Tomb Raider 3Tomb Raider 3

Adventures of Lara Croft

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 1998

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  2/15/2006

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft is the third in a long-running series of games starring Lara Croft, adventurer and archaeologist. This continues after the previous game, Tomb Raider 2. In this game, Lara initially travels to India in search of the Infada Stone, only to discover it is part of a set of 4 stones hidden around the planet.

Lara's Home

Open the weapons closet (using the wall switch) and take the flares. Now head to the main stairs. At the far corner of the landing is another door that leads to the attic. Go inside and light a flare to find a blue box - push it twice. Now go back down and into the library. Use the book that's sticking out, then climb up inside the fireplace. At the top, move the boxes and get more flares. Flip the switch then start running/sprinting. Head down the hall back to the attic, and down the stairs to the 2nd floor landing. Jump straight over the banister and continue running down the stairs. Quickly do a 180 turn at the bottom, sprint for a while and head right through the door before it closes. In the basement, find a moveable box that you can shift under the hole in the ceiling and pull up into the hall above. Follow the passage to the aquarium, and take a swim to get the racetrack key. Now explore the rest of the estate, including the gym, racetrack, assault course and shooting range. When you are ready to leave, go to the main gate and hit the button to exit.

Note: To access the bonus level at the end, you must find all secrets (indicated in bold).



Jump over the slope to your right and slide down twice to reach a ledge. Jump over towards the yellow rock and crouch to find the shotgun. Now slide down the long ramp and jump up to grab the log. Kill the monkey, then jump down and work your way to the left, towards some shells and a medipack. Quickly step back to avoid the boulder. Jump to the area behind the tree to get the save gem. Finish the slide to the bottom and head through the arch to the left. Collect another save gem, then climb on to the pillar. Grab 3 lots of ammo from the area, then head through the arch. Kill the monkey to your left, then find a small bush with a passage behind it that leads to a switch. Flip the switch and head back to the gate that you just opened. Go through the gate and drop down to a dark hallway. Flip the switch then quickly climb into the alcove to avoid some spikes. When it passes, go to the other end of the hall and climb up to the opening. Go through and ride the cable-slide down to the base of a square block. Climb onto this block then jump into the passage and drop into the next area.

Quickly kill the tiger, the flip the switch inside the hollow tree to open a gate. Dodge the boulder, then go to where it came from to find another switch that opens another gate. Head into this next room and kill the tiger. Head right through some thick plants and find shells on a small ledge to the left. Continue into the next area, killing another tiger, and continuing until you see mist rising out of a dark patch in the middle of the room - stay away from this! Circle around to the right, get the ammo in the trees, then crawl under the fallen tree and kill another tiger before collecting the save gem. Run to the end of the fallen tree, drop over the edge and climb inside. Get the loot, then hang and drop on to a slope. Quickly jump back and forward as well as slightly sideways to avoid the spikes. Take the ammo, then drop into the tunnel and walk through the spikes. Climb out and return to the end of the fallen tree. Run down the hallway, and kill a monkey before walking through the spikes. Jump to a corner pillar, and shimmy around to get the save gem. Shimmy all the way back around and climb up to the ledge where you shot the monkey. Follow a dark passage, killing another monkey, and flip the switch. Roll and run out of that passage while the boulder passes, then go back inside and climb up to the secret passage and ammunition. Now drop back down to the jungle floor. Kill the tiger then run through the open gate. Shoot and monkey and dodge 2 boulders, then run up the slope and dodge a 3rd boulder. You will find a hole behind some bushes - drop down and grab the ledge. Enter the passage to find some flares and a save gem. Jump across to the opposite ledge, then turn around and jump and climb out of the pit. Return to the 3 boulders, and run past them to reach a river. Swim to the right to find some ammo, then swim to a small island. Jump up to the ledge and use the switch to open a door, then return to the island.

Do a running jump and grab the ledge just next to the pillar. Climb up to the right, then run through the tree branches and ride the cable-slide to the bottom. Turn left and get the save gem - while you are here, kill the 2 tigers roaming around below. Head left into the dark passage. Cross the pool and get some flares before heading right. Pull the block twice, then go through the open gate and flip the switch. Return to the previous room and jump down through the open grate (behind the block you moved). Flip the two switches in there to open yet another gate in the other room. Go back and flip a final switch. Run back and go through the open door with torches on either side to reach the waterfalls. Swim to the far waterfall and get out of the water. Work your way to the top of the falls and flip a switch to open an underwater gate. Dive down and swim through the long passage. Kill the tiger, then claim the ammo. Climb the ladder, go around the corner, and kill the monkey. Take the key the monkey was carrying, then look down and kill the tiger below. Drop down and make your way to the ledge where you use your key (avoid the quicksand). Take the ammo from just left of the door, then exit the level.

Temple Ruins

Follow the path past the tree and kill the 2 snakes. Flip the switch at the end and jump down through the gate. Light a flare, and follow the passage, taking a medipack and killing a snake and 2 monkeys. When you reach the water, dive in and quickly get onto the shallow ledge - the piranha are hungry. Head up the path and flip the switch to open an underwater gate. Dive back into the water and swim through the gate, surfacing when you can. Kill the monkey, then jump up the dirt mound. Walk around to the ledge, then jump around until you reach an opening by a waterfall. Enter and get the save gem, then do a running jump out onto the tree. Explore for some ammo and flares, then use 2 more running jumps to read the waterfall. Make your way up to the second waterfall, then drop and shimmy right to find some shells. Keep crawling, then jump around to a ledge with a monkey. Crawl through into the cave and kill the 2 snakes on your way through. Pull the block in the next area, then grab the shells and crawl through the opening. Kill the giant statue in the next room, using the save gem when you need it. Flip the 2 switches near the save gem, then drop through the hole in the floor and use the switch there. Push the block next to the switch and enter a secret passage with poison darts shooting everywhere.

Crawl down the corridor, dropping into the first hole to get a medipack and getting out again quickly. Keep crawling and collecting ammo, then return up through the hole. Go through the gate, then keep moving through the sludge to avoid sinking. Head up the slope on the other side, then turn and jump to the ledge. Go down the passage to flip a switch which opens a nearby gate. Enter the next room and quickly jump the swinging blade, then sprint to avoid the spikes. Do not flip the switch yet. After killing the 2 monkeys, pull the block out from the wall, then push it to the left. Climb on to it, then jump up to the ledge above. Climb up the ladder from around the corner to find a room full of items. Flip the switch, then climb back down. Now flip the switch by the cage, then push the block so you can jump from it over to the ledge. Go through the gate and dive into the water. Pull the lever and swim through the gate until you reach a pair of levers. Pull both, then quickly swim up for air. Jump into the pool and pull the pair of levers opposite each other to activate the statues. The remaining lever opens a timed door where you can claim a medipack. Go back out to the main pool and you should see some platforms illuminated by the fire. Jump across these to reach a switch to flip. Down down to the save gem, before quickly running through the door on the left.

