Game Details:  Horror, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/11/2016

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

STASIS is a third person sci-fi horror adventure game played from an isometric perspective. There are 27 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. These are a mixture of story-related achievements, deaths and suicides. You will want to save regularly, as you will die many times in this game and have to reload. CAYNE is the subsequent follow-up adventure set in the STASIS universe.


Product Storage 1

Go left to the locked door, then go through once it opens. Head right along the corridor with the ceiling fans, then continue through the Product Storage room and the next room with discarded equipment to reach the infirmary.

Examine the breaker box on the left wall, then click on the far right button followed by the far left button. Now you can enter the Doc Mate scanner. Collect your emergency medical kit. Combine the syringe and medicine in your inventory, then use this on yourself.

Go to the breaker box again and press the far right button and then the next button to the left. Now access the Robotic Surgeon terminal. Go to the surgery prep menu and select organ extraction. Now go back to the breaker box and press either of the remaining buttons to short out the system. Go and examine the Robotic Surgeon's arm and you will get a high speed neural drill. Use this on yourself 2 times A Hole in My Head.

Return to the Product Storage room and try to open the locked gate. Instead go to the bottom left into a new corridor. Go along this to find a room with a heavy loader. Go through the blue gate into a waiting room, and go right to the toilets. Take a wet dirty towel from the left toilet, then return to the waiting room and use the admin computer on the left. Select "Product Storage Security" and unlock the maintenance door. Back out from the computer and break the emergency glass box on the wall, then pick up a glass shard. Use this on yourself 2 times Bleeding Belly.

Go back to the room with the heavy loader, and go through the gate you just unlocked. Try to turn the red pressure release valve at the top of the ramp. Continue through the gate on the left to find some large fluid vats. Pick up the PDA and read all of the entries. Next use your neural drill on the second vat from the right Dissolved. Go back and turn the red pressure release valve 2 more times. Now use your drill on the second vat again and you will survive and reset the errors. Return to the heavy loader again and enter the freight elevator. Use the controls to go to another floor.

Service Lobby 1

Go to the far end of the hall and open each of the body bags, then take the electronic toe tag from the body on the far right. Return to the elevator again.

Service Lobby 2

Go right along the hall and examine the body, then go through the open gates. Step forward and you will speak to Te'ah again, then you can continue through another opened gate. Enter the tram to see that it has no power. Back out of the tram and use the computer terminal around the other side. Try to select "Recharge Tram" but the charging system is inactive. Go back to the body and use your shard of glass to remove its hand. Return to the elevator once more.

Service Lobby 1

Head to the end of the corridor again and use your severed hand on the biometric terminal, then go through to the morgue. Examine the discarded reports, then use your wet dirty towel on the furnace. Use the electronic toe tag on the furnace, then just wait here Melted. To survive instead, immediately run out of the room after lighting the furnace. Head back inside and take a crowbar from the cadaver on the far right. Use this on yourself 2 times Cold Steel.

Service Lobby 2

Return all the way to the computer terminal on the far side of the tram, and use your crowbar on the closed breaker boxes on either side. Look in the left breaker box and take the fuse from inside, then use this on the right breaker box. Now use the computer terminal again and select "Recharge Tram". After this is complete, take the fuse and return it to the left breaker box. Use the terminal again and select "Switch Tram Line", then exit and board the tram. Go to the tram controls and press the green button.

Tram Stations

Crash Site

Jump down from your perch in two stages Jump?!. Pick up the nylon emergency tape from the ground, then move aside the tape blocking your path and head right. Read the messages on the PDA here. Examine the toolbox to see it is locked, then go through the gate to the left.

Cloning Vats

Try walking into the vat with the creatures still alive Eaten. Try to push over the electricity pole at the bottom right, then use the neural drill and crowbar on it. In your inventory, combine the crowbar and nylon tape, then use this on the body in the middle of the vat. Search the body to find some toolbox keys. Return to the previous room and use these on the toolbox, then search it to get jumper cables. Go back out to the vats. Attach the jumper cables to the generator and then click on the exposed wires at the base of the electricity pole. Now use the generator to kill everything in the vat, then head through the vat to the next area.

Use the Vat 11, Vat 12 and Vat 13 computer terminals to read some more technical information. Use your crowbar grappling hook on the crossbeam here and climb up. Keep climbing the ladder further up.


At the top, head right through a tram station, then wait as you make your way through two large doors on either side of a room labelled "The Tower". Continue right towards the Crew Commons and read another PDA on the ground before going through a doorway to a medical laboratory. Examine the DNA scanner in here, then use your syringe on yourself and then on the DNA scanner. Examine the frosted glass window and you will automatically escape. Continue right to reach a central hub area. Try using the security panel at the top right near the door towards Tram Station B Gassed.

Crew Quarters

Head along the bottom right corridor. Take the second door to the right from this corridor. Read the PDAs on the two bodies here, then search the bed lockers to get some sheets. Leave here and go to the first door to the right. Read two more PDAs here, then use your sheets on the hole in the floor and climb down.

