Monkey Island 2Monkey Island 2

LeChuck's Revenge

Game Details:  Comedy, 1991

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Walkthrough Updated:  7/30/2003

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is the second in a series of classic point-and-click comedy adventures by LucasArts. This game continues after The Secret of Monkey Island. It starts with the hero Guybrush having split up with Elaine, and setting out on an adventure to discover the treasure of Big Whoop. At the same time, the evil ghost pirate LeChuck is being resurrected by his minions, and Guybrush will have to deal with his nemesis once more. An updated version of this game has been subsequently released, Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge. The main series continues with The Curse of Monkey Island.

Part 1: The Largo Embargo

Scabb Island

After the introduction, you will be on the bridge - when you try to leave the screen, Largo will steal your money. Once he's gone, pick up the shovel (from the sign), and exit to the right. Go to the swamp area and use the coffin. Keep rowing to the right until you enter the voodoo woman's house. Pick up the string from the table in the first room, and then look at the jars until you find the "Ash-2-Life". Try to pick it up, and you will start talking to the voodoo woman. Keep talking until you receive a voodoo shopping list. Use the coffin again to return to shore.

Walk to the cemetery, and go to the top of the hill. Use the shovel on Largo's grandfather's grave (on the left). Next, go to the beach, and pick up the stick. Go back to Woodtick, and enter Wally's place (second door from the right). Talk to Wally and take a sheet of paper from the pile. When Wally puts down his monocle, quickly pick it up. Go outside and swing through the left window on the ship (at the bottom of the screen). Pick up the knife and leave again.

Go into the ship on the far left and use your knife on the rope to set Pegbiter loose. Pick up the bowl (to get the cheese squigglies) and go into Largo's room on the left. Steal his toupee off the styrofoam head and leave again. Go up to the group of pirates to the north, and pick up the bucket. Open the box, use the stick with the box, use the string with the stick, and use the cheese squigglies with the box. Leave the screen and come back, and the rat should be eating. Pull the string, then open the box and take the rat.

Walk down through the hatch near the window you jumped through earlier, and talk to the barkeeper until Largo comes in and spits on the wall. Use your paper with the dripping spit. Go back into the kitchen via the window and put the rat in the vichyssoise. Go back into the bar and ask for some stew. Eventually turn the soup down, but take the job. After you get paid, leave through the window once more.

Leave town and go to the swamp. Fill the bucket with mud from the swamp, then head back to Woodtick. Go into Largo's room, close the door, use the bucket with the door and hide behind the dressing screen. Follow Largo to the laundry (near the pirates to the north) and watch the conversation. Go back to Largo's room, close the door and take the laundry claim ticket. Give this to the laundry guy to get a pearly-white bra. Head back to the voodoo woman in the swamp, and give her the four items (toupee, spit, bone and bra). Get the voodoo doll and head back to Woodtick. Enter Largo's room. When he tries to throw you out, use the pins on the doll.

After automatically returning to the swamp, go to the peninsula and board the houseboat. Talk to Captain Dread, give him the monocle and charter his ship.

Part 2: The Four Pieces

Pick up the parrot chow, then go inside and select to sail to Phatt Island.

Phatt Island

You will be arrested and thrown in jail. Get the stick from under the mattress, and use the stick on the bone. Pick up the bone and give it to Walt. Get the small key and use it on the cell door. Take both envelopes, and open them both in your inventory, then leave to the right.

Talk to the fisherman (to the right) and make a wager with him. Head into the library and open the model lighthouse. Take the lens and then talk to the librarian to apply for a library card. Use the card catalog, and find the names of three books. The first is under "D" for Disaster and is called "Great Shipwrecks of Our Century". The second is under "R" for Recipes and is called "The Joy of Hex". It doesn't matter what the third one is. After remembering all three names, go to the librarian and ask for them. Now you can leave the library. Walk to the path off in the distance, and head to the mansion.

Enter the mansion and try to walk up the stairs. Tell the guard you are Guybrush's cousin, and that there is a fire in the kitchen. Go up the stairs, and swap your third book with the book on Governor Phatt's belly, "Famous Pirate Quotations". Head back to the wharf and into the alley to the left of the library. Watch the guy win, and quickly follow him into the second alley. When he leaves, knock on the door and ask for the next roulette number. Watch for the number of fingers he holds up the first time - this is the answer to his question. Answer correctly three times to get the next number. Head back to the first alley and win. Get the next number and win 2 more times so you win all 3 prizes. Go back to the ship and sail to Booty Island.

