Simon the Sorcerer 3DSimon the Sorcerer 3D

Year:  2002

Genre:  Fantasy

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Simon the Sorcerer 3D is the third in a series of comedy fantasy adventure games. This game continues after Simon the Sorcerer 2. You play as Simon, a normal boy who is inadvertently drawn through a portal into a world of magic. In this game you are again pitted against the evil wizard Sordid, who is planning to take over the world using mind-altering cola. The interface is very different in this game, which has moved from 2D to 3D. The series continues with Simon the Sorcerer 4.


Your fairy godmother will guide you through most of this level. Pull the lever on the wall to open the grate, then go through and follow the corridors around to the left to find 3 gems in a painting hanging on the wall. Take this and enter a room at the end of the corridor. Run around the edge of the room. As you go around to the left, put the green, yellow and blue gems in the statues. Now just lure the golem into the middle of the room and it will be destroyed by the beams. Pick up the key from the middle of the room and use it to unlock the other door.

Continue along the corridors, and when the boulder drops, start sprinting away from it, turning left twice to escape. To cross the lava pit, you need to look through Simon's eyes to see a blue bridge, then walk over it. In the following room, you must crawl around the room to avoid being seen by the large yellow eye on the wall. First crawl to the lever on the near wall to your right, and use it, then crawl across the room while the eye is closed and head through the open grate. Go through to conclude the introduction.

Chapter 1

Talk to the wizard to get 20 groats and a letter from Calypso, and find out about the sacred peach. Now climb the steps on the outside of the temple to reach the tower. Talk to the keeper of the soul bell, which rings whenever someone has an untimely death. Look at his telescope, and when it breaks take the tube and lens. Go back down to the ground and find Tomb Trader. Talk to the guy here, and buy a Choker Cola for 5 groats.

Go through the doorway opposite the wizard and find a man in the pool. Talk to him and offer to take his Chakara. Enter his cabin (his name is on the sign in front) and crawl beneath his bed to take his Nun magazine and his chakara. Leave his cabin and find the barn in this same area. Go inside and pull the lever to see the cow mechanism in action. Go back outside and find the sacred peach tree. Use the chakara to get a peach, then eat it. Tell the wizard you ate a peach, then go to the main gate and tell the guard as well. You can now go through the gate.

Chapter 2

Follow the path leading away from the temple, and read the sign - follow the path to the right as this is the way to Poliganis. You will come across a warning sign soon. Look at it, and the woodworms will make it fall over, then you will pick up the sign. Go forward until you reach the next sign post, then turn right and climb the hill. At a large tree there are 4 possible paths to take. Take the first path to your left (through the small gate), then go through another gate on your left into a field. Go behind the Fat Bloke and steal the butterfly book from his back pocket. Now talk to him and he will give you his net and specimen jar so you can collect butterflies for money. Leave the field.

Turn left and follow the path, noting the Sleeping Foliage (purple flowers), and turn right there to find a Lonely Hut. There are lots of Choker Cola cans scattered around outside, and there is also an outhouse and a phone booth. The hut is locked, so don't bother trying to get inside. Follow the path to the right to return to the tree and crossroads. Enter the small gate opposite the first one you took, to find a field with butterflies. Read the book you stole from the Fat Bloke to find out that a Purple Emperor should fetch a price of 250 groats. Now start catching them and selling them to him (you can only catch one at a time). Once you have at least 250 groats, return to the crossroads.

Take the final remaining path from the tree and go through a gate to the right to meet the Inbred Yokel and his cow Daisy. Talk to the yokel and find out that if you bring some magic beans from a witch, he will give his cow to you. Exit his field back to the road and continue forward until you can go through a gate to the left to reach the Volcano Photopoint. Look up at the volcano to see a rainbird flying high in the air. Leave this field and turn left. In the large open area ahead you will see the Waterfalls to your left and a Random Pile of Rocks to your right. Start to go down the path ahead and to the left, and you will hear someone call out for help. Go back and around so you can enter the field just to your right, and approach the Large Hole, where you will talk to a man stuck in the hole. Agree to help him, then use your chakara to hit the handle of the metal detector - you will end up stealing it!

