Tomb Raider 2Tomb Raider 2

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 1997

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  5/29/2006

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Tomb Raider 2 is the second in a long-running series of games starring Lara Croft, adventurer and archaeologist. This continues after the previous game, Tomb Raider. In this game, Lara must search for clues leading to the location of the legendary Dagger of Xian, which is supposed to be able to transform its owner into a dragon. The series continues with Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft.

The Great Wall

Enter the water and follow it to the left. Climb up onto the rock and shoot the tiger, then continue along the path to the end. Climb up, then turn around and jump across the gap. Shoot the tiger below, then jump to your right to find the stone dragon. Climb up twice more, then pull yourself up to the ledge. Turn and jump to the left over another gap, then climb up to reach a building. Go inside, and drop through the grate in the corner to fall into the water. Run forward and jump to reach a switch. Use it, and run through the open door. Kill the 3 crows that attack, then run to the gap in the wall. Drop into the water and find a key, then climb out of the water and kill another tiger. Find a grassy mound, and jump from there to pull yourself up onto the wall. Continue to another guardhouse and open the door with your key.

Quickly kill the spiders, then go inside and climb the ladder. Kill the last spider and take the rusty key, then use it to unlock the door below. Continue forward until you reach a room with a skeleton. Turn around and shoot the big spider, then shoot the smaller ones, then pick up the shotgun shells and medipack. Pull the moveable block, then slide down the slope to arrive at a pool of water. Jump in and head left to the wall. Jump up and shimmy to the right, avoiding the darts. Swim underwater to the exit and surface in the corner, avoiding more darts. Climb up and exit into the hallway. Run across the collapsing floor, and through the door. Quickly turn right and outrun the boulders, jumping over the pit of spikes. Slide down the ramp, then jump to the left for some ammo. Run forward and climb up to escape the spiked walls. Run down the next hallway, jumping over the swinging blades. As you jump the final blade, turn to the left in mid-air to land next to the jade dragon. Take it and quickly leave the room to avoid more spikes. Cross the collapsing floor, staying to the right. Slide down the ramp and quickly drop through the collapsing floor in the corner. Continue forward and take the medipack, then run past the blades.

Kill the spiders in this room, then look down into the canyon and locate a light-colored rock with some moss. Stand in line with it, and drop backward into the canyon - hang on to the ledge, then fall onto the rock. Jump and grab the ledge, and shimmy right until you can climb up. Continue along the path and collect some flares. Take the ladder down and continue until you reach the canyon floor. When you hear the T-Rex approaching, run back to the hall and kill him from safety. Cross the canyon and get the gold dragon, then kill a second T-Rex. Make your way back to the top of the canyon (use the ladder), then use the rope to slide across and land on the opposite side. Kill the 2 tigers, then proceed through the exit.


Run down the alley to the courtyard and shoot the doberman that appears. Jump and shoot at the guard on the balcony. Continue down the next alley, then jump back and shoot the dog and guard. When they are dead, continue and dive into the canal. Swim under the large door to reach the boathouse. Flip the switch, then return to the dock and enter the hut. Take the flares from the table then start climbing the ladders. Flip each switch to open the trapdoors, until you reach the roof. Shoot the windows, then climb through and jump over to the awning. Jump again to the balcony and take the boathouse key from the dead guard. Return to the hall and head right to the door you opened from the boathouse. Kill the doberman, then continue across the hall and flip the switch. Head back to the dead Doberman and shoot the window. Run and jump and grab the awning. Pull up and then start jumping from awning to awning until you reach the ledge near the door. Jump inside and flip the switch at the end to open a canal door.

Return to the boathouse (through the water) and unlock the door. Swim back out and make your way to the ledge by the hut. Climb out and kill the henchman. Take his ammo, and return to the boathouse. Climb in the boat and head for the open canal door. When you pass through the door, stop the boat and light a flare to reveal a passage to the right. Take the stone dragon then jump down and kill some rats below you. Turn and face the ladder, then turn and head right. Turn right at the end and jump into the water. Continue on past the left channel until you reach some uzi ammo. Take it, then head back to your speedboat. Light another flare and continue down the dark canal. At the bottom of the falls, dive into the pool to find the gold dragon. Continue until you reach a large underground chamber with lots of columns. Keep the boat over towards the left until you see a ledge. Hop out and kill the rat, then shoot the window and kill the henchman who arrives. Grab the ammo then get back in your boat and head through the large metal doors and stop. Jump out of the boat, swim back to the dock, and go through the broken window. Enter the room and flip the switch, then take the shotgun shells. Return to the dock and climb the ladder, noting the closed doors. Dive into the water and flip the switch, then get in your boat and continue.

Keep to the left, and bring your boat to a stop by the gondolas. Get onto the dock, climb onto the box then jump and grab to reach the awning and pull yourself up. Walk to the right edge of the awning and jump to the walkway above. Backflip off the ledge and kill the dog and henchman before jumping back up. Retrieve the medipack. Kill the guard further down the canal from here, then turn right and head to the courtyard. Kill the guy running towards you, and take the steel key from his body. Unlock the courtyard door and walk through, then drop into the hole. Flip the switch, then climb out and shoot the bad guy. Return to your speedboat and use it to ram the gondolas. There are mines ahead, and you need to detonate them with your boat. Line the boat up with the mines and build up some speed, jump out of the boat and watch it blow up. Swim to the dock, and take the M-16 ammo from the dead guard. Get in the new speedboat and return to the section of the canal that raised your boat to this level.

A bad guy is waiting around the left corner, so jump out of the boat and kill him when you reach the dock. Grab his ammo, then get back in the boat and continue along the canal until you reach a clothes-line on the right and a smaller canal on the left. Ram the two gondolas tied up at the dock and leave your boat. Kill the henchman that approaches, then enter the dark room and kill some rats. Flip the switch, then return to the dock. Look upwards - jump up to the ledge above you, and shoot the windows. Climb through and get the jade dragon, then return to your boat. Turn around and take the narrow canal you passed earlier. Keep to the left and the canal will intersect with a larger canal - go through the door and it will shut behind you. Take the Iron Key from the pool of water, then climb the ladder to go up and kill a dog and a guard. Take the medipack and flip the switch. Kill the guard that appears, then get back in the boat and return to where you got it. Unlock the locked door, and kill another guy, before flipping the switch by the window. Return to your boat and head back up the canal, going under a walkway, and keeping left until you reach an open door on the right. Go just past this door then back up to the door so that the boat is lined up with the ramp to the left. Jump out of the boat and enter the doorway - shoot the henchman, take his ammo, and flip the switch. Save your game, because the next bit is timed.

Jump back into your boat, and accelerate up the ramp. Brake immediately when you land, so you can make a sharp left, then turn right into a smaller canal. Make a left at the intersection, then turn right and speed down the canal to the exit.

Bartoli's Hideout

Exit at the dock and kill some rats. Go around the building to the left, killing the guard and his rats before flipping the switch. Another guard arrives so kill him too, taking the medipacks from both your victims. Enter the open door and kill the guard on the balcony, then his friend who appears on the ground floor. Grab the shells from your second kill then shoot the window and kill the dogs that jump through when you get close. Go to the back of the courtyard and take the medipack, flares and ammo. Now run down the hallway with the statues - time your progress carefully to dodge the blades. When you get to the dark end of the passage, light a flare to reveal a switch to flip. Run back past the statues, then find the sloped wooden box. Stand with your back to the slope, then jump back and then forward and grab the ledge to climb up. Walk around to the left and pull the block, then drop down to the floor. Get below the ledge to the left of the block you just pulled and jump up. Turn and do a running leap to the opposite balcony where you killed that first enemy. Take his ammo, then move to the textured wall and climb across to the window.

