Tangle TowerTangle Tower

Game Details:  Mystery, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/1/2021

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Tangle Tower is a mystery third-person adventure game, and is the sequel to Detective Grimoire. You reprise your role as the Detective, this time investigating an apparent murder by a painting. There are 10 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

The Beginning

Talk to Sally, then examine the bird bath before using the map to head right to the gardens.

Look in the water of the fountain to discover a damaged tape. Examine the harp statue (1/3), but don't worry about manipulating it yet. Now continue right to the main entrance.

Notice that the O has fallen from the sign. Examine the red opened letter from the bushes to the right, then ring the bell before heading inside to the grand hall.

Look at the family tree (1/2) on the wall. Now head up to Flora's Tower to find the crime scene (it is in the top of the left tower).

Examine the brush & palette, the paints, the outline of the body, and the painting, then come up with this conclusion:

  • Flora's portrait is holding a knife tipped with blood because it stabbed Freya... An Unfinished Painting

An Unfinished Painting

Examine the gramophone, and you will also find a cracked tape. Use the gramophone to play both the cracked tape and the damaged tape. Now examine the jeweled egg. There are 6 pairs of jewels on the front, and you need to reposition them so they are linked in pairs based on the diagram you can see on the back of the egg:

Open the egg to see that it is empty. Now talk to Flora about everything. Leave here and head down to the left to find a workshop.

Look at the painted model on the desk, then examine the locked chest. The picture on the front of chest is taken from the position of standing on one of the X's. Look at the map to realize it must be the X at coordinate H6, and facing west. Open the chest with combination H6W. Inside you will find some more painted models. Now talk to Felix about everything. Head down once more into Freya's room.

Look at the small photo of the painting on the floor, and Freya's drawings on the wall. Next examine the locked box on the floor. Rearrange the pieces of paper on the left to form a square. Each of the 6 columns in the square represents one paintbrush on the right. From left to right, they are:

  1. Orange handle, height 1
  2. Green paint (narrow point)
  3. Pink handle, medium brush (green paint)
  4. Blue paint (pink handle)
  5. Broad brush (orange handle)
  6. Height 3 (pink paint)

You will find a ripped photo inside the box. Leave and head down once more to find a library.

Examine the snow-globe A Souvenir. Look at the bird book and the chalkboard, which is the first set of research notes (1/3). Talk to Fifi about everything. You can now access Fifi's Room, which is just up to the right.

Look at the large chart (2/2) Professional Snoop. Examine the microscope - you need to slide the 4 different lens over different parts of the key symbol to make a cohesive picture. From left to right they should be +++, +, ++ and -. Once correct, you will find a secret diary. Next head back outside to the right to a stone square.

Examine the clock on the ground. You need to set the hands on all 4 clock faces to the correct positions. Just drag the top left hand to 3 o'clock and the bottom right hand to 6 o'clock - the other two will be correct. You will end up finding a small lens. Now talk to Hawkshaw about everything. Next continue right into a greenhouse.

Look at the clipboard, which is the second set of research notes (2/3), as well as the potted fruit on the ground. Talk to Fitz about everything, before heading to the music room, which is in the base of the right tower.

Examine the horn statue (2/3), then talk to Poppy about everything. Head up to the aviary, which is directly above the music room. Look at the birds & cage, then talk to Penny about everything. Use the map to go left into Penny's room. Examine the potted flower and then the birdhouse. Rearrange the birds as follows, so that colors and facial expressions from birds above combine to form the birds below, as in a family tree:

You will find a crumpled paper inside. Continue up to Poppy's room above.

Look at the sheet music on the left wall. Examine the lock on the door. Slide the cover open and move the moon tiles out of the way to see where the sun tiles are. You cannot open the lock yet, so back out. Next look at the metronome. Your task here is to get all four hands pointing upwards. The fastest solution is to press the 3rd button twice, and the 4th button 4 times. You will end up finding the other half of the ripped photo. Use the map to travel up to the top of the Astronomy Tower.

Examine the mechanical solar system. You need to get shadows created by the sun and the moon to align with the lines on the plate, by arranging things as follows:

You will discover some research on a golden beetle. Now talk to Pointer about everything. You should have now asked all 8 suspects about the Tangle Tower Tangle Tower Historian, and about your Case File It's my Case File. You should also have collected all 8 suspect statements. While you are here, use the telescope and click on the window above Flora's room. Leave and go to the room you haven't visited in the left tower, which is Fitz's room.

Examine the locked box under the bed. Rearrange the 3 colored pieces of paper so they slot together 4 different ways, and find matching shapes on the right to discover the correct combination. You will discover an ornate trowel inside. Now look at the lock on the door - this is the other half of the lock you found earlier. Move the sun tiles out of the way to see where the moon tiles are. Now move the sun tiles into the positions you saw on the other lock:

Return to Poppy's room and examine the lock here, moving the moon tiles into the positions you just saw:

Go outside to find a rooftop garden. Look at the four feathers on the stone frog, and also examine the lute statue (3/3) A Swamp Monster...?. Now head to the attic, all the way at the top of the left tower. Examine the reel thingy on the floor here.

Return all the way out to the lake's edge and talk to Sally again - everyone's statements align for now. Go back and see Poppy in the music room. Talk to her about everything, including all of the suspects A Poet and a Pianist. Now confront her with a suspicion and select "You used to like these colors" and then the left half of the ripped photo, forming this connection:

  • The pink cassette tape found at the crime scene matches the pink cassette player used by Poppy in this old photo.

