Broken SwordBroken Sword

Shadow of the Templars

AKA Circle of Blood

Game Details:  Adventure, 1996

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Walkthrough Updated:  3/31/2009

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Broken Sword is the first in a series of adventure games by Revolution Software, starring George Stobbart and Nicole Collard. In this game, you are introduced to the main characters. George is on holiday in Paris when he barely survives a bombing; this leads him to investigate a mystery dating back to the Knights Templar. The series continues with Broken Sword 2. There is also an updated version of this game, called Broken Sword Director's Cut.


Cafe de la Chandelle Verte

After the explosion, pick up the newspaper from next to the light post. Walk towards the road works in the background and you will be accompanied into the cafe by 2 policemen. You will be given a business card, then sent back outside. Talk to the photographer, Nico, about everything, and you will get her phone number.

Now go towards the road works again. Talk to the guy here, and give him the newspaper so he will leave. Look in the box in his work tent and you will find a T-shaped tool. Head back towards the cafe, then go down the dark alleyway to the right. Search the garbage cans. Try opening the window, then try lifting the manhole cover, but you can't budge either. Use the T-shaped tool on the manhole cover and you will succeed. Climb down into the sewer.

Pick up the clown's red nose, then head further into the sewer. Pick up the tissue and the green scrap of cloth, then climb up the ladder here to exit the sewer again. Speak to the man, then show him Rosso's card, and speak to him again to get some better information. Show him the green piece of cloth, then keep asking about the green jacket until you are given the phone number of Todryk. End the conversation and you will return to the road works.

Go to the cafe and talk to Sergeant Moue about everything - he does not believe you. Go back to the road works and use the telephone that is on the ground next to the tent. Call Nico, and she will give you her address. Walk right from the road works to see a map. Go to Rue Jarry.

Rue Jarry

Talk to the old woman across the street, then go through the door into Nico's apartment building. Speak to Nico about everything - she will notice the name of a shop inside the red nose, and will give you a picture. Leave the apartment block and go to the shop.

La Risee de Monde

Talk to the guy behind the counter, and he will eventually give you the name "Khan". Return to Nico again.

Rue Jarry

Speak to Nico again, and use her telephone to call Todryk.

Hotel Ubu

Ignore the guys out the front of the hotel, and head inside. Walk over to the left and try to take the key behind the desk, but the clerk will stop you. Speak to him and keep showing him the photo - it appears Khan is staying here under a different name.

Go right and speak to Lady Piermont, who is playing the piano. You will discover Khan is staying here under the name "Moerlin". She will eventually agree to help you take the key - while she distracts the clerk, take the key from the rack. Now head upstairs and use the key to enter the first room on the right. Open the window and climb outside, then go in through the next window to enter Moerlin's room. Search the drawers, bed and closet, then start to leave through the door, but Moerlin will approach. After you automatically hide in the closet and come out again, search Moerlin's green pants to find a matchbook and a pass card.

Head back downstairs and speak to the clerk, who will refuse to let you look in the safe, even if you show Moerlin's pass card. Speak to Lady Piermont again and she will help you get the manuscript from the safe.

Save your game. If you want to see a quick end to the game, walk out the front entrance of the hotel. If not, head upstairs again. Enter the first room on the right and climb outside again. Drop the manuscript on the ground, then go back inside. Now exit out the front of the hotel, and the 2 guys will search you, but let you go. Head down the alley on the left and you will automatically collect the manuscript and go to visit Nico.

Rue Jarry

After watching the video, talk to Nico about the manuscript, and in particular about the four pictures shown on it.

Musee Crune

Enter the museum - speak to the attendant but he doesn't know anything useful, and Lobineau is not around. Look at the tripod in the glass case - it is the same as the one on the manuscript. Leave here and return to Nico.

Rue Jarry

Speak to Nico to find out about Professor Peagram, then go to the airport and head to Lochmarne.


