Tales From the Dragon MountainTales From the Dragon Mountain

The Strix

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2011

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/1/2024

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix is a casual hidden-object adventure game from Cateia Games. You play as Mina Lockheart, a girl who has been having nightmares about a fire destroying her family home. A nostalgic trip home turns into an unexpected adventure. There are 14 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The story continues in the sequel, Tales from the Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair.

Chapter 1

The Arrival

Approach the house, then pick up the plank of wood from left of the stairs. Move the bucket on the right, then collect the key from beneath it. Use the key on the door to get inside.

Collect the two cogwheels. Examine the small cupboard on the left, and open the drawer to find some matches. Look at the diary on the floor and the photograph beneath the clock. Now head left into the kitchen. Pick up the tea herbs, teapot and knife. Try to open the door in the back, but it is locked. Return to the hall. Examine the picture on the right wall. Use your knife to remove the painting, then take the key that is revealed. Go back to the kitchen and use this key on the back door.

Collect 3 cogwheels and a petroleum jug, then go further back into the room and find 2 more cogwheels. Go through the door to return to the kitchen. Examine the stove in the back and pick up the coal dust, then examine the plank of wood in your inventory. Click on the letters to spell the name Malik (from top to bottom, these are letters 2, 4, 1, 5 and 3). Now put your coal dust in the indent that appears. Back out, then pour petroleum on the coal in the fireplace, and light it with your matches. Place the plank on the hot coals to meet Malik - he wants you to make him some tea. Click on Malik 3 times Poke Malik.

Examine the pipes beneath the kitchen sink and rotate them to form a complete path for the water to flow. Now fill your teapot with cold water from the sink, and put the tea herbs into the teapot. Approach the stove again and place the teapot on top, then once it is steaming pick it up again. Try to give the teapot to Malik Tea manners.

Leave the kitchen by going right, then continue right into the library. Go through the double doors in the back to find grandma's bedroom. Pick up the teacup, then go all the way back to the kitchen. Pour the tea from the teapot into the teacup, then give it to Malik, and you will receive a ring.

Go through the hall into the library once more. Look at the map on the right and note the spot marked, then go to the globe and spin it left twice before clicking on the same spot (southern India) - you will receive another cogwheel. Now back out and examine the chest on the left. Insert your medallion and then ring. Pick up the crest from inside. Back out and head into the bedroom again. Approach the bed and insert the crest into the head board, then take the letter and key that are revealed.

Go back into the kitchen, then into the room behind it. Go into the back part of this room, and approach the strange door to the right. Examine the bottom section and insert your 8 cogwheels. Next examine the top section and click on the 4 differences between the pictures. Finally insert your key in the keyhole.

Chapter 2

The Garden

Collect the lamp fuse, lamp stand, mistletoe and 2 marbles. Head right, then collect 2 more marbles, a petroleum jug and 3 statue pieces. Continue right again, then collect 2 more marbles, 3 more statue pieces, an empty bucket and a lamp. Go back twice, then go forward into the shed.

Pick up some strawberries, a shovel, a net, an empty flask and 6 pieces of paper. Go back outside and use your shovel in the dirt mound on the right, then pick up a key. Enter the shed again and use the key to open the left drawer. Look at the recipe inside. Examine the pieces of paper in your inventory and solve the jigsaw to see the code 4897.

Back out of the shed and go to the right side of the garden. Examine the statue, and reassemble the head using the pieces you have collected - you will receive another marble. Look at the lock on the front of the statue and enter the code 4897 to get the last marble. Examine the main part of the fountain and use the net to catch a fish. Also fill your bucket with water from the fountain. Back out and go over to the large door. Insert all 8 marbles. Press the sun in the middle to unlock the door and enter the mausoleum.

Pick up the leaf on the right, then use your matches to light the candles. Examine the side of the tomb and solve another jigsaw puzzle - you will receive a pine once you are successful. Leave the mausoleum and go right, then use your net to catch a butterfly. Return back twice and enter the shed.

Put the mistletoe, strawberries, pine and bucket of water into the cauldron, then use your empty flask to get the potion from the cauldron Alchemist Apprentice.

Go outside and use the filled flask on the tree to release Stribor. Go right twice and approach the gate - Malik will suggest asking Stribor for help. Go back to Stribor and talk to him to get 3 coins. Go to the locked gate and insert the 3 coins.

Chapter 3

The Wolf Master

Find the black and grey wolves, a stick, some nails and 5 wooden branches. Approach the carriage, then find the white wolf, hammer and shovel. Back out, then approach the statue. Place the 3 wolves in position and you will receive a wolf medallion. Look at the top of the statue and rotate the rings to create a picture, then insert the wolf medallion in the middle and press it. Climb down the new opening into a mine.

Find the bottom of the magic wand (beneath the left light), then climb back up and approach the hut. Find 3 planks, and you will have completed a ladder. Use this on the left side of the house, then take the key. Approach the front door and use the key to get inside.

Pick up the purple cloth and use it to clean the windows. Now collect the key, magic wand stick, magic wand head, pickaxe and 6 book page scraps. Examine the book page scraps and rearrange them to make a complete page. Back out of the hut and climb down into the mine.

Examine the chest and open it with your key. Pick up the spell book. Find all the matching gems and you will receive a white gem as a reward. Back out and you will have a complete magic wand. Insert your completed page into the spell book. Use your pickaxe on the large rocks to the right. Pick up the glass jar, then go through the opening.

Use your magic wand on the dragon, then play the game and win to defeat the dragon (click on adjacent tiles to swap them and create runs of 3 similar colors, trying to match 3 books to do damage). There is an achievement for defeating the dragon within 2 minutes Spell caster.

