Game Details:  Fantasy, 1985

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Walkthrough Updated:  8/17/2001

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Spellbreaker is a classic text adventure game by Infocom, and the final in the Enchanter Trilogy, which is set in the same universe as Zork. This comes after the previous entry in the trilogy, Sorcerer. You are now tasked with working out why the very foundations of magic appear to be failing.


Note: You will notice at various times that spells don't work for one reason or another - if this happens, just learn the spell and cast it again. This happens more often when you are tired, so don't be afraid to sleep.

Wait at the beginning until everyone is turned into amphibians. Head south and pick up the bread, then go south again. Learn LESOCH, then cast LESOCH and the orange cloud will dissipate. Take the cube. Write "1" on the cube, then learn BLORPLE. BLORPLE the "1".

Cube Teleportation

Packed Earth

FROTZ your burin, then save your game. Go down twice and wait 2 turns. Hopefully the roc will catch you in mid-air and carry you away; if not you are now dead and should restore your game and try again. Keep waiting until you reach the nest. Get the stained scroll, then examine it. GNUSTO CASKLY. Learn BLORPLE, then BLORPLE the "1".

Walk east and south. Now remember the description of the Ruins Room you are in, because you will need the details later on. Take the zipper and open it. Look into the zipper, reach inside it, then look into it again. Take the flimsy scroll and read it to see that it contains the very long GIRGOL spell. Now learn BLORPLE, and BLORPLE the "1".

Go south and take the dirty scroll, then read it. GNUSTO THROCK. Go up and wait until the avalanche begins. Wait once more, then cast GIRGOL. Go up 4 times, then take the coin and examine it. Head west to find a stone hut. Learn CASKLY, then CASKLY the stone hut and take the cube. Go east and put the coin, bread and knife in the zipper. Write "2" on the cube, then learn BLORPLE, and BLORPLE the "2".

Soft Room

Go south and pull the weed twice to free it from the ground. Learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "1".

Packed Earth

Head west and north to find a sneezing ogre. Learn YOMIN, then YOMIN to ogre to learn it has hay fever. Plant the weed, then learn THROCK and THROCK the weed. Go down and pick up the dusty scroll and the gold box. Go up and south, before the ogre has a chance to recover. Read the dusty scroll, then GNUSTO ESPNIS. Open the box and take the cube. Put the box in the zipper. Write "3" on the cube, then learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "3".

Water Room

Take the bread from the zipper. Learn BLORPLE, then drop all except the bread. Go south, and you will fall into the ocean. Drop the bread (this will distract the grouper). Get the cube and then the bottle. BLORPLE the "3".

Open the bottle and look inside it. Take the damp scroll and read it. Pick up everything, then GNUSTO LISKON. Walk north. Learn LISKON, then LISKON yourself. FROTZ the bottle. Learn BLORPLE, then drop all except the bottle and the "3" cube. Enter the outflow pipe. Go west and take the cube, then go west and climb out of the pipe. BLORPLE the "3".

Head north and take all, then put the bottle in the zipper. Write "4" on the cube. Learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "1".

Packed Earth

Go east and then north. Learn LISKON, then LISKON the snake. Go north twice to reach a temple. Learn MALYON and ESPNIS. MALYON the idol, then wait, then ESPNIS the idol. Wait again, then climb the idol and look into its mouth - take the cube. Climb down. Write "5" on the cube, then learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "5".

Air Room

Head north, then take the white scroll. Learn BLORPLE, and BLORPLE the "5". Head west into the bazaar. Read the white scroll, then GNUSTO TINSOT. Now go east and examine the blue carpet. Take the coin from the zipper. Point at the blue carpet, then buy the blue carpet - you now go into bargaining mode with the merchant. Offer 300, then offer 400, then offer 500 and he will give you a carpet, but it is the wrong carpet! Take the blue carpet instead, then leave the shop. Now learn BLORPLE, and BLORPLE the "3".

Water Room

Learn TINSOT 3 times in a row. Pull all in zipper, then take the burin and close the zipper. Go north, then REZROV the door. TINSOT the channel twice, and the water level will begin to rise. Wait three times and it will be completely full. TINSOT the water, then climb on to the ice floe. Go up into the dungeon above, and take the cube. Open the zipper, get your book, and write "6" on the cube.

Head east and north. REZROV the cabinet and take the moldy book. Learn CASKLY, then CASKLY the moldy book. Read the moldy book, then GNUSTO SNAVIG. Now walk south, west and up. Drop the carpet and sit on it, then go up and west 4 times - you should now be above the roc's nest. Go down, get off the carpet, and pick up the cube. Sit on the carpet again, and go up and east 4 times. Go down to return to the guard tower. Get off the carpet and pick it up. Write "7" on the cube, then go down (as the roc is approaching). Learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "3".

