Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1987

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/19/2007

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Stationfall is a classic text adventure game by Infocom, and the sequel to Planetfall. You have been promoted to Lieutenant First Class, and accept a mission to investigate an abandoned space station with your trusty robot Floyd.

General Hints

  • Eat something from the survival kit when you first become hungry
  • Keep the magnetic boots away from the magnetic ID card
  • Don't stand still when a welder is approaching
  • When Plato attacks you with the stun ray, ask Floyd to help you (several times)

Day 1

Start by going east and north to find the robot pool. Insert your robot form in the slot, then type 3 to select Floyd. Go south and east to the cargo bay, then open the hatch, enter the truck, and close the hatch again. Sit in the pilot seat and insert the spacecraft form in the slot. Now note the current time (either examine your watch or look at the status bar at the top of the screen) - type the coordinates from the documentation that correspond to this time. Now just wait until you reach the station.

The Station

Stand up, then take the kit, open the hatch and exit. Now walk each, northeast and north 4 times to reach an engineering office. Read the diary, then drop it again. Go south, down and north. Read the note here then drop it. Go south and up twice (Plato will join you about now). Get the 20-prong fromitz board, then walk down, south 3 times, southwest and down twice. You will probably need to eat the orange goo from the survival kit about now. Open the trash can and take the crumpled form, then examine it. Go up 4 times to reach level 3. Walk northwest and open the presser. Put the crumpled form in the presser then close it, turn it on, open it, and take the ironed form.

Walk east and north, and read the sign - note the frequency is 710. Go south and southwest, then try to take the star. Go east, then down 3 times and northwest. Enter the alien ship. Taste the dots, then exit and walk east and southeast. Examine the reader. Next head west, up, southeast twice and east. Take the tape and read it, then examine the safe. Walk west and put the tape in the reader, then turn on the reader. Keep pressing the red button and listening to the messages until it says "End of Log", then turn it off. Walk east and look under the bed, then take the stamp. Stamp your ironed form. Now you can go west, north and northeast, and insert the ironed form in the slot.

Go east 3 times and take the headlamp. Wear the headlamp and return west, then go southwest. Read the sign about the Arcturian balloon creatures. Open the cage before heading southeast and reading the sign and the sheet. Drop the sheet. Go southeast and put the ID card in the machine, then turn the machine on. Type 9, then take the ID card and put it in your pocket. Go down, west and southeast. Read the letter, then drop it. Go northwest and southwest and take can, then read it. Go northeast, northwest, north 3 times, northeast, northwest and east. Lie down on the bed and wait until you sleep.

Day 2

Get up, then take the kit, board and can. Go west, northeast and read the screen on the dispensing machine. Go southwest, southeast and east 3 times. Spray the can to attract the balloon creature. Walk west, spray, west, spray, west, spray, northwest, spray, southwest, spray, up, spray, up, spray and southwest. About this time you will need to eat the gray goo.

Examine the pulpit, then open it and flip the switch. Now spray the can again. Get the leash, then take the star. Go down and open the star so you can take the M hyperdiode. Walk east, up and north. Take the detonator, examine it and open it. Get the blackened hyperdiode and clean it to identify a letter M. Put the M hyperdiode in the detonator. Drop the star, can and blackened hyperdiode, then go southwest, down 4 times and southeast. Put the ID card in the reader. Go north and take the gun, then examine it.

Walk south, west, up, southeast, south 3 times, southeast and south. Shoot the strong box, then get the coin and examine it. Now go north, northwest and south, and take the platinum detector. Turn it on, then continue north, southeast, northeast, up and northwest. Examine the ceiling to see a panel. Open the ceiling panel and take the ostrich nip. Next head northeast and southeast - the platinum detector will start beeping. Break the mirror and take the reflective foil. Now turn off the detector and drop both it and the ID card. Go west and open the bag, then take the taffy and put it in your kit. Walk south, southwest and look behind the counter, then get the nectar and put it in your kit too.

Walk southwest, then up into the Mayor's office. Open the book and read the paper - you can now decode the message from the aliens: "Brethren Hunji. Sabotage failed, however I have shined light upon the Zeenak weapon's solitary weakness. Substance 7/8. Turn back the deadly radiations. Atmosphere is souring however." Drop the paper again. Go southeast twice to attrack the ostrich with the nip, then head northwest twice, north 3 times, northeast, northwest, northeast. Put the coin in the slot and press 6, then scare the ostrich. Get the timer.

Walk west twice and turn on the lamp, then take the jammer. Turn the lamp off again and go back to the east. Give the nip to the ostrich. Examine the jammer - connect the board to it, then set it to 710 (the frequency from before). Walk south and west, then drop the jammer. Continue southeast, south and west, and wait here for Floyd. Get him to take the medium drill bit, then pick it up. Now walk east, north, northwest, down twice and northwest. Get the drill. Go southeast, up twice, southeast twice and east to the Commander's quarters. Eat the nectar about now.

Examine the medium drill bit. Take the small bit and put the medium bit in the drill. Drill a hole in the safe, then drop the drill. Connect the timer to the detonator, then drop them both. Walk west, north, northeast, east twice, south, southeast and east to the casino. Turn the wheel. Go up. Open the locker and take the space suit. Go down, west twice, southeast and down. Drop the kit, get the boots, wear the boots and get the kit again. Now go west and northeast. Open the bottle, empty the bottle, and take it again.

Open the hatch and go down, then close the hatch and wear the suit. Turn the lamp on, then open the outer door. Go down and read the label, then go up and put frezone in the bottle. Close the bottle. Close the outer door. Take off the suit and turn the lamp off, then drop the suit, remove the boots and drop them too. Open the inner door and go up.

Go southwest, northwest, north twice, east, north and east. Open the bottle and take the frezone, then put the frezone in the hole. Connect the detonator to the frezone. Set the timer to 10, then go west and east again. Get the key. Now go west, northwest twice, and take the jammer. Drop the bottle and kit. Go up 4 times (turn the lamp on when the lights go out).

Unlock the bin and open it, then take all. Open the grating and enter the air shaft. Go down 7 times, then open another grating to fall into a computer control room. Turn the jammer on, then turn it off again and go up into a factory. Examine Floyd, then shoot him. Wrap the pyramid in foil to end the game.