Flip the switch and sprint down the corridor. Grab the key then go through the gate and wait for the spikes to pass. Return to the hall and take the ammo and medipack, then head back to the pool room. Climb the sludge and enter the passage on the right. Take the flares, then start climbing the stairs but prepare to run back and to the side to avoid the boulder. Continue and turn right at the 2 gates. Flip the switch and go through the gate, avoiding the hole. Follow the passage, killing 3 monkeys and getting a save gem. Drop and hang at the end, then climb down to the floor below, where that dead statue is still lying. Head up the mound and over to the ledge. Flip the 2 switches, then go through the gate that opened. Head past the pit and through the next door, where you can swim across to another switch. Swim down through the underwater gate. Avoid the poison darts and falling rubble, then grab the medipack from the shore. Go to the other grassy ledge and climb the ladder. Backflip onto the ledge, then do a running jump to the next ledge. Jump to another, then climb the wall. Turn and jump again, then kill a snake and jump to its ledge. Another jump takes to you a room with a boulder, so dodge it to the left, then crawl under the darts. Grab the medipack, then jump to get the save gem. Jump down into the pit, walk through the blades and crawl through a tunnel to find a snake, a save gem, and some ammo. Drop to the water below, then make your way back to the previous save gem. Push the block in the corner to reveal another block to push 5 times. Keep pushing the other blocks around to reveal a switch you need to flip. Enter the next room and outrun the 2 boulders, jumping the pit at the end. Fall down the right side of the chasm at the end to land in water, and swim up to the room with the fire-breathing statues. Continue into the next room and use the switch in the pool you just created (with that last switch). Swim down the passage to get another key, then return to the surface and exit the room. Use your two keys to open the gate.

Run through and quickly climb the ladder to find a save gem. Pull the block in the right corner, so you can reach the ledge and the switch above. Turn and jump to the ledge ledge and switch. A pair of boulders will roll in, so jump to avoid them. Go through the gates and time your run through the flames. Kill the statue that comes to life, and take his sword. Climb on to the ledge with the multi-armed statue and the second statue below will come to life. Kill him and take his sword too, then return to the multi-armed statue and put the swords in his hands to open the exit from the room. Go through the gate and crawl through one of the holes. Drop to the floor and go through to the next room where another statue comes to life. Kill him and take the key from the middle of room, then walk to the gate and it will open. Light a flare and sprint into the room. Flip the switch at the other end, then quickly flip the second switch to open the floor grate, and drop in. Grab the key, then climb back up to the main room. Run around to the green room and take the save gem, then drop down into the water-filled pit. Quickly swim to the left or right and use the switch, then swim back to the front of the room. Now swim the other direction and use that switch - the currents are now turned off. Collect the key, then swim up to the surface. Use your three keys in the locks to open the gate, then walk through.

The Ganges River

Run up to the ramp, and drop off the side and hang, then climb down the ladders that take you to the left. Perform a series of running jumps, then backflip from the low area after the small gap, then do one more running jump to find a secret area.  Jump onto the first slope and keep jumping to reach a ledge. Take the ammo, medipack and save gem, then jump all the way back to the quad bike. Speed up to jump over the water, and continue until you reach a small pit. Climb down the ladder into the pit and collect some supplies. Climb back up and drive around the ledge to make a big jump and reach a door. Now walk back down the slope and jump into the side passage. Crawl along until you can stand and kill the two snakes. You will reach a hole to jump across, then kill some monkeys and flip a switch. Return to your vehicle and drive through the door to reach the save gem.

Ignore the rocky slope to the right (as you will miss out on several secrets if you go that way). Inside drive up and make a big jump, then turn right. Head around the huge hole in the middle of the next room and up the ramp. Stay to the right at the top and get off the bike. Walk out to the ramp and grab some ammo from the ledge. Jump up into a crawlspace to get some harpoons and a save gem. Return to the bike and follow the ramp. Take either of the two passages and keep driving up and over ramps until you reach another save gem. Climb down the nearby ladder, killing a snake and grabbing some ammo. Climb back up and make the jump in your vehicle. Get off again and kill the vulture that is flying around, then slide down and jump up to the next slope. Run around and jump across to a ledge. Turn around and jump to a sloped surface, jumping again straight away to find a small hollow and some goodies. Now get down to the ground level here and run through the cave. Kill the two monkeys then turn left to reach the top of a waterfall. Jump around the ledges, killing the vultures that attack. Get the save gem and ammo, then drop to the water. Climb out, walk through the waterfall, and climb the rocks to the exit.

Caves of Kaliya

Head left at the first intersection, then left again to reach a hole in the floor. Get the flares, then climb out and return to the beginning of the level.  Take the right path this time. After a short crawl, sprint down the ramp and turn left at the end to avoid the boulder. Light a flare and note the alcove on the right of this passage. Continue down the hall, and when the boulder approaches run into that alcove. Now continue down the hall and jump and climb into the crawlspace. Kill the snake in the left passage, get then shells from the right passage, then take the straight passage. Push the moveable block 4 times, and follow the passage to the right. Drop down through the hole and follow the passage to another crawlspace. Go through, then follow the hall until you reach a room with flares, a hole and a save gem. Jump over the hole to get the gem, then do a safety drop into the hole. Kill all the snakes and look out for a boulder. Follow the boulder to find a medipack and save gem. Slide down the ramp and kill the guy, then take the grenade launcher and grenades from the ledges. Get the Infada artifact to complete the level.


Thames Wharf

Run out along the platform towards the door, then turn around and do a running jump over the sloped wall. Take the ammo and save gem before using the box to get over the wall. Drop down, then jump to the crane. Drop to the counterweight, and finally jump onto the ladder. Avoiding the barbed wire, make your way down the sloped roof, then walk through the wire, kill some rats and get a medipack and some ammo. Make your way back to the start of the level (via the crane). Hang from the end of the walkway so you can see a ramp below you. Drop onto the slope and jump immediately to a ledge, then flip the switch. Jump to the next ledge and grab the medipack, then slide down to a sloped ledge and hang on. Drop and hang again, then shimmy right to the green platform you just raised. Kill the guy and take the medipack. Jump on to the next platform and jump off again before it collapses. Kill the two rats then follow the passage around to a guy to kill. Grab his key, then return to the ledge and drop and grab the ledge below. Push the button, then turn around, take the harpoons, and jump back to the green platform. Flip the switch in the side corridor, then drop to the level below. Jump up and grab onto the crawlspace, and shimmy right using an invisible ledge. Climb into each of the crawlspaces, getting the ammo from the right-most one. Return to the left-most crawlspace and continue right through. Push the button at the end, then return through the crawlspace. Drop from the end of the ledge on to a slope and down to the ground. Dispose of the bad guy, then get the flares and save gem, before climb all the way back up to the start of the level again.

