Dare to Dream 2Dare to Dream 2

In Search of the Beast

Game Details:  Mystery, 1993

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/25/2004

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Dare to Dream 2 is the second of a series of 3 very early games from Epic MegaGames, continuing on from Dare to Dream. You play as Tyler E Norris, a 10-year-old boy who must go back into the world of his dreams. The series continues with Dare to Dream 3.


Enter the fort and talk to Terry. Go down to the lab and get the key, then go back up. Use the key on the door, then go through the gateway.

Go east twice and talk to BoneHead and CementHead. Search the pile of blue stones and pick up the pills you find. Go west twice and use the pills at the base of the tree. Climb up the nails in the tree and get some tree snot from the left nostril. Go back down and use the pills to shrink again. Talk to Dynx, then give him the snot and take the bucket. Head north, southwest and east twice. Put the bucket on Bonehead. Return west twice and get the stick, then shrink, climb the tree and put the stick in the tree's mouth. Enter the mouth and look in the can, then take the small brick. Use the pills in the can to shrink again, then search the can and take the sticky stick. Leave the can and get some spider web on the stick. Leave the tree and return to your normal size.

Use the pills on the anthill. Use the brick to destroy the trapdoor, then go down. Get the nail that is holding up the mirror. Head north and try to talk to Rachel, then go south and west. Talk to Clifford, then go east, up and south. Enter the barn and take the keg from the dog. Go back outside and to the base of the tree, then west under the house. Talk to Omar and fill the keg from his bottle, then return northeast and southeast.

Enter the barn and use the pills on the mousehole. Light the stick with a match, then head southwest, south and east. Enter the dark forest using your torch. Read the sign, then touch the flowers in this order: Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Violet, Red. Continue northeast and north 3 times. Use the pills on the mushroom patch, then press the button on the mushroom. Go up, then enter the cave. Take the crowbar.

Go south 5 times, then east and northwest. Use the crowbar on the rock. Go down and west twice, then take the fruit from the tree. Enter the barn and enter the mousehole again. Go east and talk to Boris, then give him the fruit. Go west, southwest and south, then to the base of the tree. Climb up and put the nail in the hole, then keep climbing. Talk to Robyn, then go east and pull up the key and take it. Return west and down out of the tree.

Return to the anthill and go down. Head north and talk to Rachel, then return south. Use the key on the safe and take the ring. Go up, south, northwest and into the castle. Talk to Lissa, then give her the ring. Return south and southwest. Go to the anthill and down, then north and talk to Rachel again. Go south and east, then search behind the fruit and take the bomb. Head south, up and south. Enter the barn, then the mousehole and go east. Double click on Boris, then take the bean from his hand.

Demon's Gate

Walk west, southwest, south and east twice. Use the bomb to blow up the log. Wait for CementHead to open his mouth, then quickly use the beer (and automatically the bean) to put him to sleep. Now go north and use the unicorn key in the left nostril, then walk through the gate.