Gobliins 2Gobliins 2

Year:  1992

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Gobliins 2 is the second in a series of slapstick adventure games by Coktel Vision. This continues from the previous game, Gobliiins. This time you control 2 goblins, each with different abilities, and must coordinate their actions to solve puzzles. Your quest involves tracking down and rescuing the Prince, who has been kidnapped. The series continues with Goblins 3.

Section 1


The first step is to get the bottle by the old men. Position Fingus by the bottle and have Winkle try to take the sausage hanging by the notable. While the old men are laughing, have Fingus get the bottle. Go to the fountain and have Fingus touch it. Quickly get Winkle to use the bottle on the jet of water. Have Winkle use the bottle on the toad, then get the stone. Go back to the village. Water the flowers with the bottle using Fingus, then get the flowers and give them to the notable. Position Winkle on the platform near the notable and then have Fingus press the switch. Get Winkle, who should now be on the roof, to get the sausage. Go back to the fountain. Use the stone on the mechanism of the house's roof with Fingus. Use Fingus to pull down the rung, and as he's holding it have Winkle climb up. Pull the doorbell with Fingus, then talk to the wizard. Use Winkle to enter the chimney.

Wizard's House

Position Winkle near the tail of the tiger, and Fingus near the head of the tiger. Pull on the tail with Winkle and right after, have Fingus reach into the mouth and get the matches. Have Fingus use the bottle on the kettle, then light the kettle with the matches. After steam appears, have Winkle blow out the flame. Use Fingus to get the spring key on the wall behind the kettle. Use Winkle to wind the clock with the key, then position him in the middle of the floor of the room. Use the clock with Fingus, and after the key pops out, use Winkle to throw the stone at the big key. Exit the house and use the big key to unlock the cellar. Get the bottle of wine.


Use Winkle to grab the chicken, and right after use Fingus to hit it with the sausage, and get the egg. Get Fingus to put the sausage in the pothole and have Winkle walk past the dog while it's stunned. Use Winkle to climb in the hole in the tree. After he exits through the burrow, have both goblins enter the burrow. The giant's hunger needs to be satisfied. Light the woodpile with the matches. Put the egg on the fire, then give the sausage and wine to the giant. Exit to the west.

Section 2

The Trench

Use Fingus to enter the tower, then come back out and pick up the bomb. While he's holding it, use Winkle to light the fuse with the matches. After the guard explodes, use Winkle to enter the tower. Have Fingus pick up the bomb and Winkle light the fuse. For the last time, enter Fingus in the tower, and Winkle pick up the bomb. Use Fingus to light the fuse. Walk on the carpet and talk to Soka.


Pour the contents of the bottle on the nymph. Give the tree the same bottle, then climb on its hand. Position Fingus on the rock under the branch. After Winkle knocks down a flower, use Fingus to catch it. Use the flower on the stone with Fingus, then open the stone and get the honey. Position Fingus on the big rock left of the stone (where the bee came out of) and have Winkle open the stone. Have Fingus jump on the bee's back. Now that Fingus is near the nymph, give her the honey. Get the mushroom that's she points to. Knock on the door near the top-left with Winkle, and show him the mushroom. Enter the house.

Vivalzart's House

Put the mushroom in the machine with Winkle, then have Fingus activate it. Use Winkle to get a worm from the jar. Position Fingus on the platform under the vulture. Use Winkle to activate the shelf button, which will throw Fingus in the air. As Fingus is hanging from the vulture's place, use Winkle to throw the worm to the vulture. Fingus will get the meat. Give it to the piranha, then get the bone that's left over. Position Winkle on the trash can, then use Fingus to give the bone to Vivalzart. Use Winkle to get the kind elixir and the clothes pin. Use the bottle on the container and have both goblins drink from it.

Musicians and Tom's House

Get Winkle to put his hand in the headlight, then get the drumstick. Put the drumstick on the stocking cap. Activate the spring with Fingus while Winkle puts his hand on the headlight again. Get the bicycle pump. Position Winkle on the spring, and use Fingus to activate the spring to open a new door. Enter the new door. Put the clothes pin on the base of the hose, then have Winkle go through the bottom right hole. Have Fingus talk to the guitarist. Capture the note with the net. You'll need three notes to make a melody, one from each musician. Use the pump on the saxophone player with Winkle. Use Fingus to catch the mosquito with the net. Use the pump on the saxophone player with Fingus, and use Winkle to catch the note. Use the mosquito on the headlight with Winkle, and have Fingus catch the last note. The scene changes automatically to Tom's house. Tom's house is the one in the very top-right corner. Use the stone on the basketball, and the little boy will come out and get the basketball. Place Winkle just outside the house, near the little boy. Then place Fingus outside the house just under Tom's house. Move Winkle into the house, and the boy should disappear into the house too. After the boy appears again, outside another house, quickly move Fingus into the house he's next to, and he should get the ball off the little boy on his way out. Next give the ball to the basketball player, place Winkle under the basket, and when the ball is bouncing on the rim of the basket, have Winkle jump up to get the ball. After the ball flies into the major's house, listen to what he says. Go to Tom's house and talk to him. Use the melody in the door at the bottom left corner. Go see Tom again, and he'll give you the hourglass. Go back to the trench, and use the hourglass on the trench to enter the castle.

