Game Details:  Fantasy, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/12/2007

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Wishbringer is a classic text adventure game by Infocom, set in the same universe as Zork. After being sent on a simple quest to deliver an envelope, your small fishing village gets transformed into the dark and foreboding Witchville. You must find and use the Wishbringer, a magical stone, to save your village.


Go south and wait for Mr Crisp to take out the special delivery. Get the envelope, then go north and west twice (answer yes to the question). Continue north and west, then go east and down. Take the bone. Now go up, south and east 3 times. Give the bone to the poodle, then head north. Wait for Miss Voss to offer you a note, then take it before heading north.

Look in the fountain and get the coin. Walk north 4 times, east, up, west, north, up, east, south and up. Open the door and go inside. Wait here until an old lady enters, then give her the envelope. Open the envelope and read the letter to the lady. Wait, then take the can. Wait until you are taken outside.

Your Quest

Go down, north, west, down, south, east and down. Break the branch then take it. Next go west and open the can, then get the can, squeeze it, and drop it again. Examine the stone, then get it.

Open the gate and go south twice, west and south. Look in the pit to see a platypus, then put the branch in the pit and take it again. Drop the branch. Dig in the sand and get the whistle. Now blow it and you will float over to an island. Walk west, then wait, take the hat, wait, and blow the whistle again.

Walk south (answer yes to the question), then go east, down, north and east. Push the bunk, drop all and go up into the cell. Take the blanket. Go back down and get all. Now head north and east. Put the blanket on the grue so that it stays asleep. Open the fridge and get the earthworm, then go west twice. Open the stump and go up.

Walk north, east twice and south. Open the mailbox, then wait 3 times before heading north and east. Give the hat to the pelican and note the magic word. Go west twice and south. If you hear people marching to the south, stay away from them (this applies for the rest of this area as well). Now go south again. Look in the fountain, then put the worm in it. Get the token.

Walk east and buy a ticket, then go inside. Show your ticket to the gravedigger before going north. Look at the floor and pick up the 3D glasses, then go south and out (answer yes). Walk east then wait until the mailboxes have gone. Go south and examine the machine, then put the token in the slot. Push the joystick west twice then south twice, and press the button (answer yes twice).

Say the magic word that you saw earlier, then head south. Wait, and you will end up in a torture chamber. Give the note to Mr Crisp and he will leave. Now get the coat and look in it, then get the key and unlock the chain with the key. Pull the lever.

Get the note and read it, then open the hatch, go up twice and wear the glasses. Take the broom. Examine the panel and push the second switch. Go back down and remove the glasses, then push the painting, turn the crank, and go north twice and east. Tell Alexis to heel.

Open the door and go inside, take the steel key (read the message if you want) and go back out. Head north and unlock the door with the steel key. Go inside and wait for the door to shut behind you. Now walk south and smash the case with the broom. Examine the sculpture. Put the stone in the sculpture (answer yes twice). After the magic is over, knock on the door.