Space Quest 6Space Quest 6

Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1995

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Walkthrough Updated:  11/14/2005

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier is the sixth official game in a long-running series of comedy sci-fi adventures by Sierra On-Line. This continues from the previous game, Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation. The series stars Roger Wilco, space janitor and reluctant/accidental hero. In this game, Roger is demoted from his previous position as captain back to being a janitor, then finds himself embroiled in a much larger adventure that requires him to save the galaxy yet again.

Polysorbate LX

Getting Started

When you start the game you are stuck in the pavement. Wait for a robot to walk right next to you, and grab it to get pulled free. Now look at the bicycle to your right and pick up the attached ID card. Walk north, and enter the arcade. Talk to the grey alien and he will challenge you to a game of Stooge Fighter 3 - play against him and you will lose. Accept the rematch and you will lose again. Leave the bar and go south then west. There should be a photo booth in the street here - if not, leave the screen and come back again. Use the buckazoid in your inventory on the booth and you will get a photograph. Combine this with the ID card in your inventory to make a fake ID.

Go north from here and enter Orion's Belt. Go to the far right, and stand on the small platform to get up to the second floor. Show your ID card to the people in the left booth and they will leave - take the hoses from their table. Pick up the nitro tank from beneath their table and drag it over to the pipe coming out from the wall in the middle of the screen. Go down in the elevator and leave the bar.

Capturing an Endodroid

Out on the street, you will see a man walking around in a green trenchcoat. Talk to him and he will offer you 50 buckazoids for your help and catching an endodroid. Go back into the bar and go to the far right to find a locked door. Keep using your feet on the door and it will eventually break so you can go downstairs to the basement. Pick up the metal bar then leave again before the endodroid attacks you.

Back up at the bar, show your ID card to the bartender and order a Special. While he is distracted, open the fridge and take the icecube tray. Now try each of the four taps to the right of the fridge and one of them will not spray water at you. Break the pipe underneath this tap. In your inventory, combine the mess of hoses into a single long hose. Connect one end to the outlet just above the left end of the bar, and the other to the pipe you just broke. Go up to the second floor and turn on the valve at the nitro tank. Quickly go down to the basement to see the frozen endodroid. Hit him with the bar to smash him into cubes. Sweep him up with your dustpan, then pour him into the icecube tray. Get the bartender to make another drink for you, and while he is distracted, open the fridge and put the icecube tray inside. Close the fridge door; open it again and grab the tray, then close the fridge. Go back outside and talk to the man in the trenchcoat and you will get 50 buckazoids.

Beating the Game

Find Elmo, a bum who is now walking the streets. Talk to him to make a deal - you will give him a bottle of liquor and he will give you a cheat sheet for Stooge Fighter 3. Go back to where you started this area, and enter the liquor store. Keep touching ET until you pull his finger (no benefit, but you get points for it!). Now talk to the proprietor and give him some money for a bottle of brandy. Head outside and give this to Elmo to get your cheat sheet, and a fish. Look at the cheat sheet in your inventory, then return to the arcade. Talk to the grey alien again and challenge him to one last game. When the character selection screen appears, click the buttons ABBACACA and a new button will appear. Now during the matches, always attack with this button and you should win your 300 buckazoids.


Head south and go into the inn. Wait for the slimy alien to go up in the elevator, then go and talk to the owner. Give him the money for a room and he will give you a keycard. Press the button near the elevator and you will head up to your level. Use the keycard in the correct slot, but you will be kidnapped before you can get inside.

Try to get the keycard from the wall, then after getting noticed, get the nail from the wall. Use this on your handcuffs to pick the lock. Pull on the Pelvis poster twice to get it off the wall, then pick it up and place it on the floor behind the kidnapper. Use it and you will start dancing to build up a static charge. Touch the back of your kidnapper's head to zap him. Search through the compact discs on the desk until you take one, then put it in the computer. Look at the first item to get a hint about what to do next.

Pick up your datacorder from the right end of the desk, and the small moddie from the top of the humidifier just right of the desk. Look at the datacorder in your inventory and press the open button to reveal its contents. You need to rearrange the components in the following manner (you can use the area to the right as a work area):

  • Row A: RF, Spn, 9
  • Row B: TT, Den, 7
  • Row C: PS, Fer, 1
  • Row D: FC, Rep, 5
  • Row E: SE, Dim, 3

Close the datacorder and press the power button - if you have configured it correctly it will display "Homing Beacon". Search the body of your kidnapper and you will get his keycard. Use this on the panel next to the door to reach the next room. Reach around in the boxes until you find a "churlish" moddie. Use this in your inventory and the label will come off - attach this to the other moddie, then give it to the second kidnapper. After he leaves, pick up his belt and remove the personal grooming assistant and Damping Field Actuator. Use the actuator and walk outside. Now use your homing beacon.

