Broken Sword 2Broken Sword 2

The Smoking Mirror

Game Details:  Adventure, 1997

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/4/2009

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Broken Sword 2 is the second in a series of adventure games by Revolution Software, starring George Stobbart and Nicole Collard. This game continues on from Broken Sword. In this game, Nicole is kidnapped and George must travel the world to solve an ancient conspiracy and rescue his girlfriend. The series officially continues with Broken Sword 3, but there is also an intervening fan-made adventure set after the events of this game, Broken Sword 2.5. There is also an updated version of this game, called Broken Sword 2 Remastered.


Oubier's House

Use the bookcase and you will see a block of wood holding it up - kick this to squash the spider. Now use the metal bracket to cut your ropes and stand up. Open the writing desk and drink the tequila, then pick up the worm. Open the drawer in the writing desk to find a pot - look at it to find a key.

Pick up the handbag and you will discover some panties and lipstick. Read the note to get a phone number. Get the dart from the floor and use it on the cabinet near the fire to pick the lock. Use the panties to pick up the cylinder, then put the cylinder in the syphon and use the syphon to extinguish the fire.

Open the door and go downstairs. Grab the newspaper and read it to discover a bank statement. Use the phone (you will dial the number from the note), then use the key on the left door and leave.


Talk to the Gendarme at the other table, and look at his flask. Talk to the waiter twice to get a cup of coffee, and ask him about everything you can. Lobineau will enter and show you a Mayan stone. Talk to him about the stone and everything else. After he leaves, you see a cutscene of Nico. Ask the Gendarme about himself and he will cover his eyes - steal his flask of absinthe. Exit the cafe and go to the Gallery.

Glease Gallery

Talk to Glease over on the left. Next talk to the art critic and show him your pot - he will smash it. Pour some absinthe into his glass twice and he will fall and smash some shelves. Talk to Glease again, then walk to the back of the store. Try to open a crate, then take the label you see - it will lead you to Marseilles.


The Docks

Walk to the fence and the dog will bark, alerting a guard. Go down the stairs and pick up the hook from the water. Look at the trapdoor beneath the guard house, then go back up the stairs. Knock on the window and talk to the guard to find out the dog's name. Head back down again and use the hook on the bottle in the water (which the guard threw away). Go back up again.

Touch the chimney to note that it is very hot. Use the bottle to cool it down, then remove the top of the chimney. Use the bottle again to block it. Head down the stairs and up through the trapdoor into the house. Take the dog biscuits and leave again. Throw a dog biscuit on to the platform, then use the hook on the platform to dunk the dog. Climb up the stairs and over the fence.


Start by climbing the ladder on the left. Look in through the window and use the hook to jam the fan. Go back outside and down the ladder. Knock on the door and talk to Pablo until he agrees to come outside - quickly head up the ladder again. Use a barrel, then use a second one to knock Pablo into the water.

Go inside the warehouse. Get a brass key from the desk drawer, then look at the noticeboard and try to open the filing cabinet - it is locked. Walk further into the building and show the key to the little man with the blowpipe. You will set him free and get some manacles. Push the button to go up in the elevator.

Use the nearest crate to keep the elevator door open. Use the light switch to the right, then go over and look at the scratch marks in the floor. Open the door and go through. Take the statue and talk to Nico, then untie her. Go out and talk to Nico again, then use the tape on the lift's photoelectric cell and push the crate back. Move the small crate, then the large one beneath it. Now use the pallet carrier to lift the statue. Tie the rope around the statue, then to the pulley above it. Now lower the pallet carrier again. Try to push the statue - it is too heavy. Talk to Nico, and ask her to help. Now go outside and use the manacles on the cable.


Quaramonte City

Talk to all the locals, including the guard and the band, then head over to the right and talk to Pearl. Go right some more and talk to Duane, then to the legless man. Talk to Pearl again, then go up the stairs. Talk to Conchita here, then go outside and into the police station. Talk to the general. Use the map on the wall before heading back outside. Now talk to Nico.

Walk right and talk to Prof Oubier, then go back and talk to Conchita. Next talk to Duane, then Pearl, then Conchita again. Back outside, talk to Nico about the chart, and you will enter the police station. Talk to the general to get rid of him. Try to look at the chart, and Renaldo will stop you. Talk to him about the pyramid, then go outside and tell Pearl about the pyramid. The two of them will leave you alone. Examine the chart on the wall, then go and tell Conchita about it. Get the detonator from the cupboard, and go and give it to Duane. Head back into the police station and through to the cells out the back. Talk to Miguel and you will be trapped in a cell.

As Nico, look at the swordfish, tigerskin, portrait and lava lamp, then ask the general about each of these things. His mother will enter the room.

As George, look at the noose in Miguel's cell and ask him about it. Use the rope on the cell window, then give the other end to Duane (through the window).

Tree House

Pick up the vine near the washing machine, then go left and use the vine on the press. Pick up the cross and use it on the press. Use your newspaper article on the damp leaves, then your small statue on the waterwheel. Talk to Hubert about everything, then use the collar with the press, and the cross with the press. Pick up the collar again and give it to Hubert. Talk to him once more and he will take you to the village.


Talk to the guard, and when he suggests you give the shaman a gift, give the dog biscuits. The guard will return with the empty box. Put the mayan stone in the box, then give it to the guard again. You will then be allowed through to talk to the Shaman, who will give you a root.

Tree House

Put the metal cone and the root in the press, then use the cross with the press. Pick up the cone and climb the ladder into the tree house.



Talk to Bronson and try to take the plans from the table. Walk right along the beach and talk to Rio, then head up the stairs to the museum. Talk to the old ladies and listen to their story about Captain Ketch. Go back to the beach and ask Rio about Emily. Go back up to the museum and try to open the door, then use the ladder and try to climb it. Talk to the ladies again to get rid of them.

