Escape First 2Escape First 2

Game Details:  Mystery, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  4/1/2020

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Escape First 2 is a first person escape room puzzle game, which can be played on desktop or with VR, and as a solo, cooperative or competitive experience. It contains 3 separate room escape challenges. This game continues after Escape First, and the series continues with Escape First 3. There are 9 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Psycho Circus 2

Look at the posters in the hallway - the first one on the left has a circled date of 11 March 1939. In the back corner of the room is a small box locked with a keypad. Enter the numbers from the circled date as the code 111939 to unlock the box. Open it to find a ticket for Harold (S5, R4), and a code of symbols and letters. The symbols here match the symbols on the hats on the shelves. On the boxes on the right you will find a ticket for Hank (S5, R3). Scratched on the wall near the far end you will see a grid of marks linked by a line. If you assume the marks represent hats, you can trace out the word CLOWN. Go to the door with the keypad at the far end and enter the code CLOWN, then open the door and go through. On the counter you will find a ticket for Edith (S2, R4) plus a ticketing book and a tip jar.

Go through the curtains and find a note on the corner of the raised seating area Mystery man. Read the note, then search around for more tickets. You should find tickets for all the guests mentioned in the ticketing book. Grab the wrench from the stage, then go back to the counter and use this to break open the tip jar. Inside you will find the ticket for a mystery guest Maxwell (S2, R2). This gives you the starting seat for the instructions in the letter. Working through this you should consider the following path through the seats (if standing near the stage and looking back):


Look at the seats you need to notice the arrows indicated on all 9 seats. Go through to the area behind the stage and enter the following code on the door controls: up, left, right, down, up, right, left, up, down. Press the middle button and the door will unlock. Push it open and head through.

Read the note on the dressing table. This says "TEDD will act as a tutor, a clerk, a model and a judge. Who has to act as a witch, a ghost, a siren and a guard?". The name you are looking for is based on the middle letter of each role, so enter TORA as the code on the box on the dressing table The Name Game.

Take the note from inside the box and read it. Take out the Tarot cards and place the relevant ones in the order they are mentioned in the note: The Sun, The Hermit, The Moon, Death and The Hanged Man. Each card has a roman numeral on it and these in order are: XIX (19), IX (9), XVIII (18), XIII (3) and XII (12). You will also see that there is a crossed out number 1 in the bottom of the box. You should therefore remove the ones from these numbers and be left with 9, 9, 8, 3, 2. Go over to the large box on the ground and enter code 99832 into the keypad Fortune teller.

Inside this box you will find a radio and a note which says "Masks 0 Hats Costumes". If you search carefully for objects in the room you will find 4 masks, 3 hats and 3 costumes. Tune the radio to 403.3, then open the radio and take a key from inside. Return out to the stage area and use this key to unlock the bottom of the doll cabinet. Open the door to find another note to read. Flip the switch and the dolls heads will move for a while and then stop. Go and stand in front of the cabinet so you can see the arrows between the dolls' heads. You will be able to derive a code from the way the dolls are looking and the arrows. Go through to the back room and enter this code on the next set of door controls: left, up, left, down, right, up, right, down, right. Press the middle button and the door will unlock.

Look at the large brown knife board and see that it has 3 triangles. The numbers at their points add up to 25, so the missing number is 12. Similarly the triangles on the small blue knife board add up to 20, so the missing number is 14. Create a four-digit code of 1214 from this to enter into the small cabinet beneath the projector. Open the cabinet door to find red, yellow and blue cartridges. You can place either one or two of these into the projector, and numbers will be displayed on the opposite wall. Based on the paint colors on the door here, you need to find these numbers:

  • Orange: 4
  • Blue: 6
  • Purple: 9
  • Green: 7

Go to the keypad on the final door and enter code 4697 The madness is over.

Escape Room Factory

Start by examining the electrical box to the left of the mirrors. Press the red buttons indicated below to turn on all of the lights:

Look around the room and count up the blue (4), red (2), green (1) and yellow (2) bird symbols. Find the keypad on the small cabinet that has 4 colored indicators above it, and enter the code 4212 to unlock it. Open the cabinet, and see a note that says "confidence is key". Try pressing the red button, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Turn the red valve on the radiator near here to reveal some numbers on the mirror above. Go over to the keypad in the opposite corner of the room and enter this code 4531. Now go and press the red button, then quickly head over and open the fuse box behind the keypad.

Touch the keys next to the medicine cabinet on the wall and they will fall down into the pipes. Now press the gray button in the fuse box and the wall to the right will rotate I see the code. On the controls that appear here, hit the right arrow then the Spawn button to generate a screwdriver, wrench and crowbar. Pick these up and drop them on the floor.

Use the crowbar on the small chain holding the medicine cabinet closed. Open the medicine cabinet and take the water bottle, using it on the pipe where the keys fell. Next grab the wrench. Use it on the pipe in the corner of the room to fill the bucket on the floor with water. Pick up the bucket and use it on the pipe with the keys to fill it with more water.

Press the gray button in the fuse box twice more to show a wall with a control panel and a locked cabinet. Grab your screwdriver and use this on the right side of the control panel to unlock it. Note the equation "x = x + x/3 + 1", then pull open the control panel door. Although this makes no real sense, start with 0 and work upwards to get these numbers (rounded to the nearest integer) from the provided equation:

  • 0 + 0/3 +1 = 1
  • 1 + 1/3 +1 = 2
  • 2 + 2/3 + 1 = 4
  • 3 + 3/3 + 1 = 6

Flip the switches for 1, 2, 4 and 6. Now you can open the cabinet on the right to find another water bottle. Use this on the pipe where the keys fell. Press the gray button in the fuse box once more to show some small pipes along the wall. Grab the pipe from the floor and place it on the far left slot. Grab the straight pipe from inside the left toilet stall and place it in the missing segment of the top pipe. Grab the pipe from inside the medicine cabinet and place it at the right end of the top pipe. There should now be a continuous path to the air compressor on the ground to the right. Go over and turn it on.