Now select the right half of the ripped photo, and "Poppy doesn't want to look like that anymore". Head next to the library and talk to Fifi about everything. Now confront her with a suspicion and select "It's somebody else's diary" and then the right half of the ripped photo, forming these connections:

  • This blue book is the same thing as the secret diary which proves it belonged to Freya.
  • Fifi didn't want anyone to see personal secrets within Freya's diary.

Fifi will open the diary for you. Now head to the workshop. Talk to Felix about everything, then confront him with a suspicion, selecting "It's not your paint pot" and Freya's paints, forming these connections:

  • Freya's red paint pot was stolen and replaced with Felix's red paint pot but the lids were swapped to hide it.
  • This red paint pot was somehow filled with blood before Freya used it to paint Flora.

Proceed to Flora's Tower and talk to her about everything. Confront her with a suspicion, selecting "It's not a knife" and the bird book. Now you can form this connection:

  • The painted knife is actually just a feather from an Inkdip bird.

Select the painted models when prompted, then form another connection:

  • The Inkdip bird was Flora's pet, so she kept a single feather to remember it by.

Now select the empty egg, and you will receive Flora's drawings. Head to the aviary and talk to Penny about everything, then confront her with a suspicion. Select "They're from red roses" and Freya's drawings, then form this connection:

  • One of Penny's birds was used to spy on Poppy and Fitz and steal evidence from them.

Choose the four feathers and form another connection:

  • This yellow feather was left behind by Penny's yellow bird when it visited the rooftop garden.

Return to the astronomy tower and talk to Pointer about everything, then confront him with a suspicion. Select "You're not really interested in astronomy at all" and the golden beetle, forming this connection:

  • Pointer's telescope was actually looking at the crime scene and not up at the sky.

Go out to the stone square and talk to Hawkshaw about everything, then go out to the lake's edge. Talk to Sally about the crime scene:

  • Blood from the paint pot was used to paint the red tip of the painted inkdip feather to resemble a bloody knife.

Proceed to the gardens and pick up the crab toy.

Unfinished Business

Go to the greenhouse and talk to Fitz about everything. Confront him by saying "Fifi did see Fitz, but he was holding something else", then select the ornate trowel. Make this connection:

  • An ornate trowel is used by Fitz to look after a potted flower in Penny's room.

Next select the potted fruit, and form this connection:

  • The pot and soil in Penny's room matches the pot and soil found in Fitz's greenhouse.

Go back to the stone square and confront Hawkshaw with a suspicion, selecting the golden beetle and saying "It's not a microscope at all". Now make a connection:

  • The handheld "microscope" according to Fifi, uses a telescopic lens so Hawkshaw lied about it.

Examine the harp statue in your notes, paying attention to the four symbols on it. Head to the main entrance and ring the bell to display a pattern on the crab toy. Go up to Flora's Tower and play the damaged tape on the gramophone to see a second pattern. Next go to the music room and talk to Poppy about the sheet music, then get her to play the tune - this will give you a third pattern. Return out to the lake's edge and click on the bird bath to get the final pattern. Go to the gardens and exam the harp statue once more. Rotate each of the 4 segments to show matching symbols to those on the crab toy. Now go down through the opening.


Look at the papers on the desk. Move the blank page at the top right and click on the strange symbols, which are the third set of research notes (3/3) Chemistry or Alchemy?. Examine the glass case filled with beetles, then the locked case on the right. Drag the 9 latches out to form a complete path from the key symbol to the lock symbol. Inside you will find some secret research. Talk to Sally about the secret laboratory and fill in the gap with the golden beetle. Form this connection:

  • Pointer has been trying to breed the golden beetle in the underground laboratory.

Now head down through the hatch to the lowest level. Examine the building plans on top of the bookcase, and click on the Study. Also look at the children's book, metal rod and damaged photo. Talk to Sally about the strange photograph, selecting the painted models and then "Lord Remington". While you are here, examine the lake, then talk to Sally about it. Go up to the grand hall again. Examine the water tank and select to pull the switch. Now climb the ladder to reach the study A Secret.

The Hidden Heart

Examine the group photo, pin board, notebook and the burnt items you can see in the incinerator on the right. Talk to Sally about the study, filling in the gaps on the pin board with the photo of the painting, and Freya's drawings. Also talk to her about the five people. Take note of the picture of the crab in the children's book, then examine the large crab on the left wall. Open both pincers, and adjust the positions of the limbs to match those of the picture in the book. Examine the crossbow that is revealed. Talk to Sally about the weapon and say "We found them already". Complete the crossbow by adding the small lens, reel thingy and metal rod.

The Murder

Talk to Sally about the machinations of murder:

  • It was fired from above Freya
  • Freya was already lying on her back
  • She'd fallen unconscious
  • The gramophone
  • There was something in the gramophone
  • Golden beetle
  • Freya's paints
  • They protected themselves
  • Lute statue

Return to the crime scene in Flora's Tower. Examine the brush & palette, the painted portrait, and the plant in the window (which is in the bird book). Now talk to Sally about the missing clue:

  • We found it somewhere else
  • Burnt items
  • It's in the unfinished painting
  • Brush & palette

Form this connection:

  • The yellow paint was going to be used to paint this sketch of something sitting in the window.

Continue the discussion with Sally by selecting the birds & cage, then click on the yellow bird in the window. Talk to Hawkshaw:

  • Penelope Pointer: Tie her hands, Reel thingy, Justice for Freya, She's lonely, The study
  • The Era of Mystid Mansion: What?, Group photo
  • A Lowly Entomologist: Golden beetle

The Will of Freya Fellow

Talk to Hawkshaw/Penelope again:

  • The Will of Freya Fellow: Photo of painting

You will get the final achievement for completing the game Untangled Tower.