Spellcasting 201Spellcasting 201

The Sorcerer's Appliance

Game Details:  Comedy, 1991

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/17/2004

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance is the second of a trilogy of text adventures with graphics by Legend Entertainment. You take the role of Ernie Eaglebeak, a fledgling wizard attending Sorcerer University. This game continues after Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All The Girls. This game sees you trying to survive a series of hazing rituals in your sophomore year, before you are asked to unveil the secrets of the powerful Sorcerer's Appliance. The series continues with Spellcasting 301: Spring Break.



Change to Naughty mode. Get all, then PRENT the banana. Wait for it to return, then slice it with the slicer. Walk up and wait for the postman, then open the package and the spell box it contains. Read the notice, then go back down. Wait until the bananas have almost filled the tub, then cast the FOY spell. Now just wait for the wizard to return.

After the simulation, walk west and north, then grab the blueprint. Head southwest, west and down into the gym. Take the bag, then go to the cafeteria by heading up, east, north. Wait until dinner is served, and get a serving of casserole. Now walk north, north, southwest and up into your room. Listen to the duct to get a hint about tomorrow. Also open the envelope on your bed and read the letter. Walk down, northeast, south 4 times, southwest. Open the door and walk northwest into the President's house. Open the spell box, then wait for the Professor to arrive (go upstairs to pass some time if you want). The Professor will give you your quest. Take the key, then go back to your room by heading southeast, north, east, north 3 times, northwest, southwest, up. Get into bed and sleep.


After the initiation ceremony, go up twice and take the spellbook, notebook and key. Go back down to the living room and open the case. Get the sextant and open the spell box. Walk north, east and down, unlock and open the door, and enter the ancient lab. Attach all to the appliance, then drop all. Push both buttons, then enter the appliance. Turn the power dial to 1 and the color dial to white. Pull the lever and get out. Go back in and get the diamond, then exit and get all.

Walk west, up, south, east and north into the janitor's closet. Get the how-to book. Cut the glass with your diamond and open the spell box. Go south, west, north, then east and a class should be starting. Wait through the class, casting a FRIMP spell when asked. After the class, go west and up 3 times. WOOSH, then go up again. Attach the moustache to the statue, then go down twice. Get the sheet metal bender, then go down 3 times and east. Attach the metal bender to the appliance.

Head west, up, south and west and wait for early afternoon class to start. Wait through this and you will take notes. Look at the casserole, then go north, east and up to the alchemy lab and wait for late afternoon class. Grab the small key when it falls from the lecturer's pocket. Wait until the lecture is over, then read your notes and turn some iron into copper:

  • Put iron in bowl
  • Open ewc-1
  • Open mtc+
  • Open transelerator
  • Open transtop
  • Put ewc-1 in bowl
  • Put mtc+ in bowl
  • Put mtc+ in bowl
  • Put transelerator in bowl
  • Wait
  • Put transtop in bowl

Now get the lump of copper and the blue fluid. Wait until 9:00pm, when you will be taken back to the initiation room. Go up twice and listen to the duct again, then get into bed and sleep.


Go up twice to your room and get the spellbook, blue fluid and larva. Walk down, northeast, east, down and east to the appliance. Go inside and turn the power dial to 2 and the green dial to bush, then push the right button. Pull the lever and go out. Go back in and get the bush, then out and get all. Head west and up. Walk down, south, south and southeast to Moldybreadcrust's Office. Open the desk and open the box inside.
Head northwest, west, north and north. PISEKS the larva and open the blue fluid, then wait for your class to finish. Walk east, east and up, then wait for your music class. Follow the instructions you are given to learn the moodhorn.

After the class is over, take the moodhorn, then head down, west, southwest, west and down into the gym. When the bell rings, go north to the field and you will be excused from class. Head south, up, east and southwest. Go downstairs and shake the bush to become so fast you cannot be seen. SRINKO the mascot 3 times, then unchain it and FRIMP the manhole. Go down, east, southeast and push the triangular button. Go north and push the trapezoidal button, then go east, southeast. Open the box and go south to appear on the boat dock. Open the door, then go northwest and up. Drop the blue fluid and go downstairs. Take the harness. Walk southeast, east, north, northeast, north, down, east. Attach the harness to the appliance, then wait for 9:00pm. After the ceremony, go up twice to your room and listen to the duct before entering bed and going to sleep.