Leave this field and return to the Random Pile of Rocks. Use the metal detector in the middle and if you look through Simon's eyes you will see a hexagon on the ground. Use the warning sign here and you will find a chest containing tarnished washers. Use the Choker Cola on the washers to make them shiny and end up with an empty can. Run past the entrance to the field with the Large Hole, and enter a brown tilled field to the right. Use the metal detector near the middle of this field and you will locate a stash of 22 groats dropped in the field. Leave this field and head around to the right to find the Reservoir Control Hut, which has a dwarven warning sign out the front. Try to open the door, but it is locked, then try to get in through the trap door on the roof, but it is stuck.

Follow the cliffs around to the right (note the ninja you killed earlier by eating the peach) and you will eventually find the Signal Integrated Golem Narrative, or SIGN. Talk to it to find out it wants whiskey. Go left and follow the road to reach the Complete Safe Bridge Over Deadly Gorge, which of course is broken. Talk to the man on the other side, who will help you over the gorge if you bring him the Gnome Firing Trophy.

Now use the phone booth, and teleport yourself far west, back to the Lonely Hut. Exit through the gate and go right at the Sleeping Foliage, heading through the tunnel and out to a clearing by the river. Note the Dungnomin' Tree, which is the biggest tree of a gnome village off to the left. If you approach the fence on the right you will find 3 boxes of candies on the ground, with the words "Chase Me" on one of them. Make sure you are ready to sprint, then collect the candies. You have 7 seconds to reach the next candies, and another 7 seconds for each set you collect, until you have found 10 in total, which reveals a Candy Cottage in the Strangely Pink? area.

Enter the cottage and look at the oven, the cauldron, the spell book in the corner (to get the recipe for magic beans), and then the spinning wheel in the other corner. You will touch the needle and fall asleep. After you are rescued, go outside and pick up the frog and the needle. Leave here and go right, noting the Hint Rock sticking out into the water. Head into the water and follow the shallows around to find a Nearly Secret Area. Talk to the pile of rocks in the cave, and the Prince of Dwarves will ask for your help. Use your lens on the dynamite to free him, then go inside and get some dynamite. Talk to the Prince and he will ask for some fish, and for help to rescue his people from the dragon Soddinell. Use the phone booth to teleport to It's a Beach.

Climb the ladder to reach the diving board platform. Put the dynamite in your hand and light it using your lens. Now put the lit dynamite in your specimen jar, then use this combination at the end of the diving board. Go down to the water and pick up the boiled fish. Teleport back to the Nearly Secret Area and give the boiled fish to the Prince of Dwarves, who will give you the hammer Hammor. Next teleport to the Pointless Bridge, way over to the east. Head away from the bridge until you see 2 trees next to each other. Get out the metal detector and search around to find another 20 groats. Have a quick look at the bridge and the Mysterious Isle out in the water while you are here, then use the phone booth to get to Acre Gap.

Read the sign about the contest, then enter the competition area. Talk to Lord Fnar in the white tent, then to the Fragmaster in the brown tent. Now enter the large pink tent and try to take the trophy, but an alarm will go off. Talk to the man here and enter the competition, paying 50 groats and getting a bowl. Fill the bowl with chilli, and you will end up with some kidney beans. Go outside and approach the competition field to see the other contestants have their turns. Return to the phone booth and teleport to the Temple of Life.

Visit the Tomb Trader and return your empty can for a refund, then buy another can of Choker Cola. Climb the pyramid and use the poisoned needle on the bell keeper, then steal the bell. Teleport to the Candy Cottage.

Enter the cottage and put the frog in the oven to make it sweat. Climb the ramp and put the frog (actually just its sweat), the Choker Cola and the kidney beans into the cauldron, and you will get some magic beans. Teleport to the Inbred Yokel and give him the beans, and he will send his cow to the temple. Teleport to the Temple of Life. Go back to the barn and pull the lever, then pick up the butter that the machine makes. Now teleport to the Dungnomin' Tree.

Knock on the door of the large tree, then crouch down and crawl inside. Turn and look at the mushroom house immediately to your right. Use some shiny washers to lure a gnome outside, then quickly drop the bell on his head. Hit the bell with the hammer, then pick up the bell and vibrating gnome. Leave the tree and teleport to Acre Gap.

Put a stick of dynamite in the telescope. Try to put the gnome in the telescope, but he won't fit. Use the butter on the gnome, then put him in the telescope. Now go to the firing area and wait to be introduced as the next contestant. Light up your weapon by using the magnifying glass on it, then you will win the competition and be given the trophy. Teleport to the Completely Safe Bridge Over Deadly Gorge.

