Goblins 3Goblins 3

Game Details:  Comedy, 1993

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/21/2007

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Goblins 3 is the third in a series of slapstick adventure games by Coktel Vision. This continues from the previous game, Gobliins 2. This time you control a single goblin, but are joined by various companions during different stages of the game, and must coordinate your actions with theirs to solve puzzles. Your quest involves solving multiple concurrent mysteries involving a labyrinth, falling in love and being bitten by a werewolf. The series continues with Gobliiins 4.

Flying Ship

Undo the screw using your coin, and attach the hook to the loop of rope. Get the pepper and plunger out of the toolbox. Untie the knotted rope and talk to Chump. Use the golf club and then the plunger to free him. Use Chump on the weight, and get the umbrella off the hook. Place Blount on the hand, and use Chump on the flagstone to get the tooth. Put the umbrella in the hole in the barrel and cut the barrel rope with the tooth.

Wynnona and Guards

Use the umbrella on the hot air, and look through the Idol's mouth to see Wynnona. Use the club on Hercules and Gromelon. Pick up the toast. Use coin on Mac and then the club. Use the toast in helmet and then the club on the toast to make crumbs. Use the flagstone to get behind Banzai. Pour crumbs down his back and use the club. Put the shield on the branch. Use the hand on Kendo, then the club. Stand on the rock behind Zembla and use the pepper on him. Use Chump on Django and have Blount pull Django's tongue. Use the billy club to repair the ladder, and place Blount near the big stone. Use Chump on Punky, and have Blount push the stone onto Punky's head when he leans forward.


Pick up the matches and use them on the bottom rough area. Move mouse directly up from the grave and click on the top rough area. Blount will find his own way there and give you light. Break off end of scythe, and use it on all three wisp's dens, and the tube on the clown's flower. Take the spectacles and use the ladle on the blood. Place the spectacles on the skull and open it. When the blue wisp enters, close the skull to trap it. Put blood in the pirate's bottle and use the matches on his wooden leg. Use the tube of water on the fire and put the yellow wisp in the bowl. Put the blue wisp in the bowl, and after talking to the blue ghost, remove it with the ladle. Next, put the yellow wisp in the bowl and press the yellow O in Amoniak's name. Add the blue wisp (to make green light). Take the cork, and place the mirror in the hand. Place the bottle of blood on the pedestal, and trap the red wisp using the cork. Use the ladle to remove the blue and yellow wisps and just add the red one. Use the scythe on the vampire. Add the blue wisp and put the spectacles on the purple ghost. Add the yellow wisp.

Being a Giant/Shrimp

In the Countryside

Pick up the dolmen and the pretty stone. Use the dolmen on the thorns. Stand on the lever and use Chump on the piece of meat. Talk to the King, and the princess (by lifting her roof). Get the memorum from Knight Brayar. Use the millstone (haystack?) in the basin to make a sponge. Use the sponge on the fire. Use the pitchfork on the meat. Go to the Inn.

The Inn

Use the spoon on the stone to make a catapult. Put Chump on spoon. Go through the fissure to get the sugar cube. Use it on the spoon to catapult Chump up to the paprika. Put Blount under the paprika and when Chump starts sneezing, get Blount to hold the meat up (to make spicy meat!).

Back In the Country

Put the memorum in the basin, the coin in the ear, and the pitchfork in the nostril. Use the meat on the pitchfork (and don't forget your coin).

Back In the Inn

Use Chump on customer's hand, and give the customer a sugar cube. Use the plunger on the cage, then the leash on the plunger. Give the coin to Othello, then use the key on the little door. Put the dragon in Othello's house, then trade with Othello (key for coin). Give the note to the Captain, then talk to Korin and give her the pretty stone. Look in her sword handle.

Wynnona in the Knob

Pick up the monk's want and use it to get the flint. Get wicks from the little beast and use the flint on the pan flute. Get some powder from the key, and put a small pipe in the hollow. Use the powder and fuse on the pipe. Pry the helmet off the head using the wand, and after using the flint on the bark, collect some glue in the helmet. Put some glue on the dynamite to make it sticky, then light it by using the flint on the stone head. Pick it up and it will blow up in your hand. Repeat the process and throw the dynamite at the beam, wall, brick, door and rock (base of screen). Use the flint on a small pipe in the hollow to make a flute, and give it to the Inca. Get Ooya to jump onto the condor, and then use him on the skull and bamboo. Use the bamboo and hairs for bigger dynamite, to throw at barred window and grate. Talk to Fourbalus.

