Game Details:  Horror, 2017

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/26/2017

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

CAYNE is a third person sci-fi horror adventure game played from an isometric perspective. This is a free game, and is set in the same universe as the previous game, STASIS. There are 15 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The next game in the series is STASIS: Bone Totem.

The Facility

Fetal Extraction

Take the scalpel from the table next to you and use it on the figure in the suit when you get the chance. Go and use the right control terminal and press the red button, then quickly run to the bed so that the scan detects your presence. Now use the left control terminal and select "Engage" THE FACILITY. Now walk towards the big hole in the floor and you will fall down.

Pick up the small glint near the fire to retrieve a mangled scalpel, then go through the circular door on the left. Take the sealed tin of protein powder from on top of the shrine. After your conversation with the unseen man, return to the tunnel on the right, then jump up to the overhanging ledge near the fire.

Use your mangled scalpel on your sealed protein powder container, then use your opened protein powder container on the left control terminal. Click the bottom left 4 symbols as highlighted by all the fingerprints to unlock the terminal. Scroll to the bottom of the "Logs & Notices" section to see a code, then select "Calibrate Servos". Climb back down again and collect the sharp bladed pincer. Go into the tunnel on the left and use the blade on the red exposed insulation in the floor. Climb down into the power generation facility.

Power Generation

After meeting Danie, go over and search his legs to get an ID card. Climb back up into the service passage, and enter the shrine room again. Use your ID card on the Omnitool toolbox, and you will end up getting the Omnitool. Go back into the tunnel and climb down to the power facility. Talk to Danie again, then use the control terminal use. Select to "Eject Core", then examine the service platform and use your Omnitool on the ejected power core. Now you need to move all three symbols down to the bottom section, but not keep specific pairs together (as indicated by the instructions on the left)::

  1. Move the battery to the bottom
  2. Move the electricity to the bottom, then the battery to the top
  3. Move the water to the bottom
  4. Move the battery to the bottom

Now use the control terminal again and increase all power levels to the maximum DANIE. Read the PDA, then exit through the doorway to the left and continue through the evacuation tunnel.

Central Annex

Look at a small section of wall to the left of the left-most forcefield to see a secret code SECRET ALPHA - this is in Baudot code and can be decoded to read "It was all my fault. Forgive me. Why?". Now go and use the security access terminal on the right. Select the PDT Printer Room and enter the series of 4 symbols you learned from the terminal back in Fetal Extraction to unlock it (this changes with every game). Now go down through the opened forcefield.

Look at the timber crate on the right to see another secret code SECRET BETA - this code uses the periodic table and can be decoded to read "Help. Ellen is dead? M". Use the opened protein powder container on your ID card, then use this on the fuse box at the end of the corridor. Now use your Omnitool on the ID card, before using it on the fuse box again. Open the door and go through. Read the PDA on the floor - make sure to remember the normal temperature of the grub habitat, and scroll to the bottom of the last message to get another 4 symbol code.

Return to the central annex and use the security access terminal again. Select the Birthing Lab Nexus and enter the new series of 4 symbols to unlock it. Head through the new opened forcefield. Enter the room on the left to find the Grub Habitat. Use the terminal in here and read the messages to learn the normal humidity of the grub habitat, then scroll to the bottom to get a new 4 symbol code.

Go to the central annex again and use the security access terminal. Select the Crew Facilities and enter your new code to unlock it. Go through the new opened forcefield. Take the bent stripper pole, then go through the next doorway. Go and stand just below the smoldering debris in the middle of the room SCREAMS. Next head through the doorway with the large blood trail. Read the PDA on the bed. Pick up the blank PDT from the floor on the right, and search the safe to get a glossy photo.

Return to the central annex once more, and go to the top left doorway. Now head to the end of this corridor to find a new area KEARN.

Kearn and Cayne

Read the PDA on the floor, then collect the whip hanging nearby, and pick up the voice recorder from the floor. Pull the lever to raise a huge mechanism out of the left pit - the lever for the other pit is broken. Use your blade on your stripper pole, then use your newly created makeshift lever with the broken lever mechanism. Pull the new lever, then retrieve the broken PDT from the floating corpse.

After you crawl into the new area, walk over to the stasis pod. Take the cryo control unit on the right, then leave this room CAYNE and you can return right to the central annex. Go down and into the PDT Printer Room again. Use your cryo unit on the Personal Data Tag printer. Use the broken PDT and blank PDT on it, then select the option "PRINT PDT" RALPH.

Go back to the central annex and try to get into the elevator at the top SAMANTHA.

Joseph and Grublina

Ignore the elevator and instead go through a newly opened forcefield into the Brain Emulation Labs. After meeting Dr Adams, pick up the fire suppression cannister from the broken section of floor. Go back to the crew facilities and use your voice recorder on the boom box. Go through the doorway and use your fire suppression cannister on the inclined metal flooring to put out part of the fire. Walk over the foam here, then click on the gardens to the lower right SECRET GAMMA - you will need these numbers for later. Now go around and read the PDA on the left, then head through the ripped open door.

Try to open the personal safe. Use the voice recorder on it, then use the glossy photo on it, and the wall will slide open. Enter the red room GRUBLINA. Pick up the empty incubation cannister from the left. Use your whip on Grublina, then combine your Grublina milk with the empty cannister.

Return to the central annex and go towards Power Generation (one of the opened doors on the bottom floor). Run along the evacuation tunnel and use the terminal in the power generation facility - look up the ID for the grub habitat. Climb back up into the service passage and go to the shrine room. Use your PDT on the atmosphere control terminal here. Use the controls to set the temperature and humidity in 3 separate areas (the first two are from Secret Gamma, and the third is from information you have been collecting about the grub habitat):

  • ID 121: 40% RH, 65 °F
  • ID 648: 50% RH, 60 °F
  • ID 668: 84% RH, 95 °F

Use your PDT on the control terminal once more SECRET OMEGA.


Return to the central annex and go towards the Birthing Lab Nexus, then down to the grub habitat. Use your baited incubation cannister on the retrieving platform FREDDIE. Go back to the power generation facility once more and use your occupied incubation cannister on Danie's body COME TO MAMMA. Now return to the central annex one last time and enter the elevator at the top HELLO HADLEY.