Talk to the Count, who will accept the trophy, then shoot a rope over the gorge. Use your stick, then use the rope, and adjust left and right to keep your balance as you make your way over the gorge. Head down the tunnel.

Chapter 3


You will meet Melissa Leg, who takes you to the inn to meet up with Calypso and get a map. Leave the room and head up into the inn. Turn to the bar and look at the whiskey on the shelf. Try to get the whiskey with your chakara, but the bartender will stop you every time. Talk to the bartender, who won't sell you alcohol without valid ID; he will also mention a ninja ghost haunting the toilet. Talk to the salesman, who will give you a vacuum cleaner pamphlet. Leave the bar through the door near the jukebox, and climb up to the street. Turn right and follow the street to see a muscleman holding up a cart. Use your hammer on the jack and take it. Now keep going to find MucSwampy's. Try the door, but it is definitely closed.

Follow the road and read the signposts to find the Church of St Troy. In the grounds of the church, use your hammer on the large tree and pick up a horse chestnut. Enter the bell tower on the other side of the church, and pull the bell rope, then use it again repeatedly to climb up the rope. Head out the window and look around, then go back inside and down the rope. Note the other door in the back of the church, leading to the Memorial Room. Now leave the church grounds and wait for the Mr Cheese Wagon to drive past. Stand in front of him and he will give you some cheese. Let him pass, then follow him to Cheesy Bros, where he will be paid for not delivering the cheese. Follow him back to Justice Square, where he will turn around and go back to get more money.

Take the narrow lane from Justice Square to find a shed with a pot of varnish in front of it. Return to the square and look in the pond to find 2 groats. Talk to Goldilocks, who is in the stocks at the moment, and needs your help. Enter the Sheriff's Office to find the sheriff snoring. Walk carefully around behind him (one step at a time) and try to open the metal cabinet, but the hinges will squeak. Use the butter on the cabinet, then open it to get the key. Go back outside and use the key to free Goldilocks.

Go and meet Goldilocks at MucSwampy's, then go inside. Note the vinegar on the counter, then open the staff door and go through to the private section. Crouch and press the red button under the desk, then go down into Swampy's swamp room. Read the pamphlets and blueprints, then return to the main part of the restaurant, where you will end up getting some sesame seeds. Leave the restaurant and use the phone booth outside to teleport to the Warehouse area.

Go into the Cheesy Bros warehouse and look at all the cheese. Now go outside to a fenced off area and pick up a Feeble Files CD, which doubles as an ashtray. Leave this area and turn left to enter a back alley. Grab the cat from the dumpster at the end of the alley, then enter the side alley to the left. Look in the first dumpster and get the shoe, then use this on the dog to get rid of it and end up with a shoelace. Now go down the alley and talk to the 2 boys kicking the ball. Lift up the manhole cover and go down, then knock on the door - you need a password. Return to the boys and they will agree to tell you the password if you can give them a new game. Look up to notice that the window in the alley is open, then find a phone booth and teleport to Magic Square.

Note that whenever you approach Eighth Wander it changes to the entrance to the Wizard Guild. Go inside and speak to the wizard, who tells you to find a sponsor. Go back outside and walk to the South Gate (follow the sign). Talk to to 2 orcs here and find out you need papers to be able to leave. Return to the Dog and Fruit Inn.

Go through the bar area and through the opposite door. Head into the Games Room and look at the fireplace (it is smoking a lot) and the window above the dartboard (the orc does not want it opened). Talk to the orc and play darts with him to win some money. Next leave the Games Room and take the next door to the Beer Garden. Pick up the tongs from the BBQ, then go back inside and up the stairs. Turn left and collect a blanket from the drawer at the end of the hall (note that room 4, your bedroom, is locked). Turn around and go to the other end, then turn right. Use your wedge of cheese to prop open the door, then go outside, down the stairs, and down into the cellar. Move the crates and barrels around so you can get to the tap in the corner, then turn it off. Return up into the bar and talk to the depressed salesman to get him to buy another beer. When the bartender leaves to fix the problem, use your chakara to get the whiskey. Now go down into Calypso's private room and he will accept you as his apprentice. Go back to the Wizard Guild.