Sewerage System

Wade through the water to the left and up a fallen grating in the next area. In the nightclub room, read 2 more PDAs and pick up the pool cue from the table. Use this on yourself 2 times Opening Break Shot. Use your neural drill on the holographic emitter to get the projector. Use your pool cue on the cigarette vending machine, and take the lighter from inside. Use this on yourself 2 times It Burns.

Return down to the water area and now wade several screens to the right. Have a close look at the pump station diagram on the wall here, as you will need this information shortly. Climb up into the pipe access, then follow this left and approach the cat until it falls through the grating Jupiter Dies. Now take the path to the left. Read a PDA in this pipe segment, then continue forward.

Use the pump station terminal and set the six arrows at the top to the directions indicated on the earlier diagram (down, up, up, right, left, right), then click the empty water symbol. Climb down using the ladder on the right, and place your lighter on the pipe grip near the methane leak. If you use the lighter by hand now you will blow up Blown up. Instead, climb back up the ladder and use your pool cue on the lighter to create an explosion Why Are There Methane Tanks under the Crew Quarters?. Climb down the ladder once more, then climb up the ladder on the inside of the elevator shaft.

Crew Quarters

Take the exit to the lower left and head along the corridor, then through a door to the left marked "Security Office". Read the 2 PDAs on the dead crew members here. Use your holographic emitter on the motion sensor over the door on the right. Now go to the computer terminal on the left and activate the motion detector. Go into the new room and read another PDA, then use the terminal to vent the atmosphere in Tram Corridor B. Go all the way back to the central hub and now use the terminal near the top right doorway to override the door. Go through the open door.

Take the path to the left to find a specimen transport area. Look at the switchboard to see you need to provide a 3 symbol destination. Examine both specimen transport containers, then leave the room and head right. Examine 3 more specimen transport containers until you find the one titled "Medical Bay" - you need to remember the symbol on this container. Go back to the switchboard and set the 3 symbols to the correct pattern, and the display below should say "Medical Bay". Back out and climb into the container, and you will be taken to your next destination.

Medical Bay

Go through the gate to the left. Head toward the machine guns Crossfire. Now avoid the machine guns and use the cola vending machine to get a can. Now push the vending machine 3 times to set off the machine guns; the left one will be destroyed. Take the hanging wire from where the vending machine used to stand. Use this on yourself 2 times Hangman. Climb down the exposed duct on the left. Use your can of cola on the sentry gun computer control, and pick up the pistol from the tunnel on the right. Read the PDA on the body here, then climb back up. Try to open the glass door, but it is locked. Pick up the disconnected sentry gun to shoot away the door.

Head into the next room, which has an elevator in the middle of the room. Read the two PDAs, then get some blood and tissue from the wall to the far right. Continue to the right and search the environmental suits to get an oxygen cylinder. Go to the bottom right once more to reach Surgery. Take the extracted personal data tag from the tray on the left (you need to click on it twice). Click on the purple anesthetic storage container to activate it. In your inventory, combine your cable and oxygen cylinder, then use this with the blue oxygen storage tank. Next put your body parts on the surgical tray, then hammer them with your pistol and you will end up with "refined organic material". Use this on the organic receptacle. Finally, take the container from the green cryopreservation tank.

Return to the room with the elevator, and head to the bottom left towards Medical Reception. Use your personal data tag on the reception chair, then use the terminal just to the left. Turn the forcefield off. Go back through the elevator room to the bottom right, then to the top right (where the forcefield was previously). Examine the stasis pod on the right, then go through the torn-apart door and pick up the stasis pod chip from the ground. Read another PDA from the right. Return to the previous room and use the broken stasis control terminal. Now use the stasis pod chip on the broken terminal and it will work again. You need to set the strength and type of each of 6 different chemicals by clicking on the controls. From top to bottom these should be set as follows:

  • Strength 4, chemical 2
  • Strength 1, chemical 3
  • Strength 1, chemical 5
  • Strength 3, chemical 3
  • Strength 2, chemical 2
  • Strength 4, chemical 4

Click the tick button at the bottom and you will briefly meet another survivor. Use your empty stasis fluid container on the cryopreservation fluid on the ground next to the body. Go back to the Surgery. Use your full stasis fluid container on the cryopreservation tank. Examine the surgical pod bed and you will push the body off. Examine it again to commence your surgical procedure. In the first part, just click on each of the red steps from top to bottom. In the second part, you need to click on the 7 circles in the order indicated by the green chart that comes and goes; keep clicking each button until it changes from white to red, then move to the next until the surgery is over (and do it quickly as there is a time limit) Subject is Alive, Deceased, Alive. Return to the elevator and use it.