Return to the beach and talk to Rio - give him your worm. Wait a little while and ask him about the fish again, so that he catches a bicycle. Get the inner tube from the bicycle and he will catch a fish for you. Go up to the house and give the fish to the cat, then return to Rio and ask him to catch you another, then wait until he provides one. Go back up to the house and climb the ladder. Attach the inner tube to the first flagpole, then climb down. Attach the fish to the inner tube and you can take the cat's ball.

Climb up the ladder again and get the inner tube. Use the tube with the tree, then the ball with the tube. Once Bronson climbs up to the flagpole, remove the ladder. Pick up the target he drops, then go to the beach and get the theodolite and the plans. Return to the museum and give the plans to the old ladies.


British Museum

Look at the cabinet on the left of the room, then the one on the right - it contains the jaguar stone! Talk to the attendant about everything. When the professor enters, ask him about the stone, then when he leaves, talk to the attendant again. Take the key from the stone's cabinet. Show this key to the attendant and he will phone the police. Look at the red bag you are carrying to find a hair clip. Use the key on the case to the left of the phone, then open the case to get the obsidian dagger. Get the key again. Use the curtain next to the mask, then use the dagger to exit the museum.


Pirate Museum

Take the quill from the desk. Now pick up the lantern and put it in the ink well on the desk. Pick up the pirate map and put it on the desk. Look at the pirate portrait on the wall. Open the sea chest near the window to find Emily - ask her about everything. Go outside and down to the beach, and talk to Rio again. Go back up to the house and give quill to the cat, then take the feathers. Give these to Rio and he will give you a conch shell. Give this shell to Emily in the house. Place the cross in the pen holder on the desk and you will identify Zombie Island. Go down to Rio and ask him to take you there. Look at the fishing net and use this on the rock outcrop to get up.


Subway Station

Use your hairclip on the top coin slot of the blue vending machine. Pick up the coin from the lower slot. Insert this coin into the weighing machine to get a white card. Use your dagger with the black cupboard below the map, then use the white card with the new crack. Finally, press the red button.


Zombie Island

Take the upper right exit into the jungle and pick up a reed. Go right and hold the reed into the lair to get it cut. Use the dart with the reed to make a weapon. Now return left twice and take the lower right path. Walk right until you reach a wild boar, and use your weapon on it. Continue right to reach the rock needle. Use Bronson's marker with your net, then pick up the creeper and use it with the net. Put it up again and use it with the rock needle.

Head up into the jungle, then go right to the lair screen. From here take the upper left path, then the lower left, upper right, middle right and right again to reach a high cliff. Place the theodolite on the holes in the rock, then use it. Pan to the right until you see the marker in the bottom of the view. Click on the middle of the grid (the central pillar) and you will have marked the spot of the treasure. Exit this view and head right to return to the beach.



Creep over to the crate to the left. When the guard has passed by, climb up the ladder. When he has gone by again, quickly open the cupboard before climbing back up. The guard will go inside to investigate, so close the door behind him. Grab the mop and use it to hold the door shut. Look in the first window to see Oubier killed by Karzac. Try to talk to Oubier, then take the Jaguar stone. Use the dagger on Karzac when you are attacked.


Movie Set

Grab a bun, pancake and syrup from the table. Talk to Bert (next to the table), Hawks, Sharon and Haiku. After the next shot, use the syrup with the pancake, and give the pancake to Bert. Use the bun on the bush. Get a second bun and use this with the bush as well.


Talk to Hawks and you will be the new stuntman. Talk to the camera man, then take to take the handheld camera. Talk to Hawks again and walk to the cave.



Try to pick up the Mayan stone to the left of the barrel, then look at the barrel and ask Titopoco about it. Pick up the Coyote stone and head left.

Outside the Pyramid

Walk left and talk to the guards, then go back to the right. Pick up the cylinder next to the generator, then use your dagger to cut the fuel line. Use the cylinder to collect some fuel, then use this on the fuel cap of the machine to the right. Look at the engine, the elevator and the scaffold. Pick up the rope and ask Titipoco about it. Use the rope with the engine, then push the red button and pull the lever. Ask Titopoco to help you with the lever. Walk over to the elevator, then talk to Titopoco again to go up.

Pick up the green ammo belt and use the elevator to go down again. Immediately go and get a torch from in front of the pyramid. Show the torch to Titopoco, then you will throw it on the fuel. Throw the ammo belt on the fire, then talk to General Grasiento once you reach the top of the pyramid again. Talk to George and you will set him free. Inside the pyramid, try to pull the left lever - ask George for help.

Mayan Machine

Walk to the far right and see 4 large symbols beneath a head - you need to make these 4 symbols to exit the room. Each of these comprises 2 of the figures from the panel to the left, and each of these figures comprises 2 of the shapes on the large wheels.

Start by concentrating on one of the 4 large symbols. Work out which 2 figures make up this symbol. Spin the large wheels until 2 shapes are adjacent that make up one of the figures you need. Go and press that figure. Now make up the second figure using the wheels, and press it as well. Finally, press the large symbol - if you have it right, it will stay pressed. Repeat this whole process for all 4 symbols and a secret door will open. Go through.

Inside the Pyramid

Pick up the torch and show it to Titipoco. Pull the lever on the wall and you will fall. Pull the lever in the new room and head through the left doorway. Pull the lever on the right, then the one on the left, before heading through the doorway. In the next room, pull the lever on the left and walk through the door. Pick up the burning torch and use it to light the torch on the wall. Take the new torch and you will walk down the stairs. Pull the lever here and go down once more to finish the game.