Escape Room Adventure

Game Details:  Mystery, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  3/20/2023

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

SUBNET is a first-person mystery adventure game. The previous game by the same developer is ALUMNI. A hacker group called drkFORCE has infiltrated the subway system. You are an IT expert, called to action to track down the hackers with the aid of an AI assistant. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The next game by the same developer is Art Heist.


Examine the phone on the coffee table to hear about your mission Undercover Mission. Look at the sticky note on the corner of the laptop screen, then go to the tablet on the opposite table and unlock it with the code #113113. This will show you part of a code (22672--), and a message about "Breaking News" on the laptop.

Just to the left, examine the box with the long combination lock, and open this with the code 2267226 (just repeat the pattern), then take out RAINI. Notice the number on the picture on the wall (5-3-). Go to the sliding blocks next to the sofa and slide them so that the numbers (5-3-) are shown at the very top - the highlighted numbers across the middle will be 1727. Open the key box on the other small table with the code 1727. Take out the key. Use this on the door and leave.


Notice a tool box on the ground next to an open dumpster. Pick up the metal pipe leaning against the wall (this turns out to be a flashlight). Open the dumpster that is blocking the stairs and take out the trash bag, then put this in the other dumpster. Now you can push the one blocking the stairs. Look at the sign on one of the shops on the right, mentioning the weights of various tools:

  • Saw: 3 kg
  • Hammer: 7 kg
  • Tool Box: 17 kg

Go back to the tool box and open it with the weight of all 3 objects combined (027), then take out the screwdriver. You can now get through the locked gate. Continue down the stairs and grab the dry cloth from the top of the mattress leaning against the wall to the left. Use this in the bucket of water on the other side of the stairs, then pick up the wet cloth. Use this to clean the side of the taxi blocking the next part of the alley, and you will see a number: 9129 (note the colors red, blue, yellow, green). Enter the taxi and notice the colors on the steering wheel (red, yellow, green, blue). You need to enter the numbers from the side of the taxi, re-ordered based on the steering wheel: 9291 Grand Theft Auto.

After getting back out of the taxi, look at the symbol on the bonnet. Go further into the alley and look at the bricks on the left wall. You need to press the 4bricks corresponding with the open circles from the taxi logo:

Head down the stairs.

Subway Entrance

Look at the sign on the left wall that mentions two dates 903-304. Subtract these numbers, and enter the code 599 into the keypad next to the door here. Enter the small room and take a door key from the open cabinet on the wall. Return to the main corridor and look at the laptop on the low table. Count the number of triangles in the symbol on the display (13), then enter this to unlock the laptop Hacker.

Follow the corridor around until you can unlock another door with your key. Look at the 5 circles on the back of this door once it is open. Back in the corridor, examine the large ticket machine. You need to press the buttons on the left of the ticket machine in the order indicated by those circles (filled to empty):


Grab the ticket, then use the turn-styles and walk through.

Subway Platform 1

Go over to the glowing panel on the wall and drag the pieces into these locations:

Head through the opened door. Notice a locked briefcase with a series of numbers on the lid here. The numbers in each row add up to 1000, so open the briefcase with the missing number (280). Take out the triangle button. Continue through to the next platform. Board the first subway car here and look on the seats to find a weekday service schedule. Also notice the large blue numbers written on the inside of this subway car (2, 4, 1, 5, 3) and the matching symbols on the outside (Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle).

Inside the subway car, go to the left end and attach your triangle button next to the circle button on the wall. Press the buttons in the order indicated by the numbers and symbols on the subway car: Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle. Go through the opened door into the next car. Look at the colored marks and numbers on the window to the right, to work out their individual values:

  • Red: 7
  • Yellow: 5
  • Blue: 4

A little further on, look at the diagram in the newspaper on a seat on the right - follow the lines to get the correct order of symbols from left to right (two lines, star, down triangle, up triangle). Continue to the end of the car and look at the keypad. Based on the colors on the EXIT sign, enter the code 4754. Exit the subway car and find an electrical panel that is locked with another keypad. The writing on the outside mentions Ridgewood 6-13. Using the information from the service schedule, 6-13 corresponds to 5:58, so enter the code 558. Grab the keypad button from inside the electrical panel. Also note the date of last inspection (03/12/2022).

Board the subway car again and go all the way to the far end. Look at the panel on the left wall and drag the 4 symbols into the positions you discovered earlier (two lines, star, down triangle, up triangle). Go through the opened door into the next car. At the far end, attach your keypad button, then enter the date you saw earlier as the code: 03122022. Go through the door and access the controls - you need to drag the colors to the correct places based on the subway map on the wall outside Train Driver:


Head along the backstreet and look at the sign to the right of the stairs, noting the numbers (50, 3, 7, 32). Head up the stairs and look at the tool box next to the parked car - open it with the code 503732. Take out the crowbar and use it on the boot of the car. Pick up a grey lever and a paper with lines. Also use the crowbar on the car door, and use the phone on the seat Breaking & Entering. Take a yellow button from the other seat.

