Midnight Scenes: From the WoodsMidnight Scenes: From the Woods

Game Details:  Horror, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/7/2023

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Midnight Scenes: From the Woods is the fourth in a series of short horror-themed adventures in the vibe of The Twilight Zone. The previous game in the series was Midnight Scenes: The Nanny. In this game you play as Elijah, an inmate of the Fernwood Creek Mental Health Center, who forms a bond with a new patient who hides a dark secret. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with Midnight Scenes: A Safe Place.

Day 1

Watch all three channels on the TV by using the remote control.

During your conversations throughout the game, select any options. Head to the hallway, then all the way right to the lobby, then left into Dr Green's office. Select any options, and you will end up with a camera. Zoom in twice so you are focused on Oliver's head, then press the green flash button, and the red shutter button to take a picture.

Guided Tour

Examine the ad panel to the left, and the mail boxes to the right. Click on Ms Murphy (the goose). Outside, go to the far right to catch up with Oliver near the oak tree. Back inside again, talk more about Aiden and Theo, then click on the WC. Go to the right and click on room 9.

Day 2

After leaving the classroom, go right to the lobby. Head right and click on Ms Murphy's corner. Pick up her belt, then take her out through the doors to the garden.

Outside, head left past the fountain and examine the scribble on the bench Love Is In The Air. Now go right and read the note on the next bench. Keep going to the right until you find Oliver by the oak tree again. Keep going all the way to the right, and examine the pipe coming over the wall.

After your conversation with Grace, return left and use the fountain. Take Ms Murphy back out of the fountain and head back inside. Click on her corner to return her to her bed. Click on her bed, food and water.

Dinner Time

Go to the far right and watch the TV Support Your Indie Devs!. Return left and use the food cart to choose a meal. Walk right and sit at the table with Eric.

Night Time

After coming out of your room, head left and enter the WC. Go right until you see Oliver, and he will leave. Use the showers, then go left to the mirrors. Back in the corridor, click on your nose, lungs, brain, and mouth The Nightmare.

Day 3

Go right to the mail boxes. Click on boxes 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9 It.

Follow Joe into the maintenance room. Examine the wheelbarrow. Look at the high cabinet, then click on the screw. Talk to Joe to get a screwdriver. Get the screw from the cabinet, then examine the wheelbarrow again and attach the wheel Fix It!. Go over and get the roots, then head out of the room to the right. Click on the dumpster to get rid of the roots, then walk left until you see Joe again.

Dinner Time

Use the food cart to choose a meal. Walk right and sit at the empty table. After the conversations, leave by going to the left, then continue left to see Ms Murphy.

Day 4

Head out to the hallway, then down to the lobby and out to the garden. Walk right until you see Joe in the tree.

Back inside, go right until you go with Oliver into room 9. Follow Oliver into the cave, then click on the glowing memory. Follow him left and click on a second memory, then right and click on a third memory. Go right out of the cave and talk to Oliver some more Memories.

Final Scenes

Look out your window. Leave your room, then go down to the lobby. Wait until the guard is looking to the right, then quickly go to the left and the guard will leave Hide And Seek. Continue left and go into Dr Green's office. Search the desk, and take the garden door key. Leave the office and go right until you can head out to the garden. Walk right and talk to Oliver.

The next night, enter the WC and go right towards the showers. Watch the final scenes and the credits New Life.