Spellcasting 301Spellcasting 301

Spring Break

Game Details:  Comedy, 1992

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/1/2004

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Spellcasting 301: Spring Break is the third of a trilogy of text adventures with graphics by Legend Entertainment. You take the role of Ernie Eaglebeak, a fledgling wizard attending Sorcerer University. This game continues after Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance. This game is set during the holiday period, and you head to a camp where you are confronted by students from a rival university and challenged to a series of competitions to see which institution is superior.


Change to naughty mode. Get your spellbook, then wait for a new spell to appear and cast WOO, then make a move on the woman. You will wake up. Get the spellbook again, then go down, northeast and sit down. Wait until everyone is there with you and the carpet control become available. Take off, then head east until you are over Barmaid U. Turn southeast and when you reach the ocean, continue once more before turning south. When you are over the Island of Lost Soles turn east. When Point Blather comes into view, turn northeast. You will start having difficulties as you arrive at Fort Naughtytail. Push off the lotion, keg, gold, bar and trunk, and you will land safely.

Head north into the hotel, then go west to Blather beach. Wait for everyone to turn up, then wait for the barbells to be organised. FRIMP each barbell as it is about to be lifted by your classmate. You will meet the judge and be introduced to your quest. Walk east, east, south to the souvenir shop and buy the UPPSSY spell, then open the spell box. Head north, northeast, northeast and UPPSSY the casino. Also take one of the items you threw off the carpet (exact item depends on order you threw things off the carpet). Save your game, then go inside and play ruelotto to win lots of money (always bet on 6, and restore and try again until you have made at least 2000 gold).

Go northeast and buy the key, then go west and buy the slimfish. Head south, east, east, north to the mouth of the cave and take the haunch. Head south twice and grab the gloves that batman throws out the window. If at any point you are carrying too much, go and dump things in the hotel lobby. Go southwest and drop the haunch here, then go northeast and south to get another item you threw off the carpet. Now walk north, north, west, west, southwest and north to the pawn shop. Buy the box and bomb. Open the box. North go south twice to the hardware shop and buy all. Walk north, southwest, south and buy all in the souvenir shop. Head back to the lobby (north, east) and drop all, then just take the spellbook and shovel.

Go south, southwest and west to the Tourist Trap restaurant. Sit and order the bisque, and when it arrives, eat it. Get all then go north and you will be thrown in jail (the first of many times). Dig to get out. Go back to the hotel lobby (north, north) and go to room 911. Wait and you will be offered a ticket - buy it. Wait for your number to be called, then go inside, open the suitcase and open the box. Leave (okay, stay with Hillary for a while if you must). Drop all in the lobby, then go north 3 times, then northwest and west to the lighthouse. Go up and get the bulb and treatise. Now go down, southeast, southeast and east. Look in the cannon and get the moss. Now go back to the lobby by heading northwest and south 3 times. Read the treatise. Drop all and go to sleep (before sleeping, make sure you have recovered 2 items from the carpet and stored them here in the lobby, and have left the haunch with the dog).


Grab the spellbook, gloves and color bomb. Go south, southwest and south, then wait for 9:00am. Give the gloves to Roxanne when she appears, then wait until she has won the contest and leaves. Go to the end of the road by walking north, northeast 4 times, east, east, south, southwest and west through the hole. Open the box, get another item from the carpet, and go west into a color puzzle. Choose the hard difficulty and solve it by typing BGKWYNBPRYKNGWB. You will get a golden seahorse. Go south and throw the bomb, then go down. Have some fun before you leave, heading up, north, east, northeast, north and west. SPUNJ the tree root, then get the sweet seahorse.

Head west, southwest, southeast to the grocery store, and buy all. Go back to your lobby (northwest, southwest, west) and drop all, then get the book, wood and studfinder. Wait until 7:00pm and give the studfinder to the bimbos (so they can zoom in on the studs in the wood). Go to room 3313 and wait until you can take the plate of magic mushrooms. The judge will arrive and leave, then go back down to the lobby. Make sure you have collected 2 seahorses and another item from the carpet before you sleep.


Get the book, conch, moss, bulb, key, bolt and shovel. Go west to the beach and give the shovel to Sid, then PEAWEE him. Now head to the surf shop by going east 3 times, and buy all. Go west twice and drop the pill and falsies, then head west and wait for the judging of the sandcastles. After everyone leaves, get the ratchet and UPPSSY it.

Walk east, east, northeast, northeast, north, northwest and give the bolt to the man. Give him your ratchet too, then nead northeast. Get the tuft, then RATANT the RATANT. RATTAN the conch, then get the soggy seahorse. Put the book and moss in the nest, then get the book and go north twice. Wake the teller, then show him the key. Unlock the box and open it, then open each spell box. Go northeast to the prospector shop and give the bulb to the man. Buy a torch, then go south and get another item from the carpet. Go west, south, southwest, southeast, south, west, northwest, northwest, west and up. Reply yes to the question, and they will ask for some pearl dust.