In Town

Main Street

After you talk to everyone in town, use your umbrella on the hole in Nanny's roof. Then talk to her again. Use Nanny's hot water bottle on the egg on the roof.

Grocery Store

Use the coin and then the letter on the grocer. Get the boa boa egg and the key. Use the key on the moonstone lamp. Now talk to the shop keeper! Click on the cupboard, then on the cornice. Get the hammer from the opening. Use the hammer on the storage cabinet and the shop keeper. Get the spaghetti and look in the pot. Get the decoy from the hole in the storage cabinet. Jump on the couch and then on the spring that appears. Use the hammer on the Gidouille. Get the horn.

Alchemist's Lab

Ring the doorbell to the lab twice to get into the lab. Use the left hand on the spell book to read. Click on the switch to turn pages. You need to make the growixer first. Use the Gidouille horn on the ashtray. Light with the lighter. Use the burned horn on the mixer. Use the left hand on the faucet to get water in the cup. Put the water in the kettle. Put the spaghetti in the cold water. Use the lighter on the heater. Put the cooked spaghetti in the mixer. Put the boa boa egg on the hot water bottle. When hatched, put the shell in the mortar. Use the pestle on the shell. Put the crushed shell in the mixer. Start the mixer with the left hand on the on/off switch. Use the growixer on the baby boa. Make more growixer and put it in the bottle. This will go with you when you leave the lab.

Main Street

Use growixer on the bud and the plant. Stand below the young lady and have Fulbert climb the floriane stem. Blount picks up the letter. Have Fulbert climb the stem again. Blount must get the floriane flower before it falls through the grate. Use the love letter on the mirror twice. Use growixer on the boucassier. Use the lever to lower the cannonball. Have Blount stand on the cannonball while Fulbert jumps on lever. Have Fulbert climb the plant and go to the edge of the roof by the shoe sole. He'll stretch across gap, and Blount can walk across to get the shoe sole. Jump down the chimney and go to the store.

Grocery Store

Have Fulbert press the button. Have Were-Blount pick up the night stand while Fulbert gets the soap out from under it. Use the hammer on the trap to get the crocomouth bone.

Alchemist's Lab

To make speedixer, boil the shoe sole like you did the spaghetti, and put it in the mixer. Crush the bone in the mortar with the pestle, and put it in the mixer. Put the floriane in the still and use the lighter on the burner. Put the extract in the mixer. Use the left hand on the on/off switch to turn on the mixer. Put the speedixer in a bottle.

Main Street

Have Fulbert bridge the gap from Nanny's roof to the bell. Have Blount use the Speedixer, then use the decoy on the bell, to call a female bird Go back over Fulbert, and tap the boucassier on the shoulder. Run down to the grate and catch the fallen feather (this is why you need the speedixer). Head back to the lab.

Alchemist's Lab

To make flyixer, pour the water into the empty basin. Dip the soap in the water, making the bubble formula. Use the coin on the fan. Quickly pick up the key, dip it in the bubble solution and click on the fan. The bubble will automatically go into the mixer. Use the boucassier feather on the ashtray and burn it. Pour the feather ash into the mixer. Put the memorum in the still and light the heater to get tears of joy. Put the tears in the mixer and mix. Put the flyixer in a bottle. Use it to fly away.

Approaching Foliander


Talk to Ooya. Use the pump to blow up the balloon. Click on Ooya and have him grab the balloon as it pauses near him, then cast a spell on the tuft of hair. Pump up another balloon and let Ooya take another ride. Let him use his wand on the stone there to make a walkway back to the giant. Have Blount use the club on the fishing line, and then the fishing pole on the corner of the cloud. Now have Ooya stand near the giant and blow up another balloon, before jumping onto the rope of the balloon while Blount stabs the cloud with the knife. Again have him use his wand on the stone on the edge of the island to make a bridge. Put one sandbag into the basket and use the knife on ballast. Now its time to visit the next scene.


Stand Ooya on the shovel and have Blount push the catapult control button once. Then have Blount look in telescope. This should catapult Ooya next to the cheese. Have him use his wand on cheese. Blount should then push catapult control button twice and get onto shovel. Ooya then pushes button once, and uses his wand on the Colossus ship trophy. Get Blount to use the fishing pole on the worm, and then push the catapult control button twice and crusher button once. Push the catapult control button twice more, and cast again on the trophy. Use the fishing pole on the Collosus's field-glass, and head back to the clouds.