Climb out to the ledge, and shoot the gunman on your right. Turn and do a running jump off the end of the balcony over to an awning. Grab as you fall backward, then shimmy to the left and pull up. Backflip to the ledge across the canal. Turn left and jump, grab and pull up again. From this small ledge, jump to the awning across the canal. Turn and jump to the open door. Shoot the pair of dogs that appear, then head upstairs and shoot the lone gunman. Enter the room he came from, and flip the switch in the corner. Go through the now-open door in the previous room and take the shells and stone dragon. Return to the switch room and shoot the window. Kill the guard on the balcony, then climb out. Shoot the next window and go inside. Take out the dog and guard who enter through the door, and then the guard behind you on the balcony. Push the back of the fireplace twice to find a secret passage. Kill the rat after climbing up, then proceed to the slope. When the blades start, stand back and jump out. Turn to the right and drop into the water, then climb onto the wooden ledge. Stand with your back to the wall and get ready to run and jump, because the next sequence is timed...

Run and jump from the edge onto the next platform, then do two standing jumps to the next ledges. If you catch on fire, jump into the water and start again. Kill the guard and dogs, then jump to the sloped platform, and climb up onto the lowest chandelier. Do a running jump to the right and grab the ledge. Climb up and flip the switch. Jump back to the chandelier then turn and jump to the next one. Do another running jump to the ledge on the right to flip another switch. Jump back to the chandelier, then to the next highest one. Jump to the ledge above and kill the rats. Continue in their direction, then jump and grab, shimmy to the right, and pull yourself up. Run and jump to the wooden floor by some bricks. Kill the guy behind the bricks and take the medipack.

Climb on the bricks and head left, then jump and flip another switch (it adjusts the chandeliers). Jump down to the lowest chandelier, then across to get the library key. Jump back across all the chandeliers, then jump down to the ledge - you won't quite make it, but that's okay. Exit to the window sill, and go right. Drop down into the water (not the fire!). This is the library door. Flip the underwater switch, and swim through the open door, then to the surface. Light a flare, then swim through the hole in the floor. As you swim forward, turn to the right and go around the corner. Swim through the large opening, then the smaller one near the top of the wall, and then the small hole in the bottom of the wall. Get the grenades, then continue back to the right to find the gold dragon. Flip the nearby switch, then head straight up to the open door and breathe (but don't climb out!). Retrace your path back to the library door.

Enter the library and kill the guy across the room. Go through the large doors and climb up the bookcase on the left. Kill a pair of rats from the small area above, before jumping over to flip the switch which opens another guarded doorway. After killing the guard, go through the door and climb the books on the left. Jump towards the window, then turn left and climb up. Shoot the window then jump to the sill. Turn and exit through the window backward, so you slide down the awning. Grab the end, then pull up so you backflip to a ledge behind you. Run and jump to the roof across from your new position, then turn right and jump to the top of the brick wall. Walk along the wall to the top of the slope, and turn so you are facing the building across the canal. Do a running jump to grab the lowest section of the roof, then pull yourself up and head for the smoke stack. Jump to land on the brick wall. Go behind the wall to find a pool of water and a pair of uzi clips.

Climb out, then drop down next to the shack and kill the henchman, taking the ammo he leaves behind. Take the detonator key from the table, then jump across to the door and kill the guy there. Take his medipack, before returning to the main room of the library. Flip the switch on the wall to open the door. Enter and kill 2 more gunmen who approach from the left. Take their gear, swim across the water and climb to the top of the brick wall (kill the rat on the way). Go to the left end of the wall and climb up twice to reach the sloped roof. Shoot the glass and take the jade dragon from the table. Now jump into the water and swim over to the low brick wall with the detonator box. Use the key to blow up the building, then kill the gunman above. Climb onto the brick wall to gain access to the demolished building, then climb to the top of the rubble. Take the path to the dark hall and the end of the level.

Opera House

Jump across to the alcove, then jump and shoot at the gunman until he dies. Grab his ammo, then enter the water. Swim left and climb the ladder to the first ledge. Walk to the edge and face the canal, then jump and pull yourself up. Flip the switch, then continue climbing up. Jump across the canal, then turn left and do a running jump to the ledge with the swinging box. Jump across to the alcove again (take some damage), then kill the guard and take the key. Go up the stairs, killing another guy and taking his medipack. Keep going and return to the ledge with the swinging box. Keep jumping to reach a small ledge among slopes. Jump sideways, slide down a slope and hang on. Drop and hang again, then pull up onto a window sill. Shoot out the glass, and walk (don't run) through the room. Climb the ladder and unlock the door at the end of the hall. Climb another ladder, then stand on the right end of the ledge. Do a standing jump, then start running. Do a running jump when you reach the 3rd panel, then again on the last panel so you grab the ledge. Climb up and proceed to the top of the Opera House. Shoot the guard, then turn and hang over the edge and quickly climb back up. Now kill the new guard and 2 dogs you just attracted. Do a running jump to the roof and continue left to kill more guards below. Take the medipacks, shells and ammo from the guards, then return to the top to check out the swinging box.

Do a running jump and pull yourself up to a small area to the right of the swinging box. Light a flare, then drop down and flip the switch. Climb up and kill 2 guys then drop through the newly opened door in the roof. Flip the left switch, and exit through the grate that opens. Run down the hall to trigger a boulder, then stand by the wall switch to avoid it. Flip the switch, then climb up the ladder until you are across from an opening. Drop down to the floor and kill the gunman to the left, being careful to avoid the sandbag. Take the medipack, then head towards the doors to the right. Kill the advancing doberman and henchman, then turn back towards the first gunman and kill 2 more dogs. Note the position of the nearby elevator switch - you will return here later.

Drop down to the floor and kill 2 dogs and a gunman. Kill the gunman hiding to your right, then climb onto the box near the wall (opposite the stage). Jump up to the walkway, and get past the broken floor. Go to the edge and jump forward, then climb up and kill another guy. Take his ammo, then return to the ground and run near the wall to trigger 2 boulders. Take the medipack from the gunman you killed earlier, then enter the water. Kill the gunman on the stage, then get his ammo and kill the dog and gunman who sneak up on you. Flip the switch near where the dog appeared to open a grate at the other end of the stage. As you approach it, 2 more gunmen will appear, so kill them and take their medipack. Jump and pull yourself up to the ledge, walk through the glass, then turn left and make a running jump for the crevice in the wall. Shimmy left and climb up so you can flip the switch. Run and jump back to the walkway. Continue down the walkway and make another running jump to climb up to the ledge on the left. Jump and pull yourself up again, then turn and running jump yet again. Kill the rat, then time your jumps through the sandbags and flip the switch at the end. Walk towards the slope, then turn around and slide down backward, grabbing the edge as you fall. Pull up and backflip through the hole in the floor, then light a flare. Follow the passage, keeping to your left, and find a large room with a ledge and a switch to your left.

Swim into a tiny underwater passage to your right to find the stone dragon, then return to the ledge and flip the switch. Return you so are under the hole in the stage, and take the large passage at the end of the room. Swim up and keep to the right to find a Relay Box. Climb the ladder, returning to the top floor of the opera house, and kill 2 more dobermans on your way back to that elevator switch from earlier. Insert the box and flip the switch to activate the elevator. Wait for the elevator to go down, get on top of it and quickly jump to the ladder. Climb up into the hidden area, walk through the glass and pick up the gold dragon, then flip the switch to your left. Continue through the glass, taking the uzi ammo in the 2nd alcove on the left, and go through the door. Return to the elevator switch, so you can get in the elevator and go down.

Kill the 2 gunmen waiting for you and take their ammo. Flip the switch to remove the elevator, and enter the water it was hiding. Head for the grating and turn left, following some stairs to an underwater area. Take the Circuit Board, then return to the grating. Head around the grate and flip a switch to allow you to surface. Climb out and kill the rat, then turn and jump up to the next level. Kill the gunman, the jump up again to kill another rat and a dog. Continue along this hall to reach some windows - shoot them, then drop into the room below and flip the switch. Slide down the sloped passage, jumping over the fan blades at the last moment. Take the key lying here, then pull yourself up onto the tallest block and jump onto the slope. Jump into the duct and kill the rat, then continue until you reach the edge of the duct and jump the gap. Jump twice more then turn around.

