Space Quest 0Space Quest 0


Year:  2003

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Space Quest 0: Replicated is a fan-made prequel to the long-running series of comedy sci-fi adventures by Sierra On-Line. The story-line in this game takes place before the events of Space Quest: The Sarien Encounter. In this game, space janitor Roger Wilco wakes up to find all the other crew members of Labion Orbital Station 10 dead, and must escape and then investigate on Labion.

Orbital Station

Go back into the closet you came out of and take the crowbar. Come back out to the room and search the body, then take the keycard. Walk to the computer console and press the button to listen to the audio log, then go to the elevator and use your keycard. Enter the elevator and press three.

Head east and through the first door to find the bridge. Search the body on the right and take the microchip. Look at the middle monitor on the back wall, then go to the left console near the bottom of the screen and look at the monitor. Go through the left door, then head east. Approach the computer and use your microchip.

Now head west 3 times. Go to the right doorway and open the door. Enter the pod, then press power. Eject the disk, then pull the throttle. After the engine dies, press the orange button.


Swim down quickly and get the kit. Open the kit and wear the rebreather. Head east and swim between the plants, taking the lower path to continue east. On the third screen, take some of the green plants from the bottom of the water, then swim up through the opening.

Leave the pond and go east. Look in the right end of the log repeatedly until you find a buckazoid. Take the pink fruit from the bush behind the log. Take the branch from the tree, then ignore it and go east. Take the board from outside the hut, then go inside. Talk to the man, then give him your stick. Talk to him until he repeats himself, then go to the fireplace and taste the soup. Approach the table and take the glue, then read the papers. Leave the hut and go west, then return east and into the hut. The man should be gone, so open his chest and take the orium. Leave the hut and return west twice to return to the pond screen, then go north.

Approach the stone face and give your fruit to it to see a door open and close quickly. Go back and get another fruit, then use glue on the fruit and give it to the stone face. Go through the doorway.

Subterranean Labion

Drink some water, then use your board to cross the chasm. Pick up the board again once you have crossed. Walk carefully between the spikes and through the next doorway. Follow the path to the exit at the southwest. Continue west, ignoring the bees for now. Approach the case and take the devil, then go to the console on the right and press the button to hear another audio log. Pick up the passcard from the floor, and take the beaker from the shelves on the left. Return east to the hallway and use your passcard on the first door, then enter the room.

Search the body and take the towel. Get on the treadmill and press the button. Keep going until you are drenched in sweat, then use your beaker to get some sweat and press the button again. Enter the booth on the left and use the shower. Search the couch, then read the paper. Search the shelves and take the blue cartridge and green cartridge when you find them. Return to the hallway.

Go west again and go to the console, then analyse your sweat. Go to the doorway here and use your password. Walk to the second bay and take the actuator. Wait for the guard to leave and sneak to the shadow behind the pillar. After he comes and goes again sneak to the shadow right of the dumpster. From here, use your crowbar to take out the guard. Search the body, then take and wear the armor, and take the rifle. Head up the stairs.

Escape from Labion

Walk over and talk to the man, then approach the ship and remove the hose. Go to the clamp on the right and use your devil on the boot (you will automatically use the salt you obtained from your sweat). Walk west and talk to the man here, who wants you to buy him a drink. Head up the ramp and try to open the door. Return east and try to open the door to the elevator, but there is no power. Go downstairs and replace the actuator, then come back upstairs and enter the elevator. Press two.

Go over to stand behind the bushes at the bottom right and eavesdrop. After the conversation, talk to the blue alien. Search the box here and take parts, then go west into the souvenir shop. Sell your rifle and orium, then leave and go east into the bar. Approach the bar and order brandy, then take it when it arrives. Now order ale, then take it when it arrives (if the bartender cuts you off, go all the way back and have a shower, then come back to the bar again).

Leave the bar, enter the elevator and press one. Go west and give the ale to the man - he will drink both the ale and the brandy and then pass out. Search the man and take the key. Go east and into the elevator, and press two. Go to the souvenir shop and sell your armor, then leave the shop and buy a droid from the blue alien here. Turn on the droid, then return to the elevator and press one. Enter the ship near the front on the right side, then sit down in the seat. Press 2, 1, 3 and 7. Press 1 until you find "M Burger", then press 2 and 5.

Monolith Burger and Ortega

Press 4 and 6. Go west to leave the ship, and continue west and buy a meal. Eat the meal and you will find a gold ring. Wear the ring, then go east to see Xavi again. Continue east into your ship. Sit down again, and press 2, 1, 3 and 7. Press 1 until you find "Ortega", then press 2 and 5.


Press 4 and 6. Walk into the booth at the back and use the transporter to get down to the planet surface. Throw your ring to destroy it, then wait for your droid to beam you back up. Sit down and press 2, 1, 3 and 7. Press 1 until you find "Andromeda", then press 2 and 5.


Press 4 and 6. Leave your ship to the west, then go to the elevator and press two. Talk to Xavi, then get back in the elevator and press one. Go back to your ship and sit down. Press 2, 1, 3 and 7. Press 1 until you find "Mitos 15", then press 2 and 5.

Mitos 15

Press 4 and 6. Use the transporter to leave the ship. Take the mushroom, then go east. After the guard disappears, return west and feed a meal to the boulder near the lake. Enter the lake and wear your rebreather. Swim down and right, then climb out. Get a rock, then climb the rocks and take the radio from the ground. Go east and throw a rock to distract one guard, then use your radio to distract the other one. Head inside the complex.

Go east through the door and go to the main console. Take the red cartridge, then insert the blue cartridge. Return west, then quickly hide behind the computer. Once the guard comes and goes again (leaves to the east), go through the door to the north. Look at the computer, then eject the disk and insert the virus. Leave this room and go through the main opening to the north.

On the next screen the walkway is broken. Use your hanger on your rope, then throw the hook. Swing and jump with the right timing to get over the gap. Follow the path to the door at the top and go through. Climb the cables at the back of this room. Look to get some hints on this cable maze. Follow the orange cable up and right, then climb the green cable up to the top and flip the switch. Go back down then left on the orange cable and flip the switch. Go right to the green, then down again and left on the pink cable near the bottom. Go left along this and flip the 2 switches. Now climb up the light green cable, timing your climb past the sparks, and flip the switch at the top. Climb back down past the sparks again, and go up the curved green cable, flipping the switch on the way, and continuing up the green cable to the top.

Go west from this room to see a forcefield. Use your towel on your brandy. Go to the edge of the walkway and light the towel when the wind is blowing. Continue west to the next room. At the duel, just keep attacking. Go west after the fight.