Quest for Glory 3Quest for Glory 3

Wages of War

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1992

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/10/2004

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Quest for Glory 3: Wages of War is the third in a series of hybrid RPG adventure games by Sierra On-Line. This continues after Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire. You can name your character, and choose to play as different character classes which have different puzzle solutions. In this game, you arrive in the land of Tarna, an African setting, and set out to resolve the conflict between the Simbani and Leopardmen tribes. The series continues with Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness.


Day 1-2

Talk to Rakeesh and Kreesha, then leave to the top right of the screen.

  • If you are a wizard, open the gift from Keapon Laffin, then look at the wrapping paper to learn the Juggling Lights spell.

Head west to the Bazaar, then continue west. Chase after the man that starts running away, and he will be caught. You will automatically go to the Hall of Judgement, then on to meet Rajah. When you are able, talk to yourself and select the options "Greet", "Answer Rajah", "Defend Rakeesh", "Talk about Rakeesh" and "Say Good-bye".

  • If you are a wizard, return to Kreesha's house and ask her about spells to learn about making a Wizard's Staff.

Go to the Bazaar and find the money changer. Change your money, then talk to the leather seller and buy 5 zebra skins and 5 waterskins. Buy 1 serving of fruit from the fruit seller. Head south to the other part of the Bazaar. Buy a fine dagger and fine spear from the weapon merchant, a jar of honey from the honey seller and a tinderbox from the junk dealer. Buy some oil from the oil seller. Go south again and buy beads from the bead seller.

  • If you are a thief, buy a rope from the rope seller, then combine the rope and magic grapnel in your inventory. Make the thief sign to the rope seller, then you can pay 50 royals for acrobatics training to get an instant boost in your agility.

Go south one last time. Talk to Shallah the Katta, and talk to yourself to "Tell about Shapeir". Give him the note from Shema, then try to buy the carving and you will get it free. Buy a robe from the clothing merchant. Bargain the meat merchant down to 1 common and buy 50 meat rations to cover the entire game, and finally give some money to the drummer.

Return to the middle part of the city and enter the apothecary. Talk to him about everything, and talk to yourself to "Tell about Julanar". Go back outside, then up the steps to the top part of the city. Enter the Temple of Sekhmet to receive the quest to find a Gem of the Guardian. Go back down the steps and enter the Welcome Inn. Sit down to speak to Janna Jamil, then read the bulletin board before going up to your room. You can now sleep and wander the city until day 3.

Day 3

You will go to the Hall of Judgement - agree to attempt to bring peace. Now when you meet Rajah, talk to yourself and select "Greet", "Talk about Honor", "Talk about Rakeesh" and "Say Good-bye". You will then automatically leave Tarna with Rakeesh.

Simbani Village

Day 4

Greet the elder when you enter the village, then you will be taken to the Laibon. Talk to yourself and select "Greet", then ask him about the spear. After you leave here ask Uhura about the spear. Talk to her and Rakeesh about everything, then talk to Rakeesh again after dinner, and "Say Good-night" when you are finished.

Day 5-6

Go north from the centre of the village and talk to Yesufu, then play a game of Awari with him. Keep playing and ask him questions, as well as tell him stories. Go west from the centre and practice throwing some spears (Uhura will come and give you advice). Go east from the centre and practice walking and dodging on the bridge (Uhura will also give you advice here). Go south from the centre and talk to Mngoje the elder. Sleep in your room. At the end of day 6 if you go to the fire in the centre of the village you will hear a story from the Storyteller.

Day 7

Visit Yesufu and play Awari with him. While you are playing ask him to be your friend. Now visit the Laibon's hut. Greet him then ask him about the drum and say Good-bye.

  • If you are a fighter, keep practicing on spears and the bridge and Uhura will challenge you to a contest.

Now it is time to explore the surrounding Savanna and Jungle.