Look up to the dark area without any fans. Jump forward from the edge of your current duct and pull up to find the jade dragon. Return and jump to the duct below. Head down the hall, and pull the moveable box to find a button to press. Pull the box again, then push it into the dressing room under the first windows. Climb onto the box and shoot all the windows, then jump through the first one. Push the box from in here so that it lands on the first one. Climb onto this one, and jump through the top windows to kill the guard. Climb up at the end of the hall, and use your key to open the doors, then continue forward. Stay along the wall and head towards the switch to open the door at the top of the ladder. Enter the control room and use the circuit board before flipping the switch. Return to the stage and kill the 3 gunmen and the dog. Get the medipack and shells, then go through the hole in the wall. Pull the moveable box twice to find a secret passage - use the switch in here, then leave and kill another guard. Start climbing the boxes until you reach a white ledge above the stage. Kill the henchman below and avoid the sandbags, then jump up through an opening. Flip another switch, then stand at the edge of the opening and perform an angled jump to the slope on the right. Slide down and stay along the right, timing your run past the sandbag. Hang and drop down to the floor. Kill Bartoli and his friend and 2 dogs. Take the loot, then climb the boxes back to near the entry and press the button. Kil the last guy and leave through the open door.

Offshore Rig

Start off by pushing and pulling the crates to clear a path to the door. Flip the switch and quickly dash through the opening. Run left immediately, past the two guys so they follow you. Draw gunfire to blow out the windows, then escape through them. Head right along the ledge and press the button to open the bay doors beneath the plane. Swim inside and press another button to kill the plane's engines. Return back through the broken window and do a running jump to the top of the engine. Drop through the trapdoor on top of the plane to find your pistols. Jump back and kill the 2 guys from before, and take the Yellow Key Card. Go through the broken window again and head left this time to a room with some water. Dive down and pull the lever, then resurface. Enter the underwater tunnel and follow it left then right and then a sharp right then take the downward passage. Grab the jade dragon and swim back to the surface to catch your breath before heading back to the Yellow Key Lock (near the broken window).

Enter the next room and press the button on the far wall to kill the alarm. Go up the stairs to the right and open the door. Kill the guy here and take his medipack, then proceed into the next room and kill another workman who is coming down a ramp. Open the next door, kill a guard and get some ammo. Enter the bunk area and reclaim your ammo from the centre, top-right bunk then go to the end and get the harpoon gun from the last lower-left bunk. Go back and press the button above the first top-left bunk to open a door in the ceiling at the opposite end. Run to the last top-right bunk, then jump and grab the opening to gain access to the passage above.

Continue down the hall and slide backward down the ramp so you can grab on and use the ladder to climb to the floor. Pull the first box to the left all the way past the other box, then push the second box towards the burners. Now you can jump and grab onto the ladder. When you reach the top, head to the right and kill another guard to get his Red Key Card. Climb the ladder to get the stone dragon, then climb down again. Go up the stairs and return to the room with the water from earlier in the level. Return to the room with the button that turned off the alarm, and go up the stairs to the left. Kill the guard and his dog and take the uzi clips. Run up the ramp, dodging the barrels, and use your Red Key Card. Enter the door and head left to kill 2 guys, then spin and shoot another one. Take the shells, medipack and flares, then return to the landing near the entrance. Push the box once then go around it and pull it once then go around and push it once more. Now go to the opposite landing and do a running jump and grab to pull up onto the box and access the opening in the wall.

Take the shells from the guard you kill in this passage and note the door with the Green Key Lock. Flip the switch, then return and drop down to the floor, then swim across the water and head right. Go over the pipes then head left to flip a switch. Go back and drop through the trapdoor near the Green Key Lock, and slide down the ramp. Quickly run left, dive into the water, and climb onto the pillar. Turn around and shoot the harpoon guys. Swim to the pillar to the right of the entrance to get the gold dragon, and kill the 2 guards who arrive. Swim to the pillar in the opposite corner and climb the ladder. Follow the catwalk and do a running jump when you reach the gap. Pull up and kill the gunman. Take back your shotgun, then go right and when you reach the central wall, go left and follow the catwalks, killing 2 more guys. Jump through the glass and steal the Green Key Card. Jump back twice along the catwalks, and climb up through a hole in the wall. Follow the passage back to the Green Key Lock, killing another baddie. Once the door is open, flip the switch again. Swim through the opening and flip the underwater switch to open the grate. Climb up and follow the passage to the exit.

Diving Area

Jump from the ledge over to the ladder and press the button in the hall to stop the fan. Now dive in and get the grenades from behind the fan. Pull the underwater lever back in the main pool, then climb out and run down the hall. Kill the dog and 2 guards who attack from the left. Continue to find some ammo, then use the pillars to cross the vat (if you fall in, use the underwater tunnel to return and try again). Kill 2 more guards and take their stuff, then slide down the slope into a depression to find the stone dragon. Climb out and keep sliding, then jump over the toxic waste to the other side.

Climb up the ladder and take the ammo then jump down the hole and grab the ledge as you slide backward off the slope. Drop down, grab and pull up while drawing your guns to kill the guard, then take his ammo. The door with the Blue Key Lock is near here, and the Blue Key Card is in a hole on the other side of the room. Jump into the small opening from the catwalk, slide down the hole, and get the card. Now follow the tunnel back around and up the ladder. Open the door and kill the 4 dogs, then dispatch of the guy wielding the flamethrower. Locate the door with stairs going down - go down here and kill the guy, then push the box out of the way to reveal a control panel with a missing chip. Enter the water and lead the harpoon guy to the surface. Quickly climb out and kill him, then dive back in. Pull both levers within the underwater tunnel, and continue, making a series of right turns. Go through the door that opens, and turn left to arrive back at the pool. Go back to where the flamethrower guy was and find another door to open with stairs leading up. Go up the stairs and kill the 3 guys, then take the medipack and ammo (the helicopter will fly away).

Cross the large room and enter the smaller room. Flip the switch on the right and head forward and drop through the trapdoor to collect the M-16 and some clips. Quickly climb out and return before the burner reignites. Flip the switch again then go left and push the button. Make a dash down the hall, jumping over the trap door, and grab the chip. Quickly do a reverse roll and head back to the control panel where you can use the chip. Run through the open door and down the ramp. Shoot the guy across the pool, then go get his medipack. Turn around and kill the flamethrower guy, then go to the right of the orange tank to open a secret panel. Go inside and press the button, then return and dive into the pool to get the jade dragon.

Exit the pool and grab the Harpoon Gun from next to the scuba gear, then dive back in and head down the underwater tunnel. Retreat from the 3 harpoon guys, and shoot them from the surface. Jump back in and swim through the passage to another room. Exit on the right and kill 2 guys, then jump up to the top of the wall and flip the switch. Return to the previous room where 2 guys await you. Kill them and take the medipack and ammo. Go through the open door and use the switch - the crane will move, allowing you to reach the other side of the pool. Jump over the boxes in the corner, and press the button. Head for the door shown, now killing the two guards and their dogs. When you arrive, drop down and enter the tunnel to arrive at the central chamber. Shoot the flamethrower guy first, then the other one. Take the second chip, and use it back on the circular saw. You can now take the Red Key Card, before returning to the central chamber. Use your new key card and drop down to kill a guy. Continue into the room with the water and take care of any remaining workers. Continue through the door to enter a large room. Kill the Rig Boss and the guard from above then enter the open door to the small room to obtain the gold dragon (if the door is shut, go back to the room with the Red Key Lock and flip the switch). Once you have the statue you can approach the body in the middle of the room to take a submarine ride and exit this level.

