Tales From the Dragon Mountain 2Tales From the Dragon Mountain 2

The Lair

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2014

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/6/2024

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Tales from the Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair is a casual hidden-object adventure game from Cateia Games, and is the sequel to Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix. You again play as Mina Lockheart, and are summoned by your friend Umberto to battle Lord Strix and foil his evil plans. There are 12 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Umberto's House

Pick up the red stone, then walk forward towards the house. Pick up 2 green stone pieces, 1 lever and 1 piece of lumber. Examine the pedestal and place your red stone in the top left position. Click on the top right position, then insert your 2 green stone pieces. Now you need to press the colored stones in this order to close the shutters:

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. Purple

This completes your first minigame (1/30) Minigame Player. Cross the bridge. Pick up 2 more pieces of lumber and 2 more levers, then head to the right of the house. Find 1 lever, 1 piece of lumber, a saw and a stone dragon (1/20) Stone Dragon.

Examine the pot hanging above the hearth, and take the scheme and saw handle. Back out, then look at the piece of wood on the left. Use the scheme on the scattered symbols here. Next look at the shelves along the back of this area, and collect the matches, old piece of paper and hand drill. Go back to the front of the house.

Examine the plaque on the left wall. Use your hand drill in all 4 corners, then insert your 4 levers in the holes you have created. Pull all 4 levers downwards. Now you need to switch the symbols around so that the roman numerals match up with their appropriate symbols as indicated on the scheme you found earlier. Once you complete this minigame (2/30), climb up the stairs that are revealed.

Collect 2 more pieces of lumber. Examine the dying tree, and use your saw and saw handle on it - you will get the last 2 pieces of lumber. Examine the glass furnace on the left, then open it. Insert your 8 pieces of lumber in the 8 holes. Place your old piece of paper in the middle compartment, then set it on fire with your matches. There will be 8 symbols revealed on the cover once it is closed. Back out and look at the mural to the right. Change the 8 doves to match the symbols shown in the furnace cover to complete the minigame (3/30). Go through the opening to enter the house.

Take the sun ornament from the left. Look in the shelves on the right and pick up the mailbox key. Look at the bedside table and take the star ornament. Now head downstairs. Grab the stone dragon (2/20) from the shelves at the back of this room. Look in the fireplace and take the moon ornament and crowbar. Look at the coffee table and solve the Roman numerals minigame (4/30). Pick up the blue block.

Go back upstairs and examine the window on the back wall. Insert your sun, star and moon symbols, then take the purple block that is revealed. Go back downstairs again. Take the cushions off the platform to the left. Look more closely and pick up the large key, then back out and use this on the front door. Go out the front of the house again.

Back out and examine the mailbox, then unlock it with the mailbox key. Take the letter and the tangram pieces from inside. Go towards the house again and around to the right side. Examine the hearth, and use your crowbar to lift up a loose rock. Pick up the green block that is revealed. Go back to the front, then inside through the front door. Examine where you lifted the cushions earlier. Solve the left sliding block minigame (5/30) using the purple block. Solve the middle sliding block minigame (6/30) using the green block Minigame Solver. Solve the right sliding block minigame (7/30) using the blue block. Head down through the new opening.

Pick up the flask of petroleum. Approach the 3 doors on the left. Look at each torch on the wall and use a combination of your matches and petroleum to light them. Go back upstairs and examine the picture on the left wall. Solve the jigsaw minigame (8/30), then take the small key that is revealed. Go upstairs to the bedroom and use this small key to unlock the chest on the floor. Take the stone symbol from inside the chest. Go downstairs and into the underground cave again.

Approach the glowing sphere on the right, and find a stone dragon (3/20) hidden on the left. Now examine the sphere to realize it is a gateway to Strix's lair. Look at the sphere and attach your stone symbol. Back away and now examine the doors on the left again. Look at the first door and insert your tangram pieces; arrange them to fill in the pattern displayed to complete the minigame (9/30). Head through the portal.

Portal 1

Haso's Farm

Pick up the ladder and a plank, then talk to Haso. Look at the garden and look at the numbers, then back out and talk to Haso about them. Go forward along the path and find a stone dragon (4/20) on the right. Go forward again to find another plank and another stone dragon (5/20). Look down in the hole and use your ladder to get down there, then climb back up and examine the door on the right. Turn the number 9 upside down to realize it is really door number 6, and examine the keyhole. Go back twice and enter the pumpkin house.

Collect another plank, a jar of oil and some nails. Look at the board of keys on the left wall, and take key number 6. Go back outside, then along the path and use the key to open door number 6. Head through the door. Use your matches to light the lamp on the right, then pick it up - put it down on the far left of the room to light up the area. Collect a wooden beam from the left, and a spade, large fabric and bucket from the right. Examine the door on the left; slide the colored discs around so they are all on their correct backgrounds - this will complete the minigame (10/30) and the door will open. Look at the mechanism above the lamp and take the gear.