Head west from the Simbani Village. Near the left of this screen you will find a bright bird flying past. Follow it east and it will land in a tree surrounded by birds. Use your honey on the ground here then walk away and come back (the place it marked on the map with a bee symbol). Walk towards the bird to scare it away and take the feather that is left behind.

Now continue west to the next screen (which includes Tarna). Head to the small rock formation in the southeast part of this screen to find the venomous vines.

  • If you are a fighter, leave and come back to see a meerbat caught in the vines. Throw a dagger or rock at the vines and the meerbat will escape. Leave and come back and it will have left you a fruit and a fire opal.
  • If you are a wizard, cast fetch on the vine to get a fruit.
  • If you are a thief, throw your grappling hook at the vine to get a fruit.

Go to the Pool of Peace which is on the second screen of the map. Fill up your waterskins and drink from the water to completely restore your stamina.


Continue east from the savannah to reach the jungle. Go to the big tree, called the Heart of the World. Follow the paths half way up the tree and enter a small cave. Wait until the Guardian talks to you, then ask about the gift.

  • If you are a wizard, also ask about wood.

Ask about a gem. Take one gem from the ground then leave the cave. Continue to the top of the tree and use water from the Pool of Peace on the curved platform to get the gift. Now leave the tree. Go to the next map screen to the east and walk around until you find a small cage. Open the cage to free Manu the monkey, then talk to him until he leaves.

  • If you are a wizard, wander around some more until you find a tree with blue orchids. Cast fetch to retrieve one. Go to the Pool of Peace at night and use it on the water to make it glow. Take it back to the top of the tree and place it on the platform to get some magic wood.


Return to the city and go to the Temple of Sekhmet. In the trance, you will get to choose a series of 3 symbols, then an appropriate response to 3 situations.

  • If you are a fighter, choose the sword or fist at least once.
  • If you are a thief, choose the key at least once.
  • If you are a wizard, choose the pentagram at least once.
  • If you are a paladin, choose the heart at least once.

You will wake up in your room. Now go and visit the apothecary and tell him about your adventures. Give him the honeybird feather, fruit of the venomous vine, water from the Pool of Peace, and gift from the Heart of the World. Come back the next day to see him and buy 2 dispel potions (if you told him about Julanar they will be free).

Go to the bazaar. Head all the way south then come back north and you will be stopped by the thief from earlier in the game. Agree to help him, then go back and visit him at night time.

  • If you are a thief, show him the thief sign.

Give him some food. Repeat this on 3 consecutive nights, then talk to him about Rakeesh. Also go to the Welcome Inn and look out for when there are 2 adjacent empty pillows. Sit down and order a meal, then Janna will sit down and talk to you. Talk to him about the Peace Mission and everything else. Make sure you visit Kreesha and go to the back room to discuss everything.

  • If you are a wizard, and you have the magic wood, she will make you a magic staff.

Simbani Village

Head back to the village, where there should now be a prisoner in a cage behind the Laibon's hut. Use a dispel potion on the prisoner to turn her into a Leopard Lady. Talk to Uhura about marriage, then visit the Laibon and find out about the bride price.

  • If you are a fighter, you now need to become a Simbani Warrior. Go and kill a dinosaur out in the savannah and take its horn. Come back and give the horn to the Laibon. At the first event, take a vine from the tree, tie it to your spear, and throw the spear at the ring. At the second event, push the log into the circle, run to the middle and take the ring. When Yesufu is stuck in a trap, help him out of it. Now win the spear throwing contest back in the village, then win the wrestling contest. Talk to Uhura about initiation. Go to the Laibon's hut and ask about the drum; he will give it to you.

Give the fine robe, fine spear and five zebra skins to the Laibon to buy your wife. Go and talk to your wife, but she will ignore you. Talk to Uhura about this, and she suggests giving gifts. Go back to your wife and give her the leopard statue, the beads and a fine dagger. Now open her cage and she will run away.

