The Secret of Monkey IslandThe Secret of Monkey Island

AKA Monkey Island

Game Details:  Comedy, 1990

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/2/2002

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

The Secret of Monkey Island is the first in a series of classic point-and-click comedy adventures by LucasArts. You play as Guybrush Threepwood, a young man who is desperate to become a pirate. While completing a series of tests to determine his worthiness to become a pirate, you meet Governor Elaine Marley and the evil pirate LeChuck, and your life changes forever. An updated version of this game has been subsequently released, The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. The main series continues with Monkey Island 2: LeCheck's Revenge.

Part 1: The Three Trials

After climbing down to the dock, look at the poster, then go right, open the door and walk into the Scumm Bar. Talk to the various pirates, and then to the three sitting together in the right section of the bar. You will learn of your three trials. Walk around until the cook comes out of the kitchen - sneak into the kitchen as the cook disappears to the left. Pick up the pot (from under the table) and the chunk of meat. Use the chunk of meat in the pot of stew, then pick it up again. Open the door to the right, and walk to the very end of the planks. Walk slightly down to disrupt the seagull's feeding. If you do this several times, you will have enough time to go over and take the red herring before the seagull returns. Now you can leave the bar.

Head to the left, and walk to the cliffside, to get back to the lookout point. Walk to the path on the right of the screen to get to the map screen. Walk to the clearing in the centre of the map and walk left into the circus tent. Talk to the Fettucini brothers, and use the pot as a helmet, to earn 478 pieces of eight. Now head back to the lookout point, and walk down the stairs at the bottom right of the screen. Keep heading right until you can talk to the citizen of Melee (with the parrot on his shoulder). Talk to him several times and buy a treasure map for 100 pieces of eight. Look at the map, and note the directions it gives you. Talk to the pirates on the left if you desperately need a couple more pieces of eight. Open the first door to the right and go inside. Pick up the chicken, and head right until you can talk to the fortune teller and then leave again. Walk through the archway (back of the screen) and then to the alley (middle of screen). Talk to the sheriff, then walk to the street on the left and open the first door on the right. Buy the sword and shovel (by picking them up and then talking to the storekeeper). Exit the store, go left, and enter the door next to the archway leading out of town. Talk to the prisoner, then head back to the store. Talk to the storekeeper to get some breath mints and go back to the jailhouse. Give a breath mint to the prisoner, and then talk to him again, until the sheriff interrupts you. Now go back to the overhead map view (by going to the lookout point).

Go to the house on the right of the island, and give the red herring to the troll who stops you. When you reach the house, look at the sign, open the door, and talk to the man. Be persistent in your argument, then pay him 30 pieces of eight and show him your sword. After the training, travel to the fork in the path, and then follow the directions from the back of the map (back, left, right, left, right, back, right, left, back). Be sure to pick up the yellow flowers on the way. At the final screen, move the right and look at the plaque and marker. Use the shovel with the X, and you have your first T-shirt. Head back to the path and start fighting people. With each fight, you will learn more insults and replies, until you are told that you are good enough to fight the swordmaster. Keep fighting until you think you have all the insults and responses, then head back to the store. Talk to the storekeeper (use the bell to call him if he is not already there) and ask to see the swordmaster. Quickly leave the store and follow him (to the lookout point, the fork in the path, and then through the forest). When you find Carla, talk to her and start a fight. The insults will not be familiar, but you should have appropriate replies for each of them. You will get a second T-shirt for beating her.

Walk to the left, and head back to the jailhouse. Walk to the archway to the left and then to the Governor's mansion. Use the yellow petal with the stewed meat, then give the meat to the deadly piranha poodles. Open the mansion door and go inside. Open the first door on the right and go inside. After a fairly long cutscene, you will have some new items. Go back to the jailhouse and give the gopher repellent to the prisoner, in exchange for a carrot cake. Use the cake to find a file, then head back to the mansion and go through the gaping hole in the wall. Talk to Governor Marley, then leave the mansion and get arrested by the sheriff. When you get thrown off the docks, pick up the idol.

Part 2: Buying a Ship and Collecting a Crew

Look at the note you are given, then head back to the bar. Take all the empty mugs and talk to the cook. Go into the kitchen and use a mug with the barrel, to get some grog. This grog will gradually melt through the mugs. Walk back to the prisoner in the jailhouse, but keep an eye on the mug with the grog - when it becomes a "melting mug", pour the grog into the next empty mug to continue. When you get to the cell, pour the grog on the lock. Go and visit the swordmaster, and tell her the governor has been kidnapped. Now head towards the island at the top left of the overhead map. Walk to the pole on the near side of the gap, and use the chicken on the cable. Open the door and enter the house. Talk to Meathook and tell him the governor has been kidnapped. Open the little door and stroke the murderous winged devil. Leave the house, walk to the far pole and use the chicken on the cable again, and head back to the overhead map.

Walk to the lights on the map (between the troll bridge and the trainer). Tell Stan that you don't have much money, then ask him about credit. Stan will give you hisbusiness card and a magnetic compass before you leave. Now go back to the storekeeper and ask about credit. Tell him you have a job with the circus and then watch very carefully what he does to open the safe (this changes each game). When he shuts the safe, ask him to visit the swordmaster again, and then while he's gone, perform exactly the same movements he just did to get the safe open. Take the credit note and go back to Stan. Ask Stan to take credit, and then bargain with him to get the price down to 5,000 pieces of eight (may take a while). Buy the ship and then head to the docks. Visit Stan once more, and then you and your crew will board the ship.