40 Fathoms

Spin around and start following all the junk on the ocean floor. When you arrive at the ship, swim into the hole near the anchor and find the air-pocket so you can breath. Quickly (before the shark arrives) dive down and swim into the hole below and angle off to the right. Head up into the large room then enter the opening on the left and continue on into a smaller area. Take the next opening on the left. Head left and down, and pull a lever to open a door in the floor behind you. Swim through this door and go left and follow the passage until you see a hole above. Surface to finally catch your breath, then head for the pile of boxes on the right and swim through the opening. Climb out and head to your right. Flip the switch, then return to the stack of boxes and climb them to enter the next room. Drop down and kill the guy on the right, then take his ammo and the stone dragon, being careful to avoid the trapdoor (slightly darker). Jump over this trapdoor to trigger it, then shoot the 2 guys below. Drop down and take the loot. Now climb on the box in the middle of the room and jump to the higher box along the wall so you can jump across to the next area.

Flip the switch to your immediate left to open a timed door near the windows. Run and jump and enter the door (at the end, on the left). Dive down to the jade dragon, while avoiding barracuda and a shark. Run down the hall and turn right into the dark passage, then climb up into the hole in the ceiling. Flip the switch to open a door, then go find that door and save your game. The next bit is timed, so don't waste any time... Flip the switch to turn off the first set of burners, then run to them and flip a second switch. Run to the newly opened door and flip the 3rd switch. Now run all the way back to use the first switch again. Run through the burners (which should all be off).

Enter the water and kill the barracuda. Swim forward and up, pulling the lever in the third room. Swim down, through a new opening, and pull another lever. Quickly grab the gold dragon and swim up to the surface. Climb out before you get eaten by barracuda. Drop down into the next area, then find another hole to drop through. Find a box in the corner, and pull it so it is under the opening. Climb up and use the switch, which will dump all the rocks from above down to this level - you can now reach two new openings and a door opposite the switch. Make your way to the opening on the right and climb up to reach the previous level. Follow the left wall and enter the opening above. Use the switch, then drop all the way down to the lower level and this time climb up into the left opening. Follow the right wall until you can climb up to a flat ledge. Jump to another ledge, then climb up into the opening to flip another switch, before once again returning to the lowest level.

This time, enter the doorway and follow the passage. Kill the frogman in the water, then dive in and follow the underwater passage. Quickly climb out at the other end, and dispatch of two guys. Take their medipack and ammo, the use the switch on the wall and enter the doorway to exit the level.

Wreck of the Maria Doria

Kill the frogman, then take the harpoons and proceed down the tunnel until you can climb out onto a ledge and take the medipack. Slide down the slope then hang and drop to the floor (which breaks so you drop again). Kill the workman and guard and claim their ammo. Pull the moveable box in this area to uncover more moveable boxes. Continue to move the first box until it is in the hallway. Now you can push and pull the remaining two boxes until you reveal two concealed passages. Look for a hole in the ceiling on the other side of the room. Climb up and kill a guard up ahead and the other who sneaks in from the rear. Take the stone dragon from the hole then return to the two passages. Take the right passage to the Ballroom, and kill the 3 guys on the way. Watch out for the glass as you take out the guard on the second level. Walk around to the right and face the hold from the side with no glass. Run forward and you will land on a ledge below. Take the key, then jump back up and take the left passage to the Rest Room. Use your key in the lock, then push the button to open the double doors and kill the workman. Go through these doors to find and push a second button, then push the first one again.

Back in the Ballroom, jump up using a ramp on the right, and shimmy around the 2nd level until you are near the entrance. Take a running jump to reach a ledge, and take Circuit Breaker 1. Get back around the 2nd level to the open door. Go through and open the 1st door on the left, then the nearby door on your right. Go inside and drop to the floor. Move the box until you can reach the switch, then use it to open the door above. Move the box so you can reach the door. Continue through the next room and up the ramp to deal with another guard, then head for the next room with a box. Pull the box so you can use the lever and take the rusty key. Return to the hall and use the key in the lock opposite that 1st door. Drop to the floor and move the ground box so you can pull the 1st higher one twice, and push the hidden one forward. Run down the corridor you reveal, and when you reach the collapsing floor, run quickly over each panel ending up where you started (to trigger the barrels). Now head around the left corner and take care of the guard then return to the tiles. Jump up, then quickly back and left to avoid another barrel. Proceed up the passage to find the jade dragon.

When you arrive at the room with the grate floor, drop down to the boat and flip the underwater switch by the ladder. Quickly (this is timed) climb up to the grating and run through the door. Flip the switch, then begin a series of jumps between the two sloped areas. Keeping jumping until the pit closes, then pull yourself up into the opening. Flip the switch, then return to the new area and kill the 2 guys, then push the button on the left to open a timed trapdoor. Run around and jump through the trapdoor before it shuts. Kill 1 more baddie, then get Circuit Breaker 2 (note that walking here opens the exit). Grab the medipack then press the button on the wall to drain the water around the boat. Trip the exit open again and return back to the area with the boat. Jump down onto the boat then spin the wheel to open the door.

Follow the upward passage. Drop down and find Circuit Breaker 3, then drop into the Bathroom and kill the guard and workman and take their ammo and harpoons. Return to the pool room from the beginning of the level and get the medipack from the corner of the room. Take a deep breath and swim through the passage to flip the switch half way up the shaft. Swim up through the open door, then kill the 3 guys before taking their medipack and ammo. Plug the 3 breakers into their slots, then move the box under the opening and climb up. Kill 1 more guy, then flip the switch. Jump across the overhead ducts to reach a new area. Take a long drop into some water, then follow the passage and kill the barracuda when you start wading. Take the harpoons on the right, then head through the exit on the left where you can kill another worker. Make a note of the Cabin Door then continue left for some ammo. Open the door in the room with the windows, then go inside. Flip the switch, then run to the other end of the room through the timed door to get some flares. Push the box and use the switch to open the trapdoor at the end of the hall. Go there now.

You can just make a round trip underwater to the key and back, dodging the sharks and barracuda. It is better to head right around the rocks rather than back the same way, in order to dodge everything. Make a second trip down into the water and into a cave across from the trapdoor. Surface and take the gold dragon, then go back to the boat. Return to the cabin door and use the key.

Enter and flip the switch to open a trapdoor outside. Now go and push the box (in the depression) to flip another switch before returning to the cabin where an opening in the ceiling should be waiting. Climb up and proceed down the passage until you drop into the next room. Make your way around to the right to the hole in the floor - drop through. Quickly kill the 2 guys, dodging shots from the harpoon-wielding frogmen, then kill those 2 and jump into the water. Go behind the barrels to find the passage to the exit, which is filled with barracuda and other sea creatures.

Living Quarters

Head left immediately and pull the lever to open the trapdoors ahead. Enter and cross the next room, taking care of the crewman on the way. Jump around to the opposite end of the next room, then run down a passage and eliminate the two guys, taking the harpoons. Walk forward then jump back to avoid some barrels, then kill the next guy who charges you. At the top of the ramp, jump and grab onto the ledge and shimmy over to the switch and use it to turn off the burners. Head to the left and enter the next passage to find and use another switch. Drop through the hole to arrive back at the piston room. Jump and grab to reach the first piston then begin to cross the rest of them. Kill the guard up ahead then turn right to do a running jump to get the stone dragon. Jump to where the last guy died. Follow the winding hall until you reach a box - push it 3 times. Run around and push another box, then drop through the hole. Flip the switch then jump back up again. Return to the pistons and climb back across them, so you can jump to another side ledge with a switch. Use this to flood the burner room, then return there and pull the lever. Swim through the door and kill the frogman from the small cave through the trapdoor in the ceiling. When he is dead and your lungs are filled, swim down and head into the smaller cave - keep to the left to avoid the giant eel, then exit the cave and swim through the open trapdoor, avoiding the moss.

