Escape First 3Escape First 3

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  8/2/2020

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Escape First 3 is a first person escape room puzzle game, which can be played on desktop or with VR, and as a solo, cooperative or competitive experience. It contains 3 separate room escape challenges. This game continues after Escape First 2, and the series continues with Escape First Alchemist. There are 11 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

The Abandoned School


Right in front of you are a series of tables - the ones that aren't cluttered with books can be turned, and if turned a specific way there will be words highlighted. From the starting position, turn the far right table once, then the middle table once, and finally the near left table 3 times The tables have turned.

Next you need to search around for the 3 books to place on the 3 tables with highlighted words. Find the Friendship book on a desk in the far left corner, next to a white phone, and place it on the Friendship table. Find the Night of the Murder book on the bottom shelf of the bookcase closest to the entrance door, and place it on the Murder table. Find the Betrayal book on a window ledge half way along the opposite wall, and place it on the Betrayal table.

Look at the photo that has appeared next to the door, and in particular notice that on the back is written "Never forget 10/31/73". Push the door open and head through. Turn right and proceed along the corridor until the stairs to the right are magically blocked. Go back along the corridor and into the open Biology Room.

Biology Room

Look at the large blackboard, and find a chair nearby with the number 7 written on it. The seventh word on the blackboard is "death".

Search the low cupboard in the corner of the room to find some rubbing alcohol, and pour this on the ink spilled on the desk near the small blackboard. Now search the filing cabinet and take the sponge from the bottom drawer, then use this on the ink to remove it. Find the chair nearby with the numbers 5 and 7 written on it. The fifth and seventh words on the desk are "waits" and "smiles".

Approach the small blackboard and fill in the missing words as DEATH, WAITS and SMILES.

Read the letter that has appeared next to the door, then go back out to the corridor. Open the door to the Main Office and go inside.

Main Office

Read the letter on the desk, which has a date of "10/-24/1973". Push the bookcase to the side, to reveal a series of 7 frames on the floor, next to writing on the door that says "Never forget". Search beneath the middle sofa cushion to find some keys, then use these to unlock the briefcase on the armchair. Open the briefcase to find a series of numbered cards. Place these in the frames near the door to spell out the subtracted date: "10/7/1973".

Push open the door and go through. Examine the dart board on the wall - you can spin the inner, middle and outer segments and need to align it to complete the red star pattern, making sure the numbers are facing the right way.

Return out to the corridor and you can now head upstairs. Open the door to the Chemistry Room and head inside.

Chemistry Room

Look at the blackboard with the 9 yellow post-it notes. You need to click on them so they all contains stars. The fastest way is to click on them in this order:


Open the drawer beneath the oblong wooden table and take the blank piece of paper from inside. Put this down on the desk and use the pencil here to shade it and reveal a series of names: Betty, Paul, Jack, Alex, Linda, Amy. These names match those written backwards on the blackboard and tell you in which order to place the yellow post-it notes into the 6 frames at the bottom right:


Take the key from the drawer that opens here and use it on the oblong wooden table, then lift the lid to reveal a xylophone. Pick up the mallet from the drawer beneath it and play the red notes from the post-it notes: G, B, C#, D, G, F#.

Leave this room now and go back towards the staircase, opening the door to the Geography Room and going inside.

Geography Room

Look at the numbers scratched into the top of the desk: 18, 17, 8, 15, 6. Go to the blackboard resting on the floor and click on the words in each of these positions: DON'T, WASTE, YOUR, TIME and HERE. Leave this room and go right down the corridor, and into the Biology Room.

Biology Room

Read the note on the desk, then open the desk drawer to find three graded papers. Based on the details on the note, put the A+ paper on the student desk nearest the front of the class. Put the B- paper on the student desk in the back corner, and put the F paper on the remaining student desk.

There is an achievement for completing the puzzles in the Geography and Biology rooms Procrastinating. Leave here and go across into the Locker Room.

Locker Room

Search the lockers to find 6 notes and drop them all near the entrance to the room. Once you have found all 6, a glowing symbol will appear on the floor, along with one final note. You need to place the 6 notes you found on the 6 numbered places in the symbol. Read the notes carefully and place them in a logical chronological order:

  1. Jack
  2. Linda
  3. Amy
  4. Betty
  5. Paul
  6. Alex

This will complete the room Graduated with horrors.