Go up twice and take the spellbook, casserole and moodhorn. Go downstairs to learn that all classes are cancelled. Head northeast, east, down and east to the appliance. Drop all and press both buttons before going inside. Turn the green dial to moss and press the left button. Pull the lever and get out. Go back in and get the moss, then turn the power dial to 3. Pull the red cord twice then the green cord. Pull the lever and get out again. Go back in and get the squirrel. Exit and get all, then go west, up and up. Get the bowl.

Show the casserole to the squirrel to make it vomit. Put the vomit and moss in the bowl. Walk down, south, southwest, west and down to the locker room. FRIMP the manhole and go down. Wait until 5:30pm. FRIMP the manhole again and go up and south to the pool. Wait until 7:10 then drink the potion. Now you need to play the song of heat:

  • Vomp plunger
  • Thrub low glupp key
  • Thrub low glupp key
  • Extrowig slide
  • Oscilloop lever
  • Woozle right pedal

Head north and drop the horn, taking the cookie cutter. Walk up, east, northeast, north, down and east. Attach the cutter to the appliance, then wait for 9:00pm. Go up twice, listen to the duct and go to bed.


Go up twice and get the copper, spellbook and how-to book. Head down, northeast, southeast, southwest, south, southwest. Open the door and go inside and upstairs. Open the dresser and take the frock. Now go down, southeast, east, north, northeast, north, and up twice to the clock. If you have timed this right, you can open the spell box (it has to be on the hour). Now go down 3 times and east to the appliance. Drop all and press both buttons, then go inside. Turn the power dial to 4 and pull the lever. Get all and give the frock to Eve, then type "Eve, follow me".

Head west, up, south, east and down to the pub. Get the pellet, then leave the university by going up, west, northwest and north. Walk east until you reach the gates of Barmaid U. Go south and read the how-to book, then give the coupon to the man in exchange for a gibbous wrench. Go north twice, then northeast into Melta Loin. Take the floss. Now go southwest and northwest to get a table cloth. Go southeast and east. Give the floss and cloth to Eve, and she will start making a cloak. Head back to the west and PISEKS the sapling. Climb up and FOGWACKA.

Fix the shower, then go west and unlock and open the door. Go in and get the invitation and fix the sink. Walk east, east and down, then east into the sewing room. Give the pellet and invitation to Eve. Walk west then north, and wait for the party to start. Tell Eve to cross the rope, then tell her to put the pellet in the bowl. Go south and get the garter, then walk south and west back to University. Go south through the gates, then east, down, east to the appliance. Attach the garter to the appliance, then wait for initiation. Go up twice and listen to the duct. Get into bed and go to sleep.


Read the missive, then await your instructions for today. Go up twice to your room. Get the spellbook, bush and bedsheet. Walk down, northeast, south, south and up. Press the green button. Now head down, north, north, east, down and east. Drop all, press both buttons and enter the appliance. Set the power dial to 5, the right dial to 7 and the left dial to G. Pull the lever and wait inside the machine - you will become the cafeteria worker!

Leave the machine and get the spellbook, then head west, up, west and north. Walk west until you are near the jail, then go north into the marketplace. Go north into the shrine and cast DEPLUMIT. Get the gold, then open the box and get the gold again. Go up, south and west to enter the tavern. Give the gold to Lola, who will give you a ticket and a coin. Go outside and give the ticket to the guard. Wait until the Queen arrives, then moon her. Fix the sink, then open and close the drain and turn on the hot water. Wash the coin in the hot water, then KWELP it. Take the bubblewand (and enjoy the queen). Walk west and south, then east all the way back to the University gates.


Head south, east, down and east, then attach the bubblewand to the appliance. Drop all and push both buttons. Wait while the bad guys finish the speech, then when he leaves enter the appliance and pull the lever. Wait for the transformation, then exit the machine and get all. Cast UGUGOOWAH, then FRIMP the manhole and go down, southeast and south. FRIMP another manhole, then go up, up, west, west, south and up. Press the green button again, the push the cart north twice.

Slide the body on to the cart, then cover the body with the sheet and shake the bush. Push the cart south, then wait for Joey to arrive and steal the bubblewand. Push the cart south again, the deplumit the cart and go down. Push the cart north, north, east and east. Deplumit the cart, the deplumit yourself. Attach the wand to the appliance, then drop all and press both buttons. Push the cart into the appliance. Turn the power dial to 6 and pull the lever, then get out.