Game Details:  Fantasy, 2002

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/17/2005

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Syberia is a 3rd person adventure game with fantasy elements, and the first in a series of games starring protagonist Kate Walker. A New York attorney, you are sent out to negotiate the takeover of an old toy and automaton factory, but end up going on a journey to track down its mysterious owner. The series continues with Syberia 2.



After you enter the Inn, look at the noticeboard on the right, and read the brochure. Try to pick up the suitcase again, but you are too tired to take it any further. Look at the front desk and pick up the key. Use the key in the automaton's back, then press the red button. Talk to the innkeeper, who will show you to your room. Pick up the fax from the side table and read it. Now get your phone out and call the office.

Head back downstairs and speak to the innkeeper again to get the letter of introduction. Go over to the corner and pick up the 4 gears that Momo was playing with. Also make a note of the diagram he drew on the table.


Go outside and head left down the street. Talk to the baker, who tells you all the shops are closed today. Continue down the street and collect the discarded newspaper from the bench. Approach the house here to see another automaton. Place the letter of introduction in its hand, then pull the left lever to bring the head down, and the right lever to read the letter - you will head inside. Go through to the next room to meet the Notary. Sit down in the chair, then talk to the Notary and take the letter he offers. Go back out to the waiting room and pick up the large key from behind the coat rack near the door. Leave the house.

Voralberg Estate

Go back right down the street and Dan will call you. After the conversation, approach the gate on the right. Place the key in the hands of the top automaton, then turn the handle at the bottom, and pull the lever in the middle to get into the grounds. Head towards the fountain, then go right to the mansion. Try the front door, but it is locked, so head around to the right of the house. Look at the ladder automaton, but you need a key. Continue to the right and talk to the gardener, then head through the gate to the left. Enter the alcove in the maze and take the key, then return to the ladder automaton. Insert the key, then climb the ladder to enter the attic.

Walk over to the left and open the desk. Take the inkpot and Anna's diary, which you should read right through. Head right, to the other side of the attic, and turn on the light. After you speak to Momo, go back to where the light was, and look at the carving of the mammoth in the wooden beam. Use your paper and pencil to get a tracing, then go and give this to Momo. Now follow Momo down the ladder, out of the Voralberg Estate, down the street to the left, and into the forest.


Talk to Momo when you eventually find him - he will tell you about a cave. Go to the left and try to approach the cave, but you can't because of the water. Return to Momo and go right and up some stairs to a dam. Try to open it, but it is stuck. Go back to Momo and ask him to help you, but he will end up breaking the wooden handle. Pick this up and go left past Momo to find a boat. Use your piece of wood to drag the oar nearer, but you still can't get it. Go and ask Momo for help again, and he will get the oar. Ask him for help once more and he will open the dam. Now go to where you could see the cave earlier, and enter it. Follow the cave until you come upon the mammoth toy - take it. Return to the Voralberg Estate (you will be phoned by Olivia on the way).

Voralberg Estate

This time when you have reached the fountain, take the path up to the left to reach an unusual platform. Use the lever on one of the posts to send a barrel into the factory. Return to the fountain and take the left path to the factory. Go inside, then head right, then behind the machines and through the door to the power room. Pull the chain on the right, then the lever on the left to get the power flowing.

Return to where you entered the factory, and continue left past the staircase (you will get a phonecall from your mother). Near the cylinder that you sent in from outside, use the automaton to move it to the main part of the factory. Go through the red door to the automaton workshop. Use the crank on the back wall to lower the automaton to the ground, and he will introduce himself as Oscar. Talk to him, and he will give you a punch card.

Leave the room and climb that big metal staircase. Enter the room at the top of the stairs, which is Anna's office. Look at the bookcase and move a green book on the top shelf to reveal a music box. Use it, then take the cylinder inside (you can't get the box yet). Next look at the desk, and read the letters, notes and blueprint. Leave the room and climb the next set of stairs. Look at the console, and flip all the switches on the right (only 1 light will come on). Next flip the left lever until a gold piece of pine is displayed in the window. Insert Oscar's punch card in the slot, and flip the right lever to make the legs. Return to the floor of the factory and get the legs, then go and give them to Oscar.

Leave the factory and take the upper right path from the fountain to reach the train station. Board the train and talk to Oscar, who says you need to buy a ticket. Leave the train and go to the ticket office, where you must talk to Oscar to get a ticket. Go back on the train and give Oscar the ticket, but he says you must also give him permission from the owner to leave. Give him the other document, but it must be stamped by the owner or their representative. Leave the train and go back to the Notary's house. Go inside and try to see him, but he will be sleeping. Approach the desk in the waiting room and place the document on the stamp machine. Open the cap of the stamp automaton, fill it with ink, and press the red button to get the document stamped. Pick it up and go back to the train. Give the document and the ticket to Oscar, who says you still need to get 2 more objects!


