Syberia 2Syberia 2

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2004

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Walkthrough Updated:  9/22/2005

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Syberia 2 is a 3rd person adventure game with fantasy elements, and the second in a series of games starring protagonist Kate Walker. This continues after the previous game, Syberia. This game sees you continue your journey to find the lost mammoth tribes in the mythical island of Syberia. The series continues with Syberia 3.


Wind the Train

Turn around and walk towards the rear of the train, and you will find Hans. Talk to him about everything, then head back to the front of the train and go outside. You will meet the Colonel very briefly, then he will head off. Go down to the front of the train and talk to Oscar. Now turn the wheel on the device next to the train, and pull the lever on its left side. Turn the wheel again to retract the winder, then talk to Oscar once more.

Fix the Coal Dispenser

Go back to the main train platform and approach the first building. Note the girl beneath the tracks here, then pull the lever - the coal dispenser does not work. Run down to the far end of the platform and pull the lever, but nothing happens. Look at the gate and examine the keyhole - you can't do anything here yet.

Go into the building where the Colonel entered previously. Talk to the Colonel, who is now behind the counter. Head back outside and talk to Malka, who is beneath the railing near the coal machine. She wants some candy in exchange for the gate key.

Back in the general store, look at the 3 candy machines on the table near the door - they all contain different types of candy, and require coins to operate. Head towards the Colonel, then look at the desk to the right. Take the small key, and note the phone number on the bottom of the broken candy machine. Talk to the Colonel about things again, then use your phone to dial Candyroff (625-122). They weren't much help, so head back to the 3 candy machines on the table. Use your small key on the drawers at the bottom of each machine, and you will get some coins from the one on the right. Now try the coins in the machines - you need to use the 5th coin in the left machine and the 2nd in the middle machine, then take the two types of candy. You can't get anything from the right machine.

Head outside again and talk to Malka. Give her the sugar candy, and you will get the gate key. Go to the far end of the platform and use this key to unlock the gate. Go down the stairs and head right to see a strange machine hanging beneath the rails. Now go left and talk to Malka again. Head to the left to be beneath the coal dispenser. Look at the generator, and try pressing the red button, then take the empty red can. Walk back towards Malka, then enter the building on the right.

Approach the stage and look at the horse automatons, then head to the bar and talk to Cirkos. Back outside again, head left and approach the wooden fence to meet the Bourgoff brothers. After talking to Ivan about everything, go left again and look at the second Cirkos poster on the fence. Tear the poster down and climb through the gap. Now open the cage to let Youki out and distract Ivan. While he is gone, head over and swap your empty red can with his full one. Leave the yard and return to the generator. Pour your petrol into it, then press the red button. Now you can return upstairs and use the coal dispenser to put coal in the train.

Enter the Monastery

After Oscar tells you Hans is missing, go downstairs and talk to Malka again. Enter Cirkos' cabaret again and you will see Hans have a fit. Talk to him back in the train, then go forward in the train and talk to Oscar.

Head down the stairs again and talk to Malka, then Cirkos about the monks and the monastery. Go back and talk to Malka once more to get a token for the shroud dispenser and learn how to use the shroud. Go up to the general store and talk to the Colonel, who offers you warm clothes if you can find some. Climb up the ladder and take the warm snowsuit from the crates. Now climb back down and head outside. Enter the bathroom on the train to change into the warm clothes.

Run back down the stairs and past the Bourgoff's yard, then continue up the mountain (you cannot do this if you are not wearing the warm clothes). When you reach the small bridge, look at the machine on the right. Insert your token and pull the lever to be able to take a shroud. Return to Hans on the train, and put the shroud over his face.

Head up the mountain once more, and approach the monastery. Pull the bell cord, but you will not be allowed entry. Walk around to the right and you will meet one of the monks - talk to him to learn that you are not allowed into the monastery because you are a woman, and that he is very interested in seeing a white raven. Visit the Colonel in his store and he will give you 3 birdcalls. Go back up to the laundry monk and give him the silver birdcall. Take a habit and return to the entrance to the monastery. Pull the cord and enter the elevator to go up.