Drop down and flip the switch again, then jump over to the ledge above the green platform. Shimmy along the crack to the right and follow the passage. Take the lower passage when it splits, and follow this to find a crow, a medipack and a button to push. Jump across to the scaffold (grab in the air to avoid hitting your head). Use your key to enter the Flue Room. Take the save gem, then push the button and time your run through the flames to the exit. Return to the passage and take the upper passage this time. Jump over the hole and take the ammo, then slide down the slope to the left and drop to the ledge. Drop down to get a rocket, before climbing back up and dropping into the hole. Keep sliding and jumping, killing some rats and grabbing a save gem and medipack on the way, before dispatching of a guard at the bottom.

There is an empty water tank and a full water tank in this area. Flip the switch then jump into the previously empty tank (at the end of the corridor) to get some items and pull a lever. Get out and flip the switch again, then dive into the other tank. Swim through the blades, then climb out and kill another guard and some rats. Grab the shells at the end of the corridor, then crawl through the small opening and take the medipack. In the next room, pull the mesh box out, then push it along the walkway so the generator smashes the wall panel. Grab the save gem, then climb up, flip the switch yet again, push the revealed button and kill a guard. Swim across the water tank to a new passage and follow this to another tank. Swim over to kill another guard and press another button. The pool is dry when you return, so monkey-swing across using the ceiling. Kill the 3 rats and take the save gem and medipack as you return to the first room. Kill another guard on the way, then press the second button. Return to the monkey-swing room and swim down through the new opening. Take the harpoons on the way, and you will surface into a large open area. Climb out near the ladder and quickly kill an enemy before taking the save gem. Climb up, avoiding the barbed wire. Jump to the crane platform, then the wall. Climb up and kill the two remaining snipers, then find and push the moveable block twice so you can climb to the ledge above. Get a medipack, then do a running jump to the far slope to get the cathedral key (for the bonus level). Now head outside, but before you follow the path away from the dome, climb down the ladder on the corner of the building and follow the path to another medipack. Now climb back up and exit the level.


Grab onto the ledge as you fall, and take the shotgun shells, then slide down into the subway. Shoot the grating in the first hall and climb up. Walk around and pull out the box with the climbable surface then kill the thug and drop into the ticket booth area. Kill another thug, then climb up using the box you moved earlier, to find a key. Leave through the door and take the escalator on the right. Jump the pit then kill then thug and his dog before using your key to get through the door. Use the button in the room to turn on some lights outside, so you can find the penny. Drop down to the lower tracks (through the pit), then sprint and dodge to the right to avoid the train. You will now be in a red room with two thugs to kill. Get the items, then jump (using the slope) and climb the ladder, and backflip on to the ledge - kill the guy. Monkey swing across the ceiling, then turn right and drop at the wall. Do a safety drop into the drill room, then quickly jump left. Slide then jump and grab to hang onto the ledge and shimmy right as a blade comes down. When you get to the right, drop and grab the edge of the slope and pull up and do a backflip with a twist to face and grab the opposite ledge. One more safety drop to the next ledge gets you a save gem. Make your way upwards, grabbing some more medipacks and save gems on the way. The flames will die down as you approach them, so keep climbing and flip the switch to open a door in the red room. Climb up and kill some rats, before dropping down to the platform and returning to the red room via the train tracks.

Climb up through the trap door, take the shells, and kill the man and his dog. Drop down into another area and pull the moveable box, then climb up and drop into the new hallway. Continue until you reach 2 buttons - push the right one, then sprint to the middle room. Climb up and push the button, then follow the passage until you reach the 2 buttons again. Push the right one again, and enter the far right room to push another button. Now press the left button and run into the left room. Monkey swing across the ceiling to get the first Solomon key. Return to the red room, and monkey swing to the drill room to get a second key. Head back to the ticket booth and use the penny to get a ticket. Run down the other escalator and kill the thugs that approach. Shoot open another grating past the mudslide and drop inside for some shells. Leave this area and head down the tracks, shooting the guard on the right.

Enter the small room and push the button, then go back and get the save gem from the previous alcove. Now press the button to proceed into a hallway. Take the first right passage and press the button there. Now run down the main hall and press the button just around the left corner. Go into the newly opened room and press the left button. Return to the main hall and push the button at the end of the passage around that left corner. Now go back and push the first button and follow the passage you have created to the Mason's room. Grab the uzi's and save gem, watching out for the collapsing floor panels. Get the ornate star from behind a purple curtain that extends to the floor. Use your two keys in the locks, then get the masonic mallet and kill the dogs that attack. Run through the other door that opened in the room, and grab the medipack and ammo before taking a swim. Jump to the crack in the wall and shimmy right. Jump up to the ceiling and monkey-swing then crawl through to a barrier where you can use your ticket. Kill the rats and thug, then use the ornate star in the door and kill another thug. Run down the escalator and use the mallet to open the door, then kill the guy on the right. Follow the hall until you reach the train. Kill the guard then explore the darkness for some more items. Go back down the hall and down through the crack, to eventually enter the train. Press the button, then follow the passages. You should spot a guy with a torch running off down a hall - follow him but don't kill him. As you go around the corner, kill the 2 attackers, then use both buttons to open the final secret back in the red room. Retrace your path back through the train and across an overpass and through a trapdoor. Back in the red room you should now see a new open door with lots of items and some bad guys. Now exit the level using the ramps near the room with the two buttons.

Lud's Gate

The immortals are now your friends, so don't shoot them! Take the left passage at the room with two pools and slide down to the room below. Quickly pull up onto the right ledge then drop down to the crack, and then to the ground. Walk through the barbed wire, then pull up into a dark crevice. Exit via the hole in the ceiling then jump around to be above the barbed wire again. Press the button to open the trapdoor then climb to the passage and get the medipack before jumping and climbing up the mesh. From the left side, jump backward and twist to grab on to another mesh. Climb up into the ledge and get a rocket. Drop down then quickly jump and twist to get back to the main climb. Go right up and crawl to the end of the passage for some ammo. Crawl back and get the medipack before dropping down and killing a guard in a control room. Move the block twice, then push the button, kill a second guard, and follow the passage to the right.