Kill the guard up above as you exit the trapdoor. Jump up and use the switch to open the door on the opposite side of the catwalk, then enter that door to find two switches. Now do this carefully - flip the right switch, jump left and flip the left switch, reverse roll, run forward, jump and grab, shimmy right to reach another switch. Use this switch to open the trapdoors. Head for the corner where the trapdoor is. Facing the lower slope, do a series of jumps between the slopes to grab and pull up to the top ledge. Cross over on the ducts and move the box out of the way. Shimmy past it and continue along to the large metal beam in the middle of the room. Continue along the ducts until you can jump into the opening in the wall on the other side. A workman is to your right so take care of him before proceeding down his corridor. Below is the gold dragon which is protected by deadly glass, so jump over and pull up into the upper area and fall through the floor. Take the statue and walk through the deadly glass until you can pull yourself back up to the hall.

Continue on and slide down the ramp, shooting the barracuda in the pool below. In the corner of the pool is a collapsing panel - stand on it to break it, then climb up and shoot another fish. Swim down through the opening to collect the jade dragon, then return to the surface. Run up the slope, jumping between two pillars, then to the other side. Jump onto a large slope, slide down and jump to grab on to a ledge. Shimmy to the right and climb up so you can drop into the other half of the room. Drop into the next room and quickly kill the guy coming down the slope. Go up the walkway, and kill another guard to your left. Pull the box at the end of the room to open the way to the theatre, then head back and jump over the balcony. Kill 2 more guys, then run around and drop into a pit. Pull the box out to reveal the theatre key, then push the box back and climb out of the pit. Kill another guy who appears, then head for the theatre and kill another one. Enter the theatre and kill another crewman as you climb the stairs to your right. Jump into the balcony on the right and shoot two bad guys, then flip the switch. Head for the stage and kill another guy, then climb through to the back and light a flare. Jump over the glass pit and push a button, then return to where you found the theatre key, killing another guy on the way. Swim across the pit that is now filled with water, and enter another passage to end the level.

The Deck

Head right immediately to kill two guys (one who wields a flamethrower). Continue to find the grenade launcher, then head back to the start and dive right down into the water. Exit on the left landing and kill the barracuda. Jump around the ledges to find the stern key. Jump back into the water and head left and down into the rock opening. Head right and finally left before going up to the hole. Exit the water and shoot the approaching workman. The giant propeller is blocking your exit so keep going until you find and kill another Flamethrower standing by a trapdoor. Don't drop down yet! Turn and head for the stack of brown crates. Push the first one then climb on top and push the top box. Drop down and pull the first box then go behind it and push it. Now pull the 3rd box to reveal a door that you can open with the stern key. Enter then swim down and head for the switch on the right wall (which you should use). Now return to the trapdoor from before and drop down. Kill a bad guy, then use the switch you will eventually find, then return through the stern door. Move the box to find the passage leading past the propeller.

Jump in the water, head left and get out quickly. Kill a workman on shore, then two frogmen in the water. Facing the raft, jump in and swim down and left to find the stone dragon hidden in the plants by the rocks. Turn around and head left around the rocks to the tunnel. Kill the barracuda from the safety of dry land. Continue down the tunnel, ignoring the left fork, and use the medipack to heal yourself, then drop down onto the raft. Take the cabin key, then shoot 2 sharks in the water. Swim back toward where you got the stone dragon, and kill another shark, then return to the tunnel and this time take the left fork. Continue up the winding passage until you reach the upper deck. Explore the area a bit (there are 2 guys to kill) before dropping down to the deck by the pool. Kill the flamethrower, two friends, and a barracuda in the pool, before swimming toward the light panel on the wall of the pool. Kill the frogman who swims through, then take the gold dragon he was guarding. Back out of the pool, grab the ammo hidden by the boxes.

Drop down one level on the right side of the boat, then do a running jump to the flat ledge. Do another running jump to grab and pull up to the walkway. Continue forward and jump once more to reach the orange sloped surface. Walk to the far right of the platform, turn around, drop down and grab immediately to land on a crack in the platform. Do a running jump to land in a cave in the rock wall. Continue down the tunnel, jumping across the platforms and killing several workmen. Exit the cave and do a running jump to grab and pull up to the roof. Head across the roof and to the left and jump over the alley to find and enter the trapdoor. Kill the workman and load up on ammo. Head for the door which will open automatically and pull the box to reveal a switch. Flip it to open a door on the upper deck. Go outside and find the door that just opened. Insite, get the M-16 ammo and use your cabin key.

Run across the collapsing floor and press the button to open the final door on the upper deck. Go through this door, and follow the cave to a hole in the floor and retrieve the storage shed key. Now you can go to the storage shed which is by the propeller. As you head back to the orange sloped surface, the jade dragon waits for you in a small cave to your right. Jump to the left of the cave entrance then shimmy right until you can pull up and take your prize. Walk back through the glass then drop down. Kill the 2 flamethrower guys who are guarding the storage shed. Open the shed with your key to claim the first artifact of the game - the seraph.

Tibetan Foothills

Follow the trail, and take care of the eagle. Jump past the first snow boulders, then run to the left passage to avoid the rest. Jump through the ice, then as you hit the icy slope, jump again to land on the path to the right. Follow the path to a large canyon - kill the 2 eagles before proceeding. Turn and hang down and drop to start sliding down a slope. Grab again so you hang from the bottom edge, then drop again to the cave entrance. Follow the cave until you can jump down into pool. Exit the water and quickly fall back in to avoid the sharp icicles. Climb out again, and climb up to a hole in the wall. Take the left passage until you arrive back outside, where you can do a running jump to the next ledge, followed by another running jump to the medipack. Grab the medipack then climb up the cliff to the hut. Kill the two mercenaries who are guarding the snowmobile, then get the stone dragon from the ledge to the right of the cave entrance.

Get on the snowmobile and proceed down the passage, killing any enemies you encounter. When you arrive in the open area with the ramps, get off the snowmobile temporarily and jump up into the small cave opposite. Run through the cave and quickly dispatch of the 2 leopards attacking from the left. Move the blocks to create a path for the snowmobile, then return to it and jump over the series of ramps to reach this cave. Keep going to reach a fork in the trail, where you can park and proceed on foot. Head to the right and grab the grenades before climbing the ladder to flip a switch. Climb back down and kill some more mercenaries before getting back on the snowmobile and heading through the gate you just opened killing another mercenary along the way. Leave the snowmobile in the large cave, and kill two more advancing mercenaries. Head out onto the ledge and do a running jump over to the ledge on the right to obtain the jade dragon, then return to the snowmobile. Two leopards will be milling around the area so kill them before making the big jump. Continue left while avoiding more of those giant snowballs. Dismount just after those snowballs. Where they fell off the cliff, there is a scalable rock wall. Jump up the slope so you are over that wall, then slide down and grab on. Climb down into a cave and get the drawbridge key. Continue down the cave and kill a bad guy behind some ice, then head for the hole across the canyon floor to get some grenades and kill three leopards. Return to the snow mobile area by scaling the wall and running back through the snowball cave. Now use the key to lower the bridge so you can ride over to the warning sign. Speed past the giant snowballs and jump over the big gap as the avalanche occurs. At the bottom of the cave is the hut key. Get off your snowmobile and grab the key then get back on and start racing! It's easier to outrun the guy on the snowmobile than kill him, so head back and jump over that huge ramp - he can't make this jump, so you are safe from this point on. Now make your way slowly back to the hut.