Booty Island

Go into the small shop to your left, and buy the sign about the parrot, the ship's horn, a hub cap, a pirate hat, the well-polished old saw, a rock and roll collector's plate, and a feather pen. Put the parrot chow on the hook the sign was using, and buy the parrot's mirror. Look at the map piece and ask the antique dealer about trade-ins to learn about the Mad Monkey. Leave and enter the costume shop. Show the Mardi Gras invitation to the shopkeeper, then take the dress. Go outside and talk to the woman in the big hat to get a leaflet. Leave this area by going left, then travel to the mansion.

On your way, you will have to show your invitation and put on your costume. Go around the back of the mansion and push the garbage cans. Run away from the angry cook and do a complete lap of the house. Go into the kitchen and grab a fish from the pot. Now leave and enter the mansion through the front door. Take the map piece from the painting on the far left of the room, then leave. You will be stopped by the gardener, and get taken upstairs. Be nice to Elaine, and she will throw the map piece out the window. Leave the mansion and try to pick up the map piece - it will fly away. Go back inside and upstairs, and take the oar from above Elaine's bed. Go back outside and pick up the dog. Return to Dread's ship.

Phatt Island

Give the fish to the fisherman. After getting the fishing pole, return to Dread's ship again.

Booty Island

Go to the cliff. Use the fishing pole to try to get the map piece, but a bird will steal it. Follow the bird to the big tree. Place the oar in the second hole, and walk on the existing plank, followed by the oar. After your weird dream, pick up the broken oar, and set sail again.

Scabb Island

In Woodtick, enter the first door from the right. Give the broken oar to the woodsmith and he will fix it for you. Go back and see Wally again, and give him the lighthouse lens. Next, go back to the bar and order one of each type of colored drink (and you will get a free crazy straw). Make sure you also ask for some near-grog. Use the banana on the metronome (on the piano) and then take Jojo the monkey. Go up and visit the group of three pirates. Saw off the pirate's peg-leg, then head over to the woodsmith's workshop again. Get the hammer and nails, and then head back to Dread's ship.

Booty Island

Go right and enter Stan's shop. While he's trying to give you a deal, he'll get inside a coffin - close the coffin and keep him inside by using the hammer and nails. Take the crypt key from behind the counter. Go over to the spit contest (to the right of Stan's). Use the ship horn to get rid of the spitmaster, then quickly pick up the flags to move them. Mix the yellow and blue drinks, and then drink the green mixture with the crazy straw. Talk to the spitmaster and enter the contest. Watch the sash on the right contestant and spit when you see it moving in the wind. You should win the contest and get a plaque. Head back to the antique store and sell this to the antique dealer to get 6000 pieces of eight.

Read the "Great Shipwrecks of Our Century" book, and note the coordinates where the Mad Monkey capsized (random for each game). Charter a ship from Kate, and move the pointer to the coordinates shown in the book. When you get there on the boat, dive down into the sea and pick up the monkey head. It's too heavy for you to carry to the surface, so head left and pull the anchor. Back on Booty Island, ask Kate about the near-grog, but she won't give you any. Back at the antique shop, give the monkey head to the antique dealer and you will get the map piece (1/4).

Go to the big tree, and use the reinforced oar with the second hole. Walk on the plank, then the oar. Pick up the plank and place it in the third hole, then continue up the tree. Take the telescope from the top treehouse, then enter the bottom treehouse. Use the dog on the pile of maps to locate the correct map piece (2/4). Head back to Dread's ship.

Scabb Island

Go to the cemetery and use the crypt key on the crypt. Read the book of Pirate Quotations, and then look each of the coffins until you can open the one with the correct inscription. Pick up the ashes. Go back to the voodoo woman in the swamp, and give her the ashes. When she forgets the recipe, give her "The Joy of Hex", and get the potion. Return to the crypt in the cemetery, and use the potion on the ashes. Talk to Rapp and get the key to his Weenie Shack. Go to the beach and use the key on the shack door. Turn the burners off and return to the crypt. Use the potion on the ashes again, and Rapp will give you the next map piece (3/4). Time to return to Dread's ship again.

