Midnight Scenes: The NannyMidnight Scenes: The Nanny

Year:  2021

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Steam, Adventure Gamers

Midnight Scenes: The Nanny is the third in a series of short horror-themed adventures in the vibe of The Twilight Zone. The previous game in the series was Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note. This game follows the story of Oliver and Tina, on a quest to find their missing babysitter Veronica. There are 6 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

A Trip to the Forest

After the introduction, head right to see Veronica saying goodbye to your parents. After talking to Veronica, head out to the garden. Pick up the oars (and the rope holding them together). Go left through the archway towards the pier, and use the oars on the boat.

At the campsite, ask to go and look for your truck, then walk right. Look at the chocolate bar on the ground, and the drawings in the trees. Make sure you look at the left crow to see a secret message The Crow. Continue further to the right. Examine the rock, squirrel and sticks in this area, then continue right again.

Pick up the toy truck from the rock to the right, then follow Tina to the right.

Missing Veronica

After talking to Tina, leave your bedroom. Go downstairs and look at the TV Creepy Show. Return upstairs and enter your Dad's office to the right. Look in the right desk drawer and take the small key. Examine the closet to the left and use the small key on the lock. Open the shoe box and take the binoculars, looking at everything else in the shoe box Dad's Secret. Back out and answer the phone.

Go back to your bedroom and talk to Tina. While looking through the binoculars, pan to the left until you see Veronica. Pick up the walkie-talkies, then leave your room. Head downstairs and out to the garden., then continue left to the pier. Pick up the pruner, then return right and use this on the branch hanging over the fence. Go back to the pier and give the branch to Tina. After she falls in, tie the rope to the bollard, then throw it to Tina.

Rescue Mission

Head back into the house and go to the front door. Take the keys hanging here and use them on the front door.

Once outside, go right and you will automatically use the walkie-talkie to talk to Tina. Continue right and look at the crows in the street Sparkle?. Continue right and press the doorbell on the next house. Go into Thomas' room to the left, and you will use the Ouija board together.

Leave his room and go upstairs into the bathroom. Leave the house again and go back through your house to reach the pier.

Back to the Forest

Try to pick up the flashlight, but the squirrel won't let you near it. Use your toy truck on the squirrel, then pick up the flashlight Light the way. Now head to the right. Follow Tina to the far right.

As Detective Taylor, walk to the right in the forest.

Watch the credits through to the end Sweet Dreams.