Art HeistArt Heist

Escape Room Adventure

Game Details:  Mystery, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  11/5/2023

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Art Heist is a first-person mystery adventure game. The previous game by the same developer is SUBNET. You are invited to the unveiling of a priceless artwork on a secluded island, when you are notified that the artwork has been stolen - you are tasked with tracking down the thieves before they can escape the island. There are 5 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Approach the building and go up the stairs towards the front door. Read the note on the chair. Use the keypad and enter the code 11525, then go through the doors.

Inside, approach the guard at the base of the stairs, but he won't let you past without an invitation. Examine the briefcase on the small table, counting the number of triangles in each symbol (3, 1, 2). Enter the combination 312 to open the briefcase, then take the invitation from inside.

Level 4

Room 401

Answer the phone The Game is Afoot. Look at the cards on the table, then look at the symbols on the briefcase next to them. Solve the mathematical puzzle (34 × 2 = 68), then enter the combination 068 to open the briefcase. Take out the batteries and metal object. Put the batteries into the TV remote on the bedside table, and notice the image on the TV. Count the number of lines making up the symbols:


Go to the other bedside table and you will automatically use the metal object. Press the quadrants of this puzzle in the order from the TV. Once the cupboard below opens, take out the book. Go and place this with the other books, then rearrange them according to the numbers and suits of the playing cards on the table. From left to right, they should be:

  • Club
  • Heart
  • Diamond
  • Spade

Now you can take the Room 401 key from the drawer that opens. Use this on the panel near your bedroom door, then leave the room.


Move the 4 paintings on the walls and note the symbols behind them. Examine the small puzzle box on the table near the door to room 401, and press the buttons according to the symbols behind the paintings:

Take out the keypad button from the box. Go to the side table along the hallway and place this with the other buttons. Now look back at the 4 paintings to see they each show half a symbol. You need to press the keypad buttons with the matching complete symbols in order:

  1. Diamond
  2. Square
  3. Triangle
  4. Circle

Take out the tall vase from the cupboard. You can place this with the others here, and need to arrange these in a certain order. Go to the opposite cupboard and examine the matching vases, looking at the symbols on their bases. Count the number of horizontal lines in the symbols to determine their order. Now arrange the vases as follows from left to right:

  • Brown vase with lines
  • Tall vase from the cupboard
  • Round vase with flowers
  • Bright red vase

Take the Room 402 key from the drawer. Use this on the nearby panel, then enter the room.

Room 402

Grab the cassette tape from the corner of the desk, then read the note addressed to Agent X0ID3. There are a series of letters with small < and > markings over them within this note - these indicate that the important letters are to the left or right of those with the symbols. Look at the typewriter to the left and press the following keys: DSTVR. Take the metal ruler from the drawer.

Use the metal ruler on the painting on the opposite wall. There are 5 bright dots in the painting - if you drag the ruler up and down, you will see that they correspond with positions 4, 6, 1, 3, and 8 from top to bottom. Examine the suitcase on the bed and open it with the code 46138. Take out the stair access card. Now leave the room again.


Go over to the door to the stairs. Use the stair access card on the panel, then go through the doors.

Level 3


Look at the paintings around the area to see they have shapes of numbers created by small black squares. Go to the purple painting and drag the squares around to create the missing number 1:

Take the vinyl record. Go and use it on the gramophone Superstar DJ. Listen to the order of instruments played (piano, trumpet, cello, guitar, trumpet). Now look at the poster on the wall here to see this corresponds with a series of colors (blue, green, yellow, red, green). Go to the locked box on the small table and press the buttons in this color order. Take out the Room 301 key. Use this on the nearby panel, then enter the room.

Room 302

Look at the small table in the far left corner of the room to see 5 photographs. You need to place these in order according to the numbers on the matching paintings from the previous area:

  1. Purple picture of a house
  2. Grey picture of a flat landscape
  3. Brown picture of a rock on a hill
  4. Orange picture of sun reflecting off water
  5. Green picture of a man under a tree

Pick up the paper note, which has MDCIV written on it. Using the information about Roman numerals on the other small table, you can convert this to the number 1604. Look at the desk and take the Morse code paper. Open the desk cupboard and examine the safe inside. Open this with the combination 1604, then take the storage room key from inside. Leave this room.


Go down the stairs and use your new key on the storage room door, then continue through.

Storage Room

Pick up the parcel box from the shelves on the right. Look at the document on the central table, which mentions 4 days (Saturday, Sunday, Friday, Tuesday). Look at the calendar on the wall to see this corresponds with 4 dates (9, 3, 1, 5). Put your parcel box with the others, then arrange the boxes in this order from left to right:

  • A (• –)
  • B (– • • •)
  • C (– • – •)
  • D (– • •)
  • E (•)

Open the door and enter the next room. Look at the cards on the table and rearrange them according to the calendar:

  • 9 of hearts
  • 3 of diamonds
  • Ace of clubs
  • 5 of spades

Take the red button and return to the previous room. Use this on the machine in the shelves. Now you need to press the red and black buttons based on the cards in the other room:

  • Press the red diamond button 3 times
  • Press the black spade button 5 times

Grab the stair access card.


Continue to the bottom of the stairs. Use the stair access card on the panel, then go through the doors.