Botany Lab

Take the passage to the top right, then use the computer terminal to activate suction pumps. Examine the milk collection pad to get some queen's milk. Now go and stand near the queen insect and wait for the red smiley face to appear, then quickly click on her to tear off her pincer. Use this on the hardened amber to the far left of the room, then click on the pierced amber to get some tree sap. Return to the elevator and continue left.

Take the metal plaque from adjacent to the flickering screen. Use your tree sap on the plaque, then use this on the cracked glass of the broken pod. Now use the queen's milk on the vaporizer pad. Use the computer terminal just to the left to activate the vaporizer - you will end up with vaporized queen pheromone. Return to the elevator and head to the bottom right.

Use your pheromone on the fast spinning fan to get rid of the insects. Now use each of the 3 oxygen collection tanks to increase the amount of oxygen in the room. Head to the bottom right and examine the body engulfed in vines to get an emergency flare. Continue further to the bottom right and examine the body of Elanore Way, then use your flare on her body Gardening. After the cutscene, return to the elevator and use it.

Power Lab

Search the toolbox to the right to get a high temperature slug gun. Exit to the bottom left, then walk up the robot Shredded. This time, quickly continue to the top left, avoiding the robot. Examine the pregnant women to find a bandage, and take the portable defibrillator on the right. Return right, then quickly continue right, avoiding the robot again. Read both PDAs, then go to the bottom right part of this room and pick up the liquid nitrogen canister. Go back to the hallway and use your bandage in the sink on the other side. Use the sink now and the room will flood. Use your portable defibrillator on the spilled water when the robot is nearby to deactivate it. Examine the robot to get some twisted metal, then use the elevator platform near the bottom left to get up to a higher level. Head over to the red airlock on the left and use your liquid nitrogen on it. Stand on the nearby power pad. Use the high temperature slug gun on yourself 2 times Slug Gun Fun. Use the high temperature slug gun on the airlock. Go through the new opening and get some bone mending glue from the table on the left. Return right, go down on the platform, then return to the elevator.

Use your bone mending glue on the closed power cell housing to the left. Use your twisted metal on the imprint you just created to make a key. Now use the key on the closed power cell housing to open it, and take the power cell from inside. Go to the bottom left, then to the right again. Use your key to open the panel to the right, and take another power cell. Leave and continue to the left, then use your key on a third panel and take out a third power cell Mercy.

Return to the hallway and use the elevator platform to go up again, then head left and to a new area to the bottom left. Go down into the experiment area and put your 3 power cells into the 3 open power cell housings. Now use the surgical laser until you destroy the glass wall - head through your new opening to the bottom right. Continue to the bottom right once more, then go up to the contamination door and look through the portals. Head to the bottom left to a room with lots of cages and walk around until there is a loud noise. Return to the contamination area and Malan will capture you.

Malan's Private Lab

Go over to Rebecca Maracheck and the glass will start to crack. Click on the glass until it completely breaks. Take the teddy bear from the pool of blood, then go to the table on the left and take John's PDT. Use the teddy bear on the DNA scanner here, then use the nearby recycling drain to escape.

Click on the walkway to jump down. Read the PDA, then examine the body in the hazmat suit. Pick up the glove that falls down, and use this on the small stream of acid falling down on the right. Use this on yourself 2 times I Have No Mouth but I Must Scream. Instead, use the acid-filled glove on the left metal grating and crawl through. Climb up through the ventilation shaft.


Janitorial Office

Pick up the prosthetic arm from near the top of the room. Try using this on the power distribution box to the bottom left Fried. Combine the prosthetic arm with your glove. Now use this on the power distribution box to the bottom left and the door will start to malfunction. Go towards the center of the room and a hybrid will fall from the ceiling. Examine this twice to get some intestines Stomp, then use these on the cogs to the right of the door so you can go through. Read the PDA, then use the terminal to open the maintenance bay pod. Climb inside and select to travel to the disposal area.

Disposal Area

Head to the top left. Pick up the plasma cutter, then examine the loader distribution box behind where the plasma cutter was sitting. Take out the middle power cell, then return to the right and use the maintenance pod to return to the janitorial office.

Janitorial Office

Stand on the power pad and use the plasma cutter on yourself 2 times Plasma Overload. Now use the plasma cutter on the refrigerator. Read the PDA, then examine the frozen body to get an eyeball. Use the maintenance pod again to travel once more.

Visitors Center Expansion

Examine the loose panel on the side of the powered down loaded, then use the eyeball on it, followed by the power cell. Now use the powered up loader to reach the next room. Examine all of the exhibits here, then head left. Examine all the exhibits here as well A History Lesson, then keep going left 2 more times. Head hrough the lit doorway. Open the airlock to the right and continue through to see Malan. If you just wait, you will be killed Bang. When you get the chance, use the plasma cutter on the machine parts just next to you. Click on the quantum storage device to get John's PDT again. Use this on Te'ah Hensley. Finally click on Ellen Maracheck to send her on her way I Love You Ellen.