Leave the estate and head right down the street, past an old man on a park bench (who you can talk to briefly) towards the church. You will have a quick phonecall from your boss, before you can enter the church grounds through the large iron gate. Head off to the right, past a small staircase to your left, and in through a back door. Cros the room and look at the crucifix on the wall. Move it to the left and take the key that is revealed. Next approach the set of drawers to the left and insert the key you just found. Go through the drawers and pick up all the punch cards. With the middle drawer open, turn the wheel on the right of the cabinet to reveal a secret compartment, where you can take a large key and a letter from the priest.

Leave this room and go back to the small set of stairs you passed earlier. Look at the gear panel on the wall and insert the gears to match the pattern that Momo had carved in the desk back at the start of the game. Now enter the elevator to reach the bell tower. Insert the punch cards into the back of the automaton to ring patterns of bells (the important one to use is the purple one, as it moves an automaton above the Voralberg crypt). Go back down in the elevator and go left from the front of the church to reach the crypt. Look at the hat of the automaton that moved earlier and insert the large key. Enter the crypt and open the draw containing Hans' coffin. Open the coffin and take the cylinder and the news clip.

Voralberg Estate

Go back into the factory and up to Anna's office. Place the voice cylinder you just found in the music box, and after the cutscene you will be able to take the dolls. Return to the train and enter the room past where Oscar is standing. Place your 2 cylinders in the cabinet, the mammoth doll on the right plate, and the 2 dolls on the middle pedestal. Give Oscar your ticket again, and this time he says the train needs winding. Exit this room and head down the stairs to the right, then head down to the front of the train. Turn the wheel, then pull the lever, and turn the wheel again. Give your ticket to Oscar one last time and you will be off.



Go and talk to Oscar, who tells you that the springs on the train need to be wound up again, but there is no obvious mechanism here and he won't go outside. Exit the coach using the stairs on the left, then head right out of the station to find a large wall and a winding mechanism. Go back to the station and Oscar will call you. Go in and he will tell you the University's rectors want to see you.

Leave the train via the left stairs again and this time head left. Continue and you will meet the stationmaster. Talk to him about everything, then pick up the hook lying in the sand. Return towards the station again and when you reach the 4-way stairs, follow the set to the right and exit the station through the doors on the right. Go down the set of stairs at the bottom of the screen, and you will find a couple standing on the deck of a barge. Talk to them, and they offer to help tow the train if you can give them $100.


Leave this area by returning up the stairs, then head off to the right up some more stairs. Note the small building in the middle of the courtyard, but don't bother going there yet; instead head directly across to the front of the University. Speak to the guy out the front, then head into the building. From the foyer, go left to the end of the hall, then enter the room and speak to the rectors - they will give you $100 if you fix the bandstand in the courtyard outside. Leave this room and enter the doors just back down the hallway a little to find a big library. Pick up the book about sauvignon berries from one of the desks in the reading area at the base of the stairs. Next climb the ladder on the right side of the library and get the book about the Yangala-cola mushroom.

Exit the library and go down towards the other end of the main university building (right from the foyer). Talk to Professor Pons about everything, including the sauvignon berries, and he will suggest asking the stationmaster for more info.


Return to the station and get the toy mammoth from where you placed it in the train. While you are in the area, go and speak to the stationmaster about the sauvignon berries - he will deny knowledge and walk away. On your way back to the university, talk to the stationmaster again on the steps, and he will suggest asking Pons about the berries. In the courtyard as you enter the university, have a close look at that bandstand - looks like you need an egg-shaped object to get inside it.


Go directly to Pons, and ask him again about the berries, and he will suggest asking the rectors. Give Pons the mammoth doll, and he will invite you to an impromptu lecture he will be giving about Hans Voralberg. Follow Pons into his laboratory and take the Yangala-cola powder and test tube holders from the desk near the front of the room, and the voice cylinder from the shelves left from the door. Leave here and head to the rectors, where you will be told the real situation with the berries.


Back at the station, talk to the stationmaster once more, and he will lead you to the garden, and open the metal door for you. Go to the back of the garden and get some berries. When you return to the station, instead of crossing over the arched stairs, head up the platform in the direction of the train. You will find a ladder with some cuckoos at its base. Throw the berries at them to get them to fly away, then climb the ladder. At the top, use the test tube holders to get an egg. Climb down the ladder again and enter your train. Place the new voice cylinder in the central pedestal to listen to it, and you will automatically store it with the others.


Go to the bandstand again and place the egg in the right of the scales, then turn the wheel to open the door. Climb down the stairs and pull the lever to fix the machine. Enter the university and see the rectors to get your $100 reward.