Keep of Lost Souls


Pick up the hatchet from the table, then turn around and use it on the lock on the cabinet behind you The Barbarian. Take an iron rod from inside the cabinet and use it on the lock of the chest just to the right to break it. Open the chest and take the steel from inside, then go and use this on the flint in the furnace to start a fire. Pick up the iron rod again and put it into the fire. Pull the handle hanging here 3 times and the iron bar will become red hot. Pick it up again and place it on the nearby anvil. Grab the hammer from the chest and use it on the red hot bar on the anvil. Next get the chisel from the chest and use it on the iron bar, then use the hammer on it. Pick up your finished large iron key and use this on the door next to the barrels.

Before going through to the next room, notice the red glowing rune on the inside of the furnace. Also notice that there is a brick that you can interact with just above and left of the furnace. Pick up the hammer and hit this brick to reveal a small key Poorly kept secret. You can leave the key here for now, and head through to the next room.


Pick up a rat and place it on the small stone altar. While you are here, pick up and drop the 3 other rats Rat Chaser. Take the scroll from the altar and place it on the next door - 4 runes will appear etched on the door. Pick up the sword from the barrel just to the right, and use it to cut the head off the rat on the altar. Pick up the rat's head and notice the rune on the altar here, then go and use the rat's head on the bottom rune etched on the door, so that it turns purple.

Open the chest on the ground to the left of the door. One of the papers in here shows a picture of a tree with another rune. Search the tables in the opposite corner of the room and pick up a small branch, then go and use this on the top rune etched on the door, so that it turns green.

Find a cup on a side table and drop it into the large cauldron of water, then pick it up again. Notice that the cup has a rune painted on the side. Go and use the cup on the right rune etched on the door, so that it turns blue.

The final rune could be seen in the furnace back in the blacksmith's room. Grab a flaming torch from the wall and use this on the left rune etched on the door, so that it turns red. The door will now break open and you can continue through.


If you look at the large desk in the middle of the room you will see a part of a large picture is present - you need to collect the remaining pieces and assemble them here:

  • Inside the first cabinet in the blacksmith's room where you found the iron bar
  • Inside the chest in the torturer's room where you found the tree picture
  • On the floor next to the table in the torturer's room where you found the cup
  • In a low shelf in a bookcase along the side of the alchemist's room

Look at the completed diagram to work out the next steps. Find the white fire pit area and complete the ring of bricks with the 2 loose bricks here and the one you knocked out of the furnace back in the blacksmith's room. Pick up the pieces of wood from the barrel next to the fire pit and put them in the middle. Take a torch from the wall and use it to start a fire. Go and pick up the cauldron from the torturer's room and put it on the fire.

Next go back to your completed diagram and turn it over to read the back. You need to find 5 objects to place into the cauldron:

  • Mineral which can a demon dispatch: A nail from the demon's corpse hanging in the torturer's room
  • The mineral Deus Irae: The green stone from the table in the blacksmith's room
  • The Might of the Earth: The small branch you used on the rune in the torturer's room
  • The Bane of Iron: The very rusty sword in the stand near the fire pit
  • Human flesh: A severed arm on a low bench in the alchemist's room

Grab the small key you found behind the brick in the blacksmith's room, and use this to open the cage where the energy beam is coming from. Take the artifact from inside and place it in the cauldron. Now you can go through the next door.


You need to activate the runes around the courtyard in a specific order so they are all linked. Go up the stairs and use a torch from the wall on the upstairs fire rune. Go and collect the cup of water from the torturer's room and use it on the upstairs water rune. Grab a new small branch from the edge of the fountain in the courtyard, and use it on the upstairs life rune that is half way along the bridge. Now use the cup of water on the downstairs water rune near the barrels, and use the torch on the downstairs fire rune in the opposite corner. Finally, use the small branch on the other upstairs life rune. This will disable the large protection field.