Go down and drop all, then go west and open the box to turn yourself into a merman. Jump into the ocean and go northwest. Get the oyster, then go south and get a medallion. Now head north and southwest, then get the last item from the carpet. Go south and greet the mermaid, then get the scroll. Walk west and south and take the egg. Read the plaque while you are there, then go north, north, northeast, southeast and east. Open the trap and put everything in it (if the trap isn't there, wait for it). Go west and eat the berries. Wait for the lobsterman to haul everything up, then take all. Wear the medallion.

Head east, south, southwest, south to the hardware store. Open the oyster and give the pearl to the man. Now go north, northeast, west, northwest, northwest, west and up. Say yes again, and you are asked to get a seal. Go down and get all, then head east, southeast, south 3 times. Open the egg to find a third seahorse, and open the trunk then the spell box you find. Before going to sleep, make sure you have all 5 items from the carpet, 3 seahorses and are wearing the medallion.


Get the spellbook, tuft, roc call, strawberry and pill. Go north and when the contest begins give the tuft to vince. After Ralph has dived, blow the call and the pool will be destroyed. Wait here and the sheriff will arrest you again. UPPSSY the cell then go northwest, southwest and south. RATANT the SPUNJ, then wait until 7:30pm. SPURJ the fruit, then FOY the strawberry. When the judge tells you to start drinking, take the pill, then drink the daiquiri. You will be given a t-shirt. Go back to the lobby by heading north, northeast, north. Drop all and go to sleep.


Take the spellbook, bottle, plate, slimfish, falsies, torch and t-shirt. Go west and southwest to the bandstand and RATANT the BIP, then wait for 10:45am. Give the falsies to Mona then the t-shirt to Roxanne. UPPSSY Roxanne, and you will get a total of 390 points for the two of them. Get the jug, then walk east twice, northeast 3 times, north, northwest, northeast, north, and east to the mouth of the mine. Now go east and northeast twice. Get some water from the stream, then get out of the mine by going southeast and south. Walk south, west, west, southwest 3 times and south to reach the arena. Open the bottle of laxative and wait until 5:25pm. BIM the bull, then pour laxative into the trough. Wave the cape twice and the bull will charge away. Wait some more and you will end up in jail again.

Give the plate to the rat then go northwest. Head northeast and southeast into the dance club. Wait until 9:10pm, then KITCHEMY the pipe, RATANT the KITCHEMY and BOTCHEMY the banana. When you see Lola, greet her. Wait for the sheriff to lock you up again, then eat the slimfish and head northwest and north. Drop all and go to sleep.


Get the spellbook, jug, lotion, collar and bread. Wait in the lobby until you are told Fred is sleeping. Go to room 2925 and pour water on Fred. Go back down and drop the jug, then make sure you are wearing the medallion and head north twice to reach the snack bar. Wait until 10:25am (just after Fred has had his go) and surf. Wait for your score, then walk north, southeast, east 3 times, south, southwest, west, south and down. Open the lotion case and put all the tubes in the vat. Get all the tubes, then go up, north, northwest twice, and northeast 3 times. Give all tubes to Fred, and then apply whichever one is left to yourself. Wait until you are judged at 3:00pm, then get the peanut butter. Head north, southeast, east 3 times and south to reach the cliff road, then go down. Open the chest, put the collar on the seal and get the seal. Now go to the lighthouse by heading up, north, west 3 times, northwest twice, west and up. Answer yes. Go down, then east, southeast and south 3 times. Drop all and sleep.


Get the spellbook and spray. Walk west, southwest, southwest. Wait until 9:35am, then start casting HISINFISA and HUFINPUFA alternately on the ball until you win. Now head east 3 times and wait at the arena until 12:35pm. Blow the whistle and wait, and keep repeating this until 1:20pm when everyone leaves. Head north, northeast to the boulevarde and wait until 2:05pm. Get the key, then go north and unlock and open the door. Head east and down, then open the spell box and UPPSSY the foundation. Go up, west and south, then wait until the aquarium blows and get the baby squid. Wait until you are put in jail again, then spray the bars, wait, and go northwest.

Go north and drop all, then get all the seahorses, and the spellbook, scoll, torch, squid and whistle. RATANT the GESSIBUB, then walk east, northeast, northeast, north, northwest, northeast, north and east to the mine mouth. Now go east, northeast, northeast and east. Give the baby squid to the giant squid, then read the scroll. Go east and open the box.

Head east twice, north, east 3 times, south, and east twice. Put the sweet seahorse in the bath. Now go north 3 times, west, south and west. Climb the tree and put the fuzzy seahorse in the nest. Walk west, north, north, west, then blow the whistle and go up. Put the soggy seahorse in the tureen Now go west 3 times and south 3 times, then put the golden seahorse in the pot. Finally walk east, north and east twice. Sit in the throne and you will enter the bull's lair. OKEEDOKEEYO the bull. Wait twice, then DESSIBUB the bull. Get the head and go south to complete the game.