Deepship 86

Onboard Deepship

Remove the hair from the personal grooming assistant in your inventory, and try to put it on the DNA scanner. Talk to Jebba and he will eventually agree. Put the hair on the scanner, then press the Scan button. Once the scan is complete, press the Imprint Datacart button and take the card that is produced. Use this on the ComPost console on the far left. You will see the name "Nigel Rancid", and you will eventually end up in your quarters.

Look at the ComPost on the wall to receive your message. Now still on the ComPost, use the intraship transport, then select option 5 and then 4 to beam to the Transporter. You will automatically be sent to your next destination.

Delta Burksilon V

Use the control panel in the elevator and press the Quarters button. When you arrive, pick up the mop and start cleaning. Next, flush the toilet in the bathroom. And finally, go to the cupboard in the bathroom - gas will start coming in to the room. Pick up the piston from the middle of the bed and use it on the door to escape.

Onboard Deepship

During the funeral ceremony, use the eulogy on yourself to make a speech. After the funeral, use the ComPost to get back to your quarters. Check your messages to see one from Stellar. Now go to the Bridge and talk to the captain. Look at the ComPost here and use the Entity Database to look up Vulgars. Read through the description and note the holo-program number. Go back to the Holocabana. Use the second console on the wall, and press the on button, then type 5551212 and Enter. Now go to 8-Rear.

Talk to Sydney, the android in the yellow shirt. Keep talking to him until he gives you his arm and his eye. Now return to the sickbay. Open the cupboard on the far right of the central structure to get a bottle of morphin. Next go to the shuttle bay entrance. Use your hand on the smaller guard and you will end up in the brig.

When the guard gives you food on a trolley, take it all. In your inventory, combine all of the food items other than the donut to make a fake Roger (you need to do this in a specific order, starting from the feet up). The next time the tray is in your room and the guard isn't looking, put the replica on the bench, and get into the tray. After the guard leaves, use the ComPost to get back to the shuttle bay entrance.

Look at the pile of donuts on the table on the left. Put some morphin in the donut in your inventory, then add this to the pile. After the large guard collapses, use your hand on the smaller guard and you will get his keyring. Press the right button and then try to press the left button, but you can't reach it. Use the android arm to press it, and you will go through the doors.

Space Shuttle

Take Off

Press the button on the keyring to locate your shuttle and deactivate the alarm. Now get inside and sit in the left seat. Open the glovebox in the middle of the dashboard and take all 3 items. Press the Power button, then the ICD button. Set the information on the display panel as follows:

  • Fuel tank #1: Lanthanum
  • Fuel tank #2: Sulfur
  • Fuel tank #3: Silver
  • Catalyst: Neon
  • Confirmation Code: Lasagne

Now press the Initiation button (below the Power button). Place Sydney's eye in front of the retinal scanner.

Lost in Space

After you have been sucked into the anti-anomaly, press the flashing blue button to summon Manuel Auxveride. Pull both the Trunk and Hood levers, located just left of the glove box. Now stand up and take the recall notice from the back of your seat. Open the panel on the right wall and look at the glowing green crystal - it is broken. Now open the datacaorder in your inventory and take the small green crystal. Put glue on the small crystal in your inventory and more glue on the larger crystal in the wall. Use the small crystal on the big crystal, then replace the panel.

Now open the larger wall panel just behind Manuel's seat and take the suit and helmet. Put on both of these items, then exit the shuttle. Go to the boot and pick up the sign and the jumper cables, then attach the sign to the shuttle. When help arrives, you will automatically end up with one of the cables to attach to your ship. Look at the recall notice in your inventory to see how to connect the cables, then do so. While you are out here, grab the fish from the engine. Now head back inside. Sit down in your seat and press the Initiation button to get moving again.

Delta Burksilon V

Leave the shuttle and press Lab A in the elevator. Get out of the elevator and cross the lab floor. Try to take the box labelled "Hi-Tek Stuff", but Dr Beleauxs won't let you. Talk to him, and he will leave the lab - now open the box and take the red Callahan moddie. Go back to the elevator and head up to the Docking Bay to return to your shuttle.

