Zork NemesisZork Nemesis

The Forbidden Lands

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1996

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/3/2005

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands is a first-person graphical adventure set in the universe of the classic Zork games. After 4 of the world's greater alchemists disappear during their quest to find the Quintessena, you are sent to track them down, but come face to face with a demon known as the Nemesis. The next in the series of graphical Zork adventures is Zork Grand Inquisitor.

Section 1: The Elements

Walk forward and to the right of the mausoleum. Go inside and look at the burning candle and stone sacrophagus, before walking to the temple. To get inside, walk towards the left door and drag the bottom of the door-knocker upwards. Go forward and turn right into the library. Read all six books in here (you will probably need to visit the library many times to keep reading). Walk to the ruined deck and make your way to the sundial. Take the spike, then head to the lab. Look at the scroll on the work table and copy it down - you will need it many times. Now look carefully at the four crypts. The upper part of each crypt allows you to match a planet with each alchemist, element and metal. The lower part lets you listen to a message from each alchemist, and hence matches faces with names.

The four objectives in this section of the game fit in the four outer holes in the altar (near the crypts). After finding each element you will return to the altar. Click on the element, and walk towards the appropriate crypt (light shines on it) to continue.


The entrance is located in the library (the sliding panels). Click the left side of the first panel, the right side of the second, the right side of the third panel and the left side of the fourth panel. To get through the first door, rotate the head until it points to the fire symbol. Put the spike from the sundial on the ruined deck into the sundial beyond the first door. Rotate it so the shadow falls on the symbol for Saturnax, and the second door will open. Hang the mirror from each of the hooks, and one of the flames will reflect blue - take that flame.


Each of the 5 horns makes the sound of an elemental force (blue = wind, purple = thunder, yellow = earthquake, green = rain, red = fire). Also note that the blue horn is in a different key. The aim of the constellation puzzle is to turn all the blue stars on - you can do this easily by clicking on any purple star that is on, and any blue star that is off. It will eventually work... You now need to close the curtains before you can move any levers. While facing the levers, move to the right of the platform and search under the sphere - click here. Now set the second lever to halfway, levers 3 and 4 on, and lever 5 off.


Expose the symbols for Iron and Murz but no others, to open the first door. At the helical staircase, you must move the lever and go down first. At the bottom, there is a mechanism to convert the helix back into stairs. At the top of the Earth pavilion, note the four buildings and their associated elements. Look through the telescope underground and note what you see. To make the mine car move, just select a destination from the small panel next to it - select the right one or you'll die! (Save your game first)


The panpipe on the left indicates the notes needed from the fountain. Counting from the left, turn on numbers 1, 4 and 5. Now go to the top of the water pavilion. Click the hourglass and it will turn into a chair. Sit in the chair and start rotating to the left - note that the open window changes for each full rotation. Get the saw from the first screen. Turn left twice and cut an icicle from the ice scene. Turn right three times (to the lava stage) and look closely at the bowl.

Section 2: The Planets

Go to the newly revealed planetarium. Set the left lever to the middle position and place the sun in its holder. Now set the left lever to the top position. You can now use the right lever to rotate the planets until the planet you want to visit is lit by the sun. Letting go of the lever will move you to that planet. To get back to the temple from any other world, find the floating model of the planet within that world and click on it.


Go through the archway to the outside, and find a coin (Zorkmid) on the ground. Now turn around and walk up the stairs to the monastery. The door should be locked - as you face the door, turn to your right and look down, then enter the hole. There is a similar hole in the floor which allows you to exit the monastery. Feed the coin to the machine by the door several times (just open the machine and take it back) and write down all the hints. Now walk through to the 6 heads. The idea with the 6 heads is to place 6 of the 8 placards from the pots under the appropriate heads. To match the items, concentrate on how the heads say their message. On the left side they represent fear, anger and boredom, and on the right, happiness, body and suspicion. Once the heads are matched, the order they speak is the order of symbols in "The Seventh Bell". Take the right passage up a staircase and through to a baptismal font. After the video, read the note from under the grate in the corner of the room. Now go back and take the left passage to a spiral staircase. Walk around the mechanism and through the door. Go into Alexandria's room and look at the stand for another video sequence. Now go to the end of the hall, into Malveaux's study and find the reading lens. Also look carefully at all the books and notes.