  • If you are a thief, wait until night time, then sneak to the right side of the Laibon's hut and look at the wall. Use your remaining fine dagger to enlarge the crack, then climb through. Pick up the drum and climb back outside.


Go back to the jungle and wander around until you stop because you hear something. Talk to yourself to call out, and Johari will appear. Talk to her.

  • If you are a fighter or thief, show her the magic drum.
  • If you are a wizard, keep wandering until you meet Johari again, and this time ask about magic to receive the Lightning Ball spell. Keep wandering and when you meet her a third time talk about peace.

Leopardman Village

After reaching the village, tell Johari about romance, then touch her. After watching the change ritual you will be taken to the chief's hut.

  • If you are a fighter, give the drum to the chief. Ask about the Spear of Death and he will give it to you.
  • If you are a wizard, talk about magical skills and you will face a duel. Summon your staff, then cast Reversal, Calm, Open, Juggling Lights, Dazzle and Levitate. Finally use a dispel potion on the Shaman. Ask the chief about the Spear of Death and it will be given to you.
  • If you are a thief, throw your magic grapnel at the hut, then throw some meat down to the panther before walking across the rope. Make sure you are sneaking, then give some fruit to the monkey before freeing him. Take the Spear of Death from the wall. Go back outside and back over the rope. You will then meet the chief; give him the drum.


You will automatically go to Tarna and see a meeting where things will go wrong and you will leave the city again.


Go to the jungle and you will find Manu the monkey. Ask him about the Monkey Village and agree to follow him there.

  • If you are a fighter, keep asking Manu about everything you can and you will eventually climb up.
  • If you are a wizard, cast Levitate to reach the top branches.
  • If you are a thief, use your magic grapnel to climb up.

Once in the village, ask Manu about the Lost City and he will agree to take you there. You will get as far as the waterfall, but they cannot help you cross here.

  • If you are a fighter, take a vine from nearby, tell Manu about the vine rope.
  • If you are a wizard, take a vine from nearby and tie it to yourself, then tell Manu about Levitate.
  • If you are a thief, use your magic grapnel on the opposite side and walk across.

You will now be attacked by a demon worm; kill it and you will reach the city.

Lost City

Talk to Manu about the secret entrance, then say good-bye.

  • If you are a fighter, approach the door and insert your fire opal.
  • If you are a wizard, look at the statue. Cast Fetch to get the gem, then insert it in the door.
  • If you are a thief, look at the statue. Use your magic grapnel to get the gem, then insert it in the door.

Go through the doorway to enter a room with 2 more demons.

  • If you are a fighter, approach the demons and kill one, then force open the door behind him.
  • If you are a wizard, cast Calm, then Open on the door on the far wall.
  • If you are a thief, sneak past the demons, oil the door on the far wall and use your toolkit to open it.

You will now see Rakeesha being possessed by a demon. If you have another dispel potion use it on the demon, otherwise fight it. You will now enter a room with 5 mirrors. Fight your evil doppelganger until either you or he are nearly dead, and Harami will finish the fight for you, allowing you to go up to the tower.

  • If you are a fighter, fight the gargoyle, then knock it over with your shield. Walk towards the wizard and the gargoyle will grab your foot. Throw the Spear of Death (or your Paladin Sword if you are a paladin) at the Wizard, then use your shield on the Gate Orb.
  • If you are a wizard, cast a spell at the Wizard to get his attention. Quickly cast Reversal, then cast Calm to smother the fire spell. Cast Trigger on the gargoyle, then summon your staff and cast another spell on him. Once he has your staff, cast Trigger on it, then cast Force Bolt on the Gate Orb.
  • If you are a thief, sneak to the back pillar and climb up. Throw your grapnel on the pillar across the crack in the floor and you will be seen. After the fire begins, throw your grapnel at the pillar on the right, and your rope will catch on fire - you can still get across and jump to the pillar. Use your grapnel once more, this time on the Wizard.