Grab the keys from the ground near the pipe where they fell earlier. Use the keys on the fuse box. Press the gray button twice, then open the door Keep them coming, factory!.

The Torture Chamber

Look on the wall to the left to see a message "A = III". Grab the torch from the wall and use it on the rope hanging in the middle of your cell. Pick up the hammer and use it to break the loose bricks in the back of the cell Prisoner. Follow the passage around until you enter the back of another cell.

Put the plate near the base of the wooden door, and put the bread roll on it. Ring the bell, then pick up the piece of paper that is slid beneath the door. Examine this, looking at the side with 6 symbols, and having the roll of paper on the left. Find these 6 symbols on some rotating stones on the wall over the bench. Click on the symbols so they are aligned as they are on the paper. Once they are correct, you need to click on them in the order on the paper - if they are numbered 1-6 from left to right, click them in this order: 2, 6, 4, 5, 1, 3.

You can now open the chest on the bench. There are 5 rectangular rune stones in here that need to be inserted into the slots in the pentagon stone mural on the opposite wall. These slots each show a run and then either plus or minus a number. Using the other side of the piece of paper, look for the appropriate rune, then move left or right along the list of runes to find which stone needs to go in each slot. Once all are in place, take the key. Use the key in the cell door, then open it and head through.

Turn left and go to the far end of the hall. Pick up the black shield with the golden phoenix, then return along the hall to the very end. Slide the bolt in the door, then push open the door and go through. Drop your shield on the floor near the large shield on the wall. Find 2 more shields in this room (green and gold, red with a white deer) and drop them here as well. Return to the hallway and open the door on the right by sliding the bolt and pushing it open. Find 2 more shields in here (green and white, yellow and black checkers) and bring them back to the other room. Now find a piece of paper with 6 rules to follow when placing the shields. Based on these, put the 5 shields on the hooks as follows:

  • Top left: Black with golden phoenix
  • Bottom left: Green and white
  • Top right: Yellow and black checkers
  • Bottom right: Red with white deer
  • Bottom middle: Green and gold

Take the key from the table, and use it to unlock the chest on the raised area, then open it. Take the shiny piece of glass from inside. Carry this back into the cell, then through to the curved passage and into a side room on the left. Use this and the 4 broken pieces of glass on the floor to partially fix the mirror. Find one last piece in the chest you found in the second cell, and you will end up leaving an arrow-shaped gap. Now slide the mirror upwards.

Pick up the weight and carry it to the end of the corridor where you found the phoenix shield. Drop it here next to a similar weight for now. Return to the fixed mirror and take the rag that was next to the weight. Go back to the side room and head over to the large cube. This has 3 sides each with a grid of 9 buttons, and each marked with the symbol of a dragon. There are also 3 pictures on the wall here with colored dragons and patterns of depressed buttons. Use your rag to clean the red dragon picture so you can see the buttons clearly. Now you need to press the right buttons on the cube. The orientation is based on the dragon symbol being at the bottom). The side closest to the wall is for the blue dragon (water drop symbol):

The side on the top is for the green dragon (leaf symbol):

The side on the side furthest from the wall is for the red dragon (flame symbol):

Once the cube is open, take the handle from inside. Attach this to the well and then turn it to raise the bucket. Take all 4 of the sword pieces from the bucket and drop them near the square platform along the wall. Now you need to assemble a sword in the middle of this square platform. When you choose the right components, you won't be able to remove them again:

  • Blade: Golden in color, on the workbench
  • Guard: Hooked, from the bucket of the well
  • Hilt: Narrow tip, from the bucket of the well The Chosen One

Now you need to count the colored stones for the game in the shield room:

  • 9 Red: 6 on the playing board, 1 next to the playing board, 2 in the chest in the shield room
  • 6 Blue: 4 on the playing board, 1 in the chest in the shield room, 1 on the workbench in the sword room
  • 7 Green: 6 on the playing board, 1 in the chest in the shield room
  • 4 Purple: 3 on the playing board, 1 in the chest in the second cell

Read the piece of paper next to the game, which mentions a plan of attack and gives you the order of colors (red, blue, green, purple). Enter the code 9674 into the chest here then open it. Read riddle 1 inside, the answer to which is the King of Hearts. Find this card in the open chest, and see that it has a 9 on the back. Looking up at the wall in this room, find "Q=II" written on the wall. Searching through the cards, there is only the Queen of Hearts, which has a 7 on the back. Back in the first cell, find "A=III" written on the wall. Searching through the cards, there is only the Ace of Diamonds, which has a 6 on the back. On the floor in the sword room you will find the symbol for the Six of Spades on the floor, which has a 5 on the back.

Head back along the corridor to where you dropped the weights earlier. Slide the latch and open the door here, then carry both weights through and down the stairs, dropping them near the hooks. There are 2 more weights in this room already. Examine the cabinet on the wall and enter the code 9765, then open the doors. Solve the puzzle by clicking on the symbols so that none are repeated in any column, row or diagonal:

Take the final 2 weights out of the chest below. Now put all 6 weights on the 6 hooks so they end up at the same height We all float down here.