Section 3

Guard Room

Get the mayonnaise and place it on the floor near Gromelon. The exact position is a little tricky, you have to make sure that the cap of the mayonnaise tube is facing Gromelon. Have Fingus walk up to the top of the shelf and jump off it, onto the mayonnaise. While Gromelon is distracted, use Winkle to pick up the sword, then talk to Rustik. He'll throw an item to Stalopicus - when Stalopicus' mouth is open, use Fingus to get the gum. Use the gum on the cupboard to get the imprint, and get the mayonnaise again. Go to the Foundry.


Give the blacksmith the imprint and the sword. Now all you need to do is activate the bellows and you'll have your key. Get Winkle to use the stool on Otto. After Otto swings his lance one way, use Fingus to hang on it, and he'll be swung to the other side. Use Fingus to jump down on the bellows. The blacksmith will now be able to make the key. Once he's done, get it. Use the mayonnaise on Focus with Winkle. Use Fingus to stand on the stool and get a piece of meat as it's lowered. Take the anvil. Return to the guard room and give the meat to Amidal with Fingus. Get his teeth. Use the key on the cupboard, and get a diving suit with each goblin.

The Well

Use Winkle to enter the tunnel near the green statue's feet. Then use Winkle to lift the hatchet, and as it's lifted use Fingus to press the switch. The door on the side of the statue will open. Next have Fingus enter the tunnel, and as he's about to press the switch, have Winkle walk into the statue's door. This bit is quite tricky and requires exact timing. If Winkle won't walk into the door at first, keep clicking on the door till he does. Now that Schwarzy is stunned, use Fingus to put the stool on the hoist. Walk Winkle up to Schwarzy and use the false teeth on himself to scare him even more. After Schwarzy drops, throw the anvil at him. The well will now be open. Use the diving suits on each goblin and jump into the well.

Section 4


Walk Winkle through the door in the lower deck. Use Fingus to light the lamp while Winkle is on the top of the mast, so that he can catch the fish. Walk up to the top-right corner and use the lamp fish on the ???. Walk off the screen to the east.

Sea Horse

Walk Fingus through the hole on the right. Use Winkle to activate the shell, and have Fingus catch it. Walk Winkle through the hole on the right also. Move Fingus back down to the seahorse, and use the stool on it. After he's transported up, have him activate the cavity, and as the gloved hand appears, use Winkle to drop the shell on it. Have Winkle get the shell and glove, and go back west to the shipwreck.

Shipwreck (again)

Place Fingus on the big shell, and have Winkle light the lamp. After the eel appears, turn the rudder. Use Winkle to put the starfish which was in the glove on the chest. After the starfish opens the chest, use Fingus to touch the statue, and get the sword. Use the sword on the skull near the left-bottom of the ship, and get the diamond. Go east again.


Use the glove on the blob that prevents you walking past him, on the upper-left corner of the screen. Have Fingus grab the bottle and the parchment. Then have Winkle grab the bottle, and get the pearl. Give both precious stones to the mermaid. Use the parchment on the octopus with Fingus. Get the glove and stool again, and exit through the now open gate in the north.

Section 5


Touch the swordfish with Fingus, then have Winkle get the salt. Lift the pot cover with Fingus, then use Winkle to pour some salt on the guy inside. Use Winkle to take the file. Walk Fingus to the rope on the right, and Winkle to the rope on the left. Have Fingus hold onto the rope, then use Winkle to pull on the rope. After Fingus is up on the shelf, use him to cut the chain with the file. Get a thumbtack. Move Fingus next to the cook, and have him salt the meatballs. Then move him to the upper shelf quickly. After the cook is lifted, place the thumbtack on his chair with Fingus. As the meatball is in the air, use Winkle to pour the kind elixir on it. Exit the room.

Throne Room

Place Winkle near the cornice, and use the stool on it. While Winkle is holding out his hands, have Fingus climb up on them. Press the switch with Fingus, then walk Winkle through the hole that just appeared in the eye. Walk Winkle into the ear, and use Fingus to pull on the tongue as Winkle is inside the ear. Winkle should then get the crown. Now repeat but use the different goblins. Walk Fingus into the ear, while Winkle pulls on the tongue. A cockroach should appear. Now quickly (before the cockroach gets eaten) use Winkle on the left orifice, while Fingus puts his gloved hand in the right hole. This should give you the cockroach as Winkle is distracting the guard. Place the cockroach on the right hole and pour the kind elixir on it. The guard will eat it and he'll be calmed too. Make another cockroach as above, and get it. Walk to the left of the room.

Armor Room

Get the feather on the armor, and dip it in the red paint. Put the cockroach in the hole near the bottom of the screen, and paint it red, then put pepper and the kind elixir on it. Click on the stone, then open the helmet. Talk to the real king, and give him the crown. Go back east, and the goblin king should be gone - get the buffoon. Place the buffoon at the shrinking machine, and move each goblin under it.

Shrunk Goblins

Use Fingus to lift the handle while Winkle lifts the point of the letter opener to move it. Do it again to move it twice. Get the bookmark with Fingus. Use it on the candle as a wick. Use the match on the eye with Winkle. Have the buffoon kick the eye. Pick up the shard of glass and use it on the ray of light with Fingus. Get the wax and use it on the seal. Use the imprint on the keyhole and pick up the seed. Use it on the map, on the village. Put everyone on the plant.

Section 6


Walk Winkle into the hole and get the bean. Open the stone, and use Winkle to put the bean on the mole, then get the cap with Fingus. Use the match on the apples with Winkle. Use the cap on the bouncing apple with Fingus, then use the apple on the hole with Winkle. Watch which mushroom the buffoon eats and have both goblins eat the same one.

Getting the Key

Use the bowling pins with Fingus. Put Winkle on the right star and get the bowling ball. Put the ball on the lid with Winkle, and stand on the lid. Use Fingus to activate the bottom flagstone. Repeat this whole sequence by getting another bowling ball. Put the bowling ball on the lid, and place Winkle on the catapult. Use Fingus to activate the bottom flagstone. Use Winkle to activate the feeler, then jump on the bubble. Use Fingus to activate the flagstone, and Winkle to get the safety pin. Get yet another bowling ball, and place it on the lid. Place Winkle on the catapult. Use the flagstone with Fingus. Then place Fingus on the flagstone at the end of the rainbow. Walk Winkle on the top flagstone. Press the switch with Winkle. As the buffoon is in the bubble maker's circle, use the feeler with Fingus. As the buffoon is floating inside the bubble, pop it with the safety pin, using Winkle. The scene will change back to the tree. Move the buffoon on the catapult, then press the button. As the key comes out of the statue's eye, walk the other goblin on the catapult so that the buffoon gets the key. Exit to the rear of the scene.

Saving the Buffoon

Lift the stone with one of the goblins, and have the other above him to get it. Repeat till the stone is on the third level. Place one goblin on the lion, and throw the stone on the lion with the other goblin. After the first goblin is on the giant, have him knock off the red head. Move him back down and move the stone back up to level two. Put Winkle on the lion and have Fingus throw the stone on the lion. Use Winkle to go through the shoulder hole, and near the fallen red head. Put Fingus on the lion and throw the red head on the lion with Winkle. Move Fingus to the rock's !!! part. Repeat five times until the rock is on Winkle's same level, then have him jump on it. Move Fingus near the left edge of the rock, and use Winkle on the small rock near the cage. Walk Fingus on Winkle, and use the file to open the cage. Get the key. Now return to the previous scene and use the key on the door to open the house.

Section 7


Use the water on the buffoon. Get the pencil with Winkle and use it three times on the blackboard. Get the sponge. Move Winkle near the chair on the bottom-left of the screen. Use the pencil on the magician's picture with Winkle. As the boomerang is in the air, make Winkle jump on the chair and catch it. Use the mug on the magician with Winkle. While the toothpick is bouncing, have Fingus throw the boomerang at it. Use the toothpick on the skeleton with Winkle. Use the sponge on the puddle of water. Light the pipe with Winkle while Fingus uses the wet sponge on the smoke. A door will appear - go through it.

Final Scene!

Move Fingus near the bottom right eye and Winkle on the left edge with the !!! place on the top platform. Get the mouse, and use it on the mud near the bottom of the screen. Jump on the crocodile. As the goblin king puts his hand out, throw the boomerang with the other goblin at the teeth. Make the same goblin jump from the left edge of the top platform, the !!! zone. Put the sponge on the rock, and move the buffoon on the eye. Use Winkle to jump from the left edge (the !!! zone). As water is pouring down the rock, use Fingus to draw a door on the rock with the pencil. The door will appear, quickly use Winkle to open it, and exit through it.