Back at the hut, enter to find the M-16, uzi ammo and medkits. Flip the switch then get ready for three guys to kill. Run through the open cave, then find a high point and kill the guy on the snowmobile. Take his machine and make the jump over the canyon. Climb down the ladder and quickly jump left, then wait for 2 sets of snowballs. Go back and get the gold dragon, then climb back up the ladder and get on the snowmobile. Take out 2 enemies on snowmobiles, one at a time. When they are dead, continue to the other end of the valley and push the stone to continue. At the edge of the abyss you can shoot the guy below to your right. Now ride your snowmobile right off the cliff and you should land in the water. Climb out and follow the trail to the exit.

Barkhang Monastery

Run towards the monastery - you should find some bad guys fighting some monks. Shoot at the mercs, but leave the monks alone, as they won't attack you unless you start the fight! After the fight, climb the ladder opposite the double doors, then jump up using the ledges. Take care of the birds, then jump to a slope to slide down and grab on. Drop and grab the ledge below, then shimmy left and enter the monastery through the window. A monk should pass by to your left - follow him until you reach the locked door to the strongroom. A mercenary will break through a nearby window, so grab the grenades from the ledge outside, take care of a second bad guy, then return to the hall and head for the door on the left. Climb the ladder to the walkway above the main room, where you will find the main hall key being guarded by a monk. Walk around the walkway then follow the path past the rolling boulders. After the 2nd boulder, climb down the ladder and push a wooden box. Now climb back up to where the 2nd boulder came from, and dive into the pool.

The current is strong and you will be pulled to the bottom, so find the underwater tunnel to escape the current. Follow the tunnel until you take a tremendous plunge. Use a flare to light the passage and time your passage through the doors. Climb up a ladder at the end and kill some bad guys with the help of a monk. Jump to the top of that room to get prayer wheel #1. Now hug the right wall and jump twice to clear the burners. Move the boxes to reveal the way back to the main hall, and use the key from before. There are 3 monks and 3 bad guys here - do what you will! Enter the door on the right and continue through the room to the passage on the other side to the left. Do a running jump over 1 blade then enter the left door to acquire the strongroom key from a monk. Return to the strongroom and get the rooftop key. Now go to the room you may have noticed with the rolling blades. Use your new key here, and run up the stairs.

Behind the gold statue is a switch to turn off the burners. Flip the switch and make a run for the door on the left about halfway down the burner hall. Enter the room, running past two monks and climb up the ladder. The monks will take care of the mercenaries, so drop down after the carnage and flip the switch to open a pair of trapdoors, then drop down. Break the glass to obtain some gemstones. Around the corner is a switch so use it and then use a gemstone between the gold statues located upstairs to open a door. Enter and pull the box twice to get prayer wheel #2. Now return to the main hall and take the 2nd door on the right to find a ladder to climb. Do a running jump to the hand of the statue, then climb to the higher hand and finally do a running jump to the statue's head. Go across the head to reach the next hand, so you can use a gemstone in the socket up above to open a trapdoor below. Head down to the base of the statue. Circle around and jump up to the ramp to find the gold dragon, sitting behind the statue. Now run into the side hall near the statue, and you should find 3 more monks. Enter the first right doorway, then start pulling and pushing boxes to reveal some ammo and harpoons. Return to the hall and head right, then enter a water-filled room to the left. Swim to the far side of the room and into the small opening past the ladder to obtain the stone dragon. Now return to the trapdoor you opened earlier (beneath the base of the statue). Drop down and follow the passage until you find a switch. Flip it to open a door then enter that room and push the box to drain the flooded room. Now go into that room and push the box on the ledge to obtain prayer wheel #3.

Exit this room using the ladder, and when you return to the hall, head left and turn around to take out 2 mercenaries. Head for the burner, which extinguishes as you approach. Jump over the burner and into the tunnel below, avoiding the swinging spikes. Turn and climb up to the ledge and wait for the blades to roll past to the left then jump over the hole and down into another tunnel. Climb up to the right ledge, then time a run through the rolling blades to reach the doorway. Get the trapdoor key, then return to the rolling blades. Dodge the blades as you make your way to a small passage on your right and find some sliding doors. Make your way past both of these to obtain the jade dragon before returning to the room where you got the last key. Follow the path to the room you drained earlier, and then back to the big statue. Use the trapdoor key to open the trapdoor, and drop down. Climb up to find a switch to use, then take care of the 2 bad guys who attack through the double doors. Go outside and follow the trail until you find a ladder behind some rocks to the left. Climb up and head for the bridge, shooting the eagle coming in from behind and the mercenary up ahead. Kill some crows after you go across the bridge, then make your way to the top of the building by using the well-spaced ledges. Enter to get prayer wheel #4.

Now head back to the room where you moved boxes to get ammo. Follow the passage here, and jump over the trapdoor. Keep going, taking a right, then a left, then head up the stairs towards the window. Mercenaries swarm in behind you, so leap out the window. Another priest and some monks are down below, so flip the switch on the wall to open the door, and they will go and fight the mercenaries. When everyone is dead, climb the ladders up to prayer wheel #5. Return to the statue room, and enter the room on the left. Use the 5 prayer wheels on the sides of the large double door to open a smaller door to a ramp. This leads to the area where you can use the seraph to open the final door and exit this level.

Catacombs of the Talion

Run down the stairs through the first room, then head left. Grab the crack in the wall and shimmy right until you can climb up to obtain the stone dragon and some flares. Climb down the ladder and kill your first yeti, then flip the switch to open the door above. Climb back up the ladder and slide then jump to the ledge and kill the leopard. Kill a pair of mercenaries as you head down the stairs, and more leopards attack as you explore the area. Grab the medipack through the open doorway, then go back to the main area. Run up the slope to trigger the snowballs, and dodge them as you make your way to the ledge on the right. Run across the floor which crumbles beneath you, and climb the ladder above the deadly spikes. Climb to the top and backflip over to the switch which raises the cage and lets you take the mask. The pool will now drain. Go back down and jump the pit with the spikes and use the mask next to the gate. Run forward then quickly climb the left wall. Take care of the 4 leopards, then find the ladder to the right of the snowballs' starting position and climb it to reach a ledge with some grenades. Now go back to the big slope, and jump off the side into the hole in the wall.

Four leopards surround you when you venture forward, and there are 2 more as you continue through a tunnel. Climb the rocks to the left of the glacier to discover a pool in which a second mask lies. Mercenaries will be waiting for you as you make your way back to where you obtained the grenades. Use the mask and go inside. Flip the wall switch to turn on the lights and release 4 yeti - this battle takes a while to win! Move the block underneath 1 set of bars, then go through and flip the switch. Return to the hole in the wall, where more mercenaries are waiting. Head through the open door as more snowballs roll toward you - avoid them by going to the left of the rope bridge. Continue up and do a running jump to grab onto the ladder, and climb to the top of the glacier. Dive into the pool below and exit to the shore to avoid the barracuda. Continue into the next room and head left. Jump up and climb up a ladder. Go to the right of the ladder and drop down, then quickly jump twice to land on a platform with the jade dragon. Climb down again, then continue across the pool and climb onto the block near the door. Do a running jump to grab the bottom of the ladder, and climb to the top where you can jump back to land on a ledge with a switch. Flip it to open the door below then return to the ground and enter the door.

Dodge and attack the leopard which pounces from the left. Flip the switch to open the doors back where you used the first mask, then go back there. After you enter, do a running jump over the pit and kill the leopards, before dropping down to their former location. Flip the switch here to open the doors and kill the last leopard when it arrives. Grab the items from the corner before you head back up the big slope. More snowballs lie ahead - jump forward to send them rolling your way. Jump back then left to dodge them. Do the same with the other ramp and snowballs, then go through the doorway they make. Stand on the left floor panel to open a door and go through the open door. Turn left in the room, and climb the wall to reach the ledge, and the gold dragon. Return to the floor and walk towards the door leading to the previous room. When it opens, jump through and land on the ramp. Jump forward over the snowballs, then back immediately, do a reverse roll, and start running. Jump into the spikes room and straight through the opposite door before it shuts. Jump onto the ladder and climb down, then follow the tunnel to exit the level.

