Zork ZeroZork Zero

The Revenge of Megaboz

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1988

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/29/2002

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Zork Zero: The Revenge of Megaboz is a text adventure with graphical elements set in the universe of the classic Zork games. Although it was released after Zork 3: The Dungeon Master, it is set as a prequel to the original trilogy of games. In this game, you are given the task of removing a 94-year old curse that has plagued the empire.


Many parts of this game are variable, so it is unlikely you will be able to play the game exactly as laid out below.

General Hints

  • Make a very detailed map (every location)
  • You need 24 items to complete the game - you will get 12 points each time you find one of these items
  • You also need a magic word
  • Save often, or you will regret it

The Jester

  • If he puts a red nose on your face, remove it before you suffocate
  • If he turns you into an alligator, wait a few turns, then pick up your belongings again
  • When the bedbug appears, sleep, yawn, lie down, or sing a lullaby to get rid of it

Follow the directions you are given - northeast, south, west, east, west. Dive under the table when Megaboz appears. After the cauldron appears, stand up and take the parchment.

First Explorations

In the Great Hall, take the parchment and the calendar. Go north and read the proclamation. Go south three times to reach the Throne Room, and take the sceptre (Item 1). Go north, north, west to the Garden. Note the flamingo, then go north into the Parlor - note the lobster. Go south, east, east, north to the Banquet Hall. Store all items here when they are not needed. Go back to the Great Hall (south, west) and go up, south to the Gallery. Note the rebus covered with six animals. Go south into the closet and take the bag of food. Press the button - this removes an animal. You need to find the other five buttons.

Secret Wing

Read the calendar (supplied with the game), and note the section on the secret wing (Fun Fax for Suspendur). Go north, north, down, south, south, then sit on the throne and snap your fingers. Go south into the secret passage and take the candle. Go south, west, southwest, up to the Solar. Try to take the key and the Jester will arrive. Answer his riddle with "y", and you can get the key. Go west, south, and take the cloak and glove, then wear the glove. Go back north, east, down, northeast, east, east, down, south, down. Take and wear the seaman's cap (Item 2), and wait for the Jester. Answer his riddle with "triplet" to escape your cell. Go southwest to the Torture Chamber, and open all the devices until you locate and take the metronome (Item 3).


Go back to the Entrance Hall (northeast, north, up, west, north, north, north, north, north) and ring the bell. Answer the Jester's riddle with "time", and the portcullis will open. Go north and take the worm - take the funny paper and read it if it blows past. Head northwest, northwest, up, and turn the wheel to open the bridge. Go back down, then northwest, northwest to the Outer Bailey. Go southwest and open the locker to find a key (take it). Go northeast, northeast, southeast, east, north. Answer "bookkeeper" to the riddle and get the coin. Go south to the Shady Park, then east to the Village Center. Go south, then take the package and open it. Go north and east, then climb to the office of Frank Lloyd Flathead (19th floor, south) and take the t-square (Item 4). Go north, then right down to the basement.

Press the button in the basement, and continue south to Philharmonic hall. Stand on the conductor's stand, and you will be transported to the basement. Get off the stand, and take the violin (Item 5). Get back on the stand to re-enter the hall. Return north, up to the HQ, and continue east, north to the Magic Shop, where you can take the ring. Go back to the castle (north, west, west, west, west, northwest, southwest, southeast, southeast, southeast, southeast, south, east). Drop unneeded items.

East Wing

Make sure you have the iron key and the candle, and go south, southeast. Unlock and open the door. Go east, north to the Library. Touch the armor three times (learnt from the Jester's patchment) to get the lance (Item 6). Read the encyclopedia about the Jester and anything else you want. Note the Jester's name. Head south, south and open the trapdoor. Go back north, then east to the Guest Rooms. Take the wand, then go east and up. Open the large door and go north, north to the Pyramid Room. Take and wear the goggles (they let you look into objects). Return south, south. Save your game.

Open the small door, to start the Tower Of Bozbar puzzle. This should be fairly easy to solve - the idea is just to move all the weights to the left peg, then move all the weights to the right peg. After moving the weights, open the large door again and get another item. From the middle peg, you got the goggles; from the left you will get the cup and potion, and from the right, the manuscript (Item 7). Now return to the main part of the castle (down, west, west, west, northwest). Go north to the Banquet Hall and dump your unneeded items.

