Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye NoteMidnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note

AKA Midnight Scenes Episode 2

Game Details:  Horror, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/17/2022

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Midnight Scenes: The Highway is the second in a series of short horror-themed adventures in the vibe of The Twilight Zone. The previous game in the series was Midnight Scenes: The Highway. This game follows the story of Dr Richard P Griffin, on an urgent flight across the country. The series continues with Midnight Scenes: The Nanny.

Take Off

Talk to the air hostess, but you can't find your ticket. Talk to Madison to get the plane ticket. Show it to the air hostess, then board the plane. Look at the plane ticket in your inventory to see that you are in Seat 5A. Sit down in this seat, and the plane will take off.

The Lab

Notice that the date on the wall here is "Fri Oct 19th". After you hear a noise, go left and use the switch to turn on the light. Now enter the control station. Turn on another switch in here, then go through the door on the left. After your conversation with Linda, you will realize that you need a code.

Return through both doors to reach the office. Look at Coleman's desk and open the drawer, then take out the notebook. Since it is October, look at the sequence next to 10 (right, down, up, left). Go back to the control room again.

Examine the control console and press the buttons from the sequence (right, down, up, left). Look through the window here, then go back through both doors.

Head left now and through the door on the left. Put on the clean suit, then press the button and go through the doors on the left. Look through the window here, then examine the vent to the left. Try to return through the doors on the right, but Linda wants you to check the Elysian. Open the secure compartment in the middle of the room. After seeing the Elysian, walk right and the lights will go out. Look through the window again.


Take the Elysian. Open the small box on the wall to the left and take the screwdriver. Detach the 2 wires at the bottom of the unit, then try to connect them with your screwdriver. Back out and examine the vent again; use the screwdriver on the screw so you can pick it up. Go back to the small box and connect the wires with the screw.

Next remove the vent cover and head inside. Ignore the toy robot and crawl left until you can climb down the ladder.

Examine the suitcases. Open the suitcase, then put the Elysian inside it and you will take off the clean suit. Go through the door on the left to head outside. Look in Linda's car and look at her glasses. Back out and enter your car to the left.

The Plane

Look at the overhead compartment and take the umbrella. Walk to the far left. Open the cabinet and take out the fire extinguisher. Next go to the far right and examine the door to the cockpit. Break the window with the fire extinguisher, then reach through with your hand. Use the umbrella on the handle.

Inside the cockpit, pick up the parachute. Examine the plane instruments and use the radio, but it is broken. Return to the main cabin and use the exit door. After you regain consciousness, head outside.

New Life

In the final scene, open the curtains.