Now collect the pixie coin, golden pump and 4 broken jar pieces. Examine the pieces and put them together to create an empty jar. Pick up the dragon using your glass jar. Go through the passage on the left.

Give the dragon in the jar to the Wolf Master. Collect the Glagolitic translation, another pixie coin and 6 stones with symbols. Approach the Wolfmaster to see his puzzle, then insert the 6 stones around the gems - the gems will light up when you have placed the correct stone in each position. You will receive a magic pine and a wolf's paw.

Go back out to the mine entrance. Put the golden pump in the water, then place your empty jar under the pump and click on it to fill it with water. Pick up the jar, then leave the mine and enter the hut. Look at the trapdoor in the floor, then insert your two coins. Open the trapdoor to reveal some fertile soil. Use the shovel in the soil, plant the magic pine, then pour your water on to it.

Chapter 4

The Institute

Approach the door straight ahead and spin the dials to match the colors of the lines in the background.

Once inside, head left to the physics laboratory and you will meet Amala. Find the battery and 2 crystals, then go forward to the table. Pick up the acid and the key, then examine the device in the middle of the table. Insert the battery into the bottom left, then play a minigame to turn on all the green lights on the device. Press the blue button in the middle when you are done, then take the capacitor fuse and back out twice. Head to the right and pick up the green crystal. Use your capacitor fuse on the terminal to charge it, then back out of the physics laboratory to return to the main hall.

Next head right to the biology laboratory. Pick up the yellow crystal, then use your acid on the plants and head through the door. Inside the lab, collect the stick, heavy bone and 2 more crystals. Go left up the stairs and find 2 more crystals, some pliers and a total of 12 flowers. Back out, then approach the chest on the right. Use your pliers on the dried bushes to remove them. Open the chest and you will get a meteorite. Back out of the biology laboratory to return to the main hall.

Now go straight ahead to another door. Insert the meteorite into the slot above the door, and you will automatically proceed into the alchemy laboratory. Collect a flask, a knife and a blue crystal. Approach the table and find a yellow crystal and a ladle. Examine the pieces of paper on the left side of the table, and solve another jigsaw puzzle to recreate a potion recipe. Back out, then approach the cauldron on the left. Use your ladle on the cauldron to get some liquid glass. Back out, then approach the table again and examine the bowl on the right. Add the liquid glass, wolf's paw, red irises, yellow valerianas and white daisies. Now use your flask to collect the potion of teleport Alchemist expert.

Return to the main hall. Go left to the physics laboratory and give the white edelweiss flower to Amala in exchange for a sword. Back out twice to return to the Institute entrance.

Go to the plant on the left. Use your knife on the ropes, place the stick in the plant's mouth and then take the key. Back out, then approach the chest on the right. Use your heavy bone on the chest, then click on the chest to close it. Insert your two keys in the two locks. Back out again.

Approach the flying ship on the far right. move closer, then go to the control panel on the side. Insert your charged capacitor fuse. Now insert the crystals as follows:

Chapter 5

The Top of the World

Collect a crowbar, a glove, some rope and 7 explosive sticks. Approach the wreckage on the left. Push the wreckage off the cliff, then pick up the saw and some wire. Back out, then approach the blocked cave entrance on the right. Use your saw on the wooden wing to get a plank. Back out and use your rope and plank on the broken bridge on the left. Now cross the bridge.

Find a detonator handle and 3 more explosive sticks. Return to the blocked cave entrance. Use your 10 explosive sticks on the blocked cave. Use your wire on the blocked cave, then use your detonator handle on the detonator and press it. Enter the cave.

Go over the winding path, then collect 2 green crystals, 2 handles and a medallion. Examine the chest on the right. Find 3 spheres, then use your crowbar on the chest to get it open. Find 3 more spheres, then back out and approach the altar on the left. Find 1 more handle and 4 more spheres. Use your medallion in the round slot on top of the altar, then examine it. Place your 10 spheres on the medallion, then click on them to rotate them all to the 12 o'clock position. You will receive a key when you are successful. Use this on the gate to go through.

After meeting the Shade, find 4 cogwheels and 2 switches. Look at the left desk and find 2 more cogwheels, another switch and a lever. Back out, then approach the desk on the right. Pick up the screwdriver, then examine the elevator control mechanism. Use your screwdriver on all 4 screws to remove the front panel. Place your 6 cogwheels on the pegs. Use your gloves on the loose wires on the right, then put your 3 switches over them. Turn on each of the 3 new switches. Next place your 3 handles on the 3 poles. Insert your green crystals in the top two crystal slots, then push the handles in this order (numbered from top to bottom): 2, 3, 4, 1, 4. Use your lever inside the elevator, then use the lever to take the elevator down.

Collect 2 red crystals and a book of teleporting. Head back up. Examine the elevator control mechanism again and insert your 2 red crystals in the remaining slots. Use the handle in the elevator again and you will go up this time.

Enter the temple on the right. Put your book in the book holder. Drink the potion in your inventory, then use the book.

Chapter 6

The Lord Strix

Go back 3 times to be outside. After meeting the Strix, use your sword on him. Play the game and win to defeat him Finished Game. There is an additional achievement if you beat him within 3 minutes Defender, and another if you beat the whole game within 1 hour Speed Run.

Final Achievements

There are several additional achievements depending on your settings and actions during the game:

  • Finish the game on Adventure mode (hardest difficulty) Pozoj peak master
  • Don't use any hints throughout the game Hint Master
  • Don't skip any dialogs/cut-scenes throughout the game Story teller
  • Don't skip any minigames throughout the game Minigame Master

Start another game on an easier mode, then go into the settings and turn off the Sparkles Settings master. Finally, watch the credits from the main menu all the way to the end Who is to blame.