Speak to the wizard again, and you will be told to collect a sprite from the forest. Return to Calypso and he will give you a key to Room 4 upstairs. Go there and lie down on the bed, only to find you are allergic to the pillow stuffing. Open the window and climb outside, then put the blanket on the chimney to force the orc in the Games Room to open the window. Go downstairs and speak to the bartender, asking for your room to be cleaned. Now if you try to go up the stairs, you will notice a barricade blocking your passage. Return to the Games Room and play darts with the orc, and this time throw a dart out through the window - you will forfeit the game. Leave the Inn through the front door.

Turn left as you exit and go down the side of the Inn so you can take the dart from the wall where it is embedded. Now go around the other side of the Inn and through the side entrance. Go to your room and take the vacuum cleaner. Go back outside and teleport to Justice Square.

Look at the ducks in the pond and use the vacuum cleaner on one of them to get some feathers. Now combine the feathers with the empty pillow case to make a floppy pillow. Return to the Inn. Talk to the bartender and get your key back, then go up the stairs to your room. Put the pillow on the bed and lie down, but now you can't sleep because the guy next door is snoring. Climb out your window again and go through the next window. Try to wake the man up, then use the jack on him. Return to your bed and go to sleep.

Now that it is night time, head outside and go to Pizza Lord, just down the street from MucSwampy's. Inside, you will be given a Pizzarina so you can call for pizza at any time. Next head to the forest gate and exit to the forest. Use the nearest phone booth to get to the SIGN. Give the whiskey to the SIGN, then ask for directions, but it is too drunk to be helpful.

Teleport to the Inbred Yokel and turn left to find the butterfly meadow. Catch a sprite in your net, but it burns a hole through the net. Teleport over to the Lonely Hut and head inside. Talk to the role players, who want you to order a pizza. Go outside and use the Pizzarina to order a pizza with the works, and extra cheese to hide the anchovies - you will end up getting the sprite. Head back to the Wizard Guild, where you are given your Wizard handbook. Back outside, the Eighth Wander is closed at night, so go back to the Inn and go to sleep in your room.

Go back to the Eighth Wander and head inside. Talk to the face on the wall of the bar, who tells you which room Porkins has just left for. Step on the appropriately colored circle and walk into the elevator to get to that room. Now talk to the face here and find out Porkins has gone to the white room. Light all 3 circles this time and enter the elevator. Porkins has gone again, but every second room he visits is the white room, so if you enter the elevator again without touching the circles you will find him. Talk to Porkins, then exit the club but turning off all 3 circles and using the elevator.

Go to the Back Alley and use the net on the open window at the end of the alley. Talk to the kids and you will teach them basketball, then learn the code (D-D-DDD-DDDD-DD). Go down into the sewer and knock on the door. Wait 1-2 seconds, then knock out the above code using the action key. When you get inside, talk to the kids here and find out you need a conker to play. Use your dart on your horse chestnut - the message in your inventory now says it needs baking, varnishing and soaking in vinegar. Go to the Beer Garden at the Inn and put the chestnut on the grill to bake it. Next go to the green shed near Justice Square and dip it in varnish. Head to MucSwampy's and put some vinegar on it. Combine the conker with the shoelace, then return to the sewer and play the game. Play for the magic quill rather than for money, and you will eventually win it.

Return to Porkins in Eighth Wander and give him the quill to get some documents. Now go to the South Gate and talk to the guards, who will give you a rainbird horn and take the useless stuff from your inventory. Blow the horn and land your rainbird in the swamp.

The Swamp

Read the poster about the luxury housing development, then go towards the swamp. Head left over to a man with an axe, and talk to him. Climb the vine just behind him, then use your chakara on the beehive directly above him. Go down and get the axe, and use your vacuum cleaner to suck up the bees. Climb back up the vine and chop it down with the axe, which breaks into 2 pieces. Follow the ledge, then carefully follow the creature across the quicksand. Return to pick up the vines you chopped down, then walk into the water so the crocodile stops in front of you with its mouth open. Put the axe handle inside its mouth, then use the vine on the crocodile so you can ride it over the lake to the large island. Get off the crocodile at the croc landing pad.