The Monastery

Cure Hans Voralberg

Try talking to the monk in the entrance hall, but he has taken a vow of silence. Pick up the matches from on the stove to the left, then walk down. Note the wheelbarrow on the next screen, then continue forward to an open courtyard. Enter the chapel to the top left of this area. Walk through the next two screens and you will meet the Patriarch. Talk to him and he will eventually agree to help you.

After the cutscenes, go through to the siderooms and enter the last one to find Hans. Talk to him about everything, then go outside and talk to the monk, who gives you a parchment and a stained-glass mammoth. Look at both items individually in your inventory. Head outside and take the brush from the ground near the bucket, then return to the Patriarch and talk to him again. Walk back one screen from here, then look at the mural on the left pillar. Use your brush on the book in the mural to reveal a pattern with a cross and 12 black/white dots.

Go back outside and head down. Enter the large building to the right of the open cemetery, and you will find it is a library. Go down the ramp to the right until you reach the ground floor. Pick up the large hook on the right, then use it to light the candles as indicated on the mural you found earlier (light the candle by the exit, then skip 2, light 2, skip 3, and light 2 more). Climb all the way to the top of the ramps and look through the open window. Place the stained-glass mammoth over it, then click on each of the four panels surrounding it in turn - bottom, left, top, right. This will focus a mammoth's image on the opposite wall of the library. Walk over there and press the button in the mammoth's eye to open a secret bookcase. Look in there and take the book and the Youkol relic.

Go outside and enter the cemetary. Walk around to where the monk is digging a grave, and examine the casket, then look at the hole in the wall. Go right and try to look at the headstone, but it is covered by thick brambles. Go back out to where you saw the wheelbarrow earlier, and look inside it to find some shears. Now return to the headstone and cut the brambles. Read the inscription on the headstone, and pick up the herbs and brambles from the ground.

Return to the entry to the monastery and look at the stove on the left. Pull the handle on its left to start the fire. Place your herbs and brambles in the pot, then open the mold at the base of the cup. Take a wick from the left and it will automatically be placed in the mold. Now close the mold, open the tap, and open the mold again. Take your completed herbal candle. Go back to see Hans again. Place the relic on his table, then put the candle inside it and light it with a match. Talk to Hans once he is revived, but he still isn't strong enough to walk.

Exit the Monastery

Go back to the chapel, and the Patriarch won't be there any more. Go straight through to the altar and take the ornate key. Back near the entrance of the chapel, use the key to unlock the gate. Go inside and pull the rope to ring the chapel's bell - this will call all the monks to prayer. Return to the cemetery and push the casket into position between the rocks. Go and get Hans, and you will both slide away down the slope.


Talk to Hans and he will give you a mechanical heart. Talk to him again, then leave the train and talk to the Colonel in the store. Back outside, head down the stairs and enter the cabaret. Watch Cirkos trying to train the youki, then talk to him before approaching the stage. Take the cover off the horse mechanism, and place the heart on the central spindle. Now turn the power knob to maximum by clicking on the spindle until the horse at the top of the screen is on the far right. Next attach the four conduits - top left goes to the right, top right goes to the left, bottom left goes to the middle and bottom right goes to the top. Press the spindle again and the horses will be activated - the train leaves without you.

Pull the lever on the platform here and the smaller train car will be up on the tracks. Get in, but it doesn't travel far. Use your phone to call Oscar, and you will find out that Ivan and Igor have taken control of the train. Talk to the Colonel, and the idea of using an animal to power the car will come up. Go downstairs and talk to Malka, who suggests using the youki. Talk to Cirkos and you will get his permission. Go to the Bourgoff's yard and give the fish candy to the youki, who will now follow you. Return to the train car and use it to chase after the train.

The Frozen North

Wilderness and the Bear

Head to the right and you will see Ivan on the train again. Keep heading right, and the youki will get excited at a beaver in the water. Try to control the youki, but it ignores you. Head back to the path and go up to see a house at the bottom of the falls. Pick up some branches next to the rocks in the clearing here. Head back several screens along the path and you will see a pile of rocks with a frozen fish on top. Place your sticks at the base of this structure, and light a fire with your matches. Now collect the thawed fish. Go back to the youki and give it the fish, then go back to the water and walk across the fallen tree. Head to the right and you will see a cutscene with Marson.

