Police Quest 3Police Quest 3

The Kindred

Game Details:  Mystery, 1991

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/5/2004

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Police Quest 3: The Kindred is the third in a series of realistic police dramas by Sierra On-Line. This continues after Police Quest 2: The Vengeance. In this game, you once again take the role of Sonny Bonds. Your wife has become the latest victim of a series of crimes perpetrated by The Kindred; she is in a coma in hospital and you begin your investigations into the crime ring, all the while wondering if your life will be able to return to normal. The series continues with Police Quest 4: Open Season.

Day 1

Police Station

Start by heading through the door on the left into your office. Take the form from the basket, then exit the room. Head to the right, then enter the briefing room. Talk to Pat Morales about the complaint, then take the clipboard to give your speech. Head back to your office and mark the form as Sustained. Take the request form from your basket, then take the lift up to the 3rd floor. Give the form to the computer guy and grab the access card.

Head down to the 1st floor and go into the male locker room. Open your locker (combination 776) and grab all of your equipment. Leave the locker room and get some batteries and flares from the storage cabinet. Put the batteries in your flashlight. Head back up to your office and wait for a message to call dispatch. Use the phone to call dispatch. Now head down to the ground floor, get in the police car and drive to Aspen Falls.

Aspen Falls

Speak to the people about the madman, then head right. Speak to the man, then try to grab him - he will throw your badge in the river, then jump in. Search his clothes, then throw his keys in the water. Hit him with your nightstick to knock him out, then cuff him. Search him to find a knife. Open the door for him, then get in the car and drive to the station. Open the locket and put your gun inside. Head into the jail. Book the guy for 05150, then deposit the knife and driver's license in the drawer. Go outside and get your gun, then close the locker. Drive out to the highway (get on at the 7th street ramp).

Highway 41

You will automatically stop where Pat Morales has pulled over a pregnant woman. Talk to Morales, then the driver, then Morales again, and witness the refusal to sign, then drive away. The next 3 events can happen in any order, and each will happen on a single pass along the length of the highway (at each end you automatically turn around).

A black car will drive past really fast - get behind it and look at it, then use your computer to ID the car (12896) as belonging to the Sheriff's department. Move into the other lane and slow down, letting the car get away.

A convertible will speed past. Get behind it and look, then identify the car (34567). Put on your siren and the car will pull over. Note the time you exit your car, then speak to the driver. Return to your car and insert Orpheus' license into your computer, then fill in a Form 900 with vehicle code 22349. Go and give the ticket to the driver, then drive on.

Traffic is held up by Juan Ruiz driving too slow. Again, look at the car (22776) and ID it with your computer, then put on the siren and pull it over. Look at the time, then talk to the driver. Put the license into your car computer and make a Form 900 with code 21654. Give the ticket to the driver, then continue patrolling.

You will now spot a car weaving across both lanes. ID the car (01923), then put on the siren and pull it over. Talk to the driver twice to start a sobriety test. Move your finger to both sides and note the eyes flickering. Search the guy, then cuff him and put him in your car. Drive to the station and put your gun in the locker, then go inside. Take your handcuffs back, then use the chromatograph machine on the bench. Get his pockets emptied. Book him with code 23152.

Oak Tree Mall

After the cutscene, go upstairs and use the phone in your office to call dispatch. Go back to your car and drive to the mall. Take the chain from Marie's hands, then talk to the paramedics and you will go to the hospital. Try talking to Marie, then leave and you will return to the crime scene. Talk to the reporter and you will get a business card. Now turn on the flashlight and walk toward the car. Take the bronze star from the ground and look at it to see the number 09987. Get in the car and you will go home.

Day 2

Police Station

After waking up, grab the music box from the closet before heading to the station. Head into the Homicide office (opposite your old office) and you will be given two case numbers (199144 and 199137), and a new partner. Look at the business card you got from the reporter, and dial that phone number. Now use your computer and look at the two cases using your access card. Also look at your bronze star and enter the number seen as a serial number to get another case number (199124). Head down in the elevator and book the chain and star as evidence under case 199144. You will automatically drive to the hospital.


Walk into the florist's shop and buy a rose. Talk to the receptionist to find Marie's room number, then enter the elevator. In Marie's room, kiss her, then give her the rose and music box before leaving the hospital.

Day 3

At the station, go up to your office and read the memo in your basket. Now drive to 325 South Second St (just stop at the right location and get out of your car). Talk to the homeless person and show your badge, then handcuff her cart to the pipes and she will go to the station with you. Grab the lunch bag and give it to Carla, who will agree to help with the composite drawing. Turn on your computer and insert your access card, then use the composite program from the tools menu. Carla will let you know as you get each part of the face correct (she will say that it is "ok"). Search once you have finished, to identify Steve Rocklin (493027). Talk to Carla and you will drive her home. Get your handcuffs before you leave. Back in the car, Pat will ask to go to the mall and you will take her there.