Ice Palace

Shoot the bell to open the door leading to several yeti in cages. Use the small springboard over to the right to launch yourself up to a medipack. Return to the floor and line up with the springboard and the bell opening in the ceiling. Start shooting as you leave the ground and hit the bell in midair to open a nearby gate. Run towards the open gate and hit the larger springboard. Grab in midair to hang onto the ledge, where you can grab the uzi ammo and free the yeti with a switch - kill them now. A hole should be accessible now that the cages are down. Inside you can get a medipack and kill another yeti before flipping another switch. In the narrow cage, find and pull the moveable block, then push it to one side. Walk over an invisible bridge to take the gold dragon. Return to the main cage room to find a new ledge (near the gate you opened earlier), accessible by a small springboard. Another bell is up here and you need to jump and shoot it to open the remaining gate. Return to the main floor by sliding down the ledge and hanging before you drop to avoid taking damage. Go through the two open gates and spot the next springboard and the ledge above. Head to the left so you can line up your approach to the springboard with the ledge. When you launch you can grab the ledge and pull up and backflip over to a sliding ledge - continue jumping to the right. You will gradually head to the right, and when you see a bell, shoot it, then begin jumping back to the left.

Climb up the ladder to your left, then do a running jump over to a walkway. Kill the yeti that attacks, then take the flares and continue until you reach some tigers to kill. Light a flare to find the stone dragon in the darkness (jump over the ramp to get it). Follow the ramp to a locked door on the right and continue through the cave. Take the medipack on the left and follow the tunnel killing some more tigers before getting the mask. Return back to the previously locked door to find it is now open. Continue along the path and kill the yeti when you drop down. Also, pick off the yeti below you by shooting through the gaps in the floor. There is a medipack to collect from the other end of the room. Hang and drop down in the centre of the last hole (near the medipack) to avoid the spikes. Light a flare to locate a medipack, some ammo, and a place to put your mask. Now go through the door that just opened, go over the bridge, and take the flares on the way up to a switch on a ledge. Flip the switch to melt the ice. Drop down to the floor and kill the 2 tigers, then get the shells by the glacier and the uzi clips from the pool. Enter the pool and get the hammer, then get out and shoot the barracuda. Return to the water and swim through to the next room. Kill 4 yeti, then go through to a stairway and kill another one. There are more snowballs through the opening. Step forward and watch the first 3 sets roll past. Now run down the slope to the left, and jump on to the block at the bottom of the slope to avoid the rest of them.

Continue to a steep slope then slide down backward so you can grab the edge, and shimmy to the left. Pull up and jump back to land on the ledge, then run and jump to the ice wall. Climb up to the hole above, then slide backward down the slope and grip the end. Use the gong hammer on the gong to open the palace doors. Before entering, head to the left of the palace and find the ladder. Climb down and light a flare. Continue down to the second ledge and flip the switch to open the hut that is just outside the palace. Climb back up the ladder and return to the hut to get the jade dragon. You can now enter the Ice Palace and claim the big prize for this level - the Talion. Of course every big prize has equally dangerous consequences and this one comes in the form of the Guardian of the Talion; a giant wingless Eagle creature who appears after you have claimed the Talion and try to leave the Palace. This guy is pretty hard to kill. A dozen grenades should do the job nicely if you have that many and can aim them well. You can also use the hut for shelter if you need to heal yourself or something. If you are feeling "lucky" there are Uzi clips and a medipack inside the Guardian's cave. Once the Guardian is dead your adventure continues.

Temple of Xian

Run through the first rooms and you will fall through a trapdoor. Jump over the blade on the first slope and just keep sliding. When you reach the water slope, jump and turn in the air, and grip the edge as you fall. Shimmy left and pull up to get the gold dragon. Dive into the water below, and kill the fish, then grab the medipack from the short underwater passage. Exit the water near the temple doors, and get the shells on the left, then kill the 2 tigers lurking around. Head up the stairs and use the springboard to launch yourself to the room of the temple. Flip the switch on the other side of the roof to open the trapdoor above the ladder in the previous cave. Kill the eagle that attacks you, then go and climb the ladder. Kill the spider, then enter the large room and take the ladders down. At the bottom, use the crack in the wall to get to the stone dragon. Shimmy back and kill another spider, then jump to a ladder and climb up. You will eventually reach a room with a spike pit.

Climb up and over to the right. Do a backflip to land on a ramp then jump immediately to land on top of the wall. Run to the end of the collapsing panels and fall down. Take the shells, then do a running jump from the left of the block to land on a slope. Jump again before you hit the spikes to land on another ramp, then jump again. Climb up and flip the switch to open the main temple doors. Follow the nearby path to reach the waterfall, and swim through to the doors. Go inside - only 4 of the statues in this room will attack and if you keep your distance, you'll be safe. Just get the M-16 ammo and go through the open door. Jump to the first ledge, and keep jumping as you slide, to eventually grab a ledge and pull up. Climb the blocks and continue around the top of the room doing one last running jump to grab and pull up to reach the exit. Run forward and you will fall through a trapdoor. Start running immediately and flip the switch ahead, do a reverse roll, and run through the open door before the spikes close in. Continue down the passage until the first rock rolls toward you - jump back then left to avoid it. A second rock is triggered near the top left of the ramp, and a third near the ladder. Climb the ladder and light a flare at the top. Flip the switch, then reverse roll and kill the tiger. Climb up into the open passage and head towards the ladder. Face away from the blades and go to the far left, then drop and grab, then drop again to avoid the blades. Dodge the rolling blades and run for the door.

Kill the 2 eagles, then head for the button on the left wall. Push the button, and quickly do a reverse roll and a series of running jumps to get through the door before it shuts. Follow the passage, dodging the swinging spikes. When you reach the other side, press the right button, then jump left and press the left button. Now run down the corridor and just keep running. At the end of the platform, jump and grab the ledge, then climb up and get the dragon seal. Now jump to the ledge to the right, and climb the blocks to get some ammo and kill another spider hiding in the dark room. You should find some more ammo and a switch to use. Continue around this passage, then jump across the series of ledges, and do a running jump to the sloped ledge in the middle of the room. Jump and grab to hang from the block then pull up and slide down the other side and jump to the flat pillar. Do another running jump to grab the ledge to the right near the wall. Pull up then do a running jump to the ledge next to the springboard. Jump to the springboard to reach the high platform. Jump back and grab the edge to let the boulder roll over you, then climb to the top of the structure by going from platform to platform. When another boulder starts rolling, run to the white bricks and wait for it to pass. Jump over to the next white bricks, then slide down and land on the springboard to launch up to the ledge in the rafters. Jump across to the opposite ledge and take the jade dragon. Jump back to the ramps, then make your way up to the doorway, killing the eagle when it attacks. Once in the room, pull the box twice and continue to the next room, where you can flip the switch to open a trapdoor and drop down to a long slope. Start running down the slope and turn left at the end to slide down a slope. You will eventually be above the first temple room. Kill the 2 tigers below, then drop down and use the dragon seal. Follow the passage past the door, avoiding the rolling blade, until you arrive at a slide which deposits you in a room with some switches. Flip the 3 switches before the roof kills you, then continue across the platforms until you reach the ledge above the pool with the fish. Kill them from up here before you dive in.