Climb up the ladder in this Egyptian room, and go through the opening. Follow the passage and move the box so you can jump up from it back to the outside. Jump across the open space to the pillar opposite, and jump up to the left, then follow the metallic sloping path back to the control room. Move the block to the centre position, then return to the Egyptian room. Climb up and find and use the switch on the wall to the left of the ladder. Use the monkey bars to access a pair of alcoves where you can get a save gem and flip another switch to open a door above you. Climb up from the switch and use some ladders to reach a slope. Slide down and jump to grab the next ledge. Slide again and jump as the floor gives way beneath you. Get the embalming fluid and crawl into the passage. Kill the guards in the next two rooms, then press the button to get access to the rocket. Drop down into the next room, and monkey swing across to get the save gem.

Drop down to the head of the Sphinx. Head to the rear of the head, to the left corner, and turn left 45 degrees. Hop back then jump forward - you will get injured but will land right next to a medipack. Jump to the nearby pillar, then do a running jump and grab the edge of the slope. Pull up and slide then jump to the ledge where you can get some rockets and another save gem. Jump back to the sphinx and down to the ground. Kill the 2 guards who rush you, then run up the stairway and start moving boxes. Pull one and use it to climb up and around and then push it clear and pull a second one out of the way. Go right around again and follow the passage back to the start of the level. Use the embalming fluid at the ceremonial altar to open a new passage.

Dive in and locate the UPV. Take off and kill the croc as soon as you can. Collect all the items from around here, pausing momentarily to get some air. Follow the passage to the right, and pull the lever, then push the button above - do not get the attention of the frogman you see through the window. Continue along the passage and head to the right when you reach a large area - again you don't want to alert the frogman. It is safe to surface around a second right turn, and then go down below to pull another lever. Down next to this room is a small alcove in the wall with some items to collect. Return to the large underwater area and head down the narrow hall. Climb out on the ledge to the right and stay low. You need to kill the frogman quickly so he doesn't shut off the last secret of the level, which is underwater to the right. Follow the underwater tunnel to the large area where there is air to be found in the upper-left corner. Kill all the frogmen and that huge crocodile, and when you have flipped the final switch, go through the exit near the air pocket. When you reach the water passage, drop beneath the flaming ledges and pull the lever to turn off the fire. Dodge the pistons and monkey-swing to the opening in the waterfall. Use the Boiler Room Key to open the door back through the underwater chamber. Follow the machinery to the left and kill some guards. At the end of the passage, go through the crawlspace, then jump to the ledge and the end of the level.

The City

For this level, you need to keep dodging Sophia's energy bolts. Go through the door and run to the end of the hall. Head for the ramp, pull up and turn around. Ignoring the monkey-swing, do a running jump to cross the gap. Climb on to the pillar, then up above the monkey-swing. Back off and hang from the wall then drop and grab the next ledge, and pull up into the alcove. After grabbing the items, hang and drop to the floor below. Climb back up to the ledge with the metal box and find the catwalk leading away from the secret area; press the button at the end, then roll and run quickly to avoid fire from above. Pull up to the ledge and head along the catwalk to the ladder. Climb up when it's safe, then climb into the space to the right and get the medipack. Crawl out then run along the upper catwalk and jump to the far ledge. Climb up and move forward to the fuse box on the wall - shoot it to kill Sophia. Return across the upper catwalk to the crawlspace and make the small jump across the street. Watching out for electrified areas, climb up to the tall wooden box then over to the next box. Climb over the box to the right of the relic to find the main power switch. Flip it to kill the power then safely claim another artifact.

South Pacific Islands

Coastal Village

Head right and swim into the lagoon, diving down to find a block and the Smuggler's Key. Get the medipack from the beach, then go over to the cliffs. Jump to the slope, and shimmy right to reach a flat surface. Jump to the next ledge, then again to pull up for some ammo. Now go to the hut and use your key to open the trapdoor. Go through this and then run and jump from the upper section to dodge the trap. Climb up to the torch in the next cave and kill the native. Monkey-swing from the ledge until you can drop down and climb to the green rocks to the right. Climb up to the corner above the entrance then monkey swing towards the gem, watching out for crocodiles below. Jump to the slope and slide down, then jump the gap at the bottom to reach the opposite ledge. Kill the sniper, then do a running jump to grab the ladder and climb up to the medipack. Grab the ledge and shimmy left to get a save gem before running off this ledge toward the big wall and ending up on a rope bridge. Continue to the large room, staying out of the light. Flip the switch and get some items. Return to the rope bridge, and jump out to the pillar on the right, then over to the ledge with serpent stone 1. A concealed ledge above you holds some more ammo. Slide down to the ground and head over to the waterfall. Drop down for the save gem, then follow the path until you can jump behind the waterfall into a dark area - get serpent stone 2. Return to the exit and jump to the slope. Walk down it so you don't fall off, then make your way to the platform in the middle of the falls and climb the ladder. Follow the passage and keep climbing to reach the upper level. Kill the native waiting on the ledge then do a running jump to the next ledge. Jump to the next ledge, then jump around the corner next to the torch and get serpent stone 3. Now slide down and find the passage with the slots for the three stones - place the stones in their holes to open the village entrance.

Go in and kill the native on the ledge above, and then more that attack from the left. Get the medipack and rocket from one of the huts, then kill yet another native from the left. Follow the path to the left and kill someone else on a ledge, before turning the wheel which opens the path back to the right. Return to the village and kill more natives, then run down the right path, getting some shells from the ledge nearby. Light a flare and head down a dark path between 2 huts. Kill some natives as you enter the secret cave. Now head back out to the treehouse and climb the ledge to reach the huts above. Search the huts for ammo, killing any natives you come across. Turn the wheel in the hut to open a door below the treehouse. Jump out the window and over to the sloped roof. Jump again straight away and grab the ledge. Climb into the passage and kill the guy before proceeding down the hall. Watch out for the hole in the floor as you make your way to the top of the hut. Grab the vines and monkey-swing to the other end, then turn right and head to the intersection and keep left. Push the button in the next hut, turn and kill the native, then sprint past the spinning blades and turn the wheel. Now slide backward and hang, before dropping down. Get out of the water quickly and kill the crocodile, then follow the tunnel to the end of the level.

Crash Site

Use the map to get safely across the swamp. Just before making the final jump, turn left and jump and pull up into a small area. Jump back to the previous platform, and then out of the swamp. Kill the raptor in the fog, before climbing the rocks to a new area with another raptor. Take the right-hand path to reach a large tree. A dark passage behind the tree leads to more raptors and quite a few items. Flip the pair of switches to open the door and exit. The next open has more raptors to kill. Take the passage to the right of the waterfall and follow it around to the right. Climb the ladder and backflip to the slope, then jump to the branch and kill the raptor. Jump up and grab the high branch, walking out along the limb for some ammo. Now jump into the water below and flip the switch - the piranha are still occupied with the raptor you just fed them! Kill the raptors in the next passage, then flip each of the 3 switches in the next room, killing the raptors as they appear (it is safest to kill them from on top of the box). Jump from the box to the upper ledge and get another key, killing some more raptors that ambush you. Go back to the plane and follow a small passage to a lookout over an open area.