MacDevitt's Bar

Talk to the kid, Liam Maguire, about everything, then head into the pub. First talk to Sean Fitzgerald, the guy wearing glasses at the nearest table. Next approach the bar and talk to Patrick Doyle, the guy with the light blue top. After buying him a drink he will confirm Fitzgerald was at the dig. Speak to Fitzgerald again, but he still denies knowing anything. Go outside and talk to Maguire again, then head back inside. Talk to Fitzgerald once more, and he will eventually get agitated and run outside. Follow him out, and talk to Maguire to find out what happened.

While you are outside, flip the switch near the door. Go back into the pub and ask the bartender for a beer, but it appears the pump is now broken. Show him Moerlin's ID card and he will let you try to fix things. Watch Doyle carefully - when he lifts his arm up in the air, grab the green towel from the bar. Now watch the sneezing guy in the corner. Talk to him, then watch again - as he sneezes, grab the piece of wire from his table.

Look at the electrical plug next to the glass washer, then use your wire to replace the fuse, and the washer will be fixed. Now head down into the cellar. Push the lever on the other side of the room. Climb back upstairs, and head outside. Open the grate in the ground, and you will have a chat to Khan. Go back inside and down to the cellar, where a little light is now filtering through from outside. You will automatically collect the flashlight and gem. Head up and outside again.

Walk along the narrow path to the right and you will meet a farmer reading a book. Talk to him until he leaves, then climb the stack of hay bales. At the top, insert your T-shaped tool into the small crack in the wall, then climb over.

Lochmarne Castle

Try to approach the ladder, but the goat will knock you down. Try to approach the axle, but again the goat will attack. Approach the ladder again, then as soon as you can, run over and move the axle to trap the goat. Now you can climb down the ladder.

Stick your hand in the bag on the table to get some plaster of Paris. Next try putting your fingers in the holes in the wall, but nothing happens. Move the statue on the ground, but you will only succeed in tipping it over. Pick it up again, and there will be five holes left in the ground. Put your plaster in the holes, then use the towel on the plaster - it is not wet enough. Head back to the pub.

MacDevitt's Bar

Go down into the cellar and turn on the tap. Put the towel under the water to get it really wet. Go straight back to the castle.

Lochmarne Castle

Go down the ladder and use the wet towel on the plaster to make it set. Pick up the cast and put it in the holes next to the door to open it. Go through the door.


Rue Jarry

Speak to Nico about everything, then head to the police station.

Poste de Police

Talk to Sergeant Moue to be allowed to speak to Rosso. Go back to talking to Moue, and he will eventually tell you that Marquet is in hospital.


Enter the hospital and talk to the receptionist. Show her Moerlin's card and she will tell you some useful information. Ask her everything you can, then head down the left corridor. Note the guy polishing the floors - unplug his machine, then when he goes to investigate, open the door near the machine to get a white coat.

Return to the lobby by going right behind the janitor, and talk to the old doctor, Felix Hagenmeyer. Go back down the left corridor and you will reach ward J-2. Nurse Grendel will ask you to see the man in bed 2 - don't bother asking him anything, just go back and talk to the nurse again. This time she asks you to see the next man. Again, don't bother asking him anything. Talk to Benoir, and give him the pressure gauge.

Try to leave this area to the right, but Sopmarsh will call you back. Talk to Benoir again and ask him to take Sopmarsh's blood pressure. Now head through the door next to the security guard and you will talk to Marquet, then he will be killed.

Rue Jarry

After talking to Nico, leave and head to the museum again.

Musee Crune

Enter the museum, and when the guard is not looking, turn the rod near the windows to open one of them. While the guard goes over to close it, hide inside the sarcophagus. The two men will leave. When nightfall comes, Flap and Guido will enter the museum. Push over the large totem pole, then a cat burglar will come in from the roof and steal the tripod.

Rue Jarry

Nico will tell you she has the tripod, and you will automatically try putting the gem in the tripod - nothing happens.

Musee Crune

Back at the museum again, talk to Lobineau, and he will give you the location of Montfaucon. Give him Nico's address while you are here.