Go fishing through the hole in the clouds to catch a sword-fish, and then use the field-glass to look at the speck in the ice. Now have Ooya take the balloon ride again from the giant, again using the giant's sneeze for wind, and have him stand on the topmost hole while Blount covers the lowest one. Use the knife on the ballast again, and put Ooya in the basket. Throw two sandbags in to lower Ooya to the icy island, where he should free Bizoo. Look at her with the field-glass again, and then take her with you back to the castle.


Use the sawfish on the column. Use Ooya on caged Blount, and have Blount's shadow talk to the various shadows. Use Bizoo on Colossus.

Colossus Face

Click on the loose tooth to get the toothpick. Click on the eye, then use the toothpick on it. Enter the ear on the left of the screen to get sand out of the eye. Click on the nose hair to get a tear and click on the sand to kick it onto the tear. Get the toothpick. Walk down the scar until junior flea appears, then hit him with the toothpick. Hit the older flea, and then the two sisters. Next hit Mama and Papa. Pull the nose hair again and ride a tear to the collar. Kick the grain of sand off the collar and leave.


Pick up the grain of sand and put it into the machinery of the catapult. Start the machine by casting a spell on the trophy again. Get the gear, then use the knife on the robot and the gear on the hole. Get the pollen from the robot's mouth and use it on Colossus.

Colossus Face

Jump on the nose. When Colossus rubs his nose, get on it again and he will shoot you up to his forehead so you can get the pollen. Use the toothpick on the nostril, and put the pollen in the ear on the right of the screen. Jump on the shirt collar to push the pollen into the ear.

Throne Rooms

Queen Xina

Have Fulbert climb up and get the candle. Talk to Queen Xina so the bodyguard appears, and hit him with the hammer. Talk to Queen again. She will kiss you and you can grab the magic wand while Mrs. Pythie is covering her eyes. Go through the door on the right to appear on the left of the screen. Have Wolfy stand below the boxes while Fulbert climbs the colonnade. While the spectacles are being juggled, move Fulbert down onto the flagstone, so you can safely pick up the spectacles. Use the spectacles to pick up the onion. Put Fulbert on the plate and use Wolfy on the vegetables. Use Wolfy on the stationery chandelier and he will swing up onto the mantel. Open the pot and talk to the cook. Pick up the fennel and jump down. Use the candle on the candleholders. Put the candle on the middle candleholder, then the left and finally the front one, in each case lighting the candle with the magic wand. Click on the mouth of the fountain.

King Bodd

Talk to King Bodd, and give him the hand. Use the onion on the guy to get his axe. Use the wand on the candles in same order, middle, back, and front. Use the coin on mouth of the fountain.

Queen Xina

Get onto the mantel, as before, and use the axe on the pot, then use Wolfy on the fireplace and Fulbert on the candlestick next to the Queen. Get the skull and the axe and head back to the King.

King Bodd

Give the skull to the King, and the wand to the buffoon. Get the dish and give the gun to Tibo. Use Fulbert on the hole full of cockroaches, and have Blount give the dish to the buffoon. If you time it right, Tibo will shoot at the dish and knock the slipper from King Bodd's hand, which Blount should quickly pick up. Now you can go back and give the Queen her slipper, and return to the King's throne room. Use the fennel on Rock Steady. Have Fulbert climb Rock Steady's spear, while Blount stands on the chair. When the swinging chandelier is closest to Blount, click on it to have Blount swing across to the mantel. Talk to Wynnona, the butterfly, and then talk to King Bodd several times, and then leave to the outside.



Look around a bit and go to the big book room.

Big Book Room

Click on the geometry book three times, until the arrows jump off the page. Read the open book, and then click on hole in the tree. Use the arrows on the hole in the tree. You've got one of the chess pieces you need. Click on the right corner of the open book to turn the page. Click on the page to read it, and then click on the tower. Get the ink brush. Use Fulbert on the pile of dust, and put Wolfy below him so that he sneezes and blows the numbers off of the page. Now you need to collect all the numbers that have blown around. Don't forget the 6 looped on the hook near the picture of the shrink. Use the numbers on the ink bottle, except for the zero. Click on the sculpture book to get a compass. Use the compass on the blank sheet of paper at the front of the screen, and Wolfy will draw the 8 you need. To get the nine from the spider, click Wolfy on the spider, and click Fulbert on the moon in the moonlight scenery. When all the numbers are in the ink bottle, use the brush in the bottle. Use the inked brush on the page to make path for knight to get closer. Then use the horse on the knight. Now you have the next chess piece you need. The last two you will make out of wood and marble. Use the axe on the ruler, and use the coin on the wagon in the picture, and then use the ink on the wagon. Now you can get a marble block from the picture. Click on the drawing book to learn how to draw and get a piece of chalk. For fun, use the ink on sheet of paper and Wolfy on the moon. Turn the page of the open book again. Read the story. Click on the house, and then use the ink on the house twice to get a small mandolin. Turn the page in book and read the story to learn something about Blount. Time to go back to the chess room.