West Wing

Make sure you have the candle, the wand, and the steel key, and are wearing the goggles. Go east, down and take the walnut. Go back up, then west, west. Point the wand at the Lobster, and it will turn into a nutcracker - get it. Go south, southwest, then unlock and open the door. Go west and try to go west again. When the Jester appears, open the walnut with the nutcracker, and show it to the Jester, then eat it. Go north and read the instructions for Peggleboz. Play Peggleboz. If you can't win, here is a solution: QG SQ HR UL IK TI EJ OG AE FN MO LJ PF FC BD DK QG EJ OG. Go north and play the Jester's shell game. You can see the hidden item because you are wearing the goggles. Point to the Jester's pocket, and you will get the zorkmid bill (Item 8). Go back to the Banquet Hall (south, south, east, northeast, east, east, north) and store your items. Go back to the West Wing (south, west, west, southwest, west) and go south. Get the dumbbell (Item 9) and store that as well.


Make sure you have the candle, the coin, the pigeon (keep trying to pick it up), the perch, and the cloak, and are wearing the glove. Go west, south, down, down to the Lowest Hall. Examine the vault door and turn the dial to any number - you crack the safe because of the glove you are wearing. Open the door, go south, and take the stock certificate (Item 10). Go north twice and take the magic passages. Read the notice that flies out when you take them. Go south, up, southwest, south, west to the Field Office. The blueprint is the one supplied with the game. Go west to Lot 47, and make your way to Lot 17: southwest, southeast, west, west, north, northeast, install northwest passage in northwest wall, northwest, north, northeast, install north passage in north wall, north, northeast, west, southwest, southwest, southwest, west, northwest. Drop the perch, then wear the cloak to be transported to the Plain.

Wander around until you find a knight. Drop the pigeon and the knight will take it and be transported to the perch. Take off your cloak to join him. Take the pigeon from the knight, and type "soldier, north then northwest". Drop the pigeon and take it to join him. Type "soldier, south, southeast", and drop and take the pigeon again. Get the hard-hat and perch, then leave the construction site again (southeast, east, northeast, northeast, northeast, east, southwest, south, southwest, south, southeast, southwest, south, east, east, northwest, northeast, east, east). Go south twice to reach the Toll Booth. Read the sign and put the coin in the basket. Drop the cloak, and other useless items here. Go south, east, down, and take the orbs. Return to the Crossroads (up, west, north, north) and go east to the Cave-In. Answer the Jester with his middle name, "Spike", and get the bomb. Return to the Lower Hall (west, north, north, northeast) and go down twice to reach the Pits. Take the lantern (Item 11), then go up, up, north and take the screwdriver (Item 12). Return to the Banquet Hall (south, up, east, north) and store your items.

Port Foozle

Make sure you are carrying the candle, and not the pigeon. Go back to the Crossroads (south, west, down, southwest, south, south) and head west. Continue west, southwest, west, west, west to the Wharf, and north to the Casino. Sit down and play Double Fanucci. You will eventually win if you remember that "three undertrumps after an opponent's discard of a Trebled Fromp is an indefensible gambit". Take the broom, then stand up and go south, east, north. Take the box and a number, then read the sign. Open the box and get the squid repellent. When your number comes up, type "executioner, behead me". Go south, south, southeast. Save your game.

Read the sign, and go northeast. Read the doors - two of them have statements that would both be true if the door led to Wishyfoo territory. Open the remaining door and take the shovel. Go down to reach the fork. Go northeast, east, east, north, north, northeast, up, south, south, south, south, east, down, south to the Dungeon. Go southeast into a cell, and sweep away the cobwebs to find a flask (Item 13). By now you should have received the funny paper and slate. Go northwest, north, north, north. Look under the flattest slab (from funny paper) to reveal a hole to the Oracle. Go south, south, up, west, north 6 times, northwest 4 times, to the Outer Bailey. Follow the directions from the slate (stand at elm, 3 jumps south, 3 jumps west). Dig with the shovel, then open the chest and take the gaudy crown (Item 14). Return to the castle (southeast 4 times, south, east), and store everything.

The Lake and Desert Areas

Make sure you have the squid repellent, pigeon, perch, and candle, and are wearing the seaman's cap. Go south, west, down, southeast to the Royal Zoo, and east to the West Shore. Enter the dock, then board the boat and examine the controls. Press the white button to move the yacht to the middle of the lake. Go down and examine the Bathysphere. Drop the repellent, open the Bathysphere, enter it, close the door, and examine the controls. Turn on the lights, put your hand in the hole, get the squid repellent, and push the lever down. Wait until you reach the bottom. Release the repellent, grab the ruby, and push the lever up. When you reach the top, remove your hand from the hole, open the door, get out, and take the ruby.

Go up, and press the green button to go to the South Shore. Leave the yacht, leave the dock, and go west to the stream. Try to go west, and answer the Jester's riddle with "music" to receive a diploma (Item 15). Go back east, south, east, and northeast to the Great Underground Woods. Continue north, east, and take the amulet. Push the boulder, then continue north to the Grotto. Press the button and continue northeast to the Shrine. Drop everything except the pigeon and candle. Go southwest, and down. Take the gravel and candle, then the pigeon to get back. Put the gravel in the bowl, and repeat this twice more (3 lots of gravel in the bowl). Touch the elixir, then take everything, and wear the cap and amulet.