Go and give your $100 to the people on the barge, and they will throw you a key. Pick this up and enter the station again. Instead of crossing over the arched stairs, continue along this side of the station and you will find a lock control mechanism (and get a call from your mother). Read the instructions, but they are in another language - all you can make out is a telephone number. Call this number (27666742) on your mobile phone, then follow the prompts to dial #42*. Unfortunately the person controlling this lock is on holiday, so you have to do it yourself. Look at the control booth again and type #42* to lower the level and open the first gate.

Go back to the barge and tell them to get moving. Go back to the controls again and raise the water level by typing #41*. Now cross over the bridge and run up the platform to speak to the barge people again. They will throw you a rope, so attach this to the hook you have been carrying around, and then to the front of your train. As you follow the path up to the train, Pons will call you to say the lecture is about to begin.


Back in the university, head up the steps directly in from the foyer and you will see the lecture. Go to Pons' laboratory afterwards to pick up your mammoth and the lecture notes from the desk. Now you can return to your train.


Go to the train and cross over to the other side. Use the winding mechanism by turning the wheel and pulling the lever. You will get another call from Dan about now. Back in the train, replace the mammoth on the gold plate, then tell Oscar you are ready to leave. After a very quick journey, leave the train via the stairs to the right, and talk to Oscar in the ticket booth - he says you need an exit visa. Run around behind the booth and enter the door near the wall. Climb the stairs and you will get a call from Olivia.

After the phone call, cross the walkway and enter the guardroom to find Captain Malatesta. Look through his telescope to see the soldier he is worried about is actually a piece of wood. Tell him this, but he won't believe you. Pour your wine into the 2 goblets on the desk, and add Yangala-cola powder to one of them. Talk the Captain into sharing a drink with you, then get him to look at the soldier again. He will give you a visa. Return to the booth and give this to Oscar, who will give you a ticket. Get back on the train and give the ticket to Oscar.



Exit the train via the stairs to the right, and walk down the platform to the front of the train - Oscar will call you over and say the the train needs winding up again. Continue down the platform and climb the stairs at the end. Inside the control room, look at the shelf to get another cylinder, a picture of a large statue, and a key. Look at the controls and insert the key, then move it upwards twice to position the large statue over the train. Press the red button to wind it up, then move the key down twice to return the statue to where it started. Leave the control room.

Run back to the train and into the back room to find Oscar tied up. Free him and learn of the bandit who stole his hands. Pick up all the tools from the floor here. Play the latest cylinder, and you will put it with the others. Now leave the train again and return to the control room in the statue. Move the statue up once, then exit the room. Jump across to the ledge and use the sheers to cut a hole in the wall that you can climb through. Inside, get the spark plug from the shelf, then try the door but you can't enter. Leave this room and move the statue down again, then exit it. Run all the way to the other end of the platform and pull the lever to call a freight elevator. Get on it to go down. Dan will call, but the signal will cut out. Place the spark plug in the generator to the left so you have some light, then walk to the other end of the mine and take the elevator up into the factory.


Head to the right and up the stairs, then look closely at the organist - another automaton, and apparently with Oscar's hands. Pick up the screwdriver here, then return to where you started in the factory, and go down past the large doors. You will find a ladder with a metal warning sign. Look at the sign, and remove the screws with your screwdriver, then climb up. Enter the door and talk to Serguei Borodine - he will return Oscar's hands if you can convince Helena Romanski to perform here.

Leave and climb down the ladder, then enter the museum over to the right. Look at everything here, including the book and letters on the desk. Use your mobile to contact your mother for more information, including the fact that Helena is in Aralbad. Return to Borodine and tell him about this. He says he will activate a monorail so you can organise to get to Aralbad. Leave his room and go through the door to the right.


After the monorail journey, Olivia will call again. Walk along the walkway, up some stairs, and into an old space capsule. Pick up a bottle of vodka, then talk to Charov, and he will walk outside and pass out. Re-enter the space the capsule and look on the shelves to find a key and a letter about Hans Voralberg.

Outside again, look at the controls. Insert the key to activate the controls, then move the right lever to the left, and push the left one up. The tub containing the cosmonaut should now be directly beneath the shower. Try to turn on the shower by moving the middle lever up, but nothing happens. Leave the controls and go down the stairs and to the right. Turn the large wheel to allow water to flow, then return to the controls and move the middle lever up again. This will wake up Charov. Go down and talk to him about everything, then proceed right to the launch station.

Go left initially, and climb the stairs to the control room. Look at the control panel on the right. Pick up the key and insert it into the slot. Now move the panel on the right and reconnect the two wires. Flip the right lever to activate the computer, but pressing the buttons doesn't accomplish anything - it says you need a blood sample. Take the blood sampling apparatus from the right and leave. Go to the other side of the station and climb the stairs to the airship. The door is locked, so return to Charov. Ask him about the airship and he will give you the key. Go back to the airship and use the key to get inside, then try to use the autopilot, but it won't work.

