Magnus Positive PhototaxisMagnus Positive Phototaxis

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/3/2023

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Magnus Positive Phototaxis is a short, surreal, exploratory puzzle adventure, and continues the story from Magnus Imago. The game is again played from a first person perspective, employing a mixture of fantastic and religious imagery. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Pick up the yellow cartridge, then go down. Pick up the remote control, flip it over and take out the battery. Open the drawer beneath the TV and take out the piece of papyrus (1/3). Continue down to the left and pick up the fan heater. Open the drawer on the left side of the bed, and take out the blue lighter. Return down, then head up to the right to find a hallway.

Enter the bathroom, through the first door on the left. Take the deodorant and plunger. Use the plunger on the toilet Toilet. Now reach into the toilet to get a knife. Return to the hallway. Enter the workshop, through the second door on the left. Pick up the crowbar from the ground. Examine the workbench and pick up the screws and cables. Return to the hallway. Enter the dining room, through the second door on the right. Take the flash memory device from the dining table. Return to the hallway, then head down to return to the living room.

Use the knife on the sofa to find a note with a code written on it. Go up to the left to return to the starting room. Use the flash memory device on the large computer. Use the large computer and select to Abort, then start the "POSITIVE_PHOTOTAXIS.FOS" program Positive phototaxis.

After the character disappears, pick up the clock that is left behind. Return to the hallway and go through the first door on the right. Put the following items on the table from left to right:

  • fan heater
  • deodorant
  • screws
  • battery
  • lighter
  • clock

Examine the safe and enter the code you obtained from the sofa: *309#. Take the key. Return to the hallway and use the key on the locked door, then go through.

Chapter 1: Toward the Light

Search the basin in the corner of the room to find a gold key (the attribute of St Peter). Take the piece of papyrus (2/3) from the stairs. Go upstairs, then up another short set of stairs. Pick up the book from the ledge, then use your crowbar on the wooden board with the eye symbol on it. Take out the scroll (the attribute of St Mark). Back out, then go through the door on the right to find a large pipe organ. There are 5 colored pipes, and you need to play them according to the order of colored stairs in the book you picked up:


Play the pipes by pressing the buttons in the correct order Researcher. Take the final piece of papyrus (3/3) from the opened compartment. Back out, then examine the small electrical panel on the right wall. Remove the cover, then use your cables to join up all the colors correctly (you can rotate the pieces before placing them). Back out and now you can go through the door here.

In this room you will find a bell and some controls that require a 4-digit number. Examine the three pieces of papyrus and read across the middle numbers, which line up with the bell symbol. Enter the code 2278, then take a silver key. Leave here, and go downstairs. Use your silver key on the glass doors to the right, then head through.

Pick up the book from the floor (the attribute of St Paul). Look at the 3rd book along the bench on the right Masquerade. Continue forward towards the altar and pick up another book (the attribute of St John the Evangelist). Put the following items in the front of the altar from left to right:

  • book (the attribute of St John the Evangelist)
  • gold key (the attribute of St Peter)
  • scroll (the attribute of St Mark)
  • book (the attribute of St Paul)

Climb down and take the skull. Climb back up and put the skull in the cavity in the wall Inner vision. Now go through the door.

Chapter 2: Water

From the tractor, go right and examine the bricks. Move the brick and pick up a worm. Return down and left. Open the roll of tools next to the fishing rod, and pick up the lockpick. Use the worm on the fishing rod, then open the fish's mouth and take out the SIM card starter. Head right 3 times to a building with a pool outside. Use your lockpick on the door. Through trial and error, you can work out that the lock should look like this (press each component this number of times from left to right: 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3):

Go inside, then examine the hanging cabinet on the left. Take out the dagger and the right key. Next look at the tall steel cabinet and take the rolled scheme. Go through the door and use the SIM card starter on the telephone until you insert it and it says "Calling...".

Leave this building, then head down and left. Use your lockpick on the red door. Through trial and error, you can work out that the lock should look like this (press each component this number of times from left to right: 1, 3, 2, 1, 2, 2):

Go inside and pick up the suction hose. Leave the building and return to the tractor where you started. Use your key on the tractor to move it next to the pool. Use the suction hose on the tractor to empty the pool, then climb down. Take note of the colors around the deity statue, then examine the stone table on the left and arrange the colors the same way:

Take the hammer from the opened cavity on the right. Use the hammer on the deity statue Adramelek. Go through the new doorway and use the dagger on the giant heart Misericordiam. Back out of the pool and enter the building again. Go through the door and adjust the valves based on the scheme you picked up earlier:

Close the message after it appears.


Head left and take the schematic drawing from inside the bus stop. Go right twice and examine the heart. There are 7 daggers around the heart, and you need to click on each of them a certain number of times based on the schematic drawing you just picked up:


A cavity will open on the right A pierced heart. Take out the videocassette, then go left and enter the hotel. Go through the double doors on the right and insert the videocassette in the player - you will end up with a parchment. Take the key from the round table, then go through the door and grab the eyeball from the table. Return to the hallway and use the key on the door at the far end, then head inside. Look at the strange box, then insert the eyeball. Spin the rings to match the parchment you are holding, then take the bus ticket from inside the box.

Leave the hotel and go left, then use the bus ticket on the bus.