Get the ammo, then head toward the soldier - do not shoot him. Dodge the raptors and run for the T-Rex nest. Get the key, and then start running - hopefully the soldier and raptors will keep the T-Rex busy for a while. Sprint towards the torch and flip the switch, then flip the other switch that is revealed to open the doors. Before leaving the area, jump and grab on to a branch, and pull up to find a medipack. Jump over to the tree and then to the landing to get some flares, then head all the way back to the plane wreck.

Find the pillar in the dark area, and jump to the top of it. Climb up the tree and monkey-swing over to the trunk. Keep swinging out to the long limb, then drop down. Climb down the wall and shimmy to the left into a crawlspace. Now climb down the rock face into the small alcove then monkey-swing to the door overlooking the large room. Flip the switch on the ledge below. Climb around until you can pull up to reach a second switch, then go back and flip the first one again. Now monkey-swing over to the wall near the dead end. Turn around and climb down the wall to the bottom, then backflip to the hidden ledge where you will find a third switch. Flip this, then jump back to the ladder and climb to the ledge on the right. Jump to the slope near the middle of the large room, and grab the edge as you slide. Shimmy right until you can backflip to the central column, then jump up to the monkey-swing and exit into the new area with the plane. Jump to grab the limb, then again to reach the plane. Go inside and kill the raptor, then use the keys in the cockpit to turn on the power. Head further into the plane and flip the switch to extend the big gun and fire on the raptors outside. The gun will also blast holes into the walls in the building across the river - go through the hole in the wall to exit the level.

Madubu Gorge

Start by exploring the starting area and taking care of the bats. Kill the dragon in the tree, and another one under the ledge in the gorge. Climb down the pillars, then jump over to the large block in the centre. You can now jump over to the rocks and grab on. Shimmy right and flip the switch to open a door back at the beginning of the level. Now shimmy left, then drop and grab the lower ledge. Jump over the sloped area and land on the flat ledge near the opening in the rocks. Head past the sealed door and do a safety drop to the ledge. Jump and do a backflip over the razor grass and crawl into the dark space. A dragon attacks as you collect the save gem - watch for another one as you leave. Head to the stairs and take care of any resistance you encounter. Push the button to open the sealed door, then go down the passage beyond the door to find a waterfall. Behind the falls you will find some ammo. A monkey swing provides access to the ledge above the slope. Slide down the slope then jump and grab the pillar, then jump to the middle pillar to get the save gem.

Leave this area and do a running leap and grab the face of the cliff. Climb to the top and head right. Backflip to the slope and grab the edge as you fall off. Shimmy to the right and drop down to the platform to search the shack for more ammo. Do a running jump from the platform back to the main path (grab in mid-air to avoid hitting your head). Return to the main trail and you will see a kayak behind closed gates. Kill the crocodiles, then dive in a flip the switch to open the gate. Climb in and practice your manoeuvring in the kayak. Back-paddle to slow yourself through the first stretch of whitewater and steer toward the pool to the right. Get the save gem, then back on the river, head over the first falls and keep to the right to miss a big rock and a trip line. Continue around the bend and start back-paddling when the current pulls you to the right. Trip the line to turn off the blades, then cruise over the next waterfall. Watch the rock to the left and back-paddle as you steer towards the dark cave and follow it around to the right. Avoid the trip lines and keep back-paddling to steer and monitor your speed. When you cross the final line, make a sharp turn around the corner, then paddle forward through the narrow gap. Dodge the patches of razor grass (keep to the left) then let the current take you to a large cavern. Paddle behind the waterfall to find a save gem and some other items on the shore you can get later.

Now paddle down the green passage and paddle fast away from the crocodile. Get onto the shore and kill him from there, then swing out over the cavern, using timing to avoid the flames. Jump to the ledge and get the rocket launcher, then go up and follow the passage back to the waterfall. Do a running jump over the falls to get the ammo, then head back down the shore and climb up to the left ledge. Jump and grab onto the monkey swing and climb out to the middle until you hear some bats. Turn left and drop down at the wall and get the ammo from the shore on the left. Monkey swing back across the stream and jump around the corner to the slope. Jump to the ledge then jump back and grab the wall and climb up. When you get outside, look to the right for a tunnel and go inside. Dodge the boulders by ducking. When you enter the room with the walkway, walk out a short distance then back off the walkway and shimmy over the fire and pull up at the opposite end to avoid triggering the boulder. Jump over the flames in the hall and avoid the boulder that drops down quickly. Back at the river, run and jump to the ledge on the right and climb into the crawlspace. Once you are through this, jump to the middle platform and then to the far ledge. Ride the cable-slide down to the lower ledge and jump off to land on the ledge. Climb the textured wall and watch for a dragon to attack from the right as you reach the top. Enter the hallway and flip the switch to pull the plug, light a torch and bring another dragon to kill. Return to your kayak and head down the whirlpool, staying on the edges to avoid dropping. When you reach the lower area, use the underwater switch to open the exit and bring 2 crocodiles towards you. Quickly get out of the water and kill them before exiting the level.

Temple of Puna

Kill the natives quickly to avoid being hit by poison darts. If you do get hit, kill as many of them as you can before using the medipack. Go to the lower area and note the gate leading to the boss. Ignore this for now, and head into the larger room with the boulder on the ramp. Kill some more natives on your way up the stairs, and when you reach the top, crawl into the next room. Jump from the upper ledge and sprint towards the right corner as the rolling blades go past. Wait for the blades again, then run to the switch, flip it, and run back to the corner before they return. Now make your way to the next corner by jumping the gap between a set of blades, and repeat the process with the switch. Do this two more times, and the door will open.

Head to the door, then time a run back into the room to collect the save gem. Roll as you grab it and run back through the door. Slide down the slope into the next room with the spiked ceiling. Pull the box to stop the ceiling, then flip the 3 switches to open the door. Drop safely down the hole into the large chamber with the boulder. Flip the switch to turn on some lights and seal the door. Sprint down the passage as the boulder is released, and continue through the door and turn right. Keep to the centre of the room and get the save gem. Keep going to reach stable floor between the two ramps. You wll be attacked by 1 native on the right and 2 on the left. Start up the stairs, and when they reverse direction, you can spot an opening high above you. Jump from the steps to the wall, shimmy to the left and up into an opening to get some items. Go through the gate and slide down the slope to enter the boss' chamber. Keep running to avoid Puna, and take care of his helpers when they arrive, ignoring Puna for the time being. When he finally dies, get the medipack from the ledge, then the relic.


