Voodoo DetectiveVoodoo Detective

Game Details:  Mystery, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/9/2023

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Voodoo Detective is a mystery game inspired by the Monkey Island series. You play as a detective in the tourist island town of New Ginen, set against a backdrop of Voodoo culture and colonial corruption.

Zo Wanga Isle

Main Street

Once the fire starts, examine the Baron Samedi Mask on the wall to the right of the bookcase, and you will automatically use the hidden switch behind it. Search the hidden bar and you will pick up a seltzer bottle. Use this on the burning text.

Answer the telephone, then answer the door. During the conversation you will receive a pendant and some money. After Mary leaves, pick up the candle from the skull on your desk. Now leave your office. Head up to the top of Main Street.

Fontule Estate

Try to enter the greenhouse, but the door is locked. Knock on the door to the mansion and talk to Benny the butler, saying that you are not waiting.

Go to Victor's office at the top of the stairs, and he will come out and invite you upstairs. Go upstairs and talk to Victor about everything. Head back downstairs and enter the butler's quarters. Search the desk to find a tear-stained letter. Look beneath the bed to find a "Hoodoo for Butlers" book. Leave this room and talk to Benny about everything. Leave the mansion and return to the main part of town.

Main Street

Enter Donut Hole Billy's. Talk to Ricky the bartender about everything, and you will receive another letter. Go over to the right and pick up the bucket of water. Try to talk to Billy (the piano player). Throw the bucket of water on Billy, but this doesn't work. Pick up the chair and use it on Billy, then pick up the metal gauntlet and try this as well. You will automatically pick up a harmonica that falls to the ground. Use this on Billy and he will wake up. Talk to him about everything, and you will end up with Grammy's Book of Voodoo.

Fontule Estate

Enter the mansion and talk to Benny, giving him Ricky's letter. Ask about the greenhouse again and you will receive the greenhouse key. Head outside and use the key on the greenhouse door. Inside, take some mint from the bottom shelf, and a lemon from the lemon tree.

Main Street

Enter Donut Hole Billy's again. Give the mint to Ricky the bartender, and you will receive a mortar and pestle. Back outside, enter the gold building to the left, which is Crumbsford Capital. Examine the ink bottle on the teller's desk, then use your candle in it. Head back outside and go to Island Trader. Buy a camera from the right wall, and the screwdriver from the central stall.

Leave here and return to your office. Use your screwdriver on the radio to remove the permanent magnet. Read the "Owner Honer" recipe in the voodoo book. Follow these instructions:

  1. Put the black candle into the mortar and pestle.
  2. Add the permanent magnet to the mortar and pestle.
  3. Add the lemon to the mortar and pestle.

Use the Owner Honer recipe on the pendant. Go outside and head right.


Head right and try to enter the LeMoon Family mausoleum, but it is locked. Talk to Eartha about everything, then leave here for now.

Main Street

Return to Island Trader and ask the shopkeeper about the shovel. He needs permission to sell you one, so leave the shop and head to the top of the street.

Fontule Estate

Enter the mansion and go upstairs. Talk to Victor about LeMoon and the shovel.

Main Street

Go to Island Trader again and buy a shovel from the shopkeeper.


Give the shovel to Eartha and she will tell you who was snooping around the mausoleum.

Main Street

Enter the Laughton Law building and talk to Theodore. Go back outside and climb the ladder on the side of the building to reach the roof. Use your screwdriver on the vent - you will remove the grill but your screwdriver will break. Examination the ventilation shaft to realize you will not fit inside and need to find someone smaller. Return to the street and go along the boardwalk towards the hotel.

Chic Shell Hotel

Enter the restaurant on the right of the hotel. Sit down at the nearest table and order the fugo fish. After the waitress leaves, examine the fugo fish carcass to get the poison gland from inside it. Talk to the woman in red (Kiki Laughton) until you get her room key.

