Spellcasting 101Spellcasting 101

Sorcerers Get All The Girls

Game Details:  Comedy, 1990

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/25/2003

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All The Girls is the first of a trilogy of text adventures with graphics by Legend Entertainment. You take the role of Ernie Eaglebeak, a fledgling wizard attending Sorcerer University. This game introduces you to the University and sends you on a mission to recover a powerful artifact. The series continues with Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance.

Chapter 1: Escape

Turn on Naughty mode (most important). Head north, open the door and get the potty, then go south and empty the potty on the fire. Open the desk and get everything. Climb the chimney, go south, life the flat rock and get the key. Push Miss B'Counter, get the key and use it to unlock the shed door. Open the door, then go west, get and wear the overalls, and finally head east twice.

Chapter 2: Sorcerer University

Get in the long line, wait a couple of times, then answer the copy protection questions. Walk east twice, then sit down. GUB the tree, ZEM me, walk south and kill the dragon with the sword. VAI the ivy, then climb it and pull the lever. Unchain the damsel, then head north, southwest, west. Wait until 7:30, then wait, go southwest, wait, northeast, northwest, and wait again. Escort Gretchen, walk south and east, the put Gretchen on the bed. Search Gretchen twice then sleep. Open the spell box, get the spell book and the key, then walk west, southwest. Unlock the door with the key and open it, then open another spell box. Walk out, then east, northeast and FRIMP the trapdoor. Open it and go do into some Maize Rooms. Follow these directions: southeast, south, east, east, southwest, west, south, west, west. This should spell THIS WAY OUT on the wall and allow you to continue.

Go down and open a spell box. Walk up, north, northeast, north and north again, then wait until 11:30. FRIMP the trapdoor, then lift it and go up twice. Get the popular book, SKONN the bust and climb up. Open the spell box, then go down, down, southwest and wait until 6:00. Wait until 7:15 then go up and sit. Answer yes to the question, then ask the prof about the appliance. Say again, then screw Hillary. Go northeast then east and wait until 10:00. Wait, then sleep. Get all then wait until 1:00. Get all again, then sit down. GUB the tree, ZEM me, walk south and kill the dragon with the sword (this seems familiar, no?). VAI the ivy, then climb it and pull the lever. Unchain the damsel, then go out, west, southwest and up. DISPAR the board, then get the board. Open the box, then go down and southwest. Put the board in the water and get on it. Turn the left dial to 6, the right dial to tick and press the button. Wait several times.

Chapter 3: The Island of Lost Soles

This island is populated by 80 lost souls, which you must take care of using the KABBUL spell. The directions given here are the names of the souls and the items they represent. Just type KABBUL followed by each name. Between the lists are the other commands you must enter to complete the island.

  • Blaise (raging fire)
  • Charlotte (blackened spot)
  • Ashby (insect)
  • Charlie (burnt hay field)
  • Bernie (burnt leg joint)


  • Dawn (sunrise)
  • Robin (red-breasted bird)
  • Ernest (bird home)
  • Woodrow (line of lumber)
  • Leif (bit of foliage)
  • Wolfgang (carnivore pack)
  • Gail (strong wind)


  • Jack (lifting device)
  • Carmen (male passengers)
  • Belle (lighted button)
  • Dolly (handtruck)
  • Mikey (lock opener)
  • Matt (bristly pad)
  • Peg (wooden dowel)
  • Jim (child's playset)

Open door, go inside and open the safe.

  • Ty (neck garment)
  • Buck (dollar coin)
  • Nicholas (accounting statement)
  • Penny (cent)
  • Pierre (stuffed moose)
  • Wilhelm (first line)
  • Willie (second line)
  • Wilma (third line)
  • Wilbur (fourth line)
  • William (fifth line)
  • Wilton (sixth line)
  • Will (legal document)
  • Jules (gems)
  • Adam (tiny particle)
  • Adlai (false claim)
  • Kitty (poker pot)

Sleep, then get all and head east.