Return to the base of the mountain (southwest, south, down) and go north to the Stable, where you can take the saddle (Item 16) and the rooster. On your way back to the docks (south, south, southwest, west, north) take the fox and the fly. Get onto the yacht, and press the yellow button to go back. Walk west, west, get the toboggan, then go north, up, east, north and store your items. Never leave the rooster alone with the fox or the worm.


Take only the fox, rooster, and worm with you. Head west, south, west, southwest, west, west to the Dirigible Hanger. Enter the dirigible and press the right button. Wait to arrive in Fenshire, then exit the dirigible, and go south, east, north to the Marsh. Try to give an animal to the Jester, then do the following:

  • Drop fox and worm
  • Walk north
  • Drop rooster
  • Walk south
  • Get fox
  • Walk north
  • Drop fox
  • Get rooster
  • Walk south
  • Drop rooster
  • Get worm
  • Walk north
  • Drop worm
  • Walk south
  • Get rooster
  • Walk north

Now the Jester will have all his ingredients, and you will appear back in the hangar with a hexagonal block. Board the dirigible and press the left button to return to the castle. When you arrive, exit the gondola, and go east, east, northeast, east, north, east.

Oracle, Glacier and Crag

Wear the amulet, and take the ruby, candle, toboggan, pigeon, perch and all 4 orbs. Go to the Crypt (south, southeast, east, south, down) and down to the Oracle. Drop the perch, and put the ruby in the depression. Examine your amulet - the number of open eyes increases whenever the Oracle blinks, and returns to 0 after it reaches 4. When 1 eye is open, enter the Oracle. Drop the toboggan, and ride it to slide down to Mirror Lake. Look at all 4 orbs in the mirror and drop all but the one that shows a sleeping maiden. Throw the remaining orb to the east, and you will appear to the west of the lake. Get off the toboggan and pick it up. Walk northeast, southeast, and take the orb, then go southwest, northwest, west, and take the scale model (Item 17). Drop and take the pigeon to return to the Oracle. Leave the perch here, and return to the Banquet Hall (up, up, north, west, northwest, north).

Make sure you are wearing the amulet, and have the pigeon, proper orb, candle, hexagonal block, and wand. Go back to the Zoo (south, west, down, southeast), and drop the pigeon. Save your game. If the rope turns back into the snake too early, restore and wait for a while (to time the Oracle's blinking correctly) Point the wand at the snake, then open the cage, and take the rope and pigeon to get back to the Oracle. Enter the Oracle when no eyes are open. Go down, tie the rope to the spire, and go down again. Take the easel (Item 18), and the landscape (Item 19). Drop and take the pigeon to return. Wait for 0 eyes on the amulet again, and enter the Oracle. This time, press the button, and go northeast, down. Put the orb on the altar, then take the flower. Head up, southwest, southwest. Put the block in the hole, and go south. Take the sapphire, then drop and take the pigeon again.

Head up, up, north, west, northwest, west, west, southwest, west, west. Board the dirigible, press the right button, wait, and exit. Go south, east, south to the Hothouse, and play Snarfem. To win easily, note the blue flowers - the left ones show the pile to take from, and the right ones show how many pebbles to take. After winning, take the fan (Item 20). Go north, and put the flower in the vase. Go east and take the ladder, then return west, west, north. Board the gondola, press the left button and wait again. Exit the gondola, then go east, east, northeast, east, north, east.

Antharia and Fublio Valley

Make sure you are wearing the hard-hat and the amulet, and have the candle, pigeon, ladder, and lantern. Drop and pick up the pigeon to arrive at the Oracle. Enter the Oracle when all 4 eyes are open. Go east, north, north to the Crawl. Press the button, then go northwest and take the quill pen (Item 21). Leave the mine (southeast, south, southwest, west) and go west, southwest to Flathead Stadium. Walk southeast, east, then turn on the lantern. Keep going up and east, and one of your light sources will be taken. Continue southeast. Cough to summon the witches (from calendar), then type "prickly witch, hello". You will be offered a 9-gloop vial - take it. Leave the cave (northwest), search the nest, and take the tie (Item 22). Go west, down and get all. Turn off the lantern. Drop and get the pigeon.

Enter the Oracle when 3 eyes are open, then go southwest, south, west. Read the poem, then drop the ladder and climb it. Open the trap door, and go up to the Attic. Press the button (last one!), then go down, east, north, southeast, east. Read the sign and head northeast. Take the vial, then go southwest and Gumboz will cast a hunger spell on you. Drop and get the pigeon again. Walk back to the Banquet Hall (up, up, north, west, northwest, north) and unload some goodies.

