King's Quest 3King's Quest 3

To Heir is Human

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1986

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Walkthrough Updated:  9/12/2001

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

King's Quest 3: To Heir is Human is the third in a long-running fantasy adventure game series by Sierra On-Line. This follows after the previous game, King's Quest 2: Romancing the Throne. You play as Gwydion, slave to the evil wizard Manannan. You must outsmart the wizard and make your escape, eventually discovering your true identity. There has been a subsequent unofficial re-release of this game, King's Quest 3 Redux: To Heir is Human. The official series continues with King's Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella.

First Requests

You will start in the main hall - Manannan will give you one of four tasks to complete:

  • Feed the chickens
    Go south (outside) and feed the chickens

  • Clean your kitchen
    Go east and north to the kitchen and take the broom

  • Clean his office
    Go north to the office and take the duster.

  • Clean his room
    Go upstairs and north, and take the chamber pot.

Once you have completed whichever task you have been given, head to the kitchen (east and north from the hall). Take the knife and spoon from the far wall, the bowl from the shelves, and the meat, fruit and bread from the table. Return south and get the cup from the table, then go west and up the stairs.

Manannan's First Journey

Exploring the House

Wait here for Manannan to appear and tell you he is going on a journey (he will be away for 25 minutes).

Go north and open the drawer below the mirror to get a mirror. Walk over to the other drawers and open one to find some rose essence. Feel the top of the wardrobe to find a key, then open the wardrobe and look behind the clothes to get a map. Close the wardrobe again, then leave the room and go upstairs. Look through the telescope. Pick up the dead fly, then go back downstairs twice to reach the hall.

Walk around until you find the cat - sneak up behind it and get it (if you fail, just keep trying), then take some fur. Go north from the hall into the office. Open the cabinet with your key to get Manannan's wand. Now walk to the east bookcase and move the books to reveal a lever. Pull the lever and walk down into the lab.

Wizard's Laboratory

Examine the shelves, then take the saffron. Walk to the desk and turn to page IV. Put a pinch of saffron in essence, then recite the following verse:

oh winged spirits set me free
of earthly bindings just like thee
in this essence behold the might
to grant the precious gift of flight

Wave the wand to complete the Fly spell. Go back up the stairs and pull the lever, the move the books back into place. Open the cabinet to put away the magic wand, then go south twice to leave the house. Open the gate and get a chicken, then get a feather. Open the gate to exit, then head south.

Off the Mountain

Go down to the base of the mountain and walk south and east twice (don't worry if robbers steal from you around here).

Stand outside the tavern and open the door, then dip the wings in the essence to turn into a fly. Fly into the tavern and over to the robbers to listen to their conversation. Fly back outside and say "fly begone, myself return" to change back to normal. Walk west and examine the tree. Dip the wings in the essence again, then fly into the hole - you will see a rope. Fly out again and say "fly begone, myself return". Pull the rope in the hole and a ladder will drop down.

Save your game, then climb the ladder and go west into the tree house. If a robber is home and awake you will be killed, so you will need to restore your game.

If not, open the bin and get all, then close the bin again (you will reclaim your previously stolen possessions). Get the purse from the table, then leave the house and climb back down the ladder. Now go west and very quickly turn around to face the right of the screen. When the Medusa is quite close to you, show mirror to Medusa - she will turn to stone. Now walk over to the large rock at the left and get the cactus.

Head south twice and take the snake skin. Examine the map and teleport to the foot of the mountain. Walk up the mountain and enter the house. Go upstairs and head east to your room. Hide all, then get the mutton. Walk back west and down to the hall and wait for Manannan to arrive home. When he arrives, go east to the dining room and give the mutton to Manannan.

A Short Nap


Once Manannan has finished eating, go west, upstairs, and east to your room. Wait here until he appears and says he will have a nap (for 25 minutes). Get all from beneath your bed, then look at your map and teleport to the village.

Outside Exploration

Open the door and go inside. Buy some salt, fish oil, lard and a pouch. Pat the dog to get some fur, then leave the store. Walk south, then west. If the mother bear is in the garden, walk off the screen and back again until she is gone. Open the door and go inside. Sit on the baby chair and it will break, then approach the table and get the porridge. Go upstairs. Open the drawer and take the thimble. Go back downstairs and outside. Look at the flowers, then get some dew.

Walk south and look at the river. Grab some mud, then walk east twice to reach the ocean. Walk into the ocean and get some water. Now head west and north, then get some mistletoe from the tree. Walk south and west twice, then wait for an eagle to fly past and drop a feather. Pick it up.

Head north to the tree house and get some acorns. Keep trying until you eventually find 3 dried acorns. Look at your map and teleport to the cave. Dip the eagle feather in the essence to turn into an eagle and fly into the web - you will carry the spider out to sea. Once you have changed back, walk into the cave. The Oracle will talk to you and give you an amber stone. Walk back outside and look at the map, teleporting to the foot of the mountain. Walk up the mountain and enter the house. Go upstairs and head east to your room. Hide all, then leave your room and wait near the top of the stairs.