Nevada Desert

Kill the snake to your right and take the rocket. Wade across the water and enter the passage to find a block to push. Grab the ammo and head up the trail, where you can jump twice to reach the middle ledge, then drop safely to the area below. Kill the snakes here, then grab the ammo. Now go back and push the block from before, then jump down to the platform below. Do a running jump and grab, then continue until you see a metal chute. Head right and jump up to the ledge nearby. Kill the snake hiding in the bushes then run and jump to the next ledge. Run off the end of this ledge to drop to the one below and continue along until you can drop down and get a medipack. Climb back up and continue to the rocks, where you must run, jump and grab to reach the other rocks. Kill another snake and make your way to the top of the chute. Drop into the chute and fall into the water. Swim until you can surface for air and climb out.

Follow the trail leading away from the waterfalls, and kill the vultures that attack. Continue until you reach the high ledge at the same level as the rock formation. Do a running jump across the canyon and climb down the ladder, staying to the right. Drop and grab straight away to cling to a crack in the rock-face, and shimmy right until you can climb up and get some items. Jump into the water below and get all the items underwater, as well as those in alcoves near the waterfall. Exit the water via the red rock near the falls. At the top, jump to the slope opposite, then head down the trail again. Take the upper route this time and kill a snake hiding in the bushes. Jump past the rock and avoid the hole on the ledge. Drop and grab to the crack below and shimmy left to reach a ledge. Jump and cling to the rocks above and monkey swing to the cliff-face, then climb up to the left. Take the save gem, then find the flares and TNT on the ledge below. Head to the waterfall and jump across to the slope. Grab on as you slide off, then climb down and continue along the cliff until you can jump over to the rocky surface and climb to the top. Perform a backflip over to the flat rock, then jump and grab the slope between the pair of waterfalls. Pull up and you will start sliding - jump and grab to reach the ledge. Grab the ammo, then jump to the crack and shimmy right. Drop and jump to do another backflip across the water. Keep jumping along the platforms as you make your way upstream, and you will come across a large cave with a waterwheel. Kill the snake near the boulder on the left shore, then crawl under the opposite rock and go up the ladder to get another secret. Climb to the left, then drop down to the floor and kill the snake.

Return to the shore and find a small room with an elevator. Climb up the waterwheel and follow the channel to an open area, keeping an eye out for more vultures. Dive into the water and swim to the right to find a switch to use - this opens a door leading to some ammo. Flip the next switch to open the underwater passage and go inside to find another switch hidden along the dark wall above. Pull it, then swim back through the passage, pulling another switch as you make your way back to the hall above. Find the final switch and pull it to start the waterwheel. Head back and collect the items from the dry riverbed, and the ledge above it. There is a block here that will let you get behind the falls for some more items. Now return to the elevator room, kill the guard and take the detonator key. Now go back to the ledge with the TNT, and blow it up. Quickly jump left to avoid the boulder, then explore the demolished area and climb through to a new area.

Head around the fence to the left and climb into the dark passage. Continue until the path splits, and pull up to the upper ledge. Jump into the water and swim around to find a pair of switches hidden in the tunnel, behind the pillar. Flip them both then return to the outside area by the fence. Head down the large cave and kill the snakes before flipping the next switch inside the building. Now climb into the dark passage but take the low path. Kill some guards, then jump across the fence to the box and head away from the fence, killing more guards as they appear. Enter the building and dispose of the guards. Use the box and the grating to climb on to the roof of the next building and get the generator access pass. Unlock the door using the access pass, then do a backflip and kill the power to the electric fence. Push the button next to the main gate, then get on the quad-bike and ride out of the area. Head down the cave and jump the fence.

High Security Compound

You start without your possessions - jump into the window to get the guard's attention, and when he comes near, sprint past him and jump the railing outside. When he starts to chase you, run back upstairs toward your cell and flip the switch nearby to release a fellow prisoner (who will kill the guard). Open all the remaining doors to release the rest of the inmates, then return to the cell that was already open and you will find a box to push. Enter the crawlspace and push the next box, so you can push the first one back down the passage and reveal another crawlspace to the right. Pull the second box twice, then crawl through to get a medipack. Take the passage out of this cell and jump and grab the walkway above. Do a running leap over the barbed wire and keep going. Walk through some barbed wire to reach the next switch, then use the ledge nearby to reach the trapdoor. You should see a ledge about halfway down to the left. Head down the dark passage and jump over the first trapdoor, then enter a small room and drop through the trapdoor to enter the Control Centre. Press the button here, and after the battle, get the Security Pass.

Find the dining room and take the door to the left to find some large boxes. Push the moveable box under the hole in the ceiling, and climb up. Jump over the pipe to flip the switch, so you can swim into the room with the boxes and swim into another hole in the ceiling to arrive at the kitchen. Make your way to the room with the red floor, and continue down the walkway avoiding the pits, until you reach a pair of doors.  Flip the switch in the yellow room to turn off a fire in the kitchen, then return and drop into the kitchen and open the door at the other end. Go around the corner and open the door on the right. When the guard comes out, sprint back to the kitchen and head right then left into the hall. Run all the way back to the prisoners, so they can take care of the guard. Now return to the door where the guard came from and use the switch to open a vent above the grill. Jump to the crack so you can shimmy left and jump from the slope to the ledge across the pit. Pull up into the crawlspace, then follow the corridor until you spot an inmate in the hall. Continue to the green passage and wait. When the guard moves to the left, sprint to the right and get out of sight before he turns. Head right and dodge the next guard as you cross the open area and make your way to the lower prison area.

Open the cell to free another prisoner and he will run down the hall. Follow him, and get the Security Pass after the guard is dead. This opens a nearby door, which you should go through and continue down the large passage. When the guard sees you, run down the left hall and open the cell to get some help. After the beating, take the key and use it to unlock the door back in the open area. When you come across the guard below, duck and enter the crawlspace and head toward the switch. Wait for the guard to go left, then flip the switch and jump over the red laser to get into the hall before the guard shoots you. Continue down this hall to the next room. Drop from the lowest walkway support beam to the ground, then climb the ladder to enter the corridor with the guard on duty. Ignore the guard for now and return to the red passage.  Use the security pass in the lock and climb up the ladder, then push the button to open the small door. Don't flip the switch in this area. Dive into the water and get the save gem, and swim through the passage until you can climb out and jump the lasers to reach the ledge. In the cargo room, climb some boxes to the left to find your pistols and desert eagle in a small room. Watch out for a gun turret as you leave - turn right and sprint to safety until the gun shuts down. Now climb up the boxes, and head through the door to make your way to the main floor by the big dish. Go and kill the guard you ignored previously and take his security pass so you can open the door at the end of the hall. Go through and get the grenade launcher. Return to the cargo room and go up the slope, killing the guards. Climb the ladder and push the button on the right (ignore the left one). Climb on to the box to reach the upper ledge in the cargo area, then monkey swing across to the next ledge. Kill the guard and take his security pass to open the locked gate. Kill the last few guards and climb into the truck to leave this level.