Head back to that mechanism outside, and press the button in the order of "The Seventh Bell" - 2, 14, 16, 12, 9 and 4 (from the left). After you pull on the bell rope, click on the open window as you fly past to enter. Search Malveaux' room thoroughly, noting the flames in the picture on the wall, and using the lens to read the notes on his bed. Touch the brown book in the left-hand bookcase to return to the main monastery hallway. Now proceed to your right, into the library. Read the Legend of St. Yoruk, and continue through to a small pillar with a dial in the centre. Spell out the word OPEN using the associations from the paper in the chapel. There are 12 symbols on the dial - the proper sequence is 2:00, 10:00, 3:00, 12:00. Now you can go downstairs using one of the side gates. In the museum, get the red jewel and the torch. In the middle of the room, use the silver mushroom to deactivate the burglar alarm. Open the trapdoor in the floor, then walk past the mummies and go down stairs and to the right. Walk through the gate and light your torch from the one on the wall (try not doing this to meet the Grue!). Move to the sarcophagus at the back of the room - get inside and close the lid. Use the ruby in the shield, then take it and get out. Put your torch in the wall receptacle. Go back up the stairs and to the right. Use the shield to put out the fire. When you reach the skulls, use the information from the book on Malveaux's bed - middle, left-2, right-1, left-1, right-2. Now walk through into the lab.

Get the key and metal scrap. Open the rectangular cavity. Put the key in the keyhold and turn it. Put the metal in the receptacle (after opening it with the knob). Click the control knob twice and take the metal sphere. Now put the metal in the hanging basket in the second machine, and lower the metal into the acid bath. Take the white metal ball. Cross the room again and turn the lava wheel on. Touch the flame colors according to the sequence from Malveaux's room - blue, yellow, red, orange, purple. Drop the metal into the lion's mouth - quickly move to the exit pan and pump the bellows. If you are too slow you have to start again. Click on the metal.


Go to the morgue (basement) using the lift, and find the drawer that has the complete body. Use the machine to chop its head off, then get the head. Go back up to the first floor and place the head on the empty spike. Experiment with the five buttons to learn 3 parts of a safe code. In this room, open the chest and take the safe (metal box). At the mechanical arm, press button A, then swap the safe with the bottle that is placed in the box. Use the blue beam to look into the safe, and then open it with the complete combination - 36, 24, 36, 20, 18. Take this bottle and smash it using the arm at the other end of the room. Take the key and go back to the lift. You can get to level 20 using the key.

Find Dr Sartorius (an escaped inmate) and let him give you a treatment. Before the visual hallucinations wear off, go through the vibrating door. If you don't get there in time, you'll have to get another treatment. Push the button on the base of the tower model in the first room. Use the hammer you find near the bed to break the glass covering the dead hand, then use it to punch the buttons on the panel. To make the batteries work, fill the sink and drain it again. Set the oxygen lever to the left and hydrogen lever to the right, then trigger the spark to get a hot flame. Set both levers to the right and trigger the spark to get a cool flame. Finally, trigger the helium to raise the lid and get the metal.

Irondune Castle

Use the lever to enter the castle, then go down the stairs. Enter the door under the stairway and combined the broken sword pieces. Take the sword and exit the room. Use the sword with the suit of armour near the left door. Go into the weapons room and note the pictures in the stained glass windows. Return to the entry area and take the first stairs on your right up to the landing, then turn right and take the side stairs up to Lucien's room. Before going inside, open the helmet. Pick up the gunpowder and use the brush on the blank easel to reveal the military code. Read the various letters in the room then leave. Continue up the stairs to the games room. Play each game of pool by pressing buttons 1-4 individually followed by button 5. Note the final sequence of balls after each game.