The path to the right is blocked, so instead go straight ahead. Check the knot on the ropes of the broken bridge, then continue right and enter the lodge (after your phone call). Have a look at the ledge above the fireplace, and take the book about salmon, the Russian doll and the hatchet. Open the front door and you will see a bear that has you trapped inside. Look out the window to see it pacing backward and forward. Head to the other side of this room and look at the bench in the kitchen, then pick up the small fish tank. Go through the back door.

Head down the stairs and use the fishing gear. From reading the book on salmon, you know they like green frogs, so look in the lure box and choose the dark green lure. Now use the fishing line and you will instantly catch a fish. To catch an orange salmon, you need to cast the line to your right, quite close to the docks. If you get the wrong color, go and throw the fish out the window at the bear (or just give it to the youki), then return and try again. When you get an orange salmon, throw it out the window at the bear and it will leave. Go outside and pick up the fishbone, and return to the broken bridge. Use the hatchet on the rope, then throw the rope on the tree that is leaning over.

Follow the youki and the brothers will throw rocks down at you. Use your hatchet on the cliff wall to start climbing, then keep climb up to reach the top.

Boris the Russian

Go down twice, and you will almost get run down by a snowmobile. Go down again and approach the radar tower, then climb up - you can turn the tower in 4 different directions. Climb back down and have a look at the equipment in the radio shed. Follow the tracks for 2 screens, then veer off to the left.

Keep going up until you see the pilot hanging above you. Try to talk to him, but he cannot hear with his earmuffs on - you will need to find his radio call frequency. Go back to the crashed plane and look in the cockpit. First turn the top left dial and the red light will come on. Flip switch A on and switch B off to begin with, and the top yellow light will be on. Now go to the bottom right and flip both small switches up - now the 4 numbers should be lit up. Play with the 3 colored switches on the bottom right until a number shows up in the display: 03. Now flip switch A off and switch B on. Play with the 3 colored switches again until you get another number to display: 28. The entire frequency is therefore 0328.

Return to the shed and turn on the red switch, then set the frequency to 0328 using the smaller buttons. Now press the button on the microphone to talk to Boris. Head back to the plane.

Drop in on the Train

Talk to Boris, then look in the cockpit and press any of the buttons on the left. Talk to Boris again, and you find out you need to know the coordinates of the train. Return to the shed and flip the red switch on the bottom right of the radar screen. There is no activity in the northwest quadrant. Climb the tower and change the direction to southeast, then go back down and check the radar again. You should see a blip on the radar at 80 horizontal, 20 vertical. Go to the plane again and set the left number to 80, and the right number to 20. Press the button and you will land near the train.

Approach the train and you will receive a phone call. Head over and tug on the arm that the youki was investigating, to discover Oscar. Talk to him to find his wheelwork has frozen up. Head into the passenger car and note the central metal disc on the floor. Pick up the blueprint of the train from the bedroom floor and the oil can from the workshop, then return to Oscar. Use the oil can on Oscar and he will return to the train.

Go to the passenger car, but the train won't move. Go up front and talk to Oscar, then return to where you saw that metal disc. Call Oscar on your cellphone and he will open the access panel. Now look carefully at the panel, and note the 5 switches that move the 5 rods in different ways. Flip switches 1, 3 and 5 to disconnect all rods and set the train free.

Youkol Village

Mammoth Statue and Village

Walk towards the giant statue, and Oscar will phone you about the howling sound. Look at the snowmobile, and then specifically at the bag on the back. Pick up the gauze blanket and stuff it in the mouth of the wooden bird - this stops the howling. Now run to the back of the train and head into the snow fields to find Igor. Speak to him and he will leave. Head back to where the snowmobile was before, and pick up the spikes left on the ground. Now head up the icy slope.

Ivan will corner you on the ice, and if you try to move anywhere you are pushed back. Phone Oscar on your cellphone, and he will distract Ivan. Head over to the sled and take the ivory knife, then use it to cut the rope holding the sled.