Day 4

Grab the note in your office and read it. Go down into your car and get the calibration chart from the glove compartment, then drive to court. Give the chart to the lawyer and the case is concluded. You will take Pat to the mall again, and she will leave her purse behind. Grab the keys and exit the car, then walk over to Zak's and pay for a copy to be made. Return to the car and put the keys back before Pat returns. You will now be called to a murder scene - drive to 300 West Rose.

Murder Scene

Open the car trunk and get your kit. Use a toothpick to scrape under the victim's nails, then move the shirt to reveal a pentagram symbol. Get his license (980453) from his trousers. Now scrape some paint from the car wreck, and look at the windshield to get the vehicle ID (127633). Give the license to the coroner when he arrives, then return your tools to your car trunk (place the flares in here while you're at it) and leave.

Back at the station, read the memo on your desk, then start a new case file on the computer system for Andrew Dent 199145. Use your copied key to break in to Pat's desk and read the number 386, then close and lock the drawer again. Go down and book in the new evidence, then drive to the hospital. Go up in the elevator, then look at Marie's chart and then the IV, noting a discrepancy. Press the nurse call button (red) and wait for the doctor to fix the dose. Now leave the hospital.

Day 5

Go up to your office and use the computer. Look at the new evidence, then go to the city map and plot the 4 murders (376 W Rose, 341 E Rose, 280 W Palm and 392 S 6th, then put another point just right of 200 E Palm). Join all of the points with red lines and you should get a message about forming a perfect pentagram. Now use your phone and put out an APB on the vehicle suggested from the new evidence. Look at the bulletin board to see a memo about testing of female officers. Now head out of the office, then right down the hall and into the psychologist's office. Read Pat's file, then leave. Go up to the 3rd floor and open the desk drawer to get a tracking device. Now go down and get into your car, driving to 200 East Palm.

Old Nugget Saloon

Look at the car parked here, then go and get the kit from the trunk. Scrape some paint from the car, then place the tracker beneath the car and replace your kit. Go into the bar and talk to the people. When you talk to the nearest billiard player, draw your gun and the second guy will run away. Get in your car and start driving, then turn on the tracker device and watch where the car is going. Get on the freeway and drive to the point where it stops.

Crash Scene

Use the flares on the road to make the area safe, then search the car and take the keys. Open the trunk using the keys, then try to pick up a bag of cocaine. Drive back to the station and book the paint scraping in as evidence for case 199144, then go up to your office and read the memo.

Day 6

Go to the first floor at the station and the janitor will not let you into the female locker room. Go into the men's and put some toilet paper in the toilet then flush to flood the floor. Go and tell the janitor, then head into the women's. Open Pat's locker with combination 386 and look at the bags of cocaine. Now go visit the Captain and tell him about the cocaine. Now drive to the coroner.


Take the manilla envelope and look inside to find Marie's locket, and a cult book and ring. Now open some drawers and look at the toe tags until you find Steven Rocklin. The coroner will enter and tell you his address. Go outside and get in your car - you will automatically go to the hospital. Go up and see Marie, giving her to locket. She will wake up. Now leave again and you will get a call to go to 500 West Peach (Rocklin's house).

Arson Scene

Get your kit from the trunk, then talk several times to the fire chief to be allowed into the house. Look at the floor and pick up the photo, then head to the back room. Look at the pentagram, then scrape a sample of blood and hair from the ground. Head back to your car and return the kit to the trunk. Pat will want you to go to the mall again.

Oak Tree Mall

After Pat leaves the car, head outside and into the army recruitment office. Talk to the guy then show your badge. Show him your photo of the Bains brothers and grab the printout on Michael Bains. Return to the car and you will go to the station. Drop your new evidence in under file 199144. Now head up to level 2 and show the printout to the psychologist. Look again at the photo to see the address of 522 West Palm, then drive there.

Crack House and Court House

Knock on the door and no-one answers - you need a search warrant. Drive to the court house and go inside to see the judge. Talk to her, then show the photo and news article and grab the warrant. Return to the house and knock again - still no luck. Return to the court house and get a warrant to use the ram unit. Drive back to the house one last time and the unit and backup will have arrived.

Talk to the unit to make them break the door down. Aim the gun at yourself to draw it, then shoot the guy who rolls in from the left. Cuff Bains, then search the couch to find a remote. Press 8 on the remote to open the secret passage, then go through with your gun ready and shoot the last guy.