Head left to the Druid's area and talk to the Druid who is sitting outside his house. He will give you a book of plants. Talk to him again and he says his mouth is getting numb. Enter his house and steal the mortar and pestle and the stick. Next walk into the plant garden and use the plant book on each of the plants to identify them.

Leave the Druid's and head left to find a tar pit. Dip the bell in the pit, then dip the stick in it as well. Attach the axe head to the stick. Now walk over the bridge and talk to the lawyer, who is trying to get Swampy to sign a contract. Approach the talking tree and attack it with an axe to get it to talk.

Go back to your crocodile and head off to the left, going through a small inlet to find a waterfall. Examine the plant here using your plant book, then pick up the Bogella. Go further inside and park the crocodile, then look at the bird table and the large boulder. Put tar from the bell on the bird table, then put sesame seed there as well. Pick up the bird that gets trapped. Now ride your crocodile back to the other end of the swamp and park it near a lady in pink. Talk to her about Sir Squeaksalot, then use your chakara on the ball up in the tree to free it. Ride your croc along the shoreline until you bump into the hamster and knock it up onto the shore. Park the crocodile and go and pick it up to find out it is dead! Run into the Druid's compound and use the hamster on the tower to shock it back to life.

Now return to the Princess and try to give her the hamster, but she says you need him for something. Run around the back of the rocks here and climb on to the lowest ledge. Look down in the hole and use the book to identify the plant as Purple Stinkwort. Go back to the other side of the rock and use the hamster on the tunnel to get you the plant. Now give the hamster to the Princess, and you will receive some earmuffs.

Take the crocodile back to the large island and run over towards the man-eating plant. Walk into its area carefully, and walk over to the left towards the reeds. Use the bird on the plant to distract it, then walk around to the left to end up in a tunnel behind the large plant. Identify the smaller plant with your book, then pick up the Smelly Woodruff. Leave the tunnel through the other opening and go to the Talking Tree. Use your earmuffs on it to chop it down, then go across and talk to Swampy. You are going to need help if you want to drink the stew, so return to the Druid and give him the 3 plants you have collected. Now while you are drunk, quickly run back to Swampy and drink the stew. He now gives you a contract that you must get the lawyer to sign.

Go back to your crocodile and ride it to the bird table. Talk to the big rock and repeat the Swampling song (Swampling stew, Swampling stew, To your bog your swamp be true, Swampy be true, Swampling stew). Go inside and get the oven gloves and turkey baster from the table. Now return to the bee hive and use the turkey baster on it to get some honey. Go next to the Druid's compound and use the oven gloves to climb the tower. Redirect the mirror to point at the blue flowers, then climb back down. Go and pick up a blue flower and grind it up with your mortar and pestle. Go and talk to the lawyer, who will refuse to sign the contract. Spray him with honey, then use the vacuum cleaner on him to release the bees. Now use the baster on the mortar and pestle, and then on the lawyer, who will sign the contract. Talk to Swampy and the chapter will end.

Chapter 4


Go up into the bar and talk to the bartender about the ghost. Pick up the empty glass from the end of the counter, then head out to the Games Room. Look at the new pool table to see something stuck in the coin slot. Use the tongs to retrieve the gold coin. Now try to use the pool table again but it doesn't work - try once more to locate a rat. Use the cat you have been carrying around to kill the rat, then try to use the table and find the cat won't come out.

Go next to the Beer Garden and talk to the Wig Trader. While out here, notice the picnic table and the broken roof above Calypso's private room. Now go to the Church and climb up to the roof using the bell rope as you did earlier. Talk to Goldilocks, who wants you to help steal the lead from the roof. Use your rainbird to get to the forest.

The Forest

Go to the Sleeping Foliage and identify it using your book so you can collect some Dopius Calandra. Next head to the Large Hole and talk to the man down there about his lost mole. Stand by one of the mole holes and wait for it to appear, then use your gold coin to catch it. Now use the mole on your CD to train it to find CDs.

Formerly known as the Volcano Photopoint, the Clan Battlebeard Camp has dwarves firing themselves at Sodinhell the dragon. Talk to the dwarf about everything, then add the Dopius Calandra to the brew they are drinking and the dragon will fall asleep. Use the pint glass on the brew to collect some in the glass. Now head towards the waterfalls to find the dragon. Use the metal detector to hear some metal in its stomach - this will be the key for the hut.