  • Patty (circle of beef)
  • Waldo (floury mixture)
  • Sherry (nutty wine)
  • Stu (hearty soup)
  • Pat (slice of butter)
  • Ricky (lime beverage)
  • Frank (hot dog)


  • Kermit (dog's glove)
  • Teddy (koala bear)
  • Bunny (young rabbit)
  • Tom (male cat)
  • Bill (duck)
  • Bo (tied ribbon)
  • Knute (salamander)

Down, west, down.

  • Dusty (powdered letter)
  • Connie (hustling letter)
  • Gabby (chatty letter)
  • Archie (curved letter)
  • Hardy (firm letter)
  • Betty (wagering letter)
  • Goldie (shiny metal letter)
  • Lucy (slutty letter)
  • Lacey (fringed letter)
  • Daisy (disoriented letter)


  • Gaylord (dainty nobleman)
  • Laurie (truck)
  • Lucille (toilet closure)
  • Lulu (two toilets)
  • Bobby (police officer)
  • Billy (teapot)


  • Carol (Christmas song)
  • Mike (recorder)
  • Noel (cheery note)
  • Humphrey (silent tube)
  • Blair (cacaphony)
  • Cy (weary moan)
  • Winnie (soft neigh)
  • Melody (tuneful song)

North, up, west, south.

  • Brooke (small stream)
  • Sandford (gritty crossing)
  • Barb (fish hook point)
  • Rod (fishing pole)
  • Bridgitte (pronounced span)
  • Clifford (walled crossing)

Northwest, get on board. Turn the left dial to 4, the right dial to pig and press the button. Wait 3 times.

Chapter 4: The Island Where Time Runs Backward

Just look at the comments and work out what the command must have been to generate them. Drop the waybread, then walk south, southwest and jump. Wait twice. Get in the small mudbath, then the medium mudbath, then the large mudbath. Go up and eat the small waybread, then the medium one, then the large one. Screw the small concubine, then the medium one and finally the large one. Go in and open the door. Read the sign. Walk northwest, examine the pedestal then go north. Give the box to the director. Get off the board. Now open the box, turn the left dial to 8, the right dial to slug, press the button and wait.

Chapter 5: The Island of Horny Women

Walk southwest and west, then screw the amazon. FRIMP the bed and grab the bonnet, then open the chest and take the shoes. Go up and open the wardrobe so you can get a gown. Head up, east, south and get all. Undress, then wear the gown, bonnet, shoes and lipstick. Now head north, northeast, and get on the board. Undress and wear your cloak, then turn the left dial to 14, the right dial to bat and press the button. Wait until you reach the next location.

Chapter 6: The Restaurant at the End of the Ocean

Get the box, then go north and order shark. Wait, then BUNDEROT the shark and open the box. Go south and get on the board. MAJJELLO the right dial. Turn the left dial to 10, the right dial to boa and press the button. Wait 3 times.

Chapter 7: The Island of the Gods

Unlock this island with your big key, then go north, north, west. Wait, then hide and wait 3 times (or longer if you want). Step out from the curtin and screw Ocarina. Open the box, then GWEEK the garbage, BUNDEROT the garbage and open the box. Now walk south 3 times. Get on the board, turn the left dial to 13, the right dial to pig and press the button. Wait 4 times, the GOBERDUNA the monster and go east.

Chapter 8: Fort Blackwand

GUB the tree, ZEM me, walk south and kill the dragon with the sword. VAI the ivy, then climb it and pull the lever. Unchain Lola, then get the purse and open the trapdoor. Go down and tell Lola to stand on the gold X. KABBUL Art and tell him to stand on the silver X. Stand on the bronze X then open the purse and go west.

Stunning Climax

Give the popular book to Joey, wait 3 times and cast BLUBBA. Burn the spellbook with the flamethrower and open the box.