Police Quest 2Police Quest 2

The Vengeance

Game Details:  Mystery, 1988

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/20/2002

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Police Quest 2: The Vengeance is the second in a series of realistic police dramas by Sierra On-Line. This continues after Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel. You reprise your role as Sonny Bonds for this second game. Jesse Bains, the Death Angel has escaped from prison and you lead the investigation to recapture him from your new role in the homicide department. The series continues with Police Quest 3: The Kindred.

Police Station

Get the keys, then open the compartment and get a business card. Press F4 to exit the vehicle, then open the door of the police station and go inside. Go through the second door from the left into the Homicide office. Sit down and look in the basket. Unlock the drawer, then get the letter and read it. Also get your wallet and search it, then close the drawer. Stand up and walk over to the Captain's desk. Read the papers to discover some computer passwords (Miami, Icecream and Pistachio). Now have a look at the bulletin board near the window.

Use the computer, then turn it on. Type "CD" then "Personnel", and type "Pistachio". Read some of the files, including Lloyd Pratt and Calvin Haines. Type "Bye" to finish with the computer. Use it again, turn it on and type "CD", "Criminal", then "CD", "Vice" and "Miami". Type "Bye" again. Leave the Homicide office and enter Narcotics (door on the left). Go to the far left and speak to Lloyd, then ask about drugs.

Shooting Practice

Go to the locker room and find your locker on the left. Look at the back of your LPD card to get the combination (36-4-12), then open the locker. Get the gun, ammo and cuffs, then close the locker. Leave the locker room and head down the hall to the right, into the firing range. Give the gun to the officer to have it checked, then get some ear protectors and go to the empty booth. Use the ear protectors, then load the gun (F6) and draw it (F8). Aim carefully, then shoot (F10). After each shot, lower the gun (F8) and press the view button, then look at the target. Adjust the sight using the arrows keys, then change the target, press the back button and shoot again. Repeat this until the sights are correct. If you need more ammo, go ask the officer for some. When the sights are correct, return the ear protectors to the officer, and make sure you get more ammo from him.

Return to the Homicide office - your boss will assign you to the Bains case. Open the cabinet and get the Bains file, then take the mug shot before replacing the file and closing the cabinet. Get the keys from the rack, then exit to the hall. Walk to the right, behind the counter. Open the bin, take your field kit and close the bin again. Now go outside. Walk to the blue sedan and open the trunk, then put the kit in the trunk and close it. Unlock the car door and get in. Drive to jail.

Field Work


When you get there, open the locker, put the gun in it, then close it. Press the buzzer, then show your ID to get inside. Get the Pate file and read it, then return it. Now get the Bains File, take the mug shot, then return the file. Ask about the escape, then walk into the interview area and ask the witness about the escape. Leave the jail, grabbing your gun from the locker on the way out. Get in your car and use the radio, then start driving to the station - when you receive a radio message, head to Oak Tree Mall.

Oak Tree Mall

Open your trunk and get the field kit, then go open the door of the blue car. Open the glove box, then get the holster. Look at the bullets, and the registration, then exit the car. A lady will arrive - ask her about the car, then put your kit in the trunk, close the trunk and get in the car. Radio your information about the gun and car, then drive to the station. You will again receive more info, so drive to Cotton Cove. Accept Keith's bet to earn a quick dollar.

Cotton Cove

Talk to the jogger, and ask about blood. Draw your gun and head left, then shoot at Bains when you see him - you will miss. Wait here until the car is seen speeding away. Continue left and move the trash, then get clothes and read the nametag. Walk over to the left of the screen and look at the blood - Keith will tell you to take care of the evidence. Return to your car and get the kit from the trunk. Go back and use the eye dropper on the blood, then use the plaster. Walk right and wait for the diving guy to arrive, then ask him to find the body (if you didn't search your wallet previously, do it now to find your diving license).

Now enter the van and get a wet suit, weight belt, vest, scuba mask and fins. Get tank 1 and check the air, then repeat with each of the tanks. Take the tank with the most air, then leave the van. You will automatically enter the water. Get the gold badge from the first underwater screen, then head left and get the object (a knife). Head 2 screens to the right and move the rocks, then look at the hand, and finally remove the body. Surface, then head right and you will automatically get changed. Go back and use the camera on the body, head back to the car. Put the kit in the trunk, then radio your findings. Drive to the station, then detour to the Airport.