Leave the restaurant and enter the hotel. Use the elevator and show your room key to get upstairs. Knock on the door to Mary's room on the right. Talk to her about everything until you go on a stakeout together.

Main Street

Go to Island Trader and give your camera to the shopkeeper - you will receive some incriminating photos. Now head to Laughton Law and give the photos to Theodore - you will receive a LeMoon mausoleum key and LeMoon bank account receipt.


Use your key to enter the LeMoon mausoleum. Examine the coffin with light shining on it, then examine all of the other coffins, making note of Genevieve's birthday (September 9, 1909). Leave the cemetery again.

Main Street

Go to Crumbsford Capital and talk to Penny about opening an account. Enter Crumbsford's office and talk to Gordon about everything. Leave the bank again.

Enter Island Trader and buy the last box of chocolates from the shopkeeper. Combine these with your fugu fish gland. Return to Crumbsford's office in the bank and give the poisoned chocolates to Gordon. Search the filing cabinet to get an executive approval form. Return out to the main part of the bank and talk to Penny again until you have a bank account.

Now you can enter the vault. Examine the LeMoon bank account receipt in your inventory to see the number 203. Open safe deposit box 203 with a code based on Genevieve's birthday (090909), then read every page of the journal.

Fontule Estate

Knock on the door of the mansion to speak to Benny.

Main Street

Go back to your office and read the letter on your desk. After the cutscenes, exit your office.

Ile Francois


Pick up an apple from the fruit bowl, then the knife from the table on the right. Talk to Barb (the bartender) about everything, and you will get some simple syrup. Enter the bathroom through the door on the left. Go into the stall on the right and close the door. Use the golden toilet, and the golden toilet handle will come off. Use this on yourself to swallow it. Now leave the stall and return to the party.

Go through the double doors on the right, then continue downstairs and into the engine room. Pick up the wrench from the table, then open the fire box on the right. Leave the room again, and Hannah will enter. Close the engine room door and use the wrench on it to keep it closed. Now you can go upstairs twice and enter the pilot house. Take the paper and pencil from the sofa. Return outside, downstairs and into the party.

Talk to Kenneth and ask him for an autograph. Read the "Apple Of My Eye" recipe in the voodoo book. Follow these instructions:

  1. Use the knife to core the apple.
  2. Put the simple syrup into the cored apple.
  3. Add the autograph to the cored apple.
  4. Use the knife on the apple to cut it in half.

Give half of the apple to Kenneth, and the other half to Barb. Now you can take the aged rum from the bar. Use the aged rum on yourself until you automatically get the golden toilet handle. Go through the doors on the right, then upstairs and into the pilot house again. Use your golden toilet handle on the fuse box. Head back outside and enter the lifeboat. Once you have control again, use the harmonica on Billy.


Go left and pick up the pail of sand. Enter the shipwreck and try to talk to the ghost, then open your inventory so he sees the pendant; you will receive a locket, and can now talk to him properly. Take some charcoal from the bag beneath the ghost. Also pick up the metal cup from the right, and the trophy from the left. Open the cupboard on the right and take some Kooka Bunches cereal. Use the trophy on the pot on the stove. Turn on the stove, then touch the ventilation hood to collect some sulfur.

Leave the shipwreck and go right to find a colorful bird. Use the cereal on the bird and you will get a bird feather. Go along the path to the jungle and get some bat guano from the rock on the left. Read the "Grammy's Flamin' Hot Sauce" recipe in the voodoo book. Follow these instructions:

  1. Put the bat guano into the metal cup.
  2. Add the charcoal to the metal cup.
  3. Add the sulfur to the metal cup.

Go along the mountain path to the left. Pick up the blasting plunger and the book of tax law. Examine the skeleton to take its teeth. Continue up the path to the top of the mountain. Use Grammy's Flamin' Hot Sauce on the cliff's edge to the right, then use the blasting plunger on it.