Part 3: Onboard the Ship

In the captain's cabin, pick up the pen and ink, then open the drawer and look at the dusty book. Walk through the door on the left to reach the deck. Talk to the crew for a while, then climb the rope ladder and pick up the flag. Go back down to the deck, and down the hatch (behind the crew). Take the rope, then open the chest, take the wine and open the keg. Pick up the gunpowder, then walk down another ladder and through the door. Open the cupboard and take the cereal. Use the cereal to get a prize, then look at the prize to find that its a key. Go back to the cabin and use the small key in the cabinet. Open the chest, then look at it. Take the paper and cinnamon sticks, then look at the paper to get the recipe. Put the following items into the big pot over the fire:

  • cinnamon sticks
  • breath mint
  • Jolly Roger
  • gunpowder
  • cereal
  • fine wine
  • chicken
  • ink

After fainting, pick up the small pot and use the business card with the fire (to make a flaming mess). Go down through the hatch again, open the keg and take some more gunpowder. Now use the giant piece of rope with the cannon (on deck), put some gunpowder in the cannon nozzle, and use the flaming mess with the fuse. Quickly use the pot, and you'll end up on Monkey Island!

Part 4: Monkey Island

After Herman leaves, look at the paper on the tree and take the banana. Walk to the jungle at the top of the screen, and you will get a four-screen overhead map. Head first to the fort at the top-left of the map. Pick up the spyglass and rope, and push the cannon. Talk to Herman again, and after he leaves, pick up the gunpowder. Now go to the river fork (top-right map). Pick up the rock and the note, and read the note. Walk to the footholds on the far side of the river. Look at the note, then at the primitive art. Push the art twice, so the horizontal bar is pointing towards you. Walk to the footholds leading upwards, and push the single rock near the middle of the screen. The projectile will hit the banana tree on the beach (you can use the spyglass at the cliff to see where the projectile will head).

Talk to Herman again, then head back to the dam. Use the gunpowder with the dam and then the flint with the compass. Bang! Exit the river fork and travel to the pond. Look at the note and the unhealthy man. alk to Herman again, then pick up the rope and exit back to the map. Go down one screen on the map and walk to the crack. Use the rope with the strong branch, then walk over to the sturdy stump and use the rope there too. Pick up the oars from the bottom of the canyon, then go right back to the beach where you arrived. Take the two bananas that fell from the tree, then use the oars with the rowboat. Row around to the northern beach of the island, then walk into the jungle from the beach. Travel to the village, and keep going left until you see a bowl of fruit in front of a big head. Take the bananas.

Talk to the three cannibals on the right, until they throw you in jail. Look at the memo and pick up the small. Push the loose floor board and enter the hole. Head back to the rowboat and return to the first beach. Now go back to the overhead map and notice the monkey jumping around near the crack. Catch up with the monkey and give him your five bananas - he will now follow you everywhere. Travel to the clearing from the map, and keep moving right until you find two totem poles. Pull the nose on the left pole and walk through the opening that appears in the fence. Walk to the giant monkey head, and take the "wimpy little idol". Now row back to the north beach and go to the cannibal village. Tell the cannibals that you are a mighty pirate, and give them the idol. Enter the hut and take the banana picker. Exit the hut and Herman will soon appear - give him the banana picker in exchange for the monkey head key.

Leave the village and come back in. Talk to the cannibals for a long time, to gather clues about the rest of the game. Look at the leaflet, then give it to the cannibals, in exchange for a head. Row back to the first beach and go back to where your monkey friend is still holding the gate open. Walk to the gigantic monkey head, and use the key in the ear. Now enter the monkey head, and use the navigator's head. It will stop turning after a while - walk in the direction it indicates. Keep following its directions and you will stumble upon the ghost ship.

Part 5: Ghost Ship

Talk to the navigator's head and ask it for the necklace. Be polite and persistent and you will get it. Wear the necklace and board the ship. Enter the hatch, and walk to the passage on the right side of the screen. Pick up the ghost chicken to get the ghost feather. Go back to the sleeping ghost and tickle his feet with the feather. Pick up the jug of grog and climb the ladder to get back up on deck. Head to the left then open the door and go inside. Use the magnetic compass with the key hanging on the wall. Go back to where you found the chicken, and use the key in the hatch. Walk to the hatch, and then use the jug of grog with the dish.

Once the rats are drunk, walk to the right. Pick up the cooking grease and go back up on deck. Use the grease on the door to the right of the dancing ghosts. Open the door and go inside. Pick up the ghost tools, then return to the glowing crate and use the ghost tools with the crate. Look at the glowing crate and take the voodoo root. Leave the ghost ship and walk to the left. Talk to the cannibals, and then while they are preparing the potion, talk to the three-headed monkey. After getting the potion, leave the village and you will end up back in the cave. Talk to the ghost who is left behind, then talk to your crew when they appear.

Part 6: Endgame

Back on Melee Island, head to the church (between the store and jailhouse). LeChuck will punch you all around the island, until you eventually hit the grog machine at Stan's Used Ship Emporium. Quickly pick up the root beer that falls out of the machine, and use it on LeChuck before he hits you again.