Open your trunk to get the kit again, then walk to the black car. Open the car door and dust the mirror, then use the tape to get some prints. Walk to the front of the car and look at the license. Now press the button and cross the street to the airport. Buy a rose from the lady selling flowers, then go inside and head left into the men's room. Go into the middle stall and look at the toilet. Open the lid and look in the toilet to find a gun - take it, then wash your hands and exit the bathroom. Show your ID and the photo to the woman at the ticket counter, then ask for a passenger list. Now walk up to the left to the Siva car rental agency. Again show your ID and the photo, then get a list of car rentals. Go outside (press the button to cross the street again) and return the kit to the trunk, then get in your car. Radio dispatch twice, then drive to the station.

Go to the desk and book the evidence, then head into your office and sit down. Look in your basket to find a note. Use your phone and dial 0, then say Lytton and Marie Wilkans to get the number. Now dial 555-4169 and say hello, then agree to meet Marie. Stand up and go outside to your car, then drive to Arnie's. Go inside and sit down, then talk to Marie. Order the lobster, then give the flower to Marie. Eat when the food arrives, then kiss Marie several times.

Day 2

Get your keys then exit the car and head into your office. Grab the keys from the wall. Look in your basket to get an evidence report and you will be told about a murder. Get into your car and drive to the warehouse.


Get the kit from the trunk of your car, then use the eye dropper on the blood. Look in the trunk and use your camera. Look at the face, then search the body. Take the envelope corner and look at it, then the coroner will arrive. Ask him to remove the body. Look in the trunk again and grab the note, then leave the trunk. Put the kit back in your trunk and close it, then get into your car and drive to 753 Third Street.

Snuggler's Inn

Show your ID and the photo to the guy at the window, then get in your car and call for backup, then radio dispatch for a warrant. Get out of the car and wait for everyone to arrive. Get the warrant from the officer, then show it to the guy at the window. Get the room key. Talk to Chuck, then approach the near side of the door and use the key. Wait for the gas to clear, then go inside. Open the drawer and get the envelope, then read the letter. Look under the bed and grab the lipstick, then go into the bathroom. Look in the sink, get the card and read it. Now go outside and drive to Marie's.

Marie's House

Get the kit out of your trunk. Approach the front door, then get the note and read it. Unlock the door and go inside. Look at the ashtray. Get the paper and then compare the notes. Now dust the ashtray and use the tape to get some prints. Go back to your car and return the kit to the trunk, then radio dispatch and drive back to the station.


Go into Homicide and give the card to Hall. Go outside and book the evidence. Head into the Burglary office (to the right) and ask about the shotgun. Now head over to Narcotics, open the cabinet and look at the Colby file to get his address. Return the file and close the cabinet. Go back to Homicide and sit down. Look in your basket, then use the phone. Call Colby on 407-555-3323, and say hello then warn him. Now call Steelton on 407-555-2677 and tell them about Bains. Stand up and go back to the firing range, re-sighting your gun as before. Make sure you protect your ears, and use up the ammo before you leave, then get some more when you return the ear protectors. Load your weapon. Drive to the airport.


Press the button to cross the road, then go to the counter a buy a ticket to Steelton. After Keith makes some phonecalls, try to buy the ticket again. Head left and up the elevator, then talk to the girl. Show your ID to the guard, then walk through (talk to Larry a few times over on the right). Walk to the plane, find your seat and sit down, then fasten your seatbelt. Order some coffee, then unfasten your seatbelt. Wait until 2 guys approach the cockpit and the stewardess faints. Draw your gun and shoot twice to kill both guys.

Search the masked man's turban and pockets, then go to the bathroom and open the paper dispenser. Read the bomb instructions, and perform them in reverse order - cut the yellow wire, then purple, then blue. Connect the yellow wire. Cut the white wire, then the yellow wire. Exit and return to your seat.

Walk into Willy's office, then grab the radios and drive to the park. Head up twice, then left and a man will approach you - use your radio straight away and Keith will catch the guy and bring him to you. Read him his rights, then talk to him. Now head right twice and move the manhole cover, then climb down. Head down and around to the right, then right once more, and quickly down to get through the methane gas pocket. Head down, over a bridge, then left when you can, and open the cabinet to find a mask. Wear this whenever you sense more methane gas. Head back to the right, then down and left again to find a door. Walk through the door and calm Marie, then untie her. Draw your gun and hide behind the pipe on the left. Shoot Bains several times when he reaches the 3rd tile.