Now learn BLORPLE and SNAVIG. Drop everything, then go south. Get the "3" cube. SNAVIG the grouper, then go down and wait until you become yourself again. Get all and go up before you drown. BLORPLE the "3". Take all, then go north. Write "8" on the cube, then learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "8".

Light Room

Walk west and learn TINSOT, then TINSOT the fragment and pick it up. Put all in the zipper except your book. Learn BLORPLE, then take the "4" cube and BLORPLE the "4".

Changing Room

Go north and take the compass rose. Learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "4". Go west and put the compass rose in the carving, then take it again and go north. Touch the NW rune with the rose and go northwest. Touch the W rune with the rose and go west. Touch the NE rune with the rose and go northeast. REZROV the alabaster, then go west and take the cube. Take the burin from the zipper. Write "9" on the cube, then learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "9".

No Place

Go south and try to sit on the green rock, but it won't let you. Take the fragment from the zipper and give it to the green rock, then sit on it. Look, and you will see a description of the lines radiating from your direction. This part of the game is somewhat random: you need to make a map of the lines and trap the brown rock so that you end up moving to the same position. To get the green rock to move, just say "rock, west" and then note the possible moves and where the brown rock has moved. The best way to start appears to be going west, northeast and south. Once you end up on the same spot as the brown rock, jump on the brown rock. Get the cube. Write "10" on the cube, then learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "10".

Dark Room

Go down. Learn SNAVIG, then drop all except 10 and the book. Go down and SNAVIG the grue. Head down and climb on the pillar, then take the cube. Wait several turns, until you return to your normal form. Now learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "10". Go down again and get everything. Write "11" on the cube, then learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "11".

Fire Room

Head north and take the box. Examine the box. Put "10" in the box, and you will see that the figure on the box changes. Take the "10" again, and throw the box at the outcropping. Learn BLORPLE, then BLORPLE the "10".

Dark Room

Go up to reach the outcropping, then pick up the box and the cube. Write "12" on the cube. Put everything in the zipper, then take the book and the "7" cube. Learn BLORPLE, then BLORPLE the "7".

Enchanters' Retreat

Go south to meet Belboz. Ask Belboz about yourself, then you need to answer a question from the following list:

  • Which of our esteemed colleagues was fabled for his skill at Double Fanucci? Forburn
  • In Borphee, who was famed for his skill with fireworks displays? Dimithio
  • Of the necromancers, who other than (harumph) myself is best-known? Berknip
  • Who wrote the Coconut of Quendor? Gustar
  • Who invented the golmac spell? Barbel
  • Which mage had the motto, "The hardest trick is making it look easy"? Barsap

Belboz will give you a wrought iron key. Now ask him about the cube, and the shadowy figure. Take the "9" cube, then learn BLORPLE and BLORPLE the "9".

The Vault

Walk east and REZROV the door. Put all except the book into the zipper, then save your game, because you can't save in the next section. Go north. There are 12 "x" cubes in this room, and you need to use the JINDAK spell to determine which is the most powerful - the pile that contains the most powerful cube will glow brightest when you cast this spell. Learn JINDAK 3 times, and learn BLORPLE.

Start by picking up x1, x2, x7 and x8. Cast JINDAK. If one of the two piles glows more brightly than the other, you know that pile contains the most powerful cube; if not, you are holding it. Now rearrange the piles to narrow it down to two possibilities and cast JINDAK again - note that you must have 4 cubes in each pile on the ground and 4 cubes in your inventory for the spell to work correctly. You now have only two cubes to consider; make sure one is in each pile on the ground, then cast JINDAK a third time. Now pick up the powerful cube; an alarm will be going by now. BLORPLE the powerful cube.

Sand Room

Go down through the hole in the sand. Take the key from the zipper and use it to unlock the cabinet (if you got Belboz's question wrong, the key won't work here). Open the cabinet and take the vellum scroll. Read the vellum scroll. Learn all spells 7 times. Now put the book in the cabinet, close the cabinet and lock the cabinet with the key. REZROV the door, the BLORPLE the powerful cube.

Now go up and open the sack. Take the flimsy scroll and the burin. Copy the flimsy scroll to the vellum scroll. Pick up the sack, and empty the zipper into the sack. Put the flimsy scroll in the zipper, close the zipper and then drop it. Take the "12" cube and BLORPLE the "12".

Magic Room

Go east the enter the castle. Wait 3 times, then take the knife. Now wait until the shadowy figure prepares to jump into the hypercube. Cast GIRGOL. Now take whichever cube was last added to the structure. Put the sack in the tesseract.