Level 2

Go forward along the hallway and pick up the video cassette from the boxes on the left. Also notice the gauge here. Look at the double doors half way along the hallway, and note the 5 symbols over the doors. Looking at the video cassette, these correspond with the letters X, H, Y, L, F. Look at the gauge again to see these letters correspond with the numbers 2, 4, 1, 6, 8. Look at the keypad next to the doors and enter the code 24168. Go through the doors.

Head over to the television and you will insert the video cassette. Look at the repeating pattern on the screen to work out the colors for the numbers. Now head to the keyboard and press these keys in order:

  1. Yellow star
  2. Red half circle
  3. Yellow star
  4. Green pentagon
  5. Navy 3-quarter circle

Take the note that appears. Now look at the cupboard on the wall with the keypad. You need to find the letters K, E, Y, S on your note, and enter the corresponding columns and rows for each. Enter the number 13515544 into the keypad. Take the hallway access card. Go out and use this on the panel near the other doors, then go through.


Look closely at the orange picture to the left, and click on it Touch Tierra. Continue around the hallway, looking at each of the paintings. Note the picture of 4 clocks, with hands pointing to 3, 5, 7 and 1. Return to the Tierra painting, and press the small button below and to the right to make this wall disappear. Pick up the vase here.

Go around the hallway again until you find a small table where you can place the vase. Take the door key. Continue to the end of the hallway and use this to get through the locked door.

Look at the dice on the bench to the right. Each column contains dice that are gradually rotated, so the ones on the right should have these numbers:

  • Red: 4
  • White: 3
  • Blue: 6

Now look at the desk, which has 4 boxes (blue, red, white, red). Open the briefcase with a combination based on these colors and the numbers from the dice puzzle: 6434. Take out the metal piece. Return to the start of the hallway with the hidden room and insert your metal piece into the wall panel. Arrange the Roman numerals to match the picture of 4 clocks:


Enter another secret room behind the picture of 4 clocks. Look at the bookshelf on the right, and note the positions of the 4 shells. Now examine the set of 4 levers, and set their positions according to the shells. From left to right, set the levers to these positions:

  • Very top
  • Second from bottom
  • Very bottom
  • Second from top

Head back around the hallway and through the new entrance.


Look at the Villa Maintenance note on the wall, which has 5 employee numbers. Turn around to see a series of levers. You need to flip the levers to point to the letters corresponding with the employee numbers (A=1, B=2, etc):

  • Up (F=6)
  • Down (G=7)
  • Down (C=3)
  • Up (I=9)
  • Down (E=5)

Now the bars will open and you can enter the main area. Explore around to the right to find a picture with 4 numbers around a large cross. Go back to a set of small cupboards and press the cupboard doors corresponding to the symbols on the green box above: 2, 2, 9, 5, 3. Take the letter from the green box once it opens.

Next head over to a painting of a grid of numbers around to the left. Here you need to complete the numbers in the grid. Along each row, you must subtract 11 to get from one number to the next. The completed square is as follows:


Take the notepad that appears from the side of the painting. Read this carefully, then go to the locked case on a table at the base of the stairs and open it with the code 837. Take out the metal dial. Go over to the desk with the cans and bottles. A wine bottle is worth 1800, and a can is worth 1, therefore the missing number is 1801. Enter this code, then take the circular button.

Go up the stairs and examine the wooden panel here. After automatically inserting the circular button, you need to arrange the buttons to match similar symbols on the top of wooden banisters around the room. If the arrangement of the shapes is as follows:


Place the buttons in these positions:

  1. Pentagon
  2. Diamond
  3. Square
  4. Triangle
  5. Circle

Go down to the large square area on the bottom level, and press the buttons according to the letter you got from the green box earlier:

  • Bottom-right
  • Bottom-left
  • Bottom-left
  • Top-right
  • Top-left
  • Top-right

Go upstairs and through the opened door.


Look at the rune stones on the stone platform, then look through the fence to find matching symbols on grave stones. Now examine the grid of column stones and press them in the order of the rune stones from left to right:


Go through to find a padlock on the next gate. Look up to a symbol high up on the side of the building - this has 4 columns of various heights (1, 3, 2, 4). Enter the code 1324 into the padlock to open it. There is a panel next to the door that leads back inside. Go back and look at the gravestones to see markers on their backs. You need to press buttons based on these markers, in the same order as you used the grave stones earlier:


Now you can head back inside.

Level 1

Read the newspaper on the dining table to the left. Examine the clocks on the wall here and note their times (8:19, 11:12, 6:09, 9:02). The differences in times are 2:53, 6:57, 2:53. Set the time on the bottom clock to 3:59 (which is 6:57 after the fourth clock). Look at the 5 symbols on the panel that appears in the shelves here.

Continue along the room, and look at the piece of paper with a grid of letters on a desk on the right side of the room. Now head to the guitar at the far end of the room. You need to play strings according to the 5 symbols from the panel in the shelves and the grid of letters on the desk: G, A, E, e, D. Take the metal token from the side of the amplifier. Examine the cassette tape recorder on the table here, and you will automatically play your cassette tape Inside Knowledge.

Return along the corridor and insert your metal token on the small metal box. Now you must move the tokens to complete a valid equation: 16 + 4 × 2 - 7 = 33. Take the door key. Use this on the door to return outside.


Head towards the helicopter and talk to the guard Recover the Painting.