Look out the window, then head outside and speak to the Youkol Chief. Pick up the reindeer antlers from the pot behind you, then head right. Walk towards the large beating drumsticks and try to head past, but you cannot get the timing right. Turn around and note the bird sitting on the perth - look closely at the stand to notice something is missing from it. Head down and pick up the leather strap on the left, and you will automatically combine this with the antlers to make a slingshot. Go back to the drumsticks and look up to the left to see an icicle directly above the waterwheel. Shoot this with your slingshot and you can walk through.

The Spirit Door

After looking at Hans, talk to the Spirit Woman. Take the Youkol mask from the wall, then head left and pick up the prayer wheel from the table. Head back to the right, then down and look at the dreamcatcher hanging near the door. Now head outside and go down 3 times. You will see a device for catching water. Look more closely at it, then pick up the cork bung from the ground and the empty flask hanging on the right side. Attach the flask to the top, then turn the handle on the right twice, and collect your flask full of water.

Head down again and look at the gate enclosing the youkis. You can pick up a fishbone here if you forgot earlier. Head right from here, then cross the short bone bridge. Now go towards the cave with lit torches and head inside. Keep going until you see some huge mammoths encased in ice in the walls. There is another harfang perch here, and you can look closely at the ice to see a lemming running in some tunnels in the ice.

Place the cork in the bottom right hole to block this exit. Now hang the prayer wheel on the perch and spin it to call the harfang. This will scare the lemming into the tunnels. Go back and look at the tunnels to see it shaking in fear. Get your cork and place it just in front of the lemming, and it will jump across into the left corner. Move the cork just behind it, and pour water from the flask into the top left corner - this will cause the lemming to float to the top and grab some red fruit. Place the fishbone in the top hole near the lemming to make a ladder, and it will climb up and drop the fruit so you can pick it up. Head back to the Spirit Woman and give her the fruit.


Go to the back of the cave and pick up the mammoth doll, then come back outside again. Keep following the path until you find a courtyard, and speak to Anna Voralberg. Now head down the stairs on the left of the screen, then walk through the streets until you see an open gate to the right, leading to the Voralberg Factory. Follow the path to the right, and enter the house. Go left and talk to Mr Voralberg. Return to the foyer and look at the clock, then head upstairs. Check the door, but it is locked, so go back downstairs. Return to see Anna and she will tell you that her father leaves for work at 7:15. Return to the Voralberg foyer.

The Clock Puzzle

You need to change the time to 7:15 on the clock, and then make it chime to get Mr Voralberg to leave for work. First look up at the clock face to see that it reads 2:45. Now look down at the body of the clock. Try to click on the 2 men by the bell, and the pendulum - both are stuck. Change the time on the sliding display to 2:45, by advancing time by 15 minutes using the left switch and 30 minutes using the right switch. Now click on each man and on the pendulum to start it swinging. Change the time on the clock to 7:15 using the switches again. Now click on the lower right weight, then click on the bell to make it chime.

Go into the room to the right and pick up the attic key from the small table. Head back upstairs and use the key to unlock the door. Try to speak to Hans, then give him the mammoth doll. After he disappears, look at the table to return to the Youkol Village.

Youkol Village

Oscar's Heart

Phone Oscar and you find out he is under attack. Run back to the youki enclosure, then head up and climb the bone ladder to reach a higher level. Head up the stairs on the left, then go down and you will see a huge windlass. Pull the lever on the right to make it turn, but the cable is not attached properly. Head back down, then take the stairs to the right, and go down again. Follow the train tracks outside and talk to the Youkols.

Run further along the tracks and try to pull the loose cable, but it is too heavy. Climb into the train's cabin and talk to Oscar. He will wear the Youkol mask so that he is less scary. Go back and talk to the Youkols again, and they will attach the cable to the train. Look at where it is attached, and use the winch to pull the cable taut. Now go back into the cave and up to the huge windlass. Pull the right lever again, and the train will come inside.

Go back to the youki enclosure, and head right and up, then climb the stairs to the train. Talk to Oscar, then chase after him and find him at the Spirit Woman's place. Talk to him again, then look at his chest to see his heart. The 12 buttons are arranged like the hours of a clock. Click on the 2 buttons to indicate the time of 7:15 (3 o'clock and 7 o'clock) and a new central pattern will appear. Now make the sign of a cross, by clicking on 12, 3, 6 and 9. Take the key that pops out, and Hans will unite with Oscar. Talk to Hans, then talk to the Spirit Woman.