Go back down the stairs and to the end of the backstreet. Look at the power box around to the right and you will automatically attach the missing grey lever. Turn the 5 levers to indicate a code based on the number of lines in each symbol on the paper you picked up (23411). Return down the backstreet and you will see a series of colored lights flashing - watch the sequence here. Come back to the far end and examine the other power box. After automatically attaching the missing yellow button, press the buttons in the same order as the lights: Red, Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow. Go through the opened gate and down the stairs.

Subway Station

Turn left when you enter, and then take the path to the right. Notice the poster here with a cross through a circle, and take note of the QR code on the poster. Now return to the main corridor and head back the other way, stopping when you find a keypad on the right. Looking at the roller door just to the left, it has 5 mirrored symbols. Just look at the left half of each, then enter 27839 into the keypad. Before going through, have a look at the poster to the right of the keypad, which has a black triangle and another QR code. Head through the opened roller door.

Pick up the crowbar from the floor on the right. Go down the right branch here to find a door with a cross through a circle. Enter the following on the keypad to the right:

Look at the 4 symbols here, and count the number of elements in each. Examine the padlock and open it with the following code: Triangle, Square, Circle, Line. Look at the electrical panel in the gated area - you must press buttons that add to 620, so press 137, 189, 255 and 39. Leave this room and take the other corridor to find a door with a triangle. Enter the following on the keypad to the right:

Enter the room and take the paper cutout (1/3) from one of the benches. Look at the display on the wall, noting the numbers around triangles. The following is the explanation for each triangle, and the numbers that should be shown in the middle of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th triangles:

  1. 5 × 4 − 9 = 11
  2. 3 × 5 − 7 = 8
  3. 2 × 6 − 1 = 11
  4. 4 × 3 − 8 = 4

Examine the laptop, which asks you for a code made up of triangles 2, 1, 4 and 3. Enter the code 811411. Now you need to find an IP address. Leave this room and go back up the stairs. Turn right and go up some more stairs, then use your crowbar to force the door open. Inside this room there are 4 columns of arrows. Each column corresponds to a number (draw the arrows end-to-end, starting at the bottom, to form the numbers). Enter the code 5739 into the keypad. Take the master key from the cabinet.

Leave this room and go to the far end of the hall, using the key to get into the first Staff Only room. Take note of the IP address on the wall here. Search the left rubbish bin to find another paper cutout (2/3). Move the large metal box and go through another door into a secret room. Look out through the corner of this room Explorer. Examine the phone and solve the sliding tile puzzle (to make the shape of a window). This will unlock the gate outside.

Go out and through the gate, then enter another small room at the end. Grab another paper cutout (3/3) from here. Notice the lockers, but you cannot open the locked one yet. Go back to the secret room you just found, and use your 3 paper cutouts on the grids of numbers to see the numbers 2, 5 and 8 (with different symbols). Go back to the lockers and open the padlock with the combination 582. Open the locker and take the ticket from the top section.

Go back to the triangle room and enter the IP address into the laptop. You can now head through the turn-styles, along the path coming off the main corridor.

Subway Platform 2

Head around to the left (past a locked door) and notice the large numbers within paint along the wall:

  • Red: 6
  • Orange: 4
  • Green: 4
  • Blue: 3

If you add and subtract colors you can also work out the following:

  • Yellow: 2 (Red − Orange)
  • Purple: 9 (Red + Blue)

Come back to the main part of the platform and approach the Staff Only gate. Notice the colors on the sign (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple), then enter the code 62439 on the keypad. Follow the corridor around to another locked door showing 5 symbols. Back out on the main platform, find a poster that contains this same symbols in green with associated numbers. Return to the locked door and enter the code 55937 into the keypad.

In this room, look at the briefcase on the desk. You need to count the number of intersecting lines on each symbol, then enter the code 1204 to open the briefcase. Take out the door key. Go back out to the main platform and use this key on the locked door to the left. Go to the far corner of the room and turn around to see 7834 written in large yellow lines. Examine the clock on the wall here and set the time to 3:20 (based on the signs on the main platform which mention 3 hr and 20 min. Take the metal ring that comes down from the clock.

Pay attention to the subway map on the main platform as you make your way back to the office in the Staff Only section. Examine the filing cabinets, and you will automatically add the metal ring. Now rotate the rings so that the correct colors are shown pointing to the right from the middle, matching the subway map:

Take the button from the drawer when it opens. Now go out to the subway car and approach the keypad. After automatically attaching the new button, enter the code 7834. Board the subway car.


Just wait here for 15 minutes, and the bomb will explode Oops. The level will automatically restart.

Make your way along the subway car and look at the panel near the end. Insert the numbers to make correct equations:

  • 2105 × 3011 = 6338155
  • 1402 × 2512 = 3521824
  • 4452 × 7060 = 31431120
  • 1066 × 1616 = 1722656
  • 1980 × 6781 = 13426380

Go through the door and along the next subway car. Examine the panel at the end of this one, inserting numbers and symbols as follows:


Go through to the final subway car. Note LVIO written on all of the seats in this car:

  • L: 90 degrees
  • V: 45 degrees
  • I: 180 degrees
  • O: 360 degrees

Examine the bomb and enter the code 9045180360. Exit the car through the opened door.


Examine the phone on the coffee table again Success.