Go back 3 times, then enter the pumpkin house again. Examine the stove on the right, and take a second gear, some cheese and a hammer. Now go all the way back towards door number 6 and head up the stairs. Examine the inactive portal and pick up another gear and a stone dragon (6/20) Bronze Dragon.

Back out and pick up yet another plank from the bottom of the windmill. Now examine the broken windmill; use your oil, 3 gears, large fabric, hammer, nails, wooden beam and 4 planks to repair the windmill. Climb down and go through door number 6 again.

Examine the puzzle on the back wall - you need to connect the nodes of the same color, without crossing lines, and leaving no squares blank to complete the minigame (11/30):

Now examine the mechanism to the left. Turn the valves until the top one blows off. Go back outside and climb down the ladder. You now need to open the covers of all of the pipes to complete a minigame (12/30) Minigame Expert.

Go back inside and into the dark room on the left. Find a stone dragon (7/20) on the left. Look at the petroleum pit on the right, then set it on fire with your matches. Pick up a cupboard key from the right side of the pit, then back out. Examine the glowing symbols on the wall.

Go all the way back to the pumpkin house. Look at the cupboard beneath the sink and unlock it with your cupboard key. Pick up the door handle. Leave the house, then go forward into the garden. Examine the golden gate, then attach your handle and go through. Discover another stone dragon (8/20) on the left. Also pick up the cage. Examine the hole at the base of the tree to see a mouse - use your cheese and cage to catch it.

Go back to where you just lit the petroleum on fire, and continue forward to find a large spider blocking your path. Use your mouse on the spider and it will chase it away. Remove the cobwebs, then go forward and collect a pickaxe. Make your way all the way back through the golden gate. Examine the rock on the left with the hollow center, and use your pickaxe on it. Pick up the blue marble that you discover hidden inside. Go to door number 6 and find another hole in the wall just to its left; use the pickaxe again and collect a green marble. Enter the door and go through the dark doorway, then use your pickaxe on a hole on the left, collecting a red marble. Go forward and use your pickaxe on 1 last hole, yielding a yellow marble.

Go forward and you will see 4 square puzzles on the wall ahead:

  • Look at the first puzzle, add the blue marble, and move it to the target to complete the minigame (13/30)
  • Look at the second puzzle, add the red marble, and move it to the target to complete the minigame (14/30)
  • Look at the third puzzle, add the green marble, and move it to the target to complete the minigame (15/30)
  • Look at the fourth puzzle, add the yellow marble, and move it to the target to complete the minigame (16/30)

Examine the middle compartment and solve the jigsaw minigame (17/30). Pick up the plant map when you are done.

Now you need to explore everywhere you have been so far to collect the 9 magical plants you need to plant in the garden; in most cases you will need to use your spade to retrieve the plants:

  • strange white plant next to the mailbox
  • strange red plant next to the front door of Umberto's house
  • strange purple plant on the roof of Umberto's house
  • strange small white plant inside the pumpkin house
  • strange pink plant between some rocks outside the golden gate
  • strange magenta plant next to the small lake behind the golden gate
  • strange small red plant next to the holey rock behind the golden gate
  • strange orange plant to the left near door number 6
  • strange green plant next to the inactive portal near the windmill

Now go to the garden next to the pumpkin house. Dig small holes next to all the numbers that don't already have one. Plant all 9 plants in the holes (keep trying until you find the correct position for each of them). Now go to the water outside door number 6 and fill up your bucket. Come back and pour the water on the plants. Talk to Haso, who will now give you the stone symbol.

Return back through the portal and examine the sphere again. Attach your new stone symbol. Now examine the second of the three doors. Arrange the tangram pieces to complete the minigame (18/30), then go through the portal.

Portal 2

Pedro's Village

Go through the arches on the left and talk to Pedro. Collect a stone dragon (9/20) from the right, then go through the door straight ahead. Pick up 2 iron cogs from here, then go back to Pedro. Pick up a hook, a brush and a piece of dry wood. Talk to Pedro again before leaving.

Walk straight ahead now and find another stone dragon (10/20). Pick up an iron cog and a piece of dry wood, then continue forward again. Find yet another stone dragon (11/20) as well as some rope. Head inside the church on the left. Look at the altar, then solve a minigame (19/30) on the front, where you must move the symbols to their appropriate locations. Take the cemetery key, then back out of the church. Look at the gates ahead, then use your cemetery key to unlock them before heading through.