The Mammoth Ark

Return to the train and enter the cabin. Insert the Voralberg key in the central slot. Now you need to collect some coal, so flip the top right lever into the up position, then pull the top left lever to raise the collection snake above the train. Flip the right-hand small switch to the right of the main wheel, and the snake will collect coal - note the right-hand gauge now shows the coal supply is full.

To collect water, flip the top right lever down, then pull the top left lever to lower the snake into the water. Flip the left-hand small switch to the right of the main wheel, and the snake will collect water - note the left-hand gauge now shows the water supply is full.

Turn the large left wheel to start up a fire in the engine, then turn the small left wheel and steam will start being produced. Flip the left small switch to direct the steam forward on to the ice. Leave the train and head down the stairs, then go right and approach the ark. Speak to the chief, and he will tell you to collect your friend, then get on the ark. Go back to the youki pen and untie the rope at the gate. Now board the ark to start your next journey.

Penguin Island

After the ship runs aground, go to the back and speak to Hans. Now go down to the island and head north and up to a giant skeleton. Pick up the Narwhal tusk, then head down and left to find the end up of the cable and the anchor. Use the tusk to free the anchor. Turn around to return to the ship, but the lift is raised, and Ivan is on board.

Head left and then right, so you are on a small peninsula with some penguins. Look at the ark in the distance to see that ice floats towards the door on the side of the ark. Return left and go up-left to find a penguin nest with 2 eggs. Place the Russian doll on the nest. Now return to the peninsula and a large crack will appear in the ice. Use the tusk to free the ice and float over to the ark.

Head down and look at the murals, then return to the previous room. Pull the lever to drop a noose from above, then roll the barrel away from the door. Climb on the barrel to see the noose up close, and an attachment on the beam near it. Climb back down and go through the door to the next room. Talk to Hans here, then climb the ladder next to him. Pick up the ivory hook and look at the anchor here, then go back down the ladder. Back in the first room, stand on the barrel again. Attach the hook to the attachment on the beam, then tie the rope around it. Go back down and pull the lever again.


Open the Gates

Leave the boat and head right, then climb the high ladder. Try to talk to the guard, then pick up the medallion he drops. Go back down the ladder and head left and down some more stairs. Look at the chest in the foreground, and pick up the 3 stone plates sitting on top of it. Now head up and into a tusk archway. Look at the flowers on the ground to your right, and pick one of the flowers - while you are here, grab another stone plate. Keep going through the archway to find Hans and talk to him. Pull the lever to the left and it will lower a rotating cage - it looks like you need the youki.

Go back to the ark and head down to the hold. The youki is fast asleep, but from Brother Alexei's book, you can learn that the Syberia flowers have a strong enough odor to awaken a hibernating youki. Use the flower on the youki and it will wake up. Head back to the gate, and the youki will open it for you. Follow Hans through the gate, up the stairs, and on to the platform.

Call the Mammoths

Go down the steps to the right and look at the stone structure on the ground. Pick up a 5th stone plate. Now look at the medallion you picked up when you arrived here - you need to place the stone plates in the correct places according to the medallion. When you think you have it right, zoom out and turn the wheel on the left of the machine to pour sand in the middle. If you were correct, an ivory key will rise from the middle of the device. Grab the key and note that the Y-shaped glyph moves slightly when you do so.

Go over to the other side from the platform to see yet another device. First look at the dark panel near the wheel. Insert the ivory key into its slot and this will reveal some more glyphs. Look at your medallion again, and find out which outer circle red symbol coincides with the white inner Y-shaped glyph from the first device - it is 1 glyph left from the bottom. Pull out the ivory key and put it in the hole beneath this glyph (bottom row, second from left). Zoom out and turn the wheel to a direction which was specified by the glyph you just selected.

Now look at the pipes on the side of the device. There are 6 holes that can be fully open, half open or closed. Remember back to the murals in the ark, particularly the one with the man riding on a mammoth, which had the pattern of open, half, open for the top row, and half, closed, open for the bottom row. Set the holes in the pipes to this configuration. Now pull the handle on the right to start the call.