Area 51

Throughout this level, try to kill the enemies quickly before they can use an alarm switch to call for backup. Get out of the truck and get some items from the crates. Kill the guard, then get the MP5 and use the button to open a grate leading to a medipack. Watch out for laser traps in the next area (and the rest of the level). Enter the crawlspace and head left to get another medipack, then go back to the tunnel as the lasers move away. Wait until they move above you, then run to the ledge and grab and pull up out of their returning path. When the guard moves off to the right, crawl out of the passage and kill him quickly. When you see the laser-trigger turret, avoid it by crawling through the hole in the wall. Continue along the passage and kill another guard, and continue until you find the switch to flip. After you fall, turn left and head to the right of the pillar. Kill the guard quickly or you won't get the next secret. Take the grenades, then drop to the mesh floor and flip the switch to open another trapdoor. Kill the next guard and go through the open gate leading to the crawlspace. Collect the ammo and drop through the trapdoor to the hall below. Dispose of another guard, before heading around the corner. Flip the switch to release a prisoner, then get the medipack from his cell.

Back in the long passage, use the crawlspace to avoid the laser traps, and get another medipack and the shotgun in the process. Kill the guard next to the buttons, then kill guards from both sides as you approach the door. When they are dead, search their hiding places to find a switch, which opens a crawlspace in the other. Continue up the corridor and trip the green laser to activate the alarm - kill the guard who arrives. Head right at the fork, and kill the sniper over by the missile. Now get the code clearance disk and go back to the fork. Take the left passage, and jump over the lasers to reach the console. Use the disk to get the missile out of the way, so you can get the ammo from the ledge. Do a running jump to the ladder between the missiles and climb up. Backflip from the top and kill the sniper in the corner, then jump over to his location to get the hangar access key. Drop on to the platform at the other end of this ledge. Shoot the grating and crawl into the tunnel to get a save gem. Return to the missile bay and find the passage on the ground floor. Avoid the hole in the floor (you'll come back here later), and use the hangar key when you reach the lock. Kill the guard on the train platform before dropping down near the electric rail (which you don't want to touch). Climb up the mesh and push the button to call the train. Jump from the ledge to the train then jump to the hall above to monkey swing over the gratings that open up as you pass by. Keep an eye on the lasers and wait for them to move away before dropping down just as they reverse and come back at you. Kill the guard who is running away, then continue up the hall into the next area.

Go around the UFO, avoiding the green electric eyes. When you reach the boxes, climb up to the opposite passage and kill the guard. Press both buttons and kill both guards who arrive. Now push the left button, then quickly jump right and roll and press the right button. Now use the white top of the console to get to the other walkway, drop to the floor and run out the door. Kill the next guard, then flip the two switches on the right, then the second switch from the left to access the UFO. Return to the UFO and push the button before climbing the ladder. Backflip from the ladder to the rafters then run and jump across the rafters until you reach the catwalk above the UFO. Get the launch code and go through the hole in the floor from before. Use the code to access the button. Push it, then quickly jump left and roll, and start sprinting. Return to the area where the missile used to be and kill the guard who arrived. Open the passage and enter as the door seals behind you. Continue past the laser trap and kill the sniper and some more guards.  Get the key to the UFO and finally flip the switch below to open the trapdoor. Return to the area with the UFO and climb back into the rafters. Head past the walkway leading to the UFO and do a running jump and grab to the open door. Get the save gem, then go outside and use the UFO key to get inside. Kill the guards, then get the relic from the upper area.



Dive down and get the ammo, then exit to the shore and follow the coast past the locked hut. Jump over the water near the ship, then swim and pull up to the icy ledge. Swim once more to reach land near the front of the ship, then climb the cliff to find a monkey swing. Use this to cross over, then drop to the ledge an enter the ship via a hole in the deck. Kill the sailors and make your way to the mechanical room. Flip the switch on the left of the machine to open a trapdoor, then drop through and continue killing people. At the next junction, note a hole in the ceiling, then continue toward the orange pipe and kill another sailor. Drop through the trapdoor and continue fighting. You will eventually see a small boat (Zodiac) outside - press the button to release it into the water. Now return and climb through the hole in the ceiling, then turn right and follow the cliff. You should spot an opening in the cliff, where you will find some ammo. Make your way to the rear of the ship and jump into the Zodiac.

Manoeuvre the craft around the ship, past the cliff and down the channel past the hut then get out when you reach the ledge inside the tunnel. Light a flare and then slide, jump and grab the ledge. Climb up into the crawlspace and head right to find a medipack. Go back and drop into the water, then swim down to get some ammo, and back up to get into the boat. Drive further down the tunnel until you reach a gate. Exit to the shore and kill the approaching enemies, then monkey swing using the bars and head right at the junction. Drop down and continue, killing more men and dogs, and you will reach a building. Press the button on the wall, then circle left around the building. Drop into the hole, then swim left and exit near the fuel valves. Wade through the water to the ladder and climb up to the generator room (which is locked).

Head outside and follow the path to the left, past the kennels, and kill the men. Get the ammo under the bridge, then head back to the area with the hole you dropped into earlier. Enter the nearby cave and kill more guards, then roll to get through the doors, and head upstairs to get the crowbar. Return to the hole again and backtrack down the dark passage. Climb up into the raised building and flip the switch, then pry open the door with the crowbar. Drop down and check out the map which shows which valves need to be adjusted. Return to the generator room and flip the switch to start the machines, then go to the kennels and kill the dogs before entering the building. Press all three buttons and get the gate key from the desk, then return to the monkey swing where you left the Zodiac. Go to the building you opened with the crowbar and use the gate key, then press the button. Kill the extra guards as you leave the building. Get back in the boat and continue down the passage, until you can leave it at a landing to the left. Look for a hidden alcove below and to the right that contains the hut key. Get back into the Zodiac and retrace your route all the way back to the hut at the beginning of the level. Use the key to get some flares and a save gem. Now head all the way back through the waterway, through the gate, and exit to shore when you spot the cabin. Fight the guards as you make your way to the cabin at the top.

RX-Tech Mines

Proceed down the hall and run right through each of the gates until you hear a second clicking noise, then turn around to find an open passage and head out. Don't attack the guys with flamethrowers and they won't attack you. Head to the first room and turn on the lights in the control room. Kill the mutant, then climb to the top of the control room and drop off the back to shimmy over to the ladder. Climb down the ladder almost to the bottom, then backflip and twist to grab a ledge behind you. Enter the small room to get some ammo. Head back to the previous room and use the middle mine cart. Keep your speed up by leaning into the turns and keeping off the brake, and you will make the jump. Hit the switch track as you go past, and exit the cart when it stops. Crawl under the drills and search the crack over in the left wall, then head around to the left. Kill another mutant then drop to the walkway before dropping safely to the ledge below. Shimmy along each of the cracks as far as you can go before dropping to the next one and reversing direction. When you reach the left side of the lowest crack, pull up into a passage and move forward. Kill the hiding enemies on the way to the open area, where you can get a new crowbar from the metal ledge. Find the crawlspace in the wall near the mutants and investigate.