Return to the blacksmith's room and take the other iron rod from the first cabinet. Place this into the furnace and heat it up by pulling the handle 3 times. Pick up the red hot iron and place it on the anvil, then hit it with the hammer. Attach the sword hilt from the nearby table. Pick up the completed sword and take it to the courtyard. Go upstairs and use the sword to cut both ropes, then turn the wheel until the portcullis is fully opened Forever Cursed.

The Secret Inheritance


Look in the glass cabinet to see a piece of paper with a series of 6 strange symbols. Go downstairs and find a codex attached to the top of a small cabinet with the same symbols, and turn the dials to match the sequence from the cabinet. Now you can open the lid of the box here. Take the green triangle and place it on the box upstairs that already has purple and red shapes on it. You will need to find more to complete this puzzle box. Also in the box you just opened is a series of symbols and matching letters, indicating the code on the codex spelled the word SECRET.

Go upstairs and find another codex on a low cabinet, and set it to the word SECRET. Open the door and find 2 more shapes to add to the puzzle box, as well as an ornate gold key. Use this key on the small cupboard directly opposite, then pull open the door. Take yet another colored shape from inside and add it to the puzzle box. Also collect a small silver key, and place it in a small locked box on the nearby sofa, but you will need a second one to get this open. The final green puzzle piece is on a nearby small table. Complete the puzzle, then pull open the drawer.

Take the light globe from inside and place it in one of the empty sockets on the grid of light bulbs to the right. Go around and find the other 3 light bulbs and insert all of these, then open the top drawer. Inside is a piece of paper with a diamond shape on it. Click on 4 of the light bulbs to turn them yellow in this shape:

Now you can open the bottom drawer and take a torn note. Combine this with the other half directly opposite. Above this completed note there is a grid of round sockets. Take the pegs from the drawer beneath the colored puzzle box and insert them into the sockets indicated by the note:

Take the small silver key. Insert this into the top of the small locked box on the sofa, then open it. Inside you will find a message containing a color sequence: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange. You need to look around the room and count the number of times you see colored symbols matching these colors:

  • Red: 9 (on the sockets for the light bulbs)
  • Blue: 6 (on the bottles of medicine scattered upstairs and downstairs)
  • Green: 2 (on the pot plants at the base of the stairs)
  • Yellow: 3 (on the backs of the chairs downstairs)
  • Purple: 2 (on the tables both upstairs and downstairs)
  • Orange: 3 (on the pictures on the walls upstairs)

Go up to the locked door upstairs and enter this sequence of numbers: IX, VI, II, III, II, III. Now you can head through two doors into the next area.


Click on each of the 5 armchairs until they are all facing away from the small coffee table in the middle Worst Party Ever. Go over to the right desk and take the first piece of paper from the left holder - this shows how you should arrange the 5 armchairs. One they are correct, the painting on the wall behind the right desk will swing open, revealing a safe. Grab the crank from on top of the fireplace and insert it into the safe. Turn the crank to reveal a diamond-shaped depression in the front of the safe.

Now head to the left desk and take the purple gem from the plate. Pull open the safe door. Inside, take 2 framed sketches and place them up on the wall with the 2 that are already there. Find another sketch on the floor in front of the fireplace, and the last one sitting on the sofa. Arrange all of them to create a complete circular pattern. There are 6 symbols that you can see here, which should be read in clockwise order starting from the top. Input these 6 symbols on the codex just to the left, then open the box and take a lid from inside. Go and put this on the pot on the small coffee table, then take it off again to reveal a small silver key. Use this to unlock the scissors also on the coffee table, then use the scissors to cut the string binding the books just here. Remove the top book and you will find a piece of paper with a star diagram and 5 colored dots.

Search the room now to find 5 colored books:

  • Red: On top of the fireplace
  • Yellow: On the left desk
  • Blue: In the bookcase opposite the fireplace
  • Green: In the fireplace
  • Purple: Inside the safe

Go to the bookcase to the right of the fireplace and insert the books according to the positions of the colored dots on the star diagram:


Click on the D book and the bookcase will come out, revealing one last door. Enter the word ENDING on the codex here, then pull open the door I AM RICH!. Quickly grab the gun Hunterborn.