Go back down the stairs and over towards the control room, where you will find Charov. Talk to him again and he offers you a deal. Get some blood from him by giving him the sampling device, then climb the stairs to the control room. Insert the device in the slot and press the buttons, but there is too much alcohol in it. Use the device again and you will provide some of your own blood. Now press the second button, then the first, third and finally fourth buttons to send Charov on his way - just before he leaves he throws a crank to the ground.

Go and pick it up, then go back past the space capsule and climb the stairs near the red light. Use the crank to release the eagle, and it will clear away all the other birds. Now return to the airship and use the automaton pilot to fly away.



Leave the airship and cross the courtyard (note the fountain) to enter the hotel. Speak to Felix Smetana at the front desk, who refuses to help you. On the other side of the lobby, open the closet and take the detergent. Go back outside and pour this into the fountain, then head inside again. Pull open the curtain near the front door, then get Smetana's attention by ringing the bell. He will rush outside to clean up the mess. Go behind the front desk and look at the register to see that Hans Voralberg was here, and Helena is currently here - her security code is 1270. While you are behind the desk, pick up the pamphlet for the Kronsky Hotel chain, and press the red button to unlock the gate to the baths. Go back out to the lobby and head through the unlocked gate.

Go through the dining room door to the left and talk to James, another automaton. Go past him and try entering Helena's code on the panel to get outside - it doesn't work, probably because she has already used it to get outside herself. Follow this hall to the end, and you will see a serving cart with some crystal goblets. Take a goblet, then continue to the left. Enter the changing room and pick up the daily access pass that has another code on it (0968). Return to the dining room and use this code to open the door to the pier. Put on a gas mask from near the door, then head outside.

At the end of the pier, speak to Helena, who will ask you to call James. Smetana will arrive, but Helena will tell him to leave you alone. Grab the green bell that is hanging nearby, and hang it on the hook nearest to the hotel. Ring it using the chain, then go inside and tell James to go and get Helena. After your call from your mother, speak to Helena, who will accompany you if you fix her a cocktail known only to a barman in Paris. Look again at the Kronsky hotel pamphlet, and dial the number written in red - 46433643. You will get the recipe, which involves lemon, honey, vodka, blue curacao and ice.

Look closely at the bar, and take the scrap of paper from up between the bottles, which gives you the key to controlling the alcohol. Leave the close-up view, and look in the cupboard in line with where Helena is sitting. Take the lemon and honey from here, but the honey needs warming up. Go out to the main bath area and over to a small hot tub left from the guys playing chess. Turn the temperature up using the wheel on the wall, then dip the honey in the tub. Return to the bar and look at it closely again. Place the lemon, honey and vodka up in their appropriate places. Now make sure the right lever is pointed at the bass clef on the left, and press the second key on the keyboard (vodka). Flip the lever across and hit the third key (blue caracao). Press the buttons for ice, lemon and honey, then press the automaton button and the drink will be delivered. Talk to Helena, and she wishes she could still break crystal with her voice. Place the crystal glass on the end of the bar and talk to her again - she will agree to go with you.

Run back outside to your airship, and you will get another call from Olivia before taking off for Komkolzgrad once more.



After the performance, head straight up to the cage and break in with the metal sheers. Helena will run out, but you must go over to the automaton and use your screwdriver to get Oscar's hands back. As you try to leave the factory, you will be cut off from Helena by some bars - you will automatically give her the hands and agree to meet at the train.

Head to the right and go down in the freight elevator. Run down the mine and you will hear an explosion behind you. Keep going and use the lever to call the other elevator - you will see another bomb and run away just in time. Go back towards that last bomb and climb into the ventilation shaft in the wall to emerge near the train.


Run to the front of the train to let Oscar know you are safe, then enter the train. After your call from Dan, talk to Helena, who is upset the train is not moving. Go back outside and talk to Oscar again - it seems Borodine has blocked your passage with some more bars. Go back to the crates near where you emerged from the mine, and look at the open one to discover a bomb. Take it, and go and put it on the leg of the statue that is blocking your path.


Exit the train and go to the front of it, using the wheel, lever, and wheel of the winding mechanism to prepare the train for further travel. Talk to Oscar about everything, then Smetana will arrive, saying you have a package to collect from the hotel. Enter the hotel and get the package from the counter, then Marson will call again. Smetana will then tell you that Helena wants to see you in the bar immediately. Go through and speak to her, then head outside for a walk as suggested by James. Talk to the man on the bench, who turns out to be Hans Voralberg. He will sign the contract, then you will join him on his journey.