You will automatically return to the shipwreck. After talking to the ghost, return to the top of the mountain. Walk into the sunken hounfo. Click on the central pillar. Pick up the clay pot and the broken ason. Read the "Nine Tenths Of The Lwa" recipe in the voodoo book. Follow these instructions:

  1. Combine the teeth with the broken ason to repair it.
  2. Use the pail of sand on the central pillar.
  3. Use the ason on the central pillar.

Spirit Realm

Examine the statue of Papa Legba. Head north and use your bird feather on the statue - you will end up with a cane. Go back and head east. Use the book of tax law on yourself, then examine the statue and you will get a pipe.

Go back and now head west. Examine the central statue of Victor Fontule, then use your harmonica on it, remembering the melody: low, high, low, high, low, high, low, low. These correspond with the arm positions you need to set for the other statues here in a clockwise direction:

  • Voodoo Detective: Left arm down, right arm up
  • Mary: Left arm down, right arm up
  • Gordon: Left arm down, right arm up
  • Theodore: Both arms down

Now you can take the hat from the central statue. Go back and use the pipe, hat and cane on the statue of Papa Legba. After talking you will return to your office.

Main Street

Talk to Papa Legba about everything, then leave your office.


Standing in the sunken hounfo again, use the sign of Papa Legba on yourself, then go through the right portal.

Ventures Island

Enter the forest and keep walking until you automatically decide to return to the beach. Use the sign of Papa Legba on yourself, then go through the left portal.

Zo Wanga Isle

Go along the boardwalk on the left towards the Chic Shell Hotel. Talk to the zombie out the front of the hotel to get the Centennial Dragon Heart Plumeria. Return to Main Street, then enter Crumbsford Capital and take the ink bottle from the reception desk. Return outside and go right to the cemetery. Enter the Crumbsford Family mausoleum on the left. Talk to Gordon's ghost. Read the "Urn A Soul" recipe in the voodoo book. Follow these instructions:

  1. Use the clay pot on Gordon.
  2. Put the ink bottle into the clay pot.
  3. Add the money to the clay pot.
  4. Add the locket to the clay pot.

You will get the Govi. Return to Main Street and use the sign of Papa Legba on yourself, then go through the right portal.

Ventures Island

After automatically entering the forest, follow Gordon's directions to reach the factory. Enter the factory and pick up the coffee cup. Open the cabinet on the left to get a washcloth. Read the "Thew Brew" recipe in the voodoo book. Follow these instructions:

  1. Use the washcloth on the coffee machine.
  2. Combine the Centennial Dragon Heart Plumeria and the coffee.
  3. Drink the spiked coffee.

Go through the small door on the right to find an office. Use the desk to reveal a safe, then open the safe. Once you can move again, take a gum wrapper from the trash can, and a battery from the filing cabinet. Combine these to start a fire. Combine the aged rum with the washcloth, then use the fire on your Molotov cocktail. Use this on Victor. Search the safe again to find a diamond. Use the diamond on the window, then jump out the hole in the window.

Go left to the factory floor. Open the utility box to get a Halligan. Now head down the stairs on the right. Use the crane controls to move the crane left, pick up a barrel, move it right, and release it into the exhaust turbine. Jump onto the lower conveyor belt, then get back on the other one. Go up the stairs, then down the other ones. Use the Halligan on the manhole cover and climb down.

Use the control panel to increase the beacon power and juicer power. Climb up the left ladder and use the control panel here to change to full speed. You will now find yourself in a battle with Victor. Pick up the soul beacon, which is Baron Samedi's spirit. Use the sign of Papa Legba on yourself.

Spirit Realm

You will now find yourself in a battle against Victor. Follow these basic instructions:

  • When Victor reloads his gun, uses your Shamus Shield.
  • When Victor cowers, use your Private Eye to determine his weaknesses.
  • When Victor is standing still, attack with his current weakness.

Zo Wanga Isle

Back in your office, talk to Papa Legba. use the sign of Baron Samedi on yourself, and choose to save Mary. Leave the office.