Tanita Plasticine DreamTanita Plasticine Dream

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2007

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/23/2016

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Tanita: Plasticine Dream is a claymation game in a similar style to The Neverhood. You play as Tanita, a small girl who sets off in an airplane to tour the world, but crash lands on a mysterious group of islands. After coming across the MEC ("Main Evil Creature") who plans to capture all of the fish in the surrounding waters, you decide to try to foil his nefarious plans.


Take the vine from the tree, then use the large machine to rise up into the sky. Use the viewing glasses to look at all 5 possible scenes, then back out and head back to the ground. Go just to the right and wait for a crab wearing a helmet to come along. When it stops walking, click on it twice to pick it up. Go back to the left to find a small catapult. Click on the middle bit to wind it up, then put the crab on the left side and jump on the right side. Pick up the coconut that falls to the ground, then head left.

Pick up the blue watering can and green oil canfrom the ground and the pot from the top of the stove. Head left twice more and open the drinks machine on the right. Use the blue watering can in the sink to fill it with water, then pick it up again and return to the right. Pour water into the left garden bed and take the carrot, then give the carrot to the eye creature. Pour water again and take a second carrot, then head left and insert this into the orange hole in the door. Go right and use the watering can and take another carrot, then come back and put it in the orange hole as well. Now enter the house.

Take the piggy bank, green record and large seed from the shelves, as well as an ornate box from the table. Flip the top right switch behind the door to the up position. Press the floor switch behind the door until the top left panel is open, then flip this switch to the left. This will bring down a projector from the ceiling, and you can view 5 different videos on it by pressing the buttons at the very top left of the screen. Press the floor switch until the bottom left panel is open, and press the button here to turn it on. Press the floor switch again until the bottom right panel is open, then leave.

Return to the right and put your seed in the empty garden bed, then use your watering can on it. Put your coconut into the machine that appears, then pull the lever. Use your oil can on the machine to get some coconut oil, and use your piggy bank on it as well, then pick up the coins that it drops. Next get into the bathtub and you will descend to the sea floor. Head just to the right and use your vine to free the squid from the machine. Pick up the tongs from just next to the machine, then head further to the right. Take the pass from the table, then use your green record on the gramophone and turn the crank; this will cause the group of small fish on the right to change their shape. Go back to the left and get into the bathtub, then quickly move the lever on the left to the up position and you will return to the surface.

Go left and enter the house again. Use your pass on the stamp in the bottom right panel, then go outside and head right twice to return to the stove. Open the door and use your tongs to get a hot coal from inside. Now continue right to reach a beach; you will use your stamped pass automatically to stop a birdman from shooting at you. Pick up the totem, then continue right, past the birdman with the gun, and on to the next screen. Open the chest and take red and blue records from inside. Just to the right is a large crane; open the furnace and put your coal inside, then pour some oil into the funnel on the right. Head to the far right and use your squid on a rope to retrieve the bottle from the water.

Go all the way back left to the coconut crushing machine and use your bottle on it. Pick up the stopper that falls to the ground, and the scroll from the top of the machine. Use the bathtub to get back to the sea floor. Go right and use the blue record on the gramophone to get the fish to move again, then head right. There are two arcade machines here; try to go to the far right, but you will be blocked by a group of sea urchins. You need to use your coins on the arcade machines and then beat the games (for the first, shoot 70 frogs before the time runs out; for the second, sink 9 boats with torpedoes before the time runs out). Next use the horse ride, and the sea urchins will come over. Now you can head to the right and pick up the gold key. Use the ladder near the horse ride to return to the surface.

Go to the machine beneath the birdman and flip the lever up, then insert your scroll in the hole to the left. Head to the crane at the far right and insert your key, then click the key to turn it. Use the left crane control, then the right one, and it will lift the plane out of the water. Return left, climb back down the ladder and head far left, then go back up in the bathtub (get inside and pull the lever again). Once you reach the surface, use your stopper in the hole in the front of the bathtub. Get in the bathtub and you will leave the island.

Tower & Gardens

Use the suction cups and they will attach to your bathtub. Now use the faucet on the left twice and the faucet on the right 3 times. Pull the red cord and you will be lifted up to the platform above. Head up the escalator, then pick up the head before heading up another escalator. Enter the slot machine. Pull the lever on the right until you transform into a bullet, then pull the large trigger below and you will be ejected to the left.