Collect a flint-stone from the left, then head towards the tree in the distance. Pick up the sun symbol from near the base of the tree, then go back 3 times. Look at the wooden gate to the left and insert the sun symbol. Head through the gate into an alley. Pick up another iron cog, a long stick, a crowbar and a piece of dry wood. Open the next gate to the right and go through. Find a stone dragon (12/20) up near the ceiling Silver Dragon. Also pick up a star mold, iron forceps and an iron pot. Look at the forge on the right, and use your flint-stone and 3 pieces of dry wood to get it warm. Use the bellows in the background until you get the message that the forge is very hot.

Back out three times and examine the well, then pick up another iron cog. Enter the door just to the right of the main street and meet Berta in the tavern. Talk to her, then go through the door on the right. Pick up an iron cog, a bread shovel and some flour. Go back outside, then head to the right to find a large pink tree. Pick up another iron cog here, before returning to the village. Now take the final path to the top left to find a blocked tunnel. Find a stone dragon (13/20) here, as well as another iron cog.

Return to the village, then go forward and through the gate on the left. Search the junk pile on the left in the alley and move the green door to find the final iron cog. Go through the next door and approach the hot forge. Use your 9 cogs and metal pot on the forge to melt the iron. Examine the anvil next, and place the star mold there, then pour in your molten iron to get a hot star mold. Now look at the bucket on the floor and put in your hot star mold and your iron forceps to end up with a star iron symbol.

Go to the large tree in the cemetery. Look at the gravestone here, then use your brush on it. Look at the writing and symbol that are revealed. Go back twice, then into the church. Approach the bench on the right, and examine the puzzle box. Solve the minigame (20/30) to realize the grave belongs to Professor Xavi. Go back 3 times, then enter the tavern and go to the back room. Look at the shelves on the left and take the bread recipe. Look at the shelves on the right and pick up the yeast. Go back out to the tavern and look at the table on the right, then take the cup of water. Enter the back room again and examine the board. Use your flour, yeast and water here, then pick up your bread dough. Look at the shelf above the fireplace and use your bread dough and bread shovel to make bread.

Return to the large pink tree. Look at the bench on the right and put your bread there. Now look at the bird's nest in the tree - use the long stick, rope and hook to get the necklace. Enter the tavern and pick up an apple from next to Berta. Head next to the church and take a candle from left of the altar. Enter the cemetery and examine the graves on the left, picking up some clover from the ground here. Go up to the big tree and examine the symbols on the grave. Use your apple, clover, star iron symbol, candle and necklace here. Use your crowbar to force the secret passage open. Climb down.

Examine the minigame (21/30) on the front of the coffin - swap the positions of the angels and gargoyles to win. Look inside the coffin and take the chest key. Now solve the marble swapping minigame (22/30) on the wall to reveal a chest. Use the key to unlock the chest, and take Professor Xavi's alphabet scroll from inside.

Go to the room with the forge, and examine the alphabet blocks on the left wall. You can take 4 of the symbol molds from the wall here, corresponding with the 4 largest letters from the alphabet scroll. Use each of the symbol molds on the anvil, and fill them all with molten iron. Use all 4 of them on the bucket to end up with 4 iron symbols. Return to the main village square and go through the arches on the left, then proceed to the back room. Put each of your symbols on the rear left pillar to fix the portal. Go back out to Pedro, who will now give you the stone symbol.

Return back through the portals and examine the sphere again. Attach your new stone symbol. Now examine the final of the three doors. Arrange the tangram pieces to complete the minigame (23/30), then go through the portal.

Portal 3

Leonard's Mountain

Approach the small cabin and pick up a hammer and a stick. Look at the waterwheel and pick up some garden shears and a door handle. Back out twice and examine the bushes to the left, then use the garden shears on them and collect the old rusty gear. Now look at the door to the cabin - you need to enter the number of each of these creatures that you have seen in the game - 2, 1, 3 and 4.

Go inside the cabin. Pick up the oil grease, rust remover, rope and wrench. Examine the cable car and insert your door handle. Pick up the pliers, then try pulling the lever, but nothing happens. Go back outside the cabin and look at the extra plank of wood attached to the wall. Use your pliers to remove the nails and you will end up with both 2 nails and a plank. Back out to the jetty and climb up to find a magnet and another old rusty gear. Climb back down and now look down at the jetty. Use your pliers to get 2 more nails, then also take the plank. Look at the old rusty gear in the water and get it using your stick, rope and magnet.

Approach the waterwheel again and use your planks, nails and hammer to repair it. Back out and climb up again, then solve the grid minigame (24/30). Pull the lever here and water will start flowing into the waterwheel. Return into the cabin and look at the left wall - use your 3 old rusty gears, rust remover, oil grease and wrench to repair the mechanism. Now enter the cable car and pull the lever to ride up to the mountain.

Find a stone dragon (14/20) here, then head down to the right and approach the house. Talk to Leonard, who turns out to be Umberto's brother. You can find another stone dragon (15/20) in the window to the left. Now head into the house.

