The NeverhoodThe Neverhood

Game Details:  Comedy, 1996

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/6/2006

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Neverhood is a fantasy adventure developed with "claymation" in the same style as the later game Armikrog. You play as Klayman, who wakes up in a strange new world and must explore his surroundings, with the backstory being revealed by discs that you collect along the way.

The Three Latches

Click on Klayman to wake up. Press the red button on the wall then have a look out the window. Now pull the lever 3 times to smash the door open. Walk through and jump down into the flytrap. When you get out, climb down the ladder and read some letters from Willie. Climb back up and jump up to grab the 4th ring - the door stays open while you hold it. Push the flytrap under the 4th ring. Jump up to that ring and when it comes down, the flytrap will grab on to it - the door will stay open. While you are here, pull the ring on the right (it will turn a radio on elsewhere in the game). Now leave the nursery.

Go straight ahead to enter a red house. Grab the disk from the floor, then look at the console. Click on the bits of dynamite until the entire figure is made of them (with no duds). When this is done, a gong will ring and the figure will drop to the floor. Go through the next door. Head straight, then turn to the right and open the double doors. Press the button to start some water running. Now leave and turn back to see a red mushroom. Go straight, then turn right and approach the wall with the carving. Press it, then turn left and play with the music box. Back in the house, grab the match and light the figure, then push it outside to take care of the monster.

Return to the music box and walk through the hole in the wall. Get into the red car and go down and around the spiral. Press the green button until you hear a foghorn sound. Now return in the car and walk back through the red house. Turn right and enter the H building. Pick up the disk. Now look at the squares on the wall and moves the blocks to create a H shape (the middle bottom block is missing). Go through the newly opened door and grab a third disk. Put them in the disk player to see that you need to find 17 more of these to get a complete story. Click on the small doorway to the right and go through. Press the green button to turn on the lights, then head right again.

Grab the glass, then press the button and go through the doorway. Go down in the elevator and pick up another disk, then press the blue button until you hear the foghorn again. Pull the lever on the wall to see a moving picture, then head back up again. Start walking right, reading the walls along the way. You will eventually reach the end and find another disk. Pick it up and walk back to turn off the light with the green button. Head right and down in the elevator, writing down the three glowing symbols. Now exit to the disk player and put in 2 more disks (total of 5). Head back to the left. Press the button and exit the building.

Head straight over to a green and white house. Step on the pedal outside to start water flowing, then drink some of the water. Press the red button to hear a series of sounds from the pipes. Now you need to spit into the pipes on the right to make them sound like those above the door - spit 3 times into the first pipe, then 1, 2, 0 and 4 times into the remaining four (from left to right). Go inside.

Pick up the disk, then head right and grab another. Climb the ladder to find one more. Press the red button to hear the foghorn sound, then climb down and go left. Press the button and go outside. Now head to the purple cave, where 3 buttons should light up in response to the 3 foghorn buttons you have pressed. Pull the 3 latches across and the door will open, letting you through to a bridge.

Lake Bottom

Cross the bridge. Turn left to see a screen with a red button. Press this button 12 times, writing down the symbols in order they are shown, and noting which one has a sound accompanying it. Turn around and walk toward the yellow doorway, then turn right and approach the cannon. Press the red circle to fire, and the water below will drain away. Exit the cannon and enter the yellow doorway. Approach a new puzzle on the shelf ahead. Attach the 9 puzzle pieces according to the shape of their carvings, then pull the lever down to change the bridge outside into a staircase. Go outside and head down.

Turn right and approach the drain. Don't jump in the drain. Turn right again and enter the green car. Go up and left, and listen to the radio (remember the tune you hear). Now return to the right, and continue up-right from another intersection until you see three tubes. Write down the level of fluid in each, then return to where you got in the car. Exit the car and approach the yellow house. Open the door and go inside. Get the disk from the floor, then listen to the purple radio (if it does not play, you need to return to the nursery at the beginning and pull the ring nearest the door). Change the frequency until you hear the song from the radio previously, then the door will open.

Go through to the lab. Pull the string to turn on the light and see the word BOBBY. Turn off the light again, and enter the glass capsule. Press the red button to activate the machine. Now press the first grey button until Blue is shown. Get to Orange with the next, then Blue, Blue and Yellow (BOBBY). When you get it right, you will become very small. Go through the opening to the right and stop below the window. Look at the test tubes and note the levels of the fluids. Now return to the bottom of the screen and go to the small green area. Make the 3 tubes here show the same levels as the ones you just saw, then turn the red faucet and you will be big again. Make yourself small once more, then go through the right opening, and then the left one near the window. Approach the blue area, and fill the tubes according to the levels you saw via the green car. Turn the green faucet and you are big again.

