you, throw the cubix rube to keep him busy. Pick up a rock, then walk through the hole in the wall. Sling the rock at the guard (using the athletic supporter). After he falls, go and insert your keycard in the door and you will be taken to the roof. Enter the ship. Push the power button and set the dial to VAC. Push the thruster button and ascend until you are orbiting the planet. Turn the dial to HAC and head off. You will be taken to the final destination.

Vohaul's Asteroid

Head right and enter the elevator. Press button three, then head right several screens. If the floor polisher arrives on the screen, quickly leave and come back. Press the button to open the janitorial closet. Go inside and get the plunger. Go back to the lift and head up to level four. Get the glass cutter from the closet here. Also on this level is a bathroom - go inside and enter the vacant stall, taking some toilet paper. Go back outside and up to level five. Go to the janitor's closet again, this time taking the wastebasket and overalls. Take the lighter that falls to the floor. Now you can head back to level one.

Walk down the stairs from your ship and you will be trapped. As the floor disappears, stick the plunger to the wall and you will hold on until the platform is replaced. Put the paper in the basket, then drop it and light it with the lighter. Walk right twice, past the robots you just disabled. Head up the stairs and you will be miniaturised. Use your glass cutter to escape, then head left and climb into the vent. Press the large red button, then climb back out and head left to a computer. Pull the switch to turn it on, then type enlarge. Walk back to the glass jar and you will return to normal size. Search Vohaul's body to get the code SHSR. Look at the monitor and type this code to abort the launch.

Go right and take the mask from the box. Wear it, then keep walking. When you re-enter the base, head left 3 screens. Quickly press the nearest button and enter the pod before the robot can kill you. Launch the pod to escape. When the oxygen starts to run low, look, then open the sleep chamber and get in.