Search the house to find a knife, some matches, a dragon cure recipe and a candle. Back out twice and find a pine cone high up in the tree branches. Now head along the path to the right to find a tunnel. Look at the entrance, then use your matches and candle so you can continue inside. Pick up the knob from the ground here, then go back to the cable car. Examine the box on the floor. Insert your knob into the receptacle, then solve the key minigame (25/30). You will end up getting some dynamite, but then the cable car will collapse.

Go back towards the house and approach the well. Pick up the bucket here, then go back to the cable car. Use your knife to cut the rope. Go to the well again and use the bucket and rope to get a bucket of water. Enter the house and approach the fireplace. Use your water on the fireplace, then grab the hot coal. Head back outside and to the end of the tunnel, and use your dynamite and hot coal to blast open the passage. Go through to return to the village.

Make your way back to Haso's garden and pick up herbs II, VII and IX. Go to the bench next to the pink tree just out of the village to collect a feather. Next go to the back room of the tavern and collect an iron pot, garlic, salt and a baby bottle. Look at the shelf over the fireplace again. Place the iron pot beneath the shelf. Add all the required ingredients (3 plants, hot coal, salt, feather, garlic and pine cone). Use the baby bottle to collect some of the dragon cure you have created. Now head back to the mountain and approach the small dragon outside Leonard's house - give it the cure. Talk to Leonard, who will now give you the stone symbol.

Return back through the portals and examine the sphere again. Attach the last stone symbol. Examine the sphere more closely to see a whole lot of new symbols. Go through the first of the three doors on the left.

Go through door number 6 and look at the glowing symbols on the right wall of the cave. Go back to the sphere and click on the 4 matching symbols so that they are glowing at the same time to complete the minigame (26/30). Now touch the sphere.

The Lair

Examine your dragon, who is hungry. Pick up the shovel, then look at the cactus and grab some rope from next to it. Walk forward and collect a bone and a sack, then look closely at the troll - you need to distract him somehow. Go back to your dragon and turn right. Use your rope, shovel and sack on the sand, then throw your sand sack into the water. Use this, then jump on the rocks to get to the other side and complete a minigame (27/30).

Pick up the y-shaped branch from the ground. Use your bone on the rocks on the right to sharpen it, then use it to cut the rope to the boat. Look in the boat and pick up a long stick, then back away from the beach. Go forward from your dragon and use the sharp bone to retrieve a large cactus leaf. Return to the boat and use the long stick and large cactus leaf to create an oar, then use the boat to cross the river.

Approach the cave opening and find a stone dragon (16/20) on the right. Also pick up 2 cans, some fish net and a medallion, before entering the cave. In here, find another can, a marble, an elastic band, a dragon symbol, some rotten meat and a crystal. Back out twice and look at a small wooden bridge to the left; use your 3 cans, y-shaped stick, elastic band and marble here to create a distraction.

After you automatically run around behind the troll, find another stone dragon (17/20) as well as another crystal. Examine the wine on the right and Malik will give you some sleeping powder. Take the cork out of the largest bottle and use the sleeping powder on it. Put the cork back, then back away. Go forward again and the troll will be asleep. Examine the troll's neck and take the small cube. Now look at the puzzle on the wall and insert the cube. Solve the Picross minigame (28/30):

Cross the drawbridge. Look over towards the telescope and collect a glove and another crystal. Look through the telescope, but it is missing its lens. Go back to your dragon and examine the smaller cactus. Use your glove on it and you will retrieve the prickly pear. Go over towards the boat and use the net on the water to catch the fish. Now go to your dragon and feed it the fish, rotten meat and prickly pear. Approach the doors to the lair and insert the dragon symbol to get inside.

Find another stone dragon (18/20) on the left. Insert your 3 crystals into the slots and pick up a lens from next to one of the slots. Go back outside and examine the telescope, then put in the lens. Look through the telescope and find another stone dragon (19/20). Go back inside and examine the next puzzle. Insert your medallion in the top-left corner, then play the sliding block minigame (29/30):

Press the pink button, then go up in the blue cylinder. Find the last stone dragon (20/20) on the left Golden Dragon. Now talk to Lord Strix. Play the final minigame (30/30) Minigame Genius. Lord Strix will escape.

Final Achievements

There are several additional achievements depending on your settings and actions during the game:

  • Finish the game on Casual mode or Adventure mode Adventurer
  • Finish the game on Challenge mode (hardest difficulty) Hero
  • Don't use any hints throughout the game Chosen One
  • Don't skip any dialogs/cut-scenes throughout the game Story Follower

Start another game on an easier mode, then go into the settings and turn off the Sparkles Settings master. Finally, watch the credits from the main menu all the way to the end Who is to blame.