Descend the stairs to the right, and on the first large landing, close the helmet and spin right to enter Thaddeus' room. Check all desk drawers and make sure you take the ampule of Nitro. Use this to blast open the trunk at the foot of the bed. Read the red and blue scrolls for important information. Exit the room and continue down the stairs to the left. At the base, turn right and continue down to the entry area. Open the conquistador's helmet and make sure the samurai's is closed. Now go back into the weapons room and through into the dungeon. Use the torture devices to get five parts of the military code.

Return to where you found the sword, and turn left to face the bronze dog (cannon). Open it and pour in the gunpowder. Twist the dog's ear and pull its tail. Go into the library and look at the tableaux. Go to the second from the right (Battle in Progress) and enter the code: 10, 1, 9, 6, 12, then press Enter. Go back into the weapons room and find the broken case. Open the cannister and place the thaddium core inside. Now hurry back through the entry area through the double-doors opposite the stairways and place the cannister in the receptacle in the tank - make sure you close the lid. Turn around and enter the Fishing in the Desert code (7, 4, 1, 9, 5, 3) at the tank's control panel. Use the joystick on the right, then exit the tank when it stops. Configure the mould primer for Kaine's symbol (Murz), then pull the handle and remove the mould. Use the elevator at the back of the room. Turn to the small panel to the right and press the reset button, and then the left-hand six buttons. Turn back to the large machine and step closer to it. Insert the mould in the middle, then press the "arm" button. Once the animation stops, press the "fan" button. If all goes well you'll now be able to move closer to the sample of iron. Click it and you'll be transported back to the temple.


Walk through the practice room area and find your way to Sophia's office. Get a tuning fork from a small box on the right side of the room, and take the back two records from the rack nearby. Place the tuning fork in the wooden block at the piano and hit the key that matches the note made by the fork. Go around to the open part of the piano and take the key you just released. Use this key in the lamp on Sophia's desk, so you can read the green book and learn about 4 instruments. Return to the practice room and listen to the two records, noting what the instruments sound like, and the order of instruments in the fanfare. You must now place the instruments onto the chairs in the arrangement outlined on the chart on the wall.

Get the last poster out of Alexandria's portfolio upstairs and put it onto the board next to the boiler room door. Then get a ticket from the ticket booth. Use the ticket on the auditorium door and the woman will let you in. After you have gone to box C and watched the cutscene, go back downstairs. You must use the baton to cue the instruments to play the fanfare from the record - popperkeg, nambino, popperkeg, wertmizer, violin (the instruments are laid out as they were in the practice room). If you stuff up the order, just start it again - there is no time limit.

The lights will come back on. To get through the backdrops, turn on the control panel (red button) and press blue buttons 2, 3, 4 and 6 (from the left). Go beneath the stage and jump on the swan. Raise yourself using the pulley controls, then look down and jump onto the drum to get into the boiler room. Try to get the locket, but it will drop into the water. Go down after it, then come back up and use it on the lever to make it stay down. Now jump back into the water and go through the door into the crystal room. Check out the map on the wall so you know the positions of the crystals. Get the green crystal from the hole in the wall. Throw it into the boiling pot to make a large black crystal. Go to the large green fish and get the wafer, then throw it into the pot to turn the crystal gray. Now play the "Music of the Spheres" (CDEBG) following the directions on the map. A crystal only stays on for about 1 minute, so you will have to hurry. The last crystal (G) is the gray one.

Section 3: Endgame

Face the left-hand fountain in the courtyard and pull the right tusk to turn off the water. Use Lucien's ring on the ornament to enter the crypts. Move forward into the tomb and note the arrangement of the figures. Zoom into the sarcophagus and after the video use Lucien's ring on Alexandria's. Put the rings in the dragon's bowl and click on the dragon's eye. Take the metal and put it in front of the elephant, then click on the gold triangle. Take the cooled metal and put it in front of the snake. Click on the ruby triangle. Collect the result and place it in front of the wolfman. Return to the elephant and turn towards the sarcophagus. Move up and forward to find a copper wand, which you should put in the wolfman's hand. Click on the metal and watch the video.

Zoom in on the altar from the walkway above. Click the fused rings on Alexandria's body to end the game. To view the credits, go to the courtyard and look at the ripped painting.