King's Quest 2King's Quest 2

Romancing the Throne

Year:  1985

Genre:  Fantasy

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King's Quest 2: Romancing the Throne is the second in a long-running fantasy adventure game series by Sierra On-Line. You play as King Graham, recently crowned at the conclusion of the previous game, King's Quest: Quest for the Crown. You turn to your magic mirror in an attempt to find a bride, and travel to the land of Kolyma to rescue a girl trapped in a tower. There has been a subsequent unofficial re-release of this game, King's Quest 2 Redux: Romancing the Stones. The official series continues with King's Quest 3: To Heir is Human.

Collecting Items

Walk east twice and open the mailbox. Get the basket, then walk south and west. When the girl appears, give her the basket in exchange for some flowers. Now go west and south twice. Get the shell, then get the bracelet that was beneath it. Head east and get the stake, then return west and go south twice to get a trident. Walk east twice and go between the halves of the fallen tree. Examine the logs, then take the necklace. Continue east and south, then open the door and head inside.

Climb down the ladder and go east. If the dwarf is home, leave and come back. When he is not there, examine the fireplace and take some soup. Open the chest and look into it, getting the earrings and anything he has stolen from you so far. If the dwarf steals from you again, just return here to collect your missing items. Leave the tree house and walk east then north. Look in the hole and take the mallet.

Monks, Mermaids and Magic Doors

Walk south twice and east, then open the door and enter the church. Walk forward to the altar and pray. Answer the monk's question with "Graham" and he will give you a cross. Wear the cross, then leave the church. Go south and look in the hole in the rocks, then get a brooch. Return north, then go around to the top left of the screen and go north again.

Cross the bridge to the east, then head north and examine the door. Read the inscription, then go south and back over the bridge. Go south once, then west all the way to the beach, then south once more. Swim out to the mermaid and give her the flowers, then ride the seahorse that she calls. When you arrive underwater, give the trident to King Neptune - he will give you a bottle. Go over and take the key from the open clam, then go east and you will return to the beach. Examine the bottle and take the cloth from it, then head east and south 4 times to a cave. Enter the cave - if the hag is home, leave and come back. Walk over to the cage and cover it with the cloth, then take the cage and leave.

Walk east 5 times, then north to the magic door. Unlock the door with the key, then read the inscription. Go back south and west over the bridge. Now head north 4 screens and open the door to the shop. Go inside and give the cage to the lady, in exchange for an oil lamp. Go back outside. Rub the lamp 3 times to get a carpet, sword and bridle. Ride the carpet to reach the top of a cliff. Walk east and throw the bridle at the snake, then talk to the horse to get a sugar cube. Continue east into a cave, and take the key, then go outside and ride the carpet again to arrive back at the shop. Return south 4 times, then cross the bridge and go east and north. Unlock the door, then read another inscription. Return south and west over the bridge again.

Grandmas and Vampires

Walk south, then west 3 times and into grandma's house. Talk to her, then give her the soup. Look under the bed, then wear the ring and cloak. Leave the house, and walk east then north 3 times. Eat the sugar cube, then enter the boat. Once you have crossed the water, leave the boat and open the door. Go into the castle, then head west and up the stairs. Open the drawer and take the candle, then go back down the stairs, lighting the candle on the torch on the way down. From the base of the stairs, head east twice and get the ham from the table. Go east again, then down more stairs and west into a coffin room. If the coffin is open, leave and come back. Open the coffin and quickly kill dracula (using the mallet and stake). Get the silver key, then examine the coffin and take the pillow and gold key.

Exit to the east, then climb the stairs and go north and up some more stairs. Unlock and open the chest and get the tiara, before going back downstairs and out of the castle. Enter the boat and cross the moat again, then head south twice, east 3 times and north to the magic door. Unlock the door and you will enter a new world.

Walk north and get the net. Move closer to the water and catch a fish - repeat this until you catch one, then get the fish. Throw the fish back in, then ride it to reach another island. Walk east and get the amulet, then go south. Open the tower door and climb up the stairs. Give the ham to the lion, then open the door and go through. Talk to the lady - say your name is "Graham", then say "home".