Flip the underwater switch, then swim through the high tunnel. Ignore the lever and continue down the right passage. Pull the lever (ignore that medipack), swim through the door and pull another lever, then swim back out and fill your lungs. Dive down and go through the door you just opened and pull that lever. This opens the door above, behind which are M-16 clips and two boxes of shells. Wade into the next room and flip the switch. Keep ahead of the moving wall and fall through the trapdoor. The current will take you to the gold key and a medipack. Keep swimming to end up back near the waterfall from the beginning. Use the key in the lock to open the gates. Swim down this passage, and take the right branch of the fork. Swim through the grating and head for the left wall. The lever you seek is behind the second pillar. Pull it to open the exit to this area and clear the path to the silver key. Dodge (or kill) the attacking fish, and continue swimming around the pillar. Take the other branch of the fork, and swim up into the door you just opened and into the cave. Climb onto the ledge and kill all the spiders you can find. When you reach the large cave, there are even more giant spiders to deal with. Kill them all, then start making your way up the ledges (watch for 1 dropping spider) until you can do a running jump to the pillar in the middle of the cave. Do another running jump to the pillar by the door. Jump up to the passage and follow it to the next area. From the end of the passage, do a running jump to the pillar in the middle of the rocks. Get the silver key from the tallest rock, then return to the water and swim back to the main temple doors. The silver key opens the only remaining door in this area.

Continue through this door, dodging the red balls as they roll down the slope. When you reach the top, get the ammo then head left and cross the bridge killing a tiger and an eagle on the way. A second tiger waits on the other side of the bridge, so kill it before climbing on to the sloped pillar. Jump back onto the next taller ledge, and head for the red pillars. Get past the rolling blade with two quick jumps. Head left and slide down the slope backward so you can grab on as you fall off. Climb down the ladder, and drop and hang so you can reach the wooden ledge with the uzi clips. Drop through the nearby hole to return to the front of the temple. Return past the rolling blade again, but this time head right. Grab the uzi clips and medipack, then run across the bridge, and head towards the button on the left to dodge the blade. Press the button, and kill the eagle that swoops, then time a run back across the bridge, down past the other rolling blade, and head into the stony area to the left. Stand with your back to the first springboard and do a backflip onto it to launch up to the rest of the springboards. Kill another eagle before jumping and pulling up to the ledge in front of you, then running through the open doors.

Jump to the small ledge, then the large one and quickly climb the ladder before the spiked wall gets you. Drop down to the ledge on the right then climb up to another room. Quickly jump to the ladder and climb up to avoid more spikes. Continue until you find a switch to use, then go back slightly, through the open grate, and get the main chamber key. Slide down the curvy path to return to the floor. Jump back to the small ledge and use your key. Jump over to the grate and climb up the ladder, dropping to the right. Jump over the spikes and keep climbing the ladder, ignoring the switch on the right. Another grating is now open in this area. Head through the grate and turn left to do a running jump on to a ledge. Jump when you reach the slope, so you reach the pillar. After a short slide down the serpent, you will reach a flat area next to a ladder. Climb the ladder until you reach the blade then jump back, then forward again to end up above the blade. Climb this ladder until you reach another blade. A ladder is behind you this time, so you need to jump back and twist in midair, grabbing the new ladder. Continue the climb, then head right towards the exit.

Floating Islands

Shoot the warrior who eventually reaches you from the right, then get the medipack over to the left, and head for the other end of the island. Jump from near the edge of this island to start sliding. Quickly jump again, then once more, and grip a ledge. Climb up, and find a switch to use (this opens a trapdoor on another island). Continue down the hall and slide down the ramp, jumping from the bottom to land on another slope on the next island. 1 guard attacks straight away, and another does when you further explore the island. Kill them both, then jump up through the trapdoor you opened earlier. A third guard attacks here, before you can take mystic plaque #1, some flares, uzi clips, and a medipack. Now climb back down and find a flat rock near a tree. Use this to reach the roof, and take the jade dragon. Head for the other side of the island and do a hang, drop and grab to reach the ledge below, which has a switch to use. Do a running jump to the exit, then another running jump to the next island. Head to the other end of that island and jump to the left to the next island, and keep going until you reach an island shaped like a staircase. Climb this island, then turn right and climb another staircase. Kill the 2 warriors who come in slowly, then cross the cage at the top and drop onto a short stony platform. Run to the end and jump to the right side of a green slope you have been on before. Slide down and drop to a ledge below, then turn around and do a running jump to get mystic plaque #2. Now jump back to the previous ledge, and work your way up and around to the left, killing another warrior, so you can make your way back to the green staircases from earlier. Turn around at the base of the 2nd staircase, and do a running jump to a large island. Use the 2 plaques to open the doorway, then take the ammo and go inside.

Kill the warrior approaching from the left, then walk backward through the trees on the right of the bridge. Jump backward into a tunnel that takes you to the stone dragon. To get out again, you need to jump backward up the slope, then follow the tunnel and jump out through the trees. Stand one step away from the green boulder and face away. Backflip over the boulder, then slide down and grab on, letting the boulder roll overhead. Drop down and get the medipack and kill another warrior. Enter the building and climb onto the sloped green block, then jump from the high part of the slope to grab and pull up to the roof. Keep going to return to the bridge area. Now return to the slope where you triggered the green boulder and slide down again - this time forward so you can jump to the slope across the gap. Head right and do a running jump to the next island. Begin the rope slide, but drop off as you pass over the bridge.

Another guard comes to life when you enter the building. Kill the other two after flipping the switch, then enter the next room and take the rope slide to the other wall. Grab as you leave the slide, then climb up and continue to the right. Grab onto the green ledge, shimmy left, and drop down. Follow the path back to the top of the first rope slide, and take this ride to the end. Turn around and jump slightly to the right onto a side ledge. Kill the warrior who appears, then push the block so you can jump and climb up to the ledge. Flip the switch, then climb up to the stone wall by the lava, and get some M-16 clips. Now jump down onto a slope (time it to avoid the knives) and jump across to a block to find another switch. Return to the wall and do a running jump towards the trapdoor and grab while in midair, so you go straight into the trapdoor. Get the shells, then continue to the end of the room and flip the switch to open a trapdoor back in the main room. Return to the pool and dive down to find a tunnel leading off to the left. Follow it into the larger room and surface to one side to avoid the blades overhead. There is a switch above the passage here which turns off the swinging blades allowing your to get back to the large lava room and go through that door you just opened. Push the box over to the pillar by that door then climb up and jump into the door.

In this hall is a door and the switch is above the room with the spikes in the floor. Jump forward and grab to catch the crack and shimmy left to pull up. Use the switch, then do a running jump back through the doorway. Now enter the room to find two more sealed doors. Drop into the hole in the floor and grab on at the bottom to slow yourself. Pull the switch and then kill the 4 ninjas and 4 guards any way you can. Pull the other 2 switches when they are dead, and collect all the ammo and medipacks you can find. When you enter the doorway, you are attacked by another ninja. After killing him, continue up the stairs to a closed door and a switch. The switch opens the door and awakens two more guards to kill. Head through the door and climb to the top of the latticework, then jump off and twist in midair to grab the latticework behind you, and repeat this again near the top. Climb up to the slope and keep jumping between the slopes, heading left to reach a platform. Kill the ninja, then pull the moveable box. Climb on to it, then jump over to the rocks on the left. Head over to the ledge on the right and jump across the lava into the square depression. Turn and do a running jump into the tunnel under the ledge to claim the gold dragon. Another running jump will take you out of the tunnel and leave you grabbing the edge next to the square depression. Climb up and jump back to the ledge, then return to the box and push it so you can reach the rope slide - use this to exit the level.

The Dragon's Lair

Take the medipack and uzi clips before advancing past a non-active guard to kill a live one. In the next room, turn right immediately and flip the switch, then kill the two guards. Ignore the other switch here. In the next room, kill all the ninjas, then pick up a mystic plaque that one dropped, and use it to open the large sealed door. Go inside to kill the dragon! Take the dagger from the dragon's belly, then quickly run through the open gate into the exit tunnel.


Use the gun cabinet key on the lock by the bed to get a weapon, then kill all the bad guys in the house. Head outside and kill everyone there too, including some guys hiding in the shadows. Eventually, you'll find the boss and kill him to end the game.