Go to the rocks on the right, then jump over to the cliff, shimmy to the crawlspace and flip the switch inside. Now proceed up the snowy slopes, finding all the flat areas to make your way out of this area. Enter the passage and duck to avoid obstacles and machines, then head up the slope and kill the mutant at the top. Return to the mine cart and flip the track switch so you can return to the main room with the other carts. Use the crowbar to open the door and get the lead acid battery. Go back to the area where you got the first secret, and go through the newly opened door for some more ammo. Return to the main room and get into the lower mine cart. Head left, building up speed for the big jump, and be sure to duck appropriately. When the cart stops, jump out and head down the passage to the lower hall. Kill all the mutants and search the crawlspace under the walkway with the steam. Crawl through and kill the mutant, and swim quickly down to get the winch starter and back up again before you freeze. Return to the mine cart room and take a final ride on the top mine cart. At the end, you will find a crane holding a mini-sub. Stick the battery in the slot and use the winch starter on the controls to lower the sub into the water. Dive in and get into the sub - reach the surface of the next safe area, then continue down between the lights and around to the right. Ignore the flamethrower guy and drop to the ledge below the bridge, killing the mutants behind you. Keep jumping between the ledges until you reach the corner of the lower ledge. Head back to the bridge and jump up and grab, then pull up to enter the small building.

Lost City of Tinnos

Head to the upper level via the nearby ladder, then flip the switch to open the door below. Jump to the central column to get the save gem, then go down, through the door and get the uli key from the niche off the short hall. Use this key near the black grate in the courtyard to open the next area. Flip another switch (on a ledge near the first one you flipped), then climb up into the building and cross over to the sloped hall. Head down to find and flip another switch, and 5 more will be revealed. Flip switches, 1, 2 then 5 to access the next area near the broken bridge.

Kill the giant wasps, then get the save gem. Climb the ledges here, then jump over to the bridge and find the invisible ledges leading to the wasp nest. Do a running jump to get inside the nest, being careful not to fall into the hole. Return to the bridge and jump over the break, following the passage to the right, and taking the medipack as you leave. Enter the green passage and kill everything. Time your running past the swinging pots, then in the next area, head to the ledge on the left to kill more wasps. Further down the hall is another switch - flip it then kill 3 more monsters. Now head to the next switch, then use the pillar to access a new crawlspace outside. Drop to the walkway and find the switch on the left wall - remember this secret switch. Now flip the switch on the ground floor then climb to the ledge that raises up. Flip that switch and move on to the next ledge until you can spot the platform under the walkway near the entrance. Make your way to this platform then jump up and monkey swing using the bottom of the walkway. Flip the switch here to open the exit. Now flip the secret switch, then immediately run back down the hall and drop off the walkway to the ledge on the left. Drop safely to the floor then move down the hall to flip the next switch. Run quickly towards the column of light and head up the stairs to the right of the bright light. Follow the passage down and to the left, returning past the swinging pots and head across the bridge. Jump off to the right and slide down the cliff to the bottom, running through the door before it shuts. Get the save gem, then flip the switch several times to get back out.

Return to the room with the column of light, and note the rooms surrounding this light. Enter the Earth room, and keep to the right to avoid the quicksand. After you pass the markings on the wall, go out on to solid ground and get mask #1 as the ceiling begins to crumble. Jump along the ledges on the wall and flip the switch, then make one more jump around the corner to the sloped ledge and leave the room. Return to the swinging pots room and you will see a new block to run and climb on to. Do this and get the ammo, then return to the column of light.

Go into the Air room next. Take the first right, then left, right and left again. Head down the angled passage to the right, taking the first left to find a crystal. Turn left here and follow the hall to the next junction, turning right into a wider hall. Head up the ramp to the left, and jump between the ledges to trigger a log trap. Head to the other end to get mask #2, then note the map above your head, which shows the layout of the area. Now start jumping to the ledges and blocks, making your way to the ledge with the switch, which reveals mask #3. Note that some of the ledges are only visible with the aid of the flames from the dragon heads.

Finally go into the Water room. Swim through the blades in the direction they are moving to minimise damage, note the clock, then head to the left alcove to flip a switch and get some air. Head back to the clock and go through the right hole to find a new area. Flip the next switch to open another door, revealing mask #4. Get this and flip another switch, before going to the clock and the left alcove for more air. Now go through the hole at the bottom and the current will pull you to the exit.

Now go to the lower room and place the four masks on the four statues. Get the key from the pool room and use it to open the nearby hall, leading to the next level.

Meteorite Cavern

Run in circles around the meteorite so that the spider doesn't get a clear shot at you. Keep shooting it until it collapses, then quickly run down a side passage and get one of the four fragments, sprinting back to the circular path before it awakens. Do this four times, then the next time the spider collapses, it will be for good. Climb the ladder to the top. Walk past the carved face, then drop down and backflip to the hand of the statue. Jump to the middle ledge, and follow the passage to the left. Monkey-swing to the next ledge, then jump around and up to the surface. Slide down the slope and turn right, being prepared to kill a whole lot of bad guys. Push the button on the wall, then follow the path to the left, go through the gate and run to the helicopter.

Bonus Level: All Hallows

Climb the metal ledges and make your way to the centre structure. Jump to the slope for some flares, then jump to the centre platform and monkey-swing out over the cathedral ceiling and drop. Get the medipack from the landing (and use it!) and some more flares from the purple platform. Head to the walkway above the bookshelf and use the switch in the alcove. Drop to the floor, then climb and jump to the centre structure. Do a running jump and grab the ledge, then shimmy left to flip the next switch in the upper alcove. Head down the hall from the floor, and keep running to reach another switch at the end. Return to the main room using a monkey-swing over the spikes. Return to the bookcase and swing to the left. Drop and grab so you can climb into the small area at the other end of the monkey-swing, and up above the cable slide. Get the Vault Key, then use the slide, dropping off as you enter the light. Climb on to the area above the pillar, then drop and hang from the other side to see an open door. Monkey-swing across, and drop into the water after you catch on fire. Swim past the piston and push the button, the grab the medipack from the ledge to the right. Above the ladder, do a quick roll and grab the edge to trigger (but not fall through) the trap door. Jump across the hole and head to the vault. Use the key to open it up and shoot out the grates before dropping into the water. After you surface, kill the man and his dog, then collect the items to end the level.