Rue Jarry

Andre will have paid Nico a visit, so you have a few more things to talk about.


Talk to the juggler, and you will fail at juggling yourself. Go and talk to the Gendarme sitting down at the table, and he will suggest you would look funnier if you wore the red nose. Talk to the juggler again and this time the juggler will leave in disgust. Use the T-shaped tool on the manhole cover and climb down into the sewer.

Try using the tool on the three panels over on the right, and you will discover one is hollow and knock a hole in it. Use the hole you made twice, but it will jam. Go over to the boat and use the wheel to lower a length of chain. Use this chain on the hole, then turn the wheel again and the panel will crash down. Go through the entrance.

Look through the hole in the middle of the screen and you will see a Templar's meeting taking place. Look a second time to see the meeting finish. Head down the stairs and put the tripod on the stone, then put the gem on the tripod to see the word "Marib".

Rue Jarry

Talk to Nico one more time, then leave for the airport again.



Head right and up the stairs. Talk to the man here, then show him the matchbook and he will let you continue up the stairs to the club. Try opening the door on the right, but it is locked. Try reading the sign to learn it is written in Arabic, then talk to Ultar about the sign to find out that the toilet brush has been stolen. Leave the club and return down to the marketplace.

Look at the bottom part of the kebab stall (use the right mouse button) and you will locate the toilet brush. Walk to the far left and talk to the boy there, Nejo. Go and talk to the kebab stall owner, Arto, then return to Nejo and ask him about the kebab seller. Give Nejo the ball and he will tell you a phrase. Talk to Arto once more, and he will chase you with a knife. Return to the marketplace and talk to Nejo to get the brush.

Return to the club and give the brush to the barman, in exchange for the keys to the toilet. Open the door with the keys, then open the towel dispenser near the door and take the towel. Enter the bathroom stall and take the chain. Leave the bathroom again, and talk to Ultar about Khan's picture, then keep talking to him until he asks you a question - answer yes. You learn that you need to have $50.

Back outside at the marketplace, go and find Nejo again, and look at the cat. As soon as you can, ring the bell on the table, and a statue will fall - pick it up. Use your tissue on the statue, then talk to Duane, the fat American guy, who will buy the statue from you for $50. Return to Ultar and this time you do have $50. Back outside, talk to Ultar to find out the truck's fan belt has broken. Give him the towel and you will be on your way.

Bull's Head Hill

Snap a twig off the tree and use this on your towel to make a grappling hook. Use this on the hole in the floor to climb down. Look in the hole on the upper left to find a large metal ring - pull this to reveal a doorway. Go through and walk to the right to find a very dead Klausner. Search him to discover a lens. Head left and look at the stone map, then check out the three-headed statue.

Save your game. Look at the map again and Khan will arrive. Answer all of Khan's questions truthfully, then say you want to die like a man. Quickly use your electric buzzer on Khan, then jump off the cliff to land in Ultar's truck.


Rue Jarry

After talking with Nico, head to the museum once more.

Crune Museum

Talk to Andre about Nico and the manuscript.

Rue Jarry

Nico will tell you Andre has been around again.

Crune Museum

Talk to Andre several more times about the manuscript, then head to the airport again.


Walk left and use the pressure gauge on the hose - when the gardener heads inside to investigate, follow him. Walk over towards the gate and the dogs will start barking, so quickly hide behind the suit of armour. When the gardener eventually leaves, go upstairs.

Talk to the countess about everything, then you will automatically go to the mausoleum. Take the bible from the lectern, then look at the design that is revealed. Talk to the countess again, and she will have Lopez (the gardener) bring a chess set. When it arrives, you need to rearrange the pieces in the middle column so that from top to bottom they are: bishop, nothing, knight, king, nothing. A niche in the wall will open, revealing an ancient chalice. You will automatically get this and return to Paris.


Rue Jarry

After talking to Nico, leave her and go to Montfaucon.