Make sure you are carrying the bag of food, wand, and candle. Go west, west, south into the Formal Garden. Point the wand at the flamingo, and take it. Go east, down, north, north and put the flamingo into one of the booths. Enter the other booth, then open the bag, and wait until the flamingo regains its livelihood. Press the button to become a flamingo, then eat the food to remove the hunger spell. Wait, then take your possessions, exit the booth, and hike back to the Banquet Hall (south, south, up, north, east).

Oasis and Fungus

Make sure you have both vials, the candle, lantern and pigeon, and are wearing the cap and amulet. Go back to the West Shore (south, west, down, southeast, east). Get on the dock, then in the yacht. Press the green button, wait, then exit the yacht and the dock. Proceed south, west, and ride the camel. Go east, north, west and let the camel drink. Now go east, south, south, southwest, southeast, southeast, northeast. Dismount, then do the following:

  • Fill the 9-gloop vial
  • Fill the 4-gloop vial from the 9-gloop vial
  • Empty the 4-gloop vial
  • Fill the 4-gloop vial from the 9-gloop vial
  • Empty the 4-gloop vial
  • Fill the 4-gloop vial from the 9-gloop vial
  • Fill the 9-gloop vial
  • Fill the 4-gloop vial from the 9-gloop vial

There should now be 6 gloops in the 9-gloop vial. Drop and get the pigeon to return to the Oracle. Wait until the amulet shows all 4 eyes, then enter the Oracle. Go west, southwest, southeast, east, and turn on the lantern. Go up, east, southeast. Give the 9-gloop vial to the prickly witch - you need some brogmoid earwax. Go northwest, west, down, and get both light sources. Turn off the lantern, then drop and get the pigeon again. Go up, up, north, west, northwest, north, to the Banquet Hall.

All you need to have is the cup of potion, candle and pigeon. Head south, west, down 5 times, northeast, northeast, down, west, west, up. Drink the potion and listen for the name of the long-lost cousin. Return to the castle (down, east, east, up, southwest, southwest, up 5 times).

Magic Word and Earwax

Go up and south, and look at the rebus. The solution, combined with the poem in Megaboz's hut, is as follows:

She stood in the shade of a tired pine
She held the prize of an iron mine
And all beheld that she proudly wore
A relic found in a magic store

Go north, down, east, north, and make sure you have the ring, sapphire, candle, amulet, rusty key, lantern, cup of potion and pigeon. Drop and get the pigeon. Enter the Oracle when 3 eyes on your amulet are open. Head southwest, then west, and up 6 times to the Top of the World. Drink the potion again, and call for the cousin by name. Take the small fungus that appears. Go down 6 times, then east, southeast, south, down to the Quarry. Wear the ring of ineptitude, then take the sapphire. Remove the ring and get the candle. Go up, north, east, northwest, south, west. Climb the ladder and go up. Unlock the trunk with the rusty key. Open the trunk, then take the fly and notebook. Read the notebook to get the magic word. Go down, east, north, southeast, south, down, and get all your items (including the pigeon, so you get back to the Oracle).

Go up, up, north, west, northwest, west, down 5 times, northeast, northeast, down, west, west, up. Go in and take the earwax, then drop and get the pigeon. Wait for 4 eyes on the amulet, then enter the Oracle again. Go west, southwest, southeast, east, and turn on the lantern. Go up, east, southeast. Give the earwax to the prickly witch. Go northwest, west, down, and get both light sources. Turn off the lantern, then go west, northwest. Get the club (Item 23). Drop the pigeon and get it.

Delta and Endgame

From the Oracle, head up, up, north, west, northwest, north. Make sure you have the 2 flies, candle, pigeon and amulet. Go south, west, south, south, south, south, west, up, up, up, up. Take the fly. Drop and get the pigeon again. Enter the Oracle when there are 2 eyes on your amulet. Go southwest, southwest, northwest to reach the toad. Try to take the spyglass, then ask the Otto (the toad) for it - you need one more fly! Go north, northeast, northeast, and take the fly. Go southwest, northwest, southwest back to the toad. Give him the flies and ask for the spyglass. Take the spyglass (Item 24), and drop and get the pigeon.

Go back to the banquet hall (up, up, north, west, northwest, north). Drop everything. Throw each of the following items into the cauldron:

  • sceptre
  • cap
  • metronome
  • t-square
  • violin
  • lance
  • manuscript
  • zorkmid bill
  • dumbbell
  • stock certificate
  • lantern
  • screwdriver
  • glass flask
  • gaudy crown
  • diploma
  • saddle
  • scale model
  • easel
  • landscape
  • fan
  • quill pen
  • tie
  • club
  • spyglass

Say the magic word! Now go west, north, northwest 6 times.