Call your rainbird and fly into the volcano. Use the mole on the pile of treasure and it will push out a treasure chest. Use the brew to dissolve the padlock, but the CD is encased in glass. Hit the gong with the hammer but the gong breaks. Put the bell on the stand and hit it with the hammer to get the CD. Now travel back to Calypso, who will tell you of the 4 people you need to find.

Chapter 5

Head outside and right to the Busted Cart. Talk to Coneman, who is still underneath it - you need to fix his bad back before he can help you. Next go to the Tournament Entrance, which is south of Justice Square. Talk to Grandulf, who asks you to come back at night time to help with the fireworks display. Go back to the Inn and sleep, then come back here and perform the fireworks display. You will automatically leave the Tournament area, but go back inside. Run around to the left and crawl into the Princess' tent. Try to wake her up and you will find out about Johnny Lightnin - look at the posters on the wall to see what he looks like. Return to your room at the Inn and sleep until morning.

When you wake, go to the Carnival, just south of Magic Square. You will meet the 2 demons who are running the fairground. Go into the middle section and talk to the demons about acupuncture - they do not do house/street calls. Go back out to the main path and follow it around to the left. Play the Seaside Shooting game and hit all 20 ducks to win a teddy bear. Next play Invadertron and get a high score to get some shades and more groats. Don't bother with the wonder wheel, it is rigged. Talk to the dwarf prince at the Test Your Strength game. Give him back hammor, then walk behind the demon and talk to him several times so the dwarf can win the game and give you the prize of a black t-shirt.

Play Bonzo's Ball Bonanza once, but the game is rigged, so don't play it again. Win the Aqua Derby by shooting water into the open circles, and you will win a bucket of toy soldiers. Now enter the lane between the Wonder Wheel and Test Your Strength. Veer off to the right and use the cobra statue to discover a voodoo area. Talk to the demon's to find out you need children's teeth and a doll to make a voodoo doll. Leave the enclosure and use the statue again, then crawl through the hole in the hedges opposite the entrance to the voodoo area. Keep crawling until you can exit and take the magnet off the back of the Wonder Wheel. Crawl back to the lane. Go down the steps and buy some cotton candy for 3 groats, then go in and look at the flea circus. Use the teddy bear on the fleas. Return to the Wonder Wheel and play it to win a peashooter. Finally, talk to the ugly kid following you around and promise to get him a red gobstopper. You can now leave the carnival.

Return to the Inn and go through to the Games Room. Use the flea-infested teddy bear on the pool table, then get the red and yellow pool balls. Next head out to the Beer Garden and give the cotton candy to the wig trader in exchange for her blonde wig. Return to the carnival. Give the red pool ball to that ugly kid and he will give you his gum, then his teeth will fall out and you'll get them too. Go to Bonzo's Ball Bonanza and use the yellow pool ball on it to win the Coneman action figure. Return to the Voodoo area and use the statue, then talk to the demons and you will get a Coneman voodoo doll. Go to the accupunturists and give them the Coneman voodoo doll - his back is now fixed.

Go back into town and head to the Launderette. Put the blonde wig and the black t-shirt in the washing machine and start it up to get a black wig. Head to your bedroom in the Inn and sleep again. At night time, go back to the Princess via the Tournament Entrance. Crawl into her tent and remind yourself what Johnny X looks like. Use your magic book and turn your robe purple by using the left and right arrow keys. Wear the black wig and the shades, then wake up the Princess and she says she will kiss you. Use the frog on her and the Prince will join your cause.

Call your rainbird and go to the Reservoir Hut. Talk to the woodworms residing in the tree that fell over, and give them the bucket of toy soldiers - you will get Nin Jar's necklace. Go back to the church in Poliganis and go into the room at the back, which is a Memorial Room. Look at the unique plaque on the left to see where Jar Nin's ashes are kept. Go outside and call your rainbird again and fly to the new place on the map. After you land, use the vacuum cleaner to collect the ashes, then fly back to the Inn. Go to the hallway outside your bedroom and put the necklace in the jar. When you hear the ghost's voice, use the jar and you will catch him. Go down to Calypso's private room and give him the jar and the ashes. Go up and tell the barkeeper that you have removed the ghost. Go back downstairs and talk to the 3 heroes you have collected so far.