Head right and go up the stairs to enter a church. Talk to the priest about the chalice, and let him polish it for you. Look at the statue of the knight, and right click on it - put the lens in the scroll and you will see a stained glass panel of a knight being burned at the stake. Talk to the priest again to get your nice shiny chalice. Look at the tomb in the far corner of this area, then leave.

Rue Jarry

Talk to Nico once more, then keep moving.

Musee Crune

Talk to Andre about the three-headed statue and he will tell you about the Site de Baphomet. Now you can travel there.

Site de Baphomet

Head through the gate and then down the stairs. Try to open the door on the right, but it is locked. Talk to the guard and ask him for the keys, then use them to open the door and head inside. Look at the soap and pick it up, then use the keys on the soap to get an imprint. Use the plaster on the soap, then the soap with the tap to make a copy of the key. Look at the boiler on the right, then leave the bathroom.

Look at the thermostat, then talk to the guard about it. Use the thermostat to turn off the heat, and soon the guard will put on some gloves. Give the keys back to the guard and head up the stairs. Look at the paint can next to the painter - try to put the fake key in it, but the painter won't let you. Go downstairs and use the phone to call Nico, who agrees to help you distract the painter.

Go upstairs and talk to the painter to tell him he has a phone call. When he leaves, put your fake key in the paint, then head downstairs. The painter will head back upstairs. Talk to the guard to get his keys again, then enter the bathroom. Use your fake key on the real keys to switch them, then return the keys to the guard. Use the phone to call Nico again, and this time she will agree to call back in a minute to distract the guard.

After the short cutscene you will be downstairs and the guard will be gone. Use the key on the door on the left. Inside this room, put your chalice on the mosaic floor and you will see a vision of a church on the chalice, then return to Nico.

Rue Jarry

Speak to Nico, then leave for the Villa de Vasconcellos again.


You will automatically speak to Lopez when you arrive. After you are done, head into the villa. Take the small mirror from where the hose is connected to the tap, then head upstairs to the countess. Talk to her, then go to the mausoleum (via the path behind Lopez outside). Get the pole and use it to close the window. Use your tissue on the pole, then use it on the candle to light it on fire. Use this to light the candle on the high chandelier. You will end up getting a key. Take the bible from the left, then return to the countess.

Ask the countess about the bible, then go outside and talk to Lopez - he will tell you to get a divining rod to help locate the well. Walk left to near where you put the pressure gauge on the hose, and you will see a tree. Look at the tree and you will get a divining rod. Return to Lopez and he will find a can, then throw it away and accidentally discover the well!

Look at the lion's head, then use it and you will pull a tooth. Quickly run over to the rope to avoid getting crushed by the falling head. Use the small mirror on the wall of the well to reflect some light, and you will discover a keyhole. Use the key in it (the one you got from the candle earlier), then head through the opened gate. After you return briefly to see the Countess, you will automatically leave Spain.


Rue Jarry

Talk to Nico and Andre, then you will automatically get on a train to Scotland.



Talk to Nico, then try to leave the compartment, and you will be stopped by the conductor. Get up and leave again, and head left until you meet Guido. Return to your compartment, but Nico and the old lady are both gone - enter the next compartment and talk to the guy with the striped shirt. Open the window here and climb up. Go right, then climb down the ladder that you discover. As soon as you can, pull the emergency brake on the wall near the left door.

Talk to Khan, then he will die. Try to leave through the door on the right, but Nico will get mad at you - you will automatically untie her. Now you can leave.


Enter the ruins and search the rubble near the window 4 times to get 4 different items. Use the gear on the demon statue on the right. Near the statues, you will see a set of gears and a handle - turn the handle and it will come off in your hands. Since it's broken, take the large gear as well. Use the large gear and then the handle on the demon statue. A door will open, so go inside, then head right through the gate.

You will see another meeting of Templars, then end up trapped by Guido. Take the torch and you will throw it on the powder - Nico will help out by throwing her handbag full of C4 on the powder as well. It will explode and the game is over.