Magnus FailureMagnus Failure

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/9/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Magnus Failure is an isometric logic puzzle adventure. For unknown reasons you find yourself isolated and alone, searching for any form of contact via radio signals. The series continues with Magnus Imago.


Listen to the audio recorder on the small table. Ignore the computer in the next room for now, and exit to the corridor. Enter the bedroom to the right and pick up the bag, then look at the music box on the bedside table.

Return to the corridor and enter the kitchen. Search the cupboards to find some keys and a seed. Go through to a storeroom in the far right and search the drawer to get some insulating tape. Go back to the corridor and head left. Search the locker in a room near the end of the corridor to find a helmet and a fish hook. Now go through the door at the end of the corridor to leave your house.


Follow the path to the southeast and climb down the well. Search the bottle to get a "Theopilos" device with the number 2321. Follow the branch of the past to the southwest to find some beehives. Open one of the hives to take out a beekeeper's frame, then enter the hut and search the cupboard to find a "B-rocessor".

Go back outside, then head east until you find an abandoned truck (just south of the path). Open the hood and take out the wires, then search the main part of the truck to find a data cassette. Follow the path east and you will find a locked building you cannot enter.

Keep following the path around to the north until you reach the next building, which has a small ramp at its entry. Go inside to find a broken generator - fix this with your insulating tape and wires. Search the small cabinet on the wall to get a small screwdriver, and search the larger cabinet to get a bottle of water. Return outside again.

The path to the southeast leads to a large gateway with 2 stone pillars - you can't do anything here yet, so follow the path to the northwest instead. This leads to a bunker with the number 2222 written on the outside, and a keypad as an entry device. Since you don't know the code, return towards the southwest. Go into the garden here and find a tree trunk that contains a drawing. Take this, then go south and head back into your house.


Examine your computer, and use the data cassette and small screwdriver on it. Drag the screwdriver to the right until the screen changes to say "Loading". Wait for a short while and you will see "Bunker code: 0407" displayed on the screen.


Go northeast to the bunker and enter the code 0407 into the keypad, then head inside.


Search the desk drawer to find a papyrus. Look at this to see that 2222 is associated with the code ZΩH. Examine the pot next to the desk, and use your seed and water here to start a plant growing. Now use the elevator to go down a level.

Search the narrow locker to find an awl. Look at the code machine in the middle of the room and enter the code ZΩH. Now you can go down the opened hatch. Take a piece of paper (telegram) from the bench here. Open the box and take out a human heart. Go all the way back up and out of the bunker again.


Follow the path southeast and south until you return to the locked building. Use your awl on the lock - through trial and error you can work out how much to raise each of the tumblers on the lock mechanism:

Now head inside.


Examine the computer, and use the beekeeper's frame and B-rocessor on it. Now use the controls to recreate the layout on the drawing you found in the tree trunk (the best method is to work from the top to the bottom, using the blank column on the left to shift the symbols up and down to the correct rows).

Once correct, the safe will open. Search this and take out the Ancient Greek book. Return outside.


Now head northeast to the large gateway with the two pillars. Place your Ancient Greek book on the left pillar, and your "Theopilos" device on the right pillar. Insert the human heart into the eye in the gateway itself. Go through the gateway.