Midnight Scenes: A Safe PlaceMidnight Scenes: A Safe Place

Game Details:  Horror, 2024

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  4/24/2024

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Midnight Scenes: A Safe Place is the fifth in a series of short horror-themed adventures in the vibe of The Twilight Zone. The previous game in the series was Midnight Scenes: From the Woods. In this game you play as Phil Lerner, battling with depression. He seeks refuse in the familiarity of his home, but then the nightmares really begin. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Indeterminate Day 1

Look at your phone and press the Confirm button. Try to leave the room but you aren't able to do it. Now go through the four available activities in any order:

  • Eat: Open the closet on the right. Take any of the food options from the top shelf, then also grab the cooking pot. Select to clean up after you finish eating.

  • Pee: Open the closet and take an empty bottle. After filling it, go back to the closet - you will end up grabbing all 5 filled bottles. Look in the cardboard box on the floor and take the fishing line. Next examine the paper bin to end up with an empty plastic bag. Put the bottles into the bag, then attach the fishing line. Use the full bag on the opened window. Click on the trash can below, then pull the bag when it gets stuck. Once you come back to your senses, talk to your mother through the door.

  • Warm myself: Examine the heater on the left. Look on the top shelf to find the lighter. Use this on the heater.

  • Socialize: Use the telescope. Look to the left first to see Mr Timbers at the gas station. Look to the right to see Mrs Potter and Father Adams. Continue looking further right to see Noelle, and you will follow Noelle's journey to work.

Watch the phone conversation with Noelle, then the flashback to an earlier time.

Indeterminate Day 2

Purchase food online, and you will use your computer. Look at the LegitiNews app World News. Read your messages in the WakaMail app, and look at the disappearing messages in the Heart Essence app. Now use Hayashi Groceries Online and select to complete the purchase. Once you discover your credit card has been canceled, exit the computer.

You will briefly hear from your sister Piper, then see another flashback.

Indeterminate Day 3

Talk to your father briefly when he knocks on your door. Click through the family history. Look at your phone and press the Confirm button. You will automatically go through your daily routine.

Watch the phone conversation with Noelle.

Indeterminate Day 4

Once you wake up and watch the news bulletin on TV, you will use your telescope to look outside. Look to the left to see the dog at the gas station. Look to the right to see the fallen church bell, then continue to the right to see Noelle's journey again.

Back in your room, talk to Piper. Once your computer screen turns red, go and use it. In the word search, the word "Prospero" is horizontal near the bottom. Solve the jigsaw puzzle.

Indeterminate Day 5

Look at your phone and press the Confirm button. Turn on the heater, but it will run out of gas. Read the note that is slipped under your door, then thank Piper for the note. When the power goes out, you will automatically use your telescope. Look to the left to see Mr Timbers at the gas station. Look to the right to see something more startling.



After you sit down, click on the coffee, cupcake and orange juice, then click on the envelope. You will automatically answer your phone once your mother leaves. Watch the phone conversation with Brian, then you will head outside.

Search your mailbox, then go left and search Brian's mailbox Support Your Indie Devs!. Continue left and talk to Father Adams. After your conversation, you will automatically continue left and enter the grocery store. Look at the green apples The Inhabitant. Go left and talk to your mother.

After you leave the store, walk right and pick up the pebble from the road Rock Rocks!. Continue right to Phil's house and leave the bags under his window. Throw the pebble at the window to get Phil's attention. Watch the phone conversation with Phil.



Open the closet to put away the groceries Home Delivery. Eat the chocolate bar. After listening to your mother and Father Adams, you will wake up from a nightmare and be sick. Ask both Noelle and Piper for help, but you will decide you have to leave your room. Move the cabinet, then move both skis. Open the latch, then open the door.

Go downstairs, then enter the bathroom. Open the cabinet on the wall and take the pills in the middle of the bottom shelf A Lot Of Pills. Click on the bathroom door, then look at your phone and press the Confirm button.

Indeterminate Day 6

After overhearing your parents' conversation, you will automatically contact Noelle.


Indeterminate Day 6

You will see the final part of the conversation from Noelle's side and then talk to Brian in the grocery store. After following your mother into the other room, sit down in the chair.


Indeterminate Day 7

Watch the phone conversation with Noelle, which will be followed by several cutscenes.

You will eventually find yourself in a flashback. Head right and go upstairs, then enter Piper's room. Turn off the music, then leave the room and go back downstairs.


Indeterminate Day 7

You will be outside Phil's house with your mother. After throwing the pebble doesn't work, head right and use the bell at the front door. When there is no answer, pick up the clay statuette to the right. Click on it to find the head can come off. Look at the bright object once you smash it, then pick up the key Door Lock. Use the key on the front door and head inside.

Use the light switch.


Indeterminate Day 7

Stand up and leave the room. Move the cabinet, then move both skis. Open the latch, then open the door. Go downstairs and enter the dining room. Talk to Noelle, then watch the final scenes Real Life.