Midnight Scenes: The HighwayMidnight Scenes: The Highway

Year:  2020

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Midnight Scenes: The Highway is the first in a series of short horror-themed adventures in the vibe of The Twilight Zone. This game follows the story of Claire Barnes, driving along a lonely road at night. The series continues with Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note.


Press the left button to turn off your radio, and you will pull over. Look at the sign on the fence, then walk right until you reach the gate. Release the latch, then push open the gate and head through.


Look inside the crashed vehicle and examine the photo on the driver's seat. Look in the back of the vehicle and take the piece of rope. Move the blanket and open the toolbox, then take out the hammer.

Further to the right, look at the small noticeboard and look at both pictures. Continue right and pick up the broken mop. Examine the scarecrow behind the fence here and attach the broken mop, then tie it in place with your piece of rope. Move both arms up, and the gate will open. Head inside.


Walk left and enter the house. Look at the paintings on the walls, then enter the bathroom, but the light will go out. Return to the main room and continue through the door to the right to head to the garden.

Go to the base of the tree and pick up the wood board. Look at the small gravestone to the right - move the horseshoe then pick up the nail. In your inventory, put the nail in the wood board, then attach this to the tree and you will automatically hammer it in place. Climb the tree and take the gas lamp.

Return left into the house. Enter the bathroom again and you will place the lamp on the floor. Look at the man, then take the small key from around his neck. Go back out through the front door and out through the gate again.

The Yard

Approach the back of the vehicle. Use the small key on the padlock, then take the cable cutter. Now head left to return to the road.


Go left past your car and use the cable cutter on the power cable. Continue left to see another crash scene. Look at the clipboards held by each victim. Try to use the telephone to the far left, then back out again. Reach out to touch the apparition to your right, then pick up the fallen photograph.