Manannan's Final Journey

More Laboratory Time

Manannan will appear and say he is awake. He will then appear 5 minutes later to announce he is going on another journey (for 25 minutes again).

Walk back east to your room and get all. Go west, downstairs and north into the study. Open the cabinet to get the wand, then move the books in the bookcase, pull the lever, and walk down into the laboratory. Examine the shelves, and take the fish bone, mandrake root powder, nightshade juice, toad spittle and toadstool powder. Go to the desk and turn to page XXV. Put the mandrake root powder in the bowl, then add the cat hair and finally two spoons of fish oil. Stir the mixture with a spoon. Put the dough on the table, then make it into a cookie. Now recite the verse:

mandrake root and hair of cat
mix oil of fish and give a pat
a feline from the one who eats
this appetizing magic treat

Wave the magic wand to complete the Cat spell. Next, turn to page II. Put the small feather in the bowl, then add the dog fur and then the snake skin. Next add the powdered fish bone to the bowl, followed by the thimble of dew. Mix with your hands. Separate the mixture into two pieces, and put the pieces in your ears. Recite the following:

feather of fowl and bone of fish
molded together in this dish
give me wisdom to understand
creatures of air, sea and land

Wave the magic wand to complete the Language spell. Turn to page XIV. Grind the acorns in the mortar, then put the acorn powder in the bowl. Put the nightshade juice in the bowl. Stir with a spoon. Now light a charcoal brazier and heat the mixture on the brazier. Spread the mixture on the table, then recite:

acorn powder ground so fine
nightshade juice like bitter wine
silently in darkness you creep
to bring a soporific sleep

Wave your wand, then put the Sleep powder in the pouch. Now turn to page VII. Grind salt in the mortar, then grind the mistletoe in the mortar. Rub the stone in the mixture, then kiss the stone. Recite this verse:

with this kiss i thee impart
power most dear to my heart
take me now from this place hither
to another place far thither

Wave the wand to complete the Teleportation spell. Turn to page LXXXIV. Start by putting ocean water in the bowl. Light the charcoal brazier and heat the water on the brazier. Add mud to the bowl, and then a pinch of toadstool powder. Blow into the brew, then recite this verse:

elements from the earth and sea
combine to set the heavens free
when i stir this magic brew
great god thor, i call on you

Wave the wand, the pour the Storm brew into the jar. Finally, turn to page CLXIX. Cut the cactus with a knife, then squeeze cactus juice on a spoon. Pour the cactus juice into the bowl. Put the lard in the bowl, then add two drops of toad spittle. Stir the mixture with the spoon, then recite:

cactus plant and horny toad
i now start down a dangerous road
combine with fire and mist to make
me disappear without a trace

Wave the wand and put the Invisible ointment into a jar. Go back up the stairs. Pull the lever to close the trapdoor, then move the books. Go over and open the cabinet to return the wand. Head south, then up the stairs and east to your room. Put the cookie in the porridge, then hide all and get the porridge. Go west, then down the stairs.

Dealing with Manannan

Wait here for Manannan to return - he will demand more food. Walk east to the dining room and give the porridge to Manannan. He will turn into a cat.


Go west, upstairs and east to your room. Take all, then look at the map and teleport to the village. Open the door to the tavern and go inside. Look at the sailors, then talk to the captain - give him your gold to buy a ride on the ship. Leave the tavern and head east twice along the pier. Walk aboard the ship and you will be taken captive.

Head east and get the small crate, then return west and drop the crate just to the left of the larger one. Jump on the small crate, then the large one, then jump to the ladder. Climb up. If the captain is in his cabin, climb down and back up until he is gone. Enter the cabin and open the chest. Look in the chest to find your things, then close the chest again. Go east and take the shovel, then go back west and climb down the ladder and the crates. Wait here until the crew is ordered to lower the anchor. Pour the sleeping powder on the floor, and say "slumber henceforth". Now jump up the crates and the ladder and go up twice to reach the deck. Go right and down the short ladder, then east. Jump over the side of the ship and swim east to the beach.

Saving Rosella

Walk east and another pirate will arrive - quickly head north then south and he will be gone. Go to the tree, then count 5 steps to the east. Dig to discover a chest full of treasure.

Walk north and follow the path to reach a large rock. Climb this rock, then keep following the path to reach a stream, then an icy path. Whenever the abominable snowman appears, quickly rub the stone, and you will teleport to a random nearby location. Keep going until you end up east of the abominable snowman's cave. Go south and climb down the cliff to the top left cave.

Enter the top left cave to appear at the top right. Climb down and enter the central cave at the bottom, and you will come out at the bottom left. Climb up to the middle cave and go through to reach the bottom right, then head east. Follow the path to reach some ruins. Walk up the stairs hidden behind the wall, then leave the cave to the west. Rub the ointment on yourself to become invisible, then continue west. Stir the storm brew with your finger, then say "brew of storms, churn it up". Go over to Rosella and talk to her, then untie her. Return east and down the stairs, then go west and north from the ruins and continue north to the castle.