Pick up the disk, then look in the third opening from the right. Press the button in the middle of the hat, then climb up the ladder and get another disk. Put your disks in the machine (you should now have 11). Now go outside and sit in the teleportation device.


To select a destination, you need to press one of the colored buttons on the right (they form the titles for the next parts of the walkthrough), then click the big red button.

Red Button

Walk right and pull the big screw out of the ground - you will reunite the two halves of the Klay kingdom. Now return to the teleporter.

Orange Button

You will find yourself in a purple room. Pick up the two disks, then step on the pedal and head quickly outside. Turn right and approach the cone-shaped building to talk to a friendly, but useless hermit. Go back and head through the archway and into a mushroom building. At the bottom area, enter the house straight ahead and you will end up in the basement. Note down the 3 symbols on the wall, then grab the disk and teleport to the orange area again.

Go outside, and approach the mushroom house but do not enter. Instead, turn to the right and approach a screen in the wall. You need to press the red button to enter the symbols in the same order that they were shown on the screen at the beginning of the Lake Bottom section of this walkthrough, replacing the symbol which had the sound, with the new symbol shown here that also has a sound. When you are successful, enter a new doorway - get the disk here then go back outside (you can't reach the key above you).

Turn left and enter the gray house with the purple door. Step on the pedal to suck the mouse and cheese upwards. Walk right and get the disk, then put your disks in the viewer in the wall - there are a total of 16 now. Look at the wall grid and solve the memory puzzle, matching pairs of symbols until all are matched. Note how many times each symbol is shown (you will need to know later). Return left twice and you will find a mouse puzzle. Guide the mouse through the maze by trusting its sense of smell - its nose will always point in the right direction. Once you are done a gong sounds and you can continue left. Collect the 2 disks, then push the projector to the right, to where the mouse was sucked upwards earlier. Step on the pedal to suck up the projector, then press the button and go out the door. Go back to the mushroom house and into the other house's basement to find the teleporter.

Blue Button

Go left and through the blue opening, then turn right. Approach the wall and press the red button. You will be shown 3 of the symbols from the memory game earlier. Use the up and down arrows to indicate how many times these symbols were displayed, then press the yellow button and the large robot will be lured to its right by the teddy bear. Now return to your teleporter.

Green Button

Go through the doorway to the left, then pull the ring above you to drop down to the room with the BOBBY capsule. Go through the doorway on the upper left and re-tune the radio to where it was initially so that the front door opens (you will see light shining on the radio from the left when you have it at the right spot). Go outside and climb up to the cannon. Go through the yellow house and adjust the staircase to re-form a bridge. Go back over the bridge, through the red house and back to the red car from earlier. Use this to go right and through the new tunnels. Get out of the car and pick up the key you saw but could not reach. Now go all the way back to the cannon.

Sit on the cannon and enter the 3 horizontal symbols and 3 vertical symbols you have seen earlier in the game. Click on the 2 new arrows that appear, then fire the cannon using the big red button. You will hit that large robot right in the head. Return to the radio room (you need to convert the bridge back to a staircase again) and tune it to open the inner door. Enter the glass capsule and make yourself small, then enter the lower right opening then the open near the window. Make the drink using the same combo of tube heights as before to make yourself large. Climb the ladder and go through the doorway, then enter the teleporter.

Blue Button

Go left through the blue opening and a big cutscene will occur, after which you are trapped in Klogg's castle.

Klogg's Castle

Go forward and right out to a balcony. Get the needle (also note the key hovering above you), then go back inside and turn right to find a red door. Go inside and up in the elevator to the next floor. Pick up the disk, then look out the window and puncture the balloon with the needle. Go back down in the elevator and out to the balcony to collect the key. Go back inside again and enter the broken grey door. Get the last disk, then ride up the elevator and put the disks in the player. Now you can view the entire story!

Pick up the final key from the floor. Go back down in the elevator and through the broken grey door again. Move the project to the right, then pull the handle to reveal the numbers for the key combination. Click on the blue wall to the right and put the three keys in the correct holes to open a door. Go through and push the venus flytrap all the way to the right, then click on the ring above. Click again and you will drop into the trap and get projected over the fence. Click on the red door latch.

There are 2 possible endings to the story, depending on whether you accept the crown from Klogg, or instead place it on Hoborg's head.