Zork 2Zork 2

The Wizard of Frobozz

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1981

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/3/2005

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Zork 2: The Wizard of Frobozz is the second in a long-running series of adventures set in the Zork universe, created by Infocom. This game is another pure text adventure, continuing after the previous game, Zork: The Great Underground Empire. In this game, you must face off against the titular wizard within the underground world. The series continues with Zork 3: The Dungeon Master.

Spinning Carousel and Alice's Well

Get the sword and lantern (special note - turn off your light sources in this game when you don't need them), and go south, south, south, southwest to the Shallow Ford. Turn on your lantern, then continue south, southeast to the North End of the Garden. Enter the gazebo, get all items on the table, and leave again. Go back to the Shallow Ford (north, northeast) and fill the teapot with water. Now head south, southwest, southwest, and you will be in the Carousel Room. Drop the letter opener, newspaper, place mat, matchbook and sword. This room spins you around so you don't know which way you have exited. You want to end up going southeast to the Riddle Room, but if you don't make it, head back to the Carousel Room and try a different direction. Here are the ways to get back to the Carousel Room:

  • Marble Hall - South
  • Path - Southwest
  • Topiary - West
  • Riddle Room - Northwest
  • Menhir Room - North
  • Cobwebby Corridor - Northeast
  • Room 8 - East
  • Cool Room - Southeast

Once you make it to the Riddle Room, answer the riddle by typing: say "A well". Go to the east twice to reach the Circular Room. Get into the bucket, then pour water into it to make it rise to the top of the well. Get out of the bucket and go east into the Tea Room. Take all the cakes except the orange one, then eat the green cake to shrink yourself. Go east into the Pool Room. If you want to read what is written on the cakes, take the flask, and look at the cakes "through flask". Throw the red cake into the pool of tears. Take the candies, then return to the west and eat the blue cake to return to normal size. Head northwest into the Low Room and tell the robot to go east. Follow the robot into the Machine Room. Tell the robot to push the triangular button (this turns off the Carousel Room's spinning action). Tell the robot to go south, and again follow. Try to take the sphere, and a cage will fall down on you. Tell the robot to lift the cage, then you can take the sphere.

Go north and west into the Low Room. You may have difficulty going southeast to the Tea Room, but keep trying and it will work (this is because you pressed the triangular button). Go west, get in the bucket, and then get the water to make the bucket go down again. Drop the teapot and get out of the bucket.


Head west, pick up the necklace, then west again and northwest to the Carousel Room. There is a box here - open it to reveal a violin, but leave that here for now. Drop the sphere, necklace and candy, then get the sword, place mat and letter opener. Move north to the Marble Hall and pick up the brick. Continue north twice, then go up to the Tiny Room. Slide the mat under the locked door, then move the lid and insert the opener in the keyhole. Remove the opener, then pull the mat and take the key. Unlock and open the door, then go north into the Dreary Room. Drop the key and opener, and get the blue sphere. Now go south, down, west and north into the Dragon Room. Save your game.

Attack the dragon with the sword, then go south. Hit him again and go south again. Hit him a third time, and go west into the Ice Room. Once he has drowned, drop the sword. Go east and southeast back to the Carousel Room.

Volcano Library

Go southwest into the Cobwebby room to get the string. Go back northeast and get the newspaper and matches. Now go northwest, west, west, south to reach the Volcano Bottom. Get into the basket, then open the receptacle and put the newspaper inside. Light a match, then light the newspaper with the match. Wait until the balloon rises to the Narrow Ledge, then "land". Tie the wire to the hook and get out of the basket. Get the zorkmid, and go south to the Library.

Open the purple book, then take the stamp. Now go back north and get into the basket. Untie the wire, then wait until you reach the Wide Ledge. Again, "land" and tie the wire to the hook. Get out and go south to the Dusty Room.

Put the string in the brick, then put the brick in the hole in the box. Light a match, then light the string with the match. Go north, then back south to get the crown. Without delay, go north, get in the basket, untie the wire and close the receptacle. Now wait for the balloon to reach the Volcano Bottom. Get out of the basket, then go north and get the ruby. Go east twice, then southeast back to the Carousel Room. Drop everything except the lantern.

The Bank

Go northwest, north, north, west, and west to reach the Bank Entrance. Go northeast, east, and south, pick up the portrait, and go north. Enter the shimmering curtain of light and you will be in a Small Room. Enter the south wall, then enter the light a second time to reach the Vault. Get the bills, then enter the north wall to get back to the depository. Drop the bills and portrait here. Go east twice and pick the things up again. Enter the light one last time, then go south to reach the back entrance.


Walk east, east, and north to the Dragon's Lair. Talk to the princess and wait until she leaves. Follow the princess to the gazebo and wait for the unicorn to appear. You will get a key and a rose - drop the rose. Exit the gazebo and go south, west, southwest. Drop the portrait and bills, then go back to the Dragon's Lair (northwest, north, north, north). Open the chest (try it twice) and take the statuette, then head back to the Carousel Room (south, south, south, southeast). Go south, south to the stairway. Save your game.

Final Tasks

Go down the stairs to enter the Oddly-Angled Room. Some of the directions here are variable, so take note! Try to go east, but if you can't, go west. In either case, take the club, then go southeast, northeast, northwest, southwest - watch the descriptions and make sure the diamonds on the floor gradually get brighter. If not, restore your game and try again. When you have finished, there should be a squeal in the distance. Now go in any direction you can (probably the same as last time) and go up, north, north back to the Carousel Room.

Get the blue and red spheres and the candy. Go southwest twice to reach the Guarded Room. Give the candy to the lizard and unlock the door with the gold key. Open the door, then go south, west, and west into the Aquarium Room. Throw the club at the aquarium, then get the clear sphere. Go east, and put each sphere on the stand of the same color. Get the black sphere and go south into the Pentagram Room. Put the sphere on the circle to make the Demon appear.

Give the demon all the treasures you have collected:

  • delicate gold key
  • golden dragon statuette
  • stack of zorkmid bills
  • portrait
  • priceless zorkmid (coin)
  • flathead stamp
  • gaudy crown
  • moby ruby
  • pearl necklace
  • fancy violin

Tell the demon to "give me the wand", then pick it up. Go north, east, north, north, northeast, and south to reach the Menhir Room. Wave the wand at the Menhir and say "Float". You can now go southwest into the kennel, take the collar, and return to the northeast. Head south, down and down into Cerberus Room. Put the collar on Cerberus, then go east. Open the crypt door and go south into the Crypt. Turn off your lantern to find a secret door in the south wall. Open the door and go south onto the landing to end the game.