Phatt Island

Place Kate's leaflet on top of your wanted poster and walk out of town. When Kate gets arrested, go and visit her in jail. Take her envelope from the shelves, then open it in your inventory. Leave here and travel to the waterfall. Walk to the top of the hill and use Jojo the monkey on the pump. Go back down and head through the newly discovered gaping hole to eventually appear on the small island.

Enter the cottage and agree to engage in a drinking contest with the old man. He will bring you a drink and leave again to get his own. While he's gone, pick up the mug and empty it into the tree. Pour the near-grog into your mug - you will both drink and he will pass out. Place your mirror in the mirror frame on the back wall, and open the shutters on the right window. Go outside and walk over to the grotesque statue. Read the plaque and then put the telescope in the statue's hand. After the secret brick is revealed, go back into the cottage and pull it. Take the map piece (4/4), then go through the hole on the left. Return to Dread's ship.

Scabb Island

Give the map pieces to Wally. While he works, go and pick up his love potion from the voodoo woman in the swamp. Open the bag in your inventory to find some matches and a love bomb. Return to Woodtick and visit Wally. Read the message scratched into his table, then go back to the swamp and get into the crate.

Part 3: LeChuck's Fortress


Walk to the right, up the stairs and through the doorway. Go right until you reach the dungeon and approach the jail cell so you can talk to Wally. Head back up the stairs and through the door. Read the spit encrusted paper (in your inventory) and note the first verse. Find the collection of bones that matches the verse and push them. Walk through the door and read the next verse. Keep doing this until you find a huge door with heaps of locks. Open the door and try to pick up the voodoo key.

Ask LeChuck some stupid questions and he will leave. Use the crazy straw with the green drink again. Spit at the shield to the right four times to extinguish the candle. When the room goes dark, use your matches.

Part 4: Dinky Island

Dinky Island

Pick up the bottle that's floating in the water, and smash it on the rock. Pick up the martini glass and crowbar, and open the barrel near the parrot. Give the cracker to the parrot for your first clue. Fill the martini glass with water from the ocean, then distill it using the still. Talk to Herman Toothrot about the treasure, then enter the jungle through the opening to the left.

In the jungle you should see two paths. Go to the left, and follow that path to the top of the next screen. Use your broken bottle on the bag, then pick up the box of cracker mix. Follow the path back to the right twice, then continue right. Take the rope from around the box, then open the box with your crowbar. Take the dynamite. Go right twice to find a dinosaur and the parrot. Combine your glass of distilled water with the box of cracker mix to get 2 more crackers. Give one to the parrot for another clue. Go up twice to reach a pile of rocks. Give the parrot the last cracker to get the final hint. Follow the third hint by walking to the right, where you'll find Herman. Use his shortcut to go back to the Big X, and dig a hole with your shovel. Light the dynamite with your matches, then throw the lit dynamite into the hole.

Attach the crow bar to the rope, and then use it with the twisted metal rods at the top of the hole. At the bottom of the hole, find a light switch, and talk to LeChuck. Walk to the far left and pick up the ticket from the smashed up treasure chest. Now walk to the far right and enter the first aid room. Look at the skeletons and pick up your dad's skull. Get the surgical gloves out of the trash can and the hypodermic syringe out of the drawer.

Go to the storage room (through the doorway to the left of the first aid sign). Open the boxes to find a balloon, rootbeer and a voodoo doll. Next go to the vending machine room (through the doorway to the right of the elevator sign). Use the gloves and the balloon with the helium container. Use the coin return to get a coin to pop out onto the floor. When LeChuck comes in and bends over to pick it up, steal his underwear. Return to this room after you get zapped away and pop out another coin. This time when he comes in, give him the hankie and he will blow his nose on it. Go inside the elevator, and wait for LeChuck. When he arrives, use the lever quickly, then pick up the crispy beard bits. In your inventory, put the doll, beard, skull, hankie and underwear into the juju bag.

Pull the lever to go back downstairs and find LeChuck. When you see him, use the syringe on the doll. Chase after him and talk to him, then pull off his mask.