Head left once more and click on all the things hanging on the eye tree, then pick them up (watermelon, chicken, pineapple, hotdog, pear, cherries, bananas and mushroom). Pick up the small gardening tool from the ground just next to the smaller eye plant in the background to the left. Now continue left and approach the building. You need to win a game of "Mastermind" by guessing the sequence of 5 items - choose the items then press the exclamation button to test your guess, and look for dark dots indicating the correct item, and light dots indicating the correct item in the correct space. You have 12 chances to guess the correct random sequence before the puzzle resets and you must try again. Once you win, head inside.

Pull the lever to the right of the display twice to show a picture of a helmet. Use your head on the helmet, then stand on the glowing white tile in the corner of the room to leave. Go to the far right and enter the slot machine again. Pull the lever on the right until you transform into a bullet, then pull the trigger again to return to the tower. Head down one escalator and get in the cable car to travel.

Shipwreck & Rocket

Pick up the axe from the ground near the shipwreck. Play and win "Battleship" against the admiral (he always plays the same way, so you should definitely beat him after a few games). Enter the elevator in the base of the ship and press the middle button to go down to the second floor.

Inside, head down the steps and use your gardening tool to clear the weeds from both rails. Go back to the platform at the base of the stairs and pull the lever down, then press the button - this will extend a bridge along the rails you just cleared. Pick up the light bulb to the right, then go across the new bridge and click on the small window. Try to talk to the pilot, but he is too busy, so back out and you will receive an air-horn. Go back up the stairs to the elevator and press the top button to return to the surface. Return along the path to the left to get back in the cable car.

Tower & Gardens

Head up the escalator and into the slot machine, then fire yourself to the gardens as you did last time. Walk left to find the eye tree again and use your air-horn on the hole in its trunk. Now pick up a cake from the ground. Return to the slot machine and use it to head back to the tower. Go down the escalator and into the cable car.

Shipwreck & Rocket

Use the ornate box you got from the island house on the blue nose near the elevator, and a new hatch will open. Put the cake into this hatch. Use the elevator to go to the second floor again, and walk left to see the rocket launch. Return to the elevator and press the bottom button to go down to a new area.

Stage Show

Use your light bulb on the empty socket and all the lights will come on. Pick up the chalk from the stool near the entrance. Look at the musicians on the stage - each of them is missing a piece of their musical instrument. Go along the walkway on the far right, and you will reach a never-ending corridor with doors to the left and right. Open a door and use your chalk on its top panel to draw a symbol, then head inside:

  • Bowling Ball: Pick up the lever from the floor and use it in the slot on the wall, then pull the lever. After shrinking, enter the blue device and click on the instrument repeatedly until you can take it.
  • Music Note: Pull the lever on the side of the jukebox and listen to the sound, then click on the correct instrument and pull the lever on the wall. Repeat this with 2 sounds, and keep going until you get the final sequence correct with 11 sounds. Take the instrument from the drawer.
  • Paintbrush: Pull the lever on the wall. Pick up the can of glue. Use the air horn on the painting, then take the instrument.
  • Rocket: Pull the lever on the wall, then use your cooking pot on the instrument to collect it.
  • Window: Pull the lever on the wall, then solve the sliding puzzle and take the instrument that appears.
  • Triangle: Nothing to do in this room.

Go through a door with the symbol of a cup to return to the starting area. Give the 5 instruments to the players.


Head right and stand on a small brown platform, then throw a whole lot of items into the darkness (you cannot throw anything essential). After you have thrown enough, a machine will arise from the darkness. Use your totem pole on the robot guard to get rid of him. Head right and use your axe on the hatch, then climb inside. Click on the strange walking creature at the top left and it will jump. Leave this room and come back until the fan near the creature is spinning. Get it to jump again in front of the fan, then pick up what is left (its tongue). Head right to see the Inventor trapped in a cage on the right. Take the red valve from his cage, then go just to the left and use the valve and the tongue on the pipes. Use the valve to hit the creature with big eyes twice, and the tongue will be bent. Use the valve once more to get the key from the sleeping guard.

Return left and use your key on the padlock, then open the door. Look at the colored dots above the doors, then move the blue lever inside to the left and go through the new doors into the large factory. As you walk right through here, there are 5 large columns with wires coming out the top. You need to cut the wires according to the colored dots from outside (before the timer in the background reaches 0):

  1. Red, Yellow, Blue
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow, Red, Blue
  4. Blue, Red, Yellow
  5. Red, Blue

Head to the far right (or left) to reach an elevator. Save your game, then go inside. You need to constantly hide from the bad guy here; as soon as you enter, go to the bottom right and hide behind the shelves. After he leaves, quickly go to the bottom left and hide behind the column. Wait until his back is turned, then go left to the next room, and continue immediately to the bottom left behind another column. Wait until the bad guy comes and leaves again, then use your glue on the platform between the turntables, and use your red record on the left turntable.