Back in Space

Sit down in your chair and you will take off again. Now press the PTS button and the screen will come to life. Press the small red button above the screen, then take the picture. Press the button again and take another picture. In your inventory, separate each PTS picture into positives and negatives. Put the first positive and the second negative on the blue screen, then press the Initiation button. Go to Polysorbate LX. Talk to Manuel and get him to beam you down to the surface - he will give you a signaler to use to come back.

Polysorbate LX

Head west and down the stairs into Implants n Stuff. Talk to the owner, then look at the neon sign to his left. Give him the Callahan moddie and he will trade it for a cyberspace jack. Leave the shop and head east, then use the signaler to return to the ship. Sit down in your seat and press the Initiation button then go back to Delta Burksilon V.

Delta Burksilon V

Leave the shuttle and go back to Lab A. Sit down at the computer and press the power button, then select the Cyberfunctions option. Plug in your cyberspace jack.


Follow the very long road until you reach a construction site. Pick up the screwdriver from the ground and the plank lying against some beams. Now head into the office. Talk to Sis Inny, who says you need to have a number. Take a number, but the number changer has already gone too far. Open the number with your hand, then tweak the gears with your screwdriver. Now talk to Sis Inny again and you will be allowed into the file room.

Go down the central aisle to find the R section - you are looking for the file of Nigel Rancid. You need to open a staircase of drawers so that you can reach it. Take the Nigel Rancid file, then look at it to see other names. You also need to get the files for Hayden Beleauxs, Stellar Santiago and Sharpei. By reading the last one, you also know to get the file on Project Immortality. Leave the file room, and click each of the 5 files on the printer. Leave the office and follow the roads back to leave cyberspace.

Pick up the print-outs from next to the computer and show them to Dr Beleauxs, who agrees to help you.

Inside Stellar


Get out of your seat and grab the EVA suit and helmet. Put on the suit and head outside. Pull the capillaries off the wing of your ship, and the alveoli from the front. Now climb down through the ulcer into the stomach. Continue climbing down the stomach wall and pick up the staple, celery (green rope) and feather. Pick up an M&M and throw it into the acid. Repeat this with the other two. In your inventory, combine the staple and celery to make a grappling hook.

Climb back up the stomach wall until you see the top - throw the grappling hook into the end of the oesophagus and you will lower yourself back down. Now climb up the celery. Continue climbing up the oesophagus until you see the capsule - knock it free and it will fall into the stomach. Now tickle the wall of the oesophagus with your feather. Head back down to the stomach and climb through the greenish hole into the duodenum.

Head south and then climb east into the bile duct. Follow this north and you will find the gallbladder. In your inventory, use the duct tape on the capillaries, then attach this to the pump. Use the pump on the bile to collect some in your helmet. Go back down the bile duct and pick up a piece of gall stone, then follow the duct until it narrows. Put the alveoli in the narrow section, then use your mouth on the alveoli to blow a path throw. Crawl through the duct to find the pancreas, and collect some pancreatic fluid in your helmet.

Return to the stomach and use the helmet on the capsule to dissolve the outer layer and pick up a small pill from the resulting pile. Go back to the duodenum and climb down until you see the tapeworm. Throw the pill at the worm, then climb on to ride down the bowel. Head east to find the appendix, and break off pieces of the silver filling, red fingernail and paperclip. Go back and ride the worm again to return to the duodenum. Climb all the way back up to your ship. Use the silver on the flashing red light, then enter the ship. Sit down and insert the CD into the Subroutine Program Card slot. Press the Initiation button and you will take off.


Get up and grab the suit and helmet again, and put on the suit before heading outside. Use the fingernail on the meninges (the floor) and you will climb through to the surface of the brain. Head west and jump over the gap, then keep trying and you will eventually climb up to safety. Continue west to see some large nanites.

Head into the background and throw a gallstone at one of the nanites. Throw one at the other nanite, then again at the first one. Now come back into the foreground and press the button to go down on the elevator. Go all the way to the bottom to see a large pile of debris that you can't get around. Go back up about half way on the elevator (you need to press the stop button manually to do this). Look at the signs to find the Cough Control section. Hit the wall with your paperclip to make Stellar cough. Go down to the bottom on the elevator again to see that part of the debris has cleared. Climb out through the hole.

Use the paperclip on the exposed bundle of nerves over on the right. When Sharpei reappears, just give her the fish to complete the game.