Go to the church and you will see a fat kid hovering in the air in the street nearby, suspended by 3 balloons. Shoot 2 of them with your peashooter, then wait until the cheese truck is directly beneath the kid and shoot the 3rd balloon. Now follow the truck to the factory, where it will be abandoned because the kid ate all the cheese. Get in the truck and park it near where the kid was hovering earlier (in line with the lead on the roof of the church). Enter the church and go up to the roof, then push the lead down into the truck. Return to the truck and drive it over the bridge to make it collapse and dam up the river.

Call your rainbird and go to the sleeping dragon near the waterfall. Combine the chewing gum with the stick, then add the magnet. Use this on the dragon, but you need some lubrication. Add the butter, then try again and you will get the keys. Next go to the Reservoir Control Hut. Use the keys to unlock the door and go inside. Get the petrol from the right, and look at the pulley system. Go to the other side of the wheel and try to turn it, but you can't. Now look up to see the trapdoor that you tried to enter earlier - hit it with the chakara. Now go back outside and climb up to the roof - use the trapdoor. Back in the hut, pour petrol on the rope from the pulley system, then light it with your magnifying lens. Go outside and use a phone booth to reach Mysterious Isle (which is accessible now that the water level is low enough).

Look in the water to see a boat, and climb up the rope attached to it. Run into the church and find Melissa, who will accept the invitation after she climbs out of the lava pit. Use your rainbird to get back to the Inn, and go down to Calypso's private room. After Runt leaves, talk to Melissa and then Coneman until you are beaten to death and end up back outside the Inn. Go inside and down to the private room, but you can't get through the barrier. Next head out to the Beer Garden. Talk to the boy on the swing, then use the swing until it breaks (press forward and backward at the appropriate times, as instructed). Pick up the rope and tie it to the picnic table. Once you have spoken to Calypso, use your rainbird to get to the new location near Sordid's Fortress.

Go and talk to the orc guarding the gate - he needs an identification card before he will let you in. Change your robe to black by using the magic book and pressing up, left and right. Now enter the tunnel and walk only in the dark areas. If you hear someone coming, quickly crouch and crawl into the light area to your left. When the danger has passed, go back out and make your way to the end of the tunnel. Look in the mailbox at the end to find an order for a Green Grocer. Use your rainbird to return to Poliganis.

Head to the Green Grocer (just north of Magic Square) and put the order in the slit in the door. A crate full of cauliflowers will arrive next to you. Go to the Cheese Factory and pick up that fat kid, then use him on the crate at the Green Grocer. Hit him with your chakara and he will eat the cauliflower after vomiting on it. Climb into the crate.

Chapter 6

Start running up the ramp, and fireballs will be shot down at you. As soon as you see the color of the fireball, change your robe to match it, and it will do you no harm. Keep running, and flip the switch on the wall when you reach it to stop the fireballs. Climb the ladder at the end to enter Runt's Laboratory.

After Runt's speech, combine your peashooter and magnifying lens. Use this to zoom in on the console and shoot the right button. Next use the voodoo doll to wake Coneman up. When Runt attacks you, change your robe to match the color of his light saber to avoid damage. When you have been hit, run and press the button on the wall with the same color. Once all the buttons are glowing, Runt will fall into the pit and you will enter the Nexus.

Look at the big Swampy head and sing the Swampling song (Swampling stew, Swampling stew, To your bog your swamp be true, Swampy be true, Swampling stew). Go through the entry and over the bridge, where you are stopped by a Swampling guard, who states you can only cross the bridge from the other side, and no jogging or running is allowed. Start walking over the bridge, and whenever the guard comes out, quickly turn around and walk the other way; when he returns to his tower, start crossing the right way again. It will take a while, but you will eventually make it across.

In the Computer Room, look at the computer and Calypso will separate your body from your soul. Look at the computer again to get inside. In the computer, turn around and follow the pathway to reach 3 transporters. Enter the right transporter, then follow the paths to get to another set of 3 and take the right one again.

As soon as the 2 minute countdown starts, suck up Swampy in your vacuum cleaner, then start running back along the path you have just taken. If you wait a few seconds, you can just follow Sordid. When you reach the 3 teleporters, step on the middle one to exit the computer. Back outside, there appears to be no way of controlling the computer. Eject the CD from your computer, and the one in the game will also be ejected. Sit back and watch as the game is completed.