Space QuestSpace Quest

The Sarien Encounter

Year:  1986

Genre:  Sci-Fi

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Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter is the first official game in a long-running series of comedy sci-fi adventures by Sierra On-Line. The series stars Roger Wilco, space janitor and reluctant/accidental hero. In this game, the starship Arcada where Roger is working is attacked by the evil Sariens, and the rest of the crew is killed. Roger must escape the Arcada and outrun the Sariens. There has been a subsequent re-release of this game, Space Quest 1 Remake. The series continues with Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge.

Escaping the Arcada

Once you have exited the closet, head left into the library. Go left again, then back right into the library. You will hear footsteps approaching, then a scientist will enter. Try to help him and he will say the words "astral body" and die. Now look at the screen and ask for the astral body cartridge - take it. Continue left twice and search the body to find a keycard. Take the card. Go right and down in the elevator, then right and down again. Head right into the engine room and look at the control panel. Press the open bay door button. Walk right and insert the keycard into the slot. Go down in the elevator.

Press the right button, then get the suit. Press the left button, then get the gadget and turn it on. Walk around the railing and press the airlock button, then walk through the open door. Look at the panel and press the platform button. Get into the escape pod. Close the door, wear the seatbelt and look at the panel. Press the power button, then press the autonav button, and finally pull the throttle.

Planet Kerona

Take the survival kit and open it to see its contents. Remove your seatbelt and exit the pod. Get the piece of glass from in front of the ship. Head right 3 times, then follow the path up to the north. A spider droid will drop to the planet and start looking for you - ignore it for now and keep going. Walk between the two rock pillars to go down a secret elevator.

Pick up the rock at the bottom, then go left. Walk behind the grate to avoid some nasty tentacles, then put the rock on the geyser. Go through the opening into the next room. Continue up and to the left until you reach some laser beams. Use the glass to reflect the beams, then start following the path. Time your way between the 3 drops of acid and you will reach a very dark room. Assuming you turned on the gadget earlier, you will be given a quest to kill Orat.

Head down the path and the spider droid will drop again. You need to get to the screen 1 up from the bottom of your path, and enter a cave on the right. Go straight down to be behind the rocks and the spider will destroy Orat. Take the Orat part, then go all the way back to the dark room. Drop the Orat part when prompted, then go through the doorway. After the conversation, look at the screen. Insert your cartridge, then take it again. Enter the skimmer and turn the key. Survive the arcade sequence to reach your next destination.

Ulence Flats

Get the key from your skimmer and exit. Reply "no" to the offer of buying the skimmer from you. Go into the bar and exit again, this time accepting the offer of 30 buckazoids and a jetpack. Go inside again and play the slot machine until you have at least 256 buckazoids. Head to the bar. Buy beer and drink it until you overhear someone mention sector HH.

Go outside and head left then up. Buy the ship for 214 buckazoids. Now head right twice and into Droids-B-Us and buy the piloting droid at the top of the stairs to the right. Go back to your ship and get in. Load the droid and tell him to go to sector HH. When you reach the large spaceship, wear your jetpack and exit the ship.

The Deltaur

Open the door and go inside. When the droid enters the airlock, go through the door into the ship. Push the trunk against the wall (under the vent). Open the trunk and put the jetpack inside. Close the trunk again and climb on to it. Now open the grate with your knife and climb inside. Go up and take the first branch to the right. Kick the vent at the end, then open it to tumble into the laundry. Open the door and enter the washing machine to get a good disguise. Look in the uniform to get an ID card, then exit to the right. Talk to any guard you meet around here.

Use the first elevator, then go left, up in another elevator, and all the way to the right to reach the Armory. Give your ID card to the droid, and when it leaves, grab a grenade. It will return and give you a pulseray. Head left once and drop the grenade over the balcony to disable the guard. Now go left twice and you will lose your helmet. Go down in the lift and head right twice - if you meet a guard, shoot him, and if you see a robot, head off the screen.

When you reach the dead guy, search him to get a remote control. Press the off button. Now walk to the panel and look at it. Press the buttons to type 6858 and Enter. Head left and down in the elevator. Get into the one to the right (shoot it if it does not open). Enter the escape ship and turn the key.