Magnus ImagoMagnus Imago

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/10/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Magnus Imago is a short, surreal, exploratory puzzle adventure, and continues the story from Magnus Failure. This time the game is played from a first-person perspective, and you are not entirely alone. The series continues with Magnus Positive Phototaxis.


Look through the window on the left. Pick up the small plastic leg, then look at the text fragment that says "Who are you?". Back out from the window and go down the stairs.

Main Floor

Search the cupboard here to find your helmet and a button. There is a scanner on the wall here that you cannot use yet, so head to the left.

Look in the wooden box on the floor here and take the bell. Continue left again. Pick up the small shell and talk to the man, who needs you to find some electrodes and a mask for him. Go through the dark doorway. Look in the small cupboard to find a welding mask and a screwdriver, and search the wooden box to find a crowbar and a small plastic arm.

Back out and go left again, then pick up the wormwood and take a potato from the sack. Also take the doll's head from the top of the potato pile.

Walk down and find a punched card and a bucket, then continue left into a small study. Search the small cupboard to get some electrodes. Look at the desk and read the book, then take the chrysalis. Return left and forward. Use your crowbar to lift up the panel on the floor, then climb down. Pick up access card number 2334 from the floor. Use your punched card in the computer terminal and read through the information. In the number section you can work out the code is 5491.

Climb back up and go left again. Here you will find a large door covered in eyes, with an unknown mechanism to its right. Continue left and search the small cupboard to get some keys. Go left once more to find a colorful gate. Enter the code 5491 into the keypad, then go through the gate - the chrysalis will transform into an imago. Look at the stone plinth here and attach the head, arm and leg to the doll, then take the item that resembles a key. Enter the padded room on the right, but you cannot open the box.

Return back through the colorful gate and go right 4 times. Give the electrodes and welding mask to the man. Once he starts welding, grab a spark from him. Go right twice more and look at the scanner next to the door here. Insert your access card, then go through. Take a piece of dry wood from the pile on the right. Use your keys on the locker to the left, taking out an empty jar.

Back out and go left, then examine the large boiler. Put your dry wood and spark in here to start it up. Now you can use the machine on the wall to open the door here. Go inside. Examine the music box and use the screwdriver on it. Remove all 4 screws and the cover, then take out the metal cylinder.

Leave this room and go left, then look at the honey extractor. Use your empty jar on it to collect some honey. Continue left twice to the door with the eyes. Insert the metal cylinder into the mechanism to the right, then go through the door. Pick up the heat source, then sit in the chair. After the vision subsides, pick up the coded book.

Go back to the padded cell and use your heat source on the box to open it. After the man leaves, take the scallop fossil. Return back through the colorful gate and go right. Examine the 4 small stone platforms on the ground, then place the following items in the recesses over them:

  • Wormwood, coded book, honey
  • Scallop fossil
  • Small shell
  • Imago

Now you can climb up the platforms.

Exit Stairs

Use the item that resembles a key on the gate mechanism.