Use both hands on the balls to juggle. Use the coin in the piggy bank to chase out the mouse. Use the right hand on the mandolin and the left hand on the strings to freeze the mouse so that you can pick him up. Use chalk on the wood. Pick up the hammer with the right hand and the wood chisel with left hand. Use the hammer on the chisel. You have to time it right to get the hands to work together. Pick up the rough piece with the right hand and use it on the paint. Use the ink brush on the painted lover piece. Pick up the lover and you will put him on the chess board. Use the compass on the piece of marble. Pick up the hammer with the right hand and the chisel with left hand and use the hammer and chisel on the marble to make a rough wolf piece. Pick up piece with the right hand and use it on the paint, then use the ink on the painted piece. Now put your piece on the chess board. Read the instructions to enter the chess game.

Chess Game

Use the rat on the blue square diagonally in front of the chaperone to scare him away. Use the bowman on the diagonal green squares in front of the lover to get rid of the lancers. You must move the knight to do this. Use Wolfy on the lever, and use the lover on the square with the mandolin. Give him the tiny mandolin. To get the key, use the bowman to shoot it down, from one of the green squares with a snake on it. Have the lover use the key on the door to enter the tower. To conquer the King, you must corner him with the bowman, knight and killer. Use knight on both brown squares next to the king. Put the bowman on the front square diagonal from the empty square next to king. Use Wolfy on the square with the axe to win the game.


Get the egg and use it on the time mirror. Use the chick on the fat mirror. Pass the fat chick to the reflection through the passage, and use it on the big hole. Next use it on the thinning mirror twice, and pass it back to Blount. Use it on the small hole to set the alarm off. Use it on the fat mirror once and then on the time mirror again to get a chicken. Use the chicken on the fat mirror, look at the old demon and go to the brain maze.

Brain Maze

Use Wolfy on the Window of Memories at the top of the screen. Use Blount on the button until Colossus appears, and use Wolfy on the picture of Colossus to get the sand. Use the growixer on the plant bud and Fulbert on the plant. Use Wolfy on the lever twice and then on the rail cart to get to the lake's edge. Use Wolfy on the lake of visions to make the eyeballs appear. Then use the red stone to get up to the lever. Use Blount on the rail cart to get to the lake, and use the grain of sand on the lake. Use Blount on the red stone and then the rail cart to burst the balloon. Have Wolfy use the lever once and then quickly jump into rail cart. If you time it right he'll take a ride on the fish. Use Wolfy on the wedged decoy. Repeat the action with Blount riding the fish so that he can pick up the decoy. Use the decoy on the window. Use growixer on the dragon. Click on the dragon to ride up to the grain and use the fat chicken on the grain. Pick up the folly grain. Use the decoy on the fence. Go in the door nearest to the lever and use the decoy on the puddle. Get the key and use it on the small box; click on the open box to get the ointment, and go back to the mirror room.


Use the folly grain on the old demon, and have the reflection get the ugliness extract. Stand Blount in front of the beauty mirror and the reflection in front of the ugly mirror. Have Blount use the ointment on the beauty mirror. When he is handsome, have the reflection use the ugliness extract on the ugly mirror. When you time it right, both Blount and the reflection will walk through the mirror.

The Gods

Use the axe on the fence and the hammer on the brick wall. Talk to the positive pole to get the string of time. Click on the bell to the left of the screen and the then bell on the right of the screen and jump on the chain when hands are holding it up. Get the sacred score and use it on the spring. Push both bells again, in the same order and click on the basin. Now you should have two scores. Use the red score on the demon's music stand and the yellow on the angel's music stand. To get the demon to play, use the hammer on the cloud. To get the angel to play, use the coin on the halo. You need to get both red and yellow notes together in the middle of the screen. Use the string of time